Lemme Guess: You’re Not Voting Today. What Is Wrong With You?

Good morning, Philadelphia. It’s officially Primary Day, in case you’ve been wondering why all of your favorite TV shows have been bookended by PAC-funded political advertisements for the last few weeks. The polls opened at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m., but that probably doesn’t make the tiniest bit of difference to you. If you’re like most Philadelphians, you have absolutely no intention of showing up to vote. But I would like you to reconsider that wrong-thinking, or perhaps nonthinking, decision. Read more »

Real People Review: Metallica in Philadelphia

Keith Taylor and Gina Randazzo before Friday night’s Metallica concert at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

On Friday night, Metallica played Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, their first appearance in the city since 2009. Instead of sending a music critic to review the show, we sent mega Metallica fan Keith Taylor, the affable chef-owner of Zachary’s BBQ in Norristown. And we checked in with some other locals, too, to see what they thought. Read more »

One of Us: Conservative Firebrand Christine Flowers

Illustration by Andy Friedman

My name is … Christine Marie Rachael Flowers. That’s my confirmation name. My mom got the idea crossing the Christina River. I’m glad it wasn’t the Schuylkill. My dad wanted to name me April, but my mom said with a name like April Flowers, I’d end up on a marquee at a burlesque club.

People call me … Chris or Christie or Christine or four-letter words.

I grew up in … Logan and then Delco, around the corner from Tina Fey. We have two things in common and nothing else: where we grew up, and the fact that we think Pica’s is the best pizza in the country. Read more »

Doobie’s Shut Down by the City

This sign was spotted on Doobie’s on Friday afternoon.

If you’re thinking of heading to Doobie’s after work for a cold one, think again: The city has shut down the popular neighborhood tavern at 22nd and Lombard streets. Read more »

Behind the Line: Michael Solomonov Talks Wawa, Cod Sperm and Hummus Secrets

Chef Michael Solomonov, seen through a glass window in the kitchen at Zahav. (Photo by Chris Loupos)

Last week, we debuted our new series Behind the Line with an interview with TV chef Michael Symon, who has a just-opened restaurant at the Borgata. This week, we talk to Zahav’s Michael Solomonov, whose last month has been filled with awards, great press, and big moves. Read more »

If Lauren Boggi Owed You Money, You’re Definitely Not Getting It Back

Lauren Boggi in a Philly Mag file photo.

Lauren Boggi in a Philly Mag file photo.

Less than four months since we first told you that Lithe Method founder Lauren Boggi had suddenly shuttered her fitness studios and declared bankruptcy after a massive judgment was obtained against her by her New York landlord, we can now report that Boggi’s bankruptcy ordeal is over. And if you were one of her hundreds of creditors, you can bid adieu to your money. Read more »

David Magerman Sues Breitbart Billionaire and Donald Trump Pal Bob Mercer

Main Line businessman David Magerman is suing New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Main Line businessman David Magerman is suing New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Much has been written about Robert Mercer, the secretive New York hedge fund billionaire who has thrown lots of money at right-wing news outlet Breitbart as well as Donald Trump, and who was behind Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway getting such prominent roles in the White House. Well, now a prominent Main Line resident is taking him to court. Read more »

One of Us: Nicole Marquis

Illustration by Andy Friedman.

Illustration by Andy Friedman.

My name is … Nicole Yvonne Marquis. My name is super French, but my mother — her name is Yvonne — is Puerto Rican. My dad is half French, half Italian. I grew up in … Elkins Park. I’m a Philly girl through and through.

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be … a neurosurgeon. My best friend wanted to be one, and I thought that was great. Of course, she actually became a neurosurgeon. Read more »

VIDEO: What Is This Guy Doing to a Woman’s Drink at a South Philly Bar?

An image from the video that police are investigating.

An image from the video that police are investigating.

This is a developing story.

UPDATE 5/3/2017 10 p.m.:

Philly Mag has been contacted by a man who says he is the person in the video. We have confirmed that the identity he has provided appears to be the same person as seen on the recording.

He adamantly denies that he put anything into the woman’s drink, adding that he has never “roofied” anyone. He says that he was reaching behind himself to put his wallet into his pocket, and he denies that his hand ever went over the drink. “If you look at that video,” he told me, “my hand never went over that drink.”

He says that after Shelly removed the drink from the bar, people started calling him a rapist, so he yelled back and left.

We have provided his name and contact information to police, and he says that he already contacted SVU and that he is willing to take a lie detector test.

As for the photo that has been well-circulated on Facebook prior to our publication of this story, he says he has asked Facebook repeatedly to take it down.


Six weeks after the Philadelphia Police Department launched a still-ongoing investigation into allegations that more than 20 people were drugged at popular South Philadelphia bar The Dolphin, investigators are now also taking a look at a surveillance video from a different bar that’s about five blocks from The Dolphin. Read more »

Behind the Line: Michael Symon, the Borgata’s Newest Chef

Wearing his signature hat, Michael Symon works the slicer at Angeline at the Borgata. (Photo by Michael Persico)

Wearing his signature hat, Michael Symon works the slicer at Angeline at the Borgata. (Photo by Michael Persico)

On Saturday, restaurateur and The Chew co-host Michael Symon joins Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, and Guy Fieri in Atlantic City’s roster of “celebrity chefs” when he debuts Angeline at the Borgata. Here, the Iron Chef and James Beard winner tells us why Philly is so great and why he really wishes we wouldn’t call him a celebrity chef. Read more »

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