Will PA Follow Arizona’s Lead on Immigration Bill?

With Wednesday’s high temps, we here at the Post could have perhaps summoned the stamina to raise a weak shake of our fist if say, our favorite flavor had run out at Capogiro (maybe). But despite the heat, 100 or so people were fired up enough to gather on the front lawn of the Independence Visitor Center yesterday and protest Arizona’s popular new bill (oh, how those snow birds must be relishing the attention!). So we sent our What Philly Thinks reporter to the rally. The gist? Speeches, a march to the Federal Building, chants of “Keep Hate Out Of Our State,” a reverend’s blessing, and one guy who provided the perfect 30-second sound bite—much to the delight of the press throng in attendance. Here, a sampling of who showed up and why.

Who: John Coursey, age 36
Lives in: Philadelphia, Fairmount area
Work: “IT stuff”
Quote: “If you look at what’s happening in Arizona, I think that’s one of the most reactionary pieces of legislation we’ve had in years, and I’m very much against racial profiling and I think we should act against it. Immigrants shouldn’t be used as scapegoats because of problems with the economy, unemployment, etc. There are better fixes for those things than targeting immigrants.” Read more »