VIDEO: 15-Minute Yoga Routine for Runners



Last week, we told you how to properly warm up before a long run or hard workout. Today, Philly yogi Jake Panasevich (you know him from those awesome Yoga for Dudes classes at Maha Yoga) offers a tutorial for an easy-to-follow yoga routine aimed at stretching out IT Bands, hamstrings, quads and hips — all areas runners need to focus on most.

Check it out below.  Read more »

All the Reasons You Think You Hate CrossFit



I completely understand why people hate CrossFit. CrossFitters are an incredibly annoying group of people. They talk about CrossFit non-stop, they wear CrossFit sneakers, and they display misguided pride over their disgusting hand calluses. And CrossFit workouts? They’re ridiculous. How do they expect a 41-year-old mother of two to do a handstand pushup? And am I really supposed to push a weighted sled around a parking lot?   Read more »

Pack Like a Pro: What Philly Fitness Pros Always Have in Their Gym Bags

gym bags
Mastering the art of packing the perfect gym bag is like mastering the art of packing the perfect carry-on bag: It takes time. And every now and then, before you’ve become a true packing pro, you find yourself in a smelly situation that can’t be fixed because you pulled a totally amateur move and forgot to pack a stick of deodorant. Or worse: your shower shoes. We’ve all been there.

But fear not: To help us all become gym-bag-packing pros, we went to the actual pros. We asked 10 fitness pros around Philly to dish on the three items they always, always, always have in their gym bags. (By the way, my favorite part of my job is that I get to be nosy without shame.)

From the snacks that keep them from getting hangry to the dry shampoos that keep them looking fresh to the sentimental tokens that put a smile on their faces, take a peek at what these pros keep stashed in their bags — and take pointers!  Read more »

A Portion of the Ben Franklin Parkway Bike Lanes Is Disappearing (Temporarily)

Photo via Google Maps

Photo via Google Maps

UPDATE 5:18 p.m.: Well, this is pretty awesome. Randy LoBasso from the Bicycle Coalition called me a few minutes ago to say the city has done a total 180 on the Ben Franklin Parkway bike-lane situation. In response to the general, well, outrage over the proposed yearlong removal of the bike lanes between the 1600 to 1800 block, the Streets Department now says they are going to maintain four feet of bike lanes in both directions for the duration of the project. Victory! The Bicycle Coalition has the full skinny — check it out here.


ORIGINAL: I almost spit my lunch out today when I saw a troublesome new post on the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s blog about the not-so-bright future for a portion of the bike lanes along the Ben Franklin Parkway — namely, that they’re about to disappear for the next year. What gives?  Read more »

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