Singles Running Groups in Philly: Where Are They? 

I’m not entirely sure how this question popped into my head, but a few weeks back, I began wondering: Where are the singles running groups in Philly? It would seem to me that a running group — where you meet up with other people who are also into running miles upon miles at a time, often in freezing cold weather or rain, for no other reason besides they enjoy it (a hobby some would find all kinds of strange) — would be a great place to meet like-minded humans worthy of a date or two. ALL while getting a run in! Talk about killing two birds with one stone and a win-win situation and all that jazz, right? Read more »

I’m Sorry, But Has Anyone Ever Actually Worked Out At the Office?

See? This is just absurd. | Photo: Imilian/

See? This is just absurd. | Photo: Imilian/

Office workouts are supposed to be a thing. This is how I know: If you Google the term “office workout,” you yield more than 86 million results. One or two of them, I’m ashamed to admit, are probably links to the very website you’re reading right now.

But despite what Google has to say about it, I’m pretty sure office workouts are not actually a thing. When was the last time you spotting a co-worker doing a quick set of crunches in her cubicle? Or your boss lunge-walking his way to a staff meeting? Thought so. Read more »

How to Work Out for Free Around Philly for the Next Two Months

The holiday season has arrived and, for me, that means whenever I consider purchasing anything, from an almond milk latte to a yoga class, said purchase gets put through the “Should I buy this for myself OR should I save this money and put it toward that thing my boyfriend/best friend/mom really wants?” thought process. Cue coffee brewed at home and YouTube workouts.

But thanks to the folks at Freehouse Fitness, a studio slated to open somewhere in Center City this coming year (location TBD), we can all quit skimping on our workouts in the name of generosity: For the months of December and January, the studio is offering free classes around town. Lots of them. Read more »

Christmas Tree Farms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey: Where to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Is it really Christmas without the holly-jolly aroma of a freshly chopped Christmas tree filling your home (or tiny apartment)? We think not. So our Christmas gift to you: 20 cut-your-own Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These farms offer a wide variety of trees in any size you may need (even mini-apartment-sized). Most will provide you with hot cocoa, a saw and wheelbarrow — and if you’re lucky, you may even see Santa! Now, all you’ve got to do is choose a farm and go get your chop on. Read more »

The Checkup: 7 Foods to Reach for When You’re Desperately Trying to De-Bloat

• Confession: I ate approximately 1,879 biscuits this weekend. I know, it was crazy. But I was just trying to free up some room in my fridge, crowded with Thanksgiving leftovers, for vegetables! If you, like me, ate way too many Thanksgiving leftovers this past weekend, take note: Seven foods to reach for when you’re feeling bloated, like potassium-packed bananas and antioxidant-packed ginger. [Greatist] Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Crush Calories With a Kettlebell and Physioball

For this week’s workout, you’ll need a kettlebell and a physioball. (Can you tell this week’s workout is going to be a toughie?) For the kettlebell circuit, you’re going to start by doing 20 reps of each exercise, then do 16, then 12 and, lastly, eight reps of each exercise. Then, you’ll move on to the physioball circuit where you’ll do the same number of reps, but different exercises. Once you knock all four rounds of the physioball circuit out, you’re done! Got it? Good luck, friends!
Read more »

5 (More!) Awesome Fitness Classes Worth Driving to the Suburbs For

A workout at GFit Women | Photo via Facebook

A workout at GFit Women | Photo via Facebook

It’s been a while since we gave you a good reason to travel to the ‘burbs, city dwellers. So we decided to give you five of them. Actually, if you consider this post an addendum to our last go-round with this very subject — the subject being, of course, suburban fitness classes worth braving highway traffic — you actually have 13 sweat-filled reasons to gas up your car and hit the road. Road trip, anyone?  Read more »

Is Poor Dental Hygiene a Dating Deal Breaker?

I’m going to go ahead and say sorry for being so nosy in advance: We are totally about to grill you on your dental hygiene habits, from how often you floss to whether or not you’ve ever used your significant other’s toothbrush without telling them (don’t worry, we won’t snitch) to whether or not you think poor dental hygiene is a dating deal breaker. You see, its all research for the February issue of Philadelphia magazine, which will feature our Top Dentists list, along with plenty more dental knowledge.

So go ahead, spill! Then be on the lookout for the issue come February to see how you stack up alongside your fellow Philadelphians. Read more »

I Was the Last Official Finisher of the Philadelphia Marathon

Steve Clark at the finish line with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter | Photo courtesy Philadelphia Marathon/Island Photography

Steve Clark at the finish line with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter | Photo courtesy Philadelphia Marathon/Island Photography

I’ve always wanted to accomplish something on the scale of a Greek hero. Problem is, I don’t exactly have the body, skill set, or mental toughness of a Greek hero.

My twin brother does possess those qualifications. And there’s always been this contrast between us: In Little League, he batted second, and I batted 13th — on our dad’s team. In high school, he competed in varsity basketball; I competed in varsity Model United Nations.

But he’s always been generous with his physical gifts. I often think that when we were sperm, there’s no way I possibly could have come anywhere near matching his speed to the ovary. He must’ve communicated something like, “Look. Just latch on to one of my buff flagella and let me take us both to victory.”

When we turned 31 last June, I knew that my time to achieve something great with this uncoordinated body of mine was running out. Suddenly, I had a crazy thought. “I’m going to run the Philadelphia Marathon,” I decided. “All I have to do is keep going for 26 miles, and I’ll finally have my moment.” Read more »

10 Coolest Fitness and Foodie Events in Philly This Month: December 2015

Holiday lights in South Philadelphia | Photo by J. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

Holiday lights in South Philadelphia | Photo by J. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights, hot cocoa, festive sweaters — and runs, workouts, fitness classes and healthy cooking workshops that combine all three. Here, a very holiday-heavy fitness-and-foodie calendar for your December planning purpose. Plus, you know, the Rocky 50K because, duh, it’s the Rocky 50KRead more »

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