How I Make My Morning Coffee

And the secret ingredient is …

Doesn't that look tasty?

Ok, I think we’ve been getting to know each other long enough for me to let you in on a little secret: My morning coffee is better than yours. No, I’m serious. It’s awesome. And this is me being humble.

No, I don’t use fancy-pants imported beans. In fact, I don’t even own a grinder. It’s good ol’ pre-ground Folgers for me. And while I’ve been known to use flavored creamers from time to time, I usually stick with the basics—vanilla or hazelnut—not some hoity-toity carmel-mocha-leche-macchiato concoction. Blech.

The reason my coffee rocks my socks off is a secret ingredient. Ready for it? (Have I teased you long enough yet?)

It’s protein powder. Yup. Trader Joe’s vanilla-flavored soy protein powder, to be exact. I add two scoops of the stuff to my coffee everyday, for a whopping total of 25 grams of protein.

Here’s what you do: Make your coffee however you’d like; my drip Mr. Coffee does just fine. Put five ice cubes in a blender—trust me, five’s the perfect amount; I’ve tested this, people—and add coffee so it just covers the cubes. Then, add some creamer; a drizzle of honey, if you like your coffee sweet (like I do); and a serving of flavored protein powder (for the TJ’s stuff, that’s two scoops). Blend, blend, blend.

When you’re happy with the consistency, pour it into a tall glass and enjoy. Of course, it’s a given that you have to like iced coffee to like this drink. But if you do, you. will. love. this.

Pair it with some fruit or whole-wheat toast for a complete breakfast, or have it alone if you’re in a rush. Thanks to all that protein, this sucker’ll keep you full for hours.

Do you have any fun breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) staples? I want to hear about ‘em in the comments.

  • brent

    What you’ve described isn’t coffee at all, sir, but a milkshake. That ain’t coffee.

  • Emily

    Coffee or milkshake, I don’t care. This sounds AMAZING. Plus, I’m not a fan of breakfast, but need my morning cuppa joe. Problem is, without an AM snack, the coffee leaves me shaky and feeling sick. I wonder if the protein gives you an even better boost of energy in the morning and prevents coffee-on-an-empty-stomach shakes?

    • Paul Edgeworth

      No, No, No!!! Frothy milk is all you need to make a great coffee. Add a non-sugar sweetener if you must.