The Checkup: Are Hypoallergenic Dogs a Myth?

Plus: Why so many tomatoes are flavorless, and the secret to getting kids to eat healthy (you’ll never guess!).

• Sorry, allergy-ridden dog lovers—I’ve got some bad news for you. A new study out of the Netherlands found that the notion of hypoallergenic dogs—ones that don’t trigger allergies in humans—might be bunk. Researchers tested coat and hair samples of 200 supposedly hypoallergenic dogs, along with 160 standard ones. According to Reuters, they “found higher levels of the Can f 1 allergen, one of the proteins that cause dog allergies, in the hypoallergenic group, with Poodles and Labradoodles leading the pack in allergen levels.” The levels were high enough to trigger asthma and allergies in humans. Makes you wonder, no? Read more about the study here.

• ‘Tis the season for Jersey tomatoes! Just make sure you get the ones with green “shoulders,” as new research found they have more taste. Here’s why.

• The secret to getting kids to eat healthy at school: Don’t give them unhealthy options. Rocket science, I tell ya …

  • Paige

    I agree that most so-called hypoallergenic dogs are not so. EXCEPT for American Hairless Terriers. I was super allergic to all pets my whole life but my AHT is truly a miracle dog! :)

  • xlGmanlx

    Might have something there. He probably has been on “NFL Speed” since last year dealing with pressure in his face quickly. That could speak to his ability to play well in the garbage and still keep his eyes down field. Very promising to hear this quote:

    “Feel where it’s coming from with your peripherals and then off the snap
    you can see where the guys are. You know, it’s all peripherals because
    you’re keeping your eyes downfield. You really just have to have a

    The kid is saying all the right things. Why not get excited for potentially our 21st century big framed QB?