This Weekend: Get Drunk With Monkeys


Wanna go for beers at the Zoo? Of course you do. Which is why we don’t even have to try that hard to sell this one.

So we won’t try to be cutesy when we tell you that from 6-10 pm on Saturday, the Philadelphia Zoo is hosting its annual iteration of the Summer Ale Festival that allows beer drinkers to co-mingle with the species they sometimes resemble upon imbibing too much of the beverage.

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Get Social With Cider In New Jersey


Sometimes you’ve just had enough beer, right? You’ve drunk all the good stuff, the weird stuff, the low-rent stuff. Whiskey and gin just don’t seem right for the moment and you’re certainly not going to switch to wine. So what do you turn to in your hour of alcoholic need?


Ever true to his pioneering spirit, the producer of the massive Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival is bringing the first cider fest to Jersey. On August 8, Jon Henderson of Good Time Tricycle will host two sessions of the inaugural Atlantic City Cider Social.

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The Director Of New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control Just Resigned

MikeHalfacreThe director of New Jersey’s Alcoholic Beverage Control submitted his resignation this morning, effective June 30.

Mike Halfacre, who has held the position for three years, didn’t give a reason for his departure but some speculate that he wants to find a job outside Gov. Chris Christie’s administration before the governor either runs for president or his term expires  in 2018.

So why is this a big deal? Because Halfacre was instrumental in implementing laws that dramatically reformed the state’s brewing and distilling regulations. The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild, as well as prominent beer fest producers, considers him an ally in helping them navigate unfamiliar and tricky rules. And last spring, he worked with them to figure out common-sense regulations for festivals so that reputable organizers could continue to introduce craft breweries to consumers while ensuring that they didn’t promote irresponsible drinking.

So yes, the brewing and distilling enthusiasts in Jersey are, understandably, a little bit worried right now. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

The Rules: Garden State Craft Brewers Craft A Best Practices Document

craft beer express

If you spend any time at New Jersey’s brewery tasting rooms, you’ve surely noticed some differences from those in PA. No dining. No entertainment. No food trucks. Well, maybe some food trucks.

In some ways, New Jersey brewers have been left to interpret the state’s two-year-old law that allows them to sell pints of beer and has led to the proliferation of tasting rooms and new breweries across the state. But because the law was met with opposition from the restaurant association, it prohibits food service and entertainment at breweries that aren’t brewpubs. However, the law left some grey area and some room to make one’s own decisions about how strictly to follow the law.

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Tonight: Mac & Beer Fest In Collingswood

Follow the instructions for the lightened-up baked mac and cheese, and pair it with the prescribed spinach salad and—BOOM—a mac and cheese salad on your plate. Genius? We think so.

Sure, you’ve had lobster mac n’ cheese and mac n’ cheese with pancetta, but have you tried Mexican mac n’ cheese? Or Greek mac n’ cheese? Didn’t think so.

But you can change that tonight by going to the Mac & Beer fest at the Grand Ballroom in Collingswood. The fest, which runs 5-9 pm, benefits the Collingswood Foundation for the Arts, who manage the ballroom and the Scottish Rite Auditorium and Grand Ballroom, and the Crossroads Programs, which helps a abused, abandoned, homeless and at-risk young people. So yes, it’s for a good cause.

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Tonight: Lady Birds Beer Club


Thanks to local Allagash sales rep and former beer journalist Suzy Woods, Philadelphia was one of the first cities in the world to host its own women-in-beer group, which invited women to hang out and learn about beer in a social, female-only environment.

But the group has been mostly quiet for a few years, choosing to host twice-annual coed gatherings for the time being instead of its regular meet-ups of yore. A national women-in-beer organization tried to form a chapter here, but its efforts largely failed. Active groups exist in the western and eastern suburbs, and Victory runs an occasional Girls Just Wanna Have Suds series but the city itself has recently lacked any substantive focal point for beer-loving women.

Until now.

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This Weekend: Women’s Collaboration Brew Day

Craft Beer Express

If you’re a craft beer lover, by now you’ve heard that women have served in the capacity of brewer throughout history … that is until the art became industrialized at different times in different places and men took over a newly profitable profession. So you often read about modern female brewers “reclaiming” what was once a proud tradition.

Well, no better example of that exists than Women’s International Collaboration Brew Day, taking place in Philly, New Jersey and around the world on Sunday.

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Blindfolded Wine Dinner At Vintage Grille

Maybe you’ve watched “Eyes Wide Shut” and found yourself intrigued. Or you and the missus need to throw a dash of spice into the ole’ bedroom. Whatever your motivation, lead your spouse, girlfriend, mistress, furry to Vintage Grille in Doylestown Wednesday night at 7 pm for a blindfolded wine dinner.

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A Rare Rioja Dinner Catered By Garces…At A Liquor Store In New Jersey?

PA Wine blog 3_image

Imagine you’re blindfolded and taken to a $200 wine dinner, where a Spanish wine importer is pouring you six different Riojas dating back to 1928. Jose Garces Restaurant Group is catering a paired menu of small plates, which Garces ambassador Beth Koenig describes as you eat it. To end your meal, the two female owners of Menagerie Coffee, rated by this magazine as the best coffee shop in Philly last year, pour over Intelligentsia single-origin coffee selected for the occasion.

Then someone removes your blindfold to reveal your location. You blink to adjust to the fluorescent lights and you discover your high-class experience has taken place … at a liquor store in New Jersey. Surprised? Probably. Disappointed? Hopefully not.

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