The Checkup: How to Hack Your Strength-Training Session for the Best Results

• When it comes to strength training, how much does it really boost your metabolism?  Preventative medicine professor Tim Church points out that our metabolisms are largely determined by elements out of our control (i.e., height, bone structure, sex, etc.). But the results you see from strength training do increase muscle mass and endurance to impact your metabolism — here’s how you can make sure you’re getting the most out of those strength-training sessions, if building muscle and boosting metabolism is your goal. [SELF]

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The Quest for Calm: A New Dad Tries Three of Philly’s Top Relaxation Techniques

Illustration by James Boyle

My right wrist is … a nutcracker. My left wrist is … a pepper grinder. My neck is … a string of firecrackers.

Naked and preternaturally buoyant in the high-saline water of a pitch-black float tank, I spent quite a bit of time pondering the timbre and rhythm of each of my popping 43-year-old joints.

I’m sorry. I’m bragging.

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Meet Marley, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

This week’s adoptable running dog, Marley, will always keep you on your toes — whether you’re running together or just hanging out at home. Though sweet and oh-so fluffy, this guy will definitely zig when you thought he was going to zag and could use some work all around. Our point: He deserves to learn how to be the best Marley yet, and he needs a mom or dad (or both!) who is willing to help him get there. Learn more about Marley the Great below.

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The Checkup: Exactly How Many Seconds to Hold a Plank to See Results

• The plank — tough as it may be — is a godsend for toning out abdominals. But the length of time to hold a plank to see results can be a little difficult to pinpoint. NYC-based trainer Albert Matheny says that a good plank hold can range from 10 seconds (!!) to one minute, and trainers agree that a good 60 seconds seems to be the sweet spot. What matters more than the length of your plank is form. Moral of the story? Next time anyone tells you to plank for three minutes straight, refer them to this post. [Women’s Health]

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5 Gorgeous Philly-Area Hikes to See Fall Foliage

Fall foliage at Black Run Preserve | Photo by Lori Litchman

The leaves are already starting to turn from bright green to hues of orange, red and purple. To some (read: me), this signals an end to all things good: no-layers-necessary clothing weather; rooftop bar season; evening walks with ice cream in hand. And to some, it signals the beginning of all things good: the layers! Cozy drinks by fireside! The season when ordering a pumpkin spice latte is socially acceptable!

Regardless of which camp you land in, there is one thing we can all agree on: This time that falls between the dog days of summer and the colder days of fall is a darn pretty one. Those leaves, man. And we suggest you soak up as many of the changing leaves as possible with these five hikes chock-full of fall foliage, as chosen by the woman who wrote the book (quite literally) on hiking in Philadelphia, Lori Litchman, the author of the recently released and SUPER useful 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Philadelphia.

We asked Litchman to spill on her top five Philly-area hikes to see fall foliage. Check them out below, then make your weekend plans accordingly.

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This New Study Will Convince You to Stop Binge-Watching TV After Work

There’s nothing quite like getting home after work, hunkering down on the couch and catching up on ALL the Game of Thrones. But you may want to pick yourself up out of the dip you’ve created in your couch: A new study out of Australia links the hours of TV you watch per day with an increased risk of inflammatory-related death, Well + Good reports.

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Cycle Brewerytown Hosting Classes to Aid Hurricane Irma Relief

Philly fitness community, we’re calling on you again to sweat it out for hurricane relief efforts, this time for the victims of Hurricane Irma. Cycle Brewerytown is holding two morning spin sessions on Sunday, October 1st to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Irma. So, gather your friends — cyclists or not — and put the pedal to the metal for a good cause.

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Pssst: Our Next Secret (Free!) Pop-Up Fitness Event Is Coming Up!

Be Well Philly Underground at Stratus Lounge | Photo by Susan Nam

Have you been waiting for your phone to vibrate and tell you that a Be Well Philly Underground alert is (FINALLY!) in your inbox? Well, my friend, you haven’t got much longer to wait: Be Well Philly Underground, our secret pop-up fitness club, is about to make its big comeback from our summer break hiatus, and we’ll popping up in your email with details on our next secret pop-up event very soon. So keep your eyes peeled — just for a little longer!

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Part-Time Dieting Might Be the Key to Reaching Weight-Loss Goals

Much like a full-time job, dieting can screw with your social life and take up loads of valuable space in your brain. So this news of part-time dieting actually working (say whaaaat?) should bring a sigh a relief. A new study found that “part-time” dieters (more on that later) actually lost more weight, and kept more weight off long after the study period was over, than their full-time dieting peers.

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The Checkup: The Secret to Rescuing Any Leftover Dish in Your Fridge

• Let’s be real: Leftovers are amazing — it’s literally pre-cooked food sitting in your fridge waiting to be eaten with very little effort. Not to mention, they’re super budget-friendly. But knowing how to reheat what can be a little (er, a lot) tricky: Can you even reheat fries or sandwiches? How do I reheat fish without ending up with a gross, overcooked slab? Well, friend, Bon Appétit’s new Basically verticle has our backs with this super-detailed guide filled with the secret to reheating any type of leftover food you could ever run into without ruining it. The sweet angels have even split the leftovers up by category: fried foods, takeout favorites, grains, etc. We praise you. [Bon Appétit]

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