The BeWOW Breakdown: “It Wasn’t Pretty, But We Got Through It”


This Week’s Workout: The Do-Anywhere Workout to Bookmark

The Breakdown
Total time commitment: 40-50 minutes (less if you are some kind of superhuman)
Difficulty (out of five): If we could give it a 6, we would.
Soreness Factor: If your shoulders and hips aren’t made of steel, you’re going to be sore.
Overall Grade (out of five): 5 Read more »

Meet Bella, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

bella lead
This week’s adoptable running Dog Bella is a pretty (hence the name, duh), energetic gal who is looking for someone to get out and move with her. If you’re looking for a reason to put the Netflix down and pick up your running shoes, it seems you guys would make the perfect match. Learn more about her below. Read more »

A Sneak Peek at Your New Favorite Workout Shirt (And Where You Can Get It!)

be well philly shirtAt last year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our annual ladies-only fest of ALL things health and wellness, everyone who was part of the Be Well Philly crew putting on the event was wearing a snazzy Be Well Philly Boot Camp tank top. I can’t tell you HOW many women wandered up to me and asked, “Um, can I buy one of those shirts from someone?” The answer was no, but this year, it will be a firm “Yes you can!” At this year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp, coming up very soon — on Saturday, June 4th, to be exact — we’ll be selling the snazzy shirts in the photo above at our Be Well Philly table in the Marketplace. Read more »

3 (More!) Wine-Filled Fitness Events to Have on Your Summer Calendar


Run the Vineyards | Photo courtesy Good Day for a Run

A few weeks ago, we let you guys know about some wine-filled fitness events going down at Newtown’s Crossing Vineyards and Winery this summer, and you guys went BONKERS. Naturally. Post-workout wine is exciting, after all. And since you all were so excited about those events, we thought it would only be the kind thing for us to do to clue you in on three more wine-plus-workout events on our radar this summer. Check them out below.  Read more »

This Free NamaSLAY Yoga Class Will Make Your Stuck-in-Philly Memorial Day Way Better

Three Queens Yoga | Photo via Facebook

Three Queens Yoga | Photo via Facebook

If you’re currently holding back tears because all your friends are packing their bathing suits to head down the Shore and you’re stuck here in Philly for the holiday weekend, this should make you feel better: On Monday evening, Queen Village’s Three Queens Yoga is doing the public service of holding a free NamaSLAY yoga class. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means, come Monday evening, you’ll be getting your downward dog on to divas like Whitney Houston and (of course) Beyoncé, along with rappers like Drake and Biggie — for free.99.

Read more »

SEPTA Police Officer Hit By Car While Running, Police Looking for Driver

SEPTA Police Officer Gary Miller and wife, Miller in hospital | Image via Facebook

SEPTA Police Officer Gary Miller and wife on Run Sunday, Miller in hospital | Images via Facebook

Last night, Fox 29 reported on Gary Miller, a SEPTA police officer who was out for a run with his wife in the Mayfair area of Northeast Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon when he was hit by a car that, after striking him from behind and causing him to hit the windshield then land in the road, sped away. Miller ended up in the hospital with a broken collarbone, a broken leg and a concussion. Police are still looking for the driver. You can see surveillance footage of the car police are looking for below. Read more »

Yoga on the Banks Is Bringing Us an Awesome New Yoga Series This Summer

What would make your weekly farmers’ market trips even better than they already are? Oh! I know: A donation-based yoga class at the farmers’ market. And the folks behind Yoga on the Banks are bringing us all just that with their new Yoga at the Market series, where they’ll hold donation-based yoga classes at three farmers’ markets around Philly from June through September. Awesome, right? Read more »

The Best Things to Do, Places to Eat and Adventures to Have This Summer in Philly

Outdoor dining at Morgan's Pier on the Delaware Riverfront | Photo courtesy courtesy Morgan's Pier

Outdoor dining at Morgan’s Pier on the Delaware Riverfront | Photo courtesy courtesy Morgan’s Pier

Does anyone else feel like this year is flying by insanely fast? We’re currently staring down Memorial Day weekend, friends, marking the unofficial start of summer, if you can believe it. As all the rain these past few months has left us feeling ever so robbed of a postcard-perfect spring, we’re pinning all our hopes on what summer has in store for us here in Philly. Read more »

Proof We Should All Listen to Jillian Michaels: Standing Desks Offer Unexpected Perk

Okay, remember last month when fitness queen Jillian Michaels told us all to just stand the heck up more? Well, it turns out she was really on to something. Not only are there physical benefits of standing up instead of sitting all day (extra calories burned, score!), but according to a new study out of Texas A&M, kicking your desk chair to the curb can make you WAY more productive at work, too. Talk about a win-win, huh? Read more »

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