Bicycle Coalition Is Throwing a Birthday Party for the Spruce and Pine Street Bike Lanes

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Spruce and Pine Street bike lanes, happy birthday to you!

Yes, it’s true, the Spruce and Pine Street bike lanes are turning six years old. (They grow up so fast.) According to PennDOT, since the routes opened the city has seen a 24 percent drop in crashes on those streets. Now that’s something to celebrate. Read more »

Be Well Philly Workout of the Week: The 5 Exercise Workout

This workout consists of five exercises — that’s it. Easy, right? Weeeellll, maybe not. You’ll do 30 reps of each exercise, rest for two minutes, and then repeat the five exercises two more times — with 30 reps of each again — with a two-minute break in between rounds. See how fast you can complete the workout while maintaining good form. Then, try this workout again next week and see if you can beat your time.

Good luck!  Read more »

The Checkup: Here’s How Many Extra Calories You Burn Using a Standing Desk

• You’ve probably wondered: Is a standing desk worth it? A new study found that people with adjustable standing desks — the ones that lower and raise for sitting or standing — sit about 60 fewer minutes each day than those of us with seated desks, and burn an extra 87 calories. Begging the question: Is a standing desk, um, worth it? [Men’s Fitness]
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What to Eat This Week: Veggie Dishes So Hearty, You’ll Forget About Meat

what to eat veggies

Confession: I cannot survive without meat. In fact, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m probably actually a carnivore, not an omnivore like science says we humans are. If you’re with me on that, then you know: vegetables can be scary — especially when people try to pass off a mound of chickpeas in the shape of a burger as the real thing. (You’re not fooling me, dude.) Although the thought of going whole-hog (excuse the reference) vegetarian makes me want to run far, far away, I’ve decided that maaaaaaaybe I should give veggies a second chance.

So, we’ve searched high and low and found some vegetarian and vegan recipes that will make you forget about meat altogether. These recipes substitute meat the right way, using hearty veggies like eggplant, squash and mushroom. Here you go, five meatless meals that will have you happily converting to vegetarianism (for one meal, anyway).  Read more »

Meet John, This Week’s Adoptable (Celebrity!) Running Dog

John with 6abc's Matt O'Donnell | Photo courtesy Monster Milers

John with 6abc’s Matt O’Donnell | Photo by Caitlyn of the Monster Milers

John, the terrier mix you see above who’s also our featured running dog of the week, is bit of a local celebrity. See, a couple of weeks ago, he appeared on 6abc with Action News morning anchor Matt O’Donnell in a promo spot for the Monster Milers’s Rescue Run 5K. And let me just say, John killed it on camera.

This spunky little celeb is looking for a forever home and a running buddy who will take him along on training runs. Could it be you? John is available for adoption through the Monster Milers. Read more about him below.   Read more »

Your Weekend Workout Playlist: 20 Songs You Wouldn’t Expect to Get You Amped

Earlier this week, Adjua and I decided to take a spur-of-the-moment lunchtime class at Body Cycle Studio, a perfectly timed 45-minute ride that allowed us to be back at our desks before we were missed. Instructor Ross MacKinnon led the group over hills, on flat roads, etc. etc., all to a soundtrack of what I would consider pretty typical workout songs: the trance-y gym tracks and repetitive pop songs that sort of wash over you without your brain really registering them.

And then, all of a sudden, I heard it: the sort of quiet, intriguing, leg-bouncing intro to Dave Matthews Band’s “Two Step.” “Is this ‘Two Step’?” I actually bellowed to Ross from across the room in the middle of the class. “Yes!” he shouted back. “I like to mix it up.” Read more »

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