Be Well Workout of the Week: The Glorious 7-Minute Workout

Yep, this workout really is over in just seven minutes. Now, before you start crying with joy, listen up: Each round in this workout lasts for seven minutes, and you, my friends, get to choose how many rounds you want to complete, whether that’s one or 10. And I know you have seven minutes somewhere in your day to commit to a workout, so no excuses to skip this one!

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The Philly Fitness Lover’s Summer Bucket List: 15 Things You Need to Do

Summer, in all its sweat-inducing glory, is here, folks! And we know: That spot on your couch that gets the perfect not-too-aggressive breeze from your AC is calling your name. That’s where this list comes in — here, 15 sweet outdoor activities around Philly worth getting sweaty for this summer, so you don’t find yourself embracing fall with nothing to show for yourself but a deeper couch imprint. Print this list, paste it to your fridge, and get to crossing items off, friends!

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The Checkup: The Meal-Prep Trick That Will Get You to Eat Way More Salad

• Tell us if this sounds familiar: From the age of three you’ve constantly been told to eat your greens, but it always seems like by the time you’re actually going to make a salad, your greens, well, aren’t so green anymore. Here’s the trick to stop neglecting those good-for-you leaves: Next time you hit the farmers’ market, pick a few greens you know you love and create (and bag) your own DIY salad mix — one that you’ll actually enjoy — then stick a paper towel inside the ziplock. Boom: Easy-to-grab fresh greens that you’ll actually want to eat, at your fingertips for the week!  [Bon Appétit]

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Meet Joey, This Week’s Adoptable Walking Dog 

Joey | Photo courtesy the Monster Milers

While our Friday pup feature is usually a running dog, fact is, not everyone is a runner — and walking is great exercise, too! In fact, a recent study found that dog owners walk 22 more minutes per day than folks who don’t own dogs. And all that walking adds up! So this week, we have the very cute Joey, a pup who is not so much a runner but would love to trot alongside while you get those 22 minutes in each day. Learn more about him below.

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Healthy Recipe: Lighter Spinach and Parmesan Dip

Lighter Spinach and Parmesan Dip | Photo by Becca Boyd

Now, when you read “Spinach and Parmesan Dip,” you probably picture one of those cheesy, warm, delicious spinach and artichoke dips. Those are stupendous, but this is not that. This is closer to hummus (in that it’s tasty, but also cold and healthy). But since hummus has become more of an everyday staple (hi, Dizengoff), I find it’s less exciting as an appetizer.

And just how healthy is this dip? Well, if you look at the ingredients you’ll see that it calls for 16 ounces of fresh baby spinach — that’s a huge giant tub — cooked down and pureed with just a bit of dairy (Greek yogurt and parmesan cheese) to make it smooth and dip-like. My point: there’s a crap-ton of spinach in here, people.

And this recipe gets bonus points because it’s healthier than your average spinach dip and versatile — when I wanted to zazz up some cooked chicken in my fridge, I tossed it together with leftover dip to make “spinach and parmesan chicken salad,” which was unbelievably amazing. Because this makes a large amount, you can get double usage every time; just buy chicken when you buy the dip ingredients and you’ll have lunch ready for the start of your week — not to mention the kind of app your friends will love you for.

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Sweet: There’s a Fitness-Filled Pool Party in Northern Liberties Next Week

Photo of the pool at Riva Health and Wellness | Photo via Facebook 

Next Thursday, June 29th, the folks at Riva Health and Wellness, Aqua Vida, and Fitness Alive Swim Academy are teaming up to give you an excuse to start your holiday weekend a little early. They’re bringing you all sorts of sweet stuff like complimentary spa consultations and fun water workouts as part of their Summer Bash Event, which will be held at Spa Riva (1 Brown Street, Northern Liberties) from 4 to 8 p.m. Insert all the confetti emojis here.

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Man Claims This Popular Ikea Bowl Made His Food Catch on Fire

Blanda Blank bowl | Photo via Ikea

Ikea items are to my home what rumors about Beyoncé’s twins’ names are to the internet right now. In other words, they’re everywhere. So when I saw the headline “Ikea Admits That a Couple of Its Serving Bowls Might Catch Food on Fire” over on Grub Street this morning, I was 97 percent positive that the bowls in question were stuffed somewhere in my pantry. And yes, yes, they are.

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The Checkup: The Sneaky Way Your Body Is Telling You to Change Your Workout Routine

• Sore muscles seem to be the signifier that you crushed your gym sesh, riiiight? Well, it turns out that feeling that kicks in 24 to 48 hours after your workout, called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, could actually be your body’s way of telling you to change your workout routine. While DOMS can be a good sign after you’ve, say, tried out SoulCycle for the first time, it can be a bad sign if you seem to be sore after every single workout. If you seem to have chronic DOMS, your body may be telling you you need more rest days or that you need to reconfigure your workout routine entirely. [SELF]

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Summer Survival Guide: How to Sleep Without AC (And Not Hate Your Life)

Here we are, in Philadelphia, which is quite the historic city, in case you haven’t heard. It’s full of old, erm, we mean historical buildings and houses. Meaning: A lot of folks live in buildings, apartments and houses bereft of central air conditioning. If you’re of this camp, you know how miserable it can be. Sleeping soundly in the heat can be very difficult. You’ve probably got, like, 10 fans blowing on you at all times have gotten very accustomed to sleeping in the nude. But, despite your cooling efforts, you’re still hot … ALL THE TIME.

In an effort to make life more pleasant for you, we did some digging to find some tips and tricks to make sleeping in the blistering heat without air conditioning a little more manageable. Here, some cooling tricks and habits to try for the best air conditioning-less sleep possible.

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Playing Catch-Up: Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About Coconut Oil

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet recently, you’ve probably witnessed the collective tizzy over coconut oil that started after the American Heart Association said the pantry staple for health enthusiasts isn’t quite as healthy as you might believe. So what’s the deal? Is it good for you? Bad for you? Every other headline seems to imply something different, causing lots of confusion — hence the collective freak out. Not to worry, though! We’re here to help you play catch-up by breaking down the internet chatter. Below, what you need to know about coconut oil (and why you don’t need to be freaking out).

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