The Checkup: Want to Lose More Weight? Exercise Less

Exercise can help you lose weight—but you shed the most when you hit the sweet spot.

• If some exercise is good, more is probably better, right? Sure, an hour or more of slogging on the Schuylkill is good for your health, but new research shows that to maximize your weight loss, less may be more when it comes to exercise. A team at the University of Copenhagen used a group of sedentary, overweight young men for a 13-week study. First, they were given an exam to determine their baseline weight and measurements, then they were divided into three groups: the first group made no changes to their diet or exercise; the second was prescribed a moderate workout plan of 30 minutes of exercise almost every day to burn about 300 calories; and the third was told to exercise more vigorously for 60 minutes a day, nearly every day, to torch 600 calories. The subjects were also asked not to consciously change their eating habits, but to keep food journals to track their intake, and they wore motion sensors on some days to track their movements.

At the end of the study, the controls in the first group lost no weight, but those in the latter two groups did. Interestingly, the men in the moderate-exercise group lost more weight than the vigorous-exercise folks—an average of about two extra pounds—which the researchers credited to two possible explanations: the men in the moderate exercise group were less hungry and ate more sensible portions, and their exercise served to invigorate and motivate them to move around more the rest of the day. The vigorous exercise group were more tired from their workouts, so they sat a whole lot more than the moderates. Of course, the study only looked at men and it was a relatively short-term time period, so it remains to be seen if the results would hold true across genders and age groups and in the long haul. But still, if weight-loss is your goal, it’d be an interesting test to run on yourself: decrease your exercise output and see if it helps you torch more weight.

• Want a cure for cravings? Try working out in the morning. A small study found that a.m. workouts help control cravings throughout the day.

• One more good point for exercise for your Monday (I’m noticing a trend here): A study from the University of Maryland found that it helps people cope with anxiety and stress for an extended period of time after working out.

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  • Jay-Mike

    U seriously don’t think Chung is an upgrade?! Have u seen the fkn safeties on this team?

    • Septhinox

      Prisco Is an ass who must have never watched an Eagles game last year.

      • nicksaenz1

        Even if he watched a game or two he’s still an ass.

    • Wilbert M.

      I think Chung and Nate Allen have a lot in common – two talented guys that got their heads messed up. Allen lost his confidence because of injuries and something happened to derail Chung. If the coaches can fix their heads they both can be above average safeties.

  • nicksaenz1

    This article taught me that Peter Prisco is the sheik of Douchebagistan

    • MChamp21

      couldn’t agree more

    • B-West

      Hes a Skip Bayless that never made it. (That may be the harshest thing I’ve ever said about anybody.)

      And the whole college/pro, grown men/kids, different game thing is just tired. Its lazy. Any high school kid could write that article. Everybody knows that already.

    • jabostick

      Yes! That is super lazy analysis by Prisco. He’s clearly not paid attention to what Chip has said since he’s been hired

  • Beavis

    Sheil, have you heard if hte Birds have kicked the tires on Bernard Pollard or Kerry Rhodes?

    • Graham

      Pollard just signed with the Titans

      • 1972

        damn… oh well elam or Jefferson in the 2nd rd maybe

  • Dutch

    the Grown Men, Kids in College shot across the bow was exactly the same analysis given Jimmy Johnson coming out of Miami to coach the Cowboys. However, I’m pretty much on board with Silva in that Peters return is significant.

    No Peters anchoring the Offensive Line and all bets are off and the count down to Kelly’s appointment with the guillotine begins in earnest.

    • Adam

      I’m not ready at all to put all my eggs in the Peters basket. He was out of shape coming in from the lockout, so you have to wonder what he’ll look like now that he’s been hung up for so long. Who knows what % he will be.

      We have no contingency plan at LT. It’s something to be concerned about.

      • pat

        The guy was the best tackle in the league the season after the lockout. If that’s out of shape I’ll take out of shape.

        • Adam

          He wasn’t coming off any injury at all, let alone as one as severe as this.

  • eagles12

    which name makes you more sick… ready.. kurt coleman or king dunlop!?

    • ACViking

      danny watkins . . . sorry, but he’s the trump card

      • Septhinox

        Easily Watkins. Not even close. Coleman and Dunlap were 7th rd picks. We should be ecstatic what they gave us.

    • 1972


      • UKEagle99

        You say Nnamdi but he’s pointing at Coleman…

        • bentheimmigrant

          well played.

        • Ron Swanson

          I still believe Nnamdi when he points at Coleman.

    • Ron Swanson

      Coleman is the worst safety in the history of football.

      • Mike Giongo

        I dislike Coleman as much as the next Eagles fan, but he is what he is…A 7th rounder playing like a 7th rounder. Blame Andy for putting the defense in a position where they had to start Coleman because of his colossal second-round draft busts (Jaiquawn Jarrett and, for the most part, Nate Allen). It still kills me to this day that we could have had Earl Thomas in the first round of the 2010 draft, but we went for Nate Allen in the second round instead. !Was AR a horrible judge of defensive talent or what?! Matt McCoy, Jarrett, Macho Harris, Casey Matthews, Bryan Smith, Daniel Teo-Nesheim, overdrafted Brodrick Bunkley…No wonder our defense is such a train wreck these days!!

  • GW.Fisher

    I’m an upgrade…

    • 1972

      lmao! a orange cone is an upgrade. Priscos a idiot

      • UKEagle99

        True, an orange cone could trip someone up on the way to the end zone.

  • Donny D from south Philly

    We will be a 10 win team this year SB within 5 years I’m all in with chip nobody is going to have D to stop the Offense the first year

  • Richard Colton

    25 is generous. We were 4-12. The good news is that power rankings mean nothing and Pete Prisco’s opinion means even less.

  • atlvickfan

    I can see where Prisco is coming from in his comments above, but with that said, he’s still a douche. The guy who described him as a never-was Skip Bayless nailed it.

  • Frank

    Don’t care about rankings. They play hard,blue collar Eagles football fans will love them.Just don’t play like you don’t care.last years team may become most hated of all time due to the D’s lack of effort and the fact they didn’t care about anything but there check