Shhh! We’re Having a Secret Pop-up Event Next Week


At the after party following our cross-training run with Unite Fitness last month, a reader asked me if we’d be doing more regular events around town. “Stay tuned, ” I told him. “We’ve got something pretty big in works.”

Well, guys, the Pretty Big Thing is officially here—and I’m pretty freaking excited about it. Allow me to introduce you to the Be Well Philly Underground.

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BeWOW: The 10-Minute Circuit Workout



This week, set your clock for 10 minutes and get ready to move. You’ll have three rounds of exercises that you’ll tackle for 10 minutes each. Each round will have four exercises, and you’ll repeat those exercises as many times as you can in the 10 minutes.

The nice part about this workout is if you’re pressed for time, each round is a mini-workout in itself, so just do as many as you have time for, or do each round for a shorter amount of time. See what I did there? Now you have no excuses.

Good luck!

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Free Ladies’ Night Run Tuesday in the Wissahickon

Photo by Flickr user Rhys A.

Photo by Flickr user Rhys A.

Grab your sneakers and get ready to sweat, ladies: Tomorrow evening, you are invited to a free ladies’ night out, courtesy of sports coach Marcy Gialdo. And if your typical ladies’ nights are anything like mine (margaritas, Mexican food and more margaritas), this night is guaranteed to be a bit more scenic than usual.

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#BWPSelfie of the Week: “I’m the One Getting the Puppy Kiss”

Meet Amber and

Meet Amber and Boodrick, our #BWPSelfie-takers of the week!

Welcome to the #BWPSelfie of the Week! Read about why we’re celebrating selfies—and the sweaty Philadelphians who take them—below. 

Name: Amber Adamson

Day job: Director of Advancement for the Delaware County SPCA

Where she snapped this: Springfield, Delaware County

What she was doing: Cooling down after training for the Delco SPCA’s Bark in the Park 5K run. I’m the one getting the puppy kiss.

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What to Eat This Week: Brain Food

what to eat lead
My mom was always pretty laid back when it came to my dinner meals; When I was younger, I was such a picky eater that as long as I was eating something—mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese, straight-up cheese—my mom was happy. Except when I had to take a big test the next day. Every night before a standardized test, from the time I was five to 18, my mother would insist I eat a meal filled with “brain food”: salmon, avocado, nuts—you get the idea. Needless to say, as someone who preferred to eat only refined carbs paired with cheese, I was not happy. But it turns out, she was on to something—all of these foods are filled with omega-3s which increase blood-flow and decrease inflammation, helping to keep our brains in tip-top shape.

So, in the spirit of back-to-school week, we decided to take a cue from my mom and bring you five recipes filled to the brim with foods that are good for your brain: blueberries, whole grains, avocado, wild salmon and more. Just eat up, and watch the brilliant, million-dollar ideas start pouring in. Happy cooking, friends!

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Your Weekend Workout Playlist: An Ode to The O.C.

the oc

This week’s workout playlist comes to you courtesy of the teen soap opera of ALL teen soap operas—drumroll, please—The O.C. Not only did the series provide tons of inspiration for how to rock a yellow Juicy Couture track suit (so glad those days are over) and inappropriately channel teenage angst, the show also expanded our iTunes library, thanks to all the great music it featured. Anyone else remember when Seth mentioned Death Cab for Cutie and then, like, four minutes later they were every 16-year old’s favorite band?

So, for this week’s workout playlist we’ve got a two-hour long ode to The O.C., filled with songs and bands that appeared on the show. Now, let the nostalgia commence.

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Meet The Juice, the New Philly-Based Juice Cleanse for Athletes

The Juice

The Juice

It wasn’t until after college that Malvern resident Katie Rodger got into running. She’d been a Division 1 swimmer at James Madison University, but once pool time was no longer readily available, she decided to test her running chops. It helped that her mom was an avid and accomplished runner, too.

“I watched the effect running had on her mentally, emotionally, physically,” Katie, 29, says of her mom. “She really found herself, and I wanted that.”

So Katie slapped on a pair of running shoes and hit the road. But after a few years marred by pesky injuries, she says,  “I realized I wasn’t training correctly, and I wasn’t eating correctly.” Over the past three years she’s done a complete diet overhaul. She’s moved to a mostly plant-based diet, and steers clear of gluten and dairy. She got into juicing and raw food, too.

“I’ve noticed a complete difference in athletic performance,” she says. “I can run longer. My body is performing better.” She credits this, of course, to her new diet.

This past spring, Katie officially launched a business to bring her lessons to the public, and she just quit her job at Comcast a few weeks ago to focus on her business full time. It’s called The Juice, a juice company (duh) focused on athletes.

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