Adios, Netflix: 5 Healthy Winter Date Ideas Around Philly

Come under-40-degree weather, it’s easy to trade creative and active date ideas — like, say, biking as far as your legs can take you on the SRT and refueling with margaritas and tacos at Manayunk’s Taqueria Feliz — in for lazy  nights of Netflix and delivery. If you’ve been at a loss for how to spend time with your significant other — off of the couch — during these cold months, we’ve got some date ideas that will get you movin’ (and score you thoughtfulness points). Feel free to take all the planning credit … we won’t tell.

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Philadelphia Running Calendar: 10 Spring 2017 Races to Have on Your Radar

Time flies. Case in point: Believe it or not, spring racing season is right around the corner. Soooo, if you’ve got your sights set on crossing a finish line or two, it’s time to hop off the couch and get training.

And because we know that abandoning reruns of New Girl in favor of your running shoes is hard (been there), we’ve got a little something to get you amped up about spring running season. We, with the help of some of our favorite Philly runners, have put together a list of 10 awesome spring races in Philly. Read through, pick a few to tackle, then get to training!

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Cheap Yoga: 37 Philly-Area Yoga Classes for $10 or Less

At this point, yoga is more than a trendy way to get your sweat on — for many, it’s a lifestyle. And, after a while, this lifestyle can realllly put a dent in your wallet. Between the cost of getting there (those Uber pools add up!), drop-in fees and the inevitable gear splurges (lookin’ at you, Lululemon), reflecting on the financial burden can snap a person right out of their post-yoga zen state of mind. Fortunately for your bank account, though, if you look for ’em, there are plenty of cheap yoga classes around town every single week.

To wit: Below is a pretty darn exhaustive list of 37 Philly-area spots where you can find yoga classes for under $10. Ranging from aerial lunchtime classes to all sorts of flow and hot yoga classes at almost any time of day, all over Philadelphia, there’s bound to a class or two here that fits into your life. Now, say it with us: Namaste out ya wallet.

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Calling All Bartenders! Inspired Brews Is Hosting a Cocktail-Making Competition 

I’m not going to lie: I was very skeptical of kombucha cocktails for a long time. But then, last year, Old City fermentary Inspired Brews served up gingerbread kombucha cocktails — yes, complete with liquor — at our Be Well Philly Underground Holiday Party, and let me tell you: they were, pleasantly (and unexpectedly), the bomb dot com. So it’s no surprise that Inspired Brews is now delving into the world of kombucha cocktails a bit more, hosting their first-ever Kombucha Cocktail Throwdown next Monday, January 23rd. And they want you, Philly-area bartenders, to show off your skills!

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The Checkup: The Secret Ingredient That Transforms Scrambled Eggs

• Some — and by some, I mean my mother and my boyfriend — call me the Scrambled Egg Queen. But this title doesn’t come easy: I always cook scrambled eggs on low heat for what feels like forever to get them just right. Turns out adding cornstarch, though, can seriously cut that time, allowing for the texture of low-and-slow scrambled eggs in just a few seconds. Yes, please! [Self]

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The Dietitian’s Guide to Hacking Happy Hour (And Avoiding Pitfalls)

When you think of dietitians, you might think we all steer clear of alcohol at all costs. I am here to tell you, that is not the case. We, too, are human and like enjoying a drink here and there with our friends. And — while many of us are guilty of doing keg stands and nursing horrible hangovers the next day (we all have our moments, right?) — for the most part, we try to drink responsibly and with health in mind.

My point: You don’t have to skip out on happy hour all the time to be healthy. To help you hack your happy hours so that they won’t put a huge dent in your healthy lifestyle, I chatted with some of my fellow dietitian friends to ask them what they reach for at happy hour. Here, your dietitian-backed guide to a healthier happy hour. (And while you’re at it, take note of these Philly happy hour spots for healthy eaters!)

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Sweet! $5 Yoga, HIIT, Barre and Zumba Classes at Hotel Monaco

Yoga at last year's Resolution Rx event | Photo by Joe Longo

Yoga at last year’s Resolution Rx event | Photo by Joe Longo

If on January 1st, you vowed that 2017 would be the year you become the next Jillian Michaels, and now — a mere 16 days in — you’ve already fallen off the workout wagon, Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco is here to swoop in and save you from self-sabotage. On Sunday, January 29th, the hotel is hosting their third annual Resolution Rx event to keep you on track, with tons of $5 fitness classes from studios around the city, mini massages and acupuncture (!!) and healthy grub.

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