Meet Officer, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog


Officer, on the left, sad because no one’s sprung him from ACCT yet. (Do it!) | Photo by Ashley R.

This week’s adoptable running dog, currently hanging out at ACCT, gets his name from the folks who found him: The police, of course. He’s a gentle pup who enjoys running shorter distances, and loves walking. Learn more about him below. Read more »

The 5K of Every Beer Lover’s Dreams Is Coming to Newtown Square This Fall

While a well-deserved beer can be the perfect way to cap off a hard run, the folks at Newtown Square Neighbors feel you deserve better. Their version of better: their new annual Pints in the Square Craft Brew Fest and 5K where runners get their sweat on, then are treated to unlimited samples of over 50 beers from over 25 regional breweries. Yes, unlimited samples. Read more »

Why Thousands of Philly’s Newborns Will Soon Be Sleeping in Cardboard Boxes

A newborn sleeping in a baby box from Temple University Hospital | Photo courtesy Temple University Hospital

A newborn sleeping in a baby box from Temple University Hospital | Photo courtesy Temple University Hospital

A Finnish tradition is making its way to Philly by way of Temple University Hospital. What’s the tradition, you ask? That would be baby boxes: Free cardboard boxes (sturdy cardboard boxes, I should say) given to all new mothers, filled with all sorts of useful items that someone who just gave birth to a tiny human might be a little too overwhelmed to go to the store and buy. Think: onesies, baby books, diapers, a thermometer, baby wash, booties, and more. Oh! And did we mention, the box also serves as a bassinet? Complete with mattress, tight-fitting sheet, and all.

I know, I know: Putting your newborn baby to bed in a cardboard box sounds a little strange, but the idea is that giving new parents these baby boxes — which they can keep right next to their beds —  will reduce risky behavior associated with infant mortality, especially co-sleeping. Read more »

Perfect Weeknight Plans: Run, Eat and Drink Beer to Support Open Streets PHL

You might’ve heard that, come fall, it looks like we just might get what we’ve been dreaming about since the Pope’s visit: an Open Streets event. And if you’re into the idea of running through car-free streets — without stopping at a single red light to do that awkward jog-in-place thing while you wait for the green (the joy!) — you’re going to want to join West Philly Runners next Wednesday, May 11th, for a group run to support Open Streets PHL, the non-profit that’s been pushing for Philly to have Open Streets events that promote fitness, arts and culture since last September. Read more »

Rittenhouse Adds Another Healthy Eatery (With a Juice Bar!) to Its Growing List 

Former 4th Street Deli | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Former Kaufman’s Deli, soon to be Smart Street Healthy Kitchen & Juice Bar | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Don’t tell my boss, but every day that I don’t brown-bag my work lunch, I spend roughly 47 minutes in between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. engaged in an intense internal debate, trying to answer the question of where — oh, where? — the heck I will stuff my face with a healthy lunch that day. Not for lack of options: Our Rittenhouse office building is surrounded by healthy lunch spots, a handful of them recently opened — Honeygrow, Snap Kitchen, Sweetgreen, HipCityVeg, Pure Fare, Agno, Farmer’s Table, Dizengoff, Sip-N-Glo, and the list goes on. And it looks like the neighborhood is about to get one more to add to the list: Smart Street Healthy Kitchen & Juice Bar, a new health-focused eatery, is setting up shop at 38 South 19th Street, former home to Famous 4th Street Deli and Kaufman’s Deli.
Read more »

Mark Your Calendar: Sip-N-Glo’s Free Juice Day Is Next Week

Juice from Sip-N-Glo | Photo via Facebook

Juice from Sip-N-Glo | Photo via Facebook

Time to add another birthday to your calendar: Sip-N-Glo, juice shop beloved by all, is turning three next week — and unlike most birthday parties you’ve been to, you’ll be the one receiving the gifts. To celebrate another year, the juicery is hosting their annual free juice day on Wednesday, May 11th, serving up 10-ounce pours of two fan favorites: Radiant Glo (So. Much. Yum.) and Pineapple Charcoal Lemon-Aid (you might remember this guy from “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly: Juice Edition“). So go ahead, mark your calendars.
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The Checkup: The Secret Ingredient to Make a Better (and Healthier!) Margarita

• The time has come, friends: It’s Cinco de Mayo. So, we’re pretty sure you have a margarita or two in your near future, and it should probably be this healthier take made with fresh ginger, pineapple, lime, tequila and — here’s the secret ingredient that gives it a nice fiber punch plus a creamy consistency — avocado. Happy guilt-free sipping! [Well + Good] Read more »

Make: Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed With Chicken, Herbs and Parmesan

Chicken and Herb Stuffed Portobellos | Photo by Becca Boyd

Chicken and Herb Stuffed Portobellos | Photo by Becca Boyd

I’ve got a little cooking lesson in store for you today, but first, a little bit about today’s recipe: To sum it up, this recipe is a veggie-heavy, protein-packed weeknight dinner, ready in under 30 minutes, that will make you want to pat yourself on the back when you see just how beautiful it looks on a plate.

Okay, now on to the educational portion of our program: Does the ingredient “cooked, chopped chicken” send you in search of another recipe with clearer directions? I want to fix that. So, the lesson: When you see this direction, you can choose any meat from the bird — or even a different bird, for that matter (hello, turkey). It can be white meat from the breast or dark meat from thighs, wings, or back. You can then poach the meat (submerge in barely simmering liquid until cooked through), roast in the oven, grill, or sauté in a skillet. Just take it from pink to white and you’re in business. Once cool enough to handle, chop the chicken and measure it in dry measuring cups. And voila: You’ve got cooked, chopped chicken.

So, now that you know how to handle that portion of the ingredients, let’s get to the recipe. Up today: Chicken and Herb Stuffed Portobello Caps. Enjoy! Read more »

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