First Look: Victory Parkesburg Brewpub Is Now Open

The brewpub at the Victory Brewing Co. in Parkesburg | All photographs by Bradley Maule

The brewpub at the Victory Brewing Co. in Parkesburg | All photographs by Bradley Maule

Now that the owners of Victory Brewing have unveiled their newest brewery and restaurant to the public (it opened today for lunch), beer fans can eat, drink and learn at the biggest and most eco-friendly of their two brewery and three brewpub locations. Two years after beginning to brew out of Parkesburg, in Chester County, visitors can finally tour the EPA-approved brewery and relax at the two-story pub part of the brewpub that captivates the eye with 350 seats and a whole lot of reclaimed wood.

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“Month Of 1,000 Pies” At Red Owl Tavern


Hate to cook and struggling with what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Make yourself look like a star (and provide some conversational topics to fill awkward moments) by bringing a pie from Red Owl Tavern. From now until Thanksgiving Day, Red Owl will donate a pie to Philabundance for every pie it sells.

The details, right this way

Johnny Brenda’s Wet Hop Rodeo Is This Weekend

Photo by M. Kennedy for GPTMC

Photo by M. Kennedy for GPTMC

Speaking of Fishtown and Will Reed, he’s picked up a fun event idea during his tenure as owner of Johnny Brenda’s. This Saturday, he hosts the 7th annual Wet Hop Rodeo and Ranchero Brunch, an homage to freshly harvested hops and foods presumably eaten by Texas cowboys and Mexicans. Because, you know, the first thing we all think about when harvesting hops is cowboys and Mexicans. Kind of sounds like the menu over at El Camino Real. Wonder if Will and Owen are friends…

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Franklin Square’s Holiday Festivities Kick Off Tonight

Embrace the holiday spirit in all its jolly glory–lest your heart shrink two sizes too small–at the Franklin Square Holiday Festival, running now through December 31st. The Square has transformed into the ultimate holiday village, with dazzling light shows, a soundtrack of festive classics performed by the Philly POPS, a market to shop handmade items and artisanal goods, and a beer garden with fire pits, seasonal brews, and comfort foods. There's tons of fun for the little ones too, including mini golf, the carousel, and train rides. Admission is free! For more information, click here. Friday, November 14th-Wednesday, December 31st, 4 p.m.-8 p.m., Franklin Square, 200 N. Sixth Street.

You know how you feel like Franklin Square is just oh-so-adorable and you always mean to get there for some of their seasonal events but you don’t have kids so you never seem to make it? Yeah, we get that.

Well, make some time tonight (or at least this winter) because the holiday festivities kick off with free hot chocolate, a new holiday market, the returning Electrical Spectacle Holiday Light Show and a beer tent. Tonight at 5pm, “Ben Franklin” will fire up the light show, which sets taped holiday music performed by The Philly POPS and partially arranged by Peter Nero to a dynamic 50,000-bulb flying kite display.

Two alternating light shows will run every half hour from 4:30-8 until December 31. Every night one audience member will get to light the first display.

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Celebrate Barcade’s 4th Anniversary Today


People always ask me to name my favorite bars in Philly. But because I live in East Philly (AKA Camden) I don’t have an urban neighborhood bar to default to and I find myself jumping around a lot instead of repeat visiting. But there is one bar that I end up at more than most and that’s Barcade.

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“Cuisine From The Collections: Cocktail Edition” This Weekend

CCCocktailsWe’re not saying that the Academy of Natural Sciences’ upcoming Cuisine from the Collection gala will feature bat guano burritos or live millipedes as garnish to your Manhattan … but we’re not saying it won’t, either. Chefs and bartenders at the annual fundraiser, taking place this Saturday from 7 (6 p.m. for VIPS) to 10 p.m., derive inspiration from the academy’s collection of 18 million animal and plant specimens, and we can only imagine that means that at least one creepy and/or crawly thing edged its way into the psyche of those planning the event…

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Annual Memberships On Sale For Lower Forge Brewery’s Committee Of 250

LowerForgeLogoWith just a few weeks left before their anticipated public opening, the group behind Medford, NJ’s Lower Forge Brewery is offering memberships to their Committee of 250 club. Named after the original Committee of 50 made up of early 20th century businessmen who got together to objectively study the impacts of Prohibition, the Committee aims to thank the friends and family who helped Lower Forge founders fight the government forces that challenged their ability to open a brewery on the historic New Jersey town’s main street. The group will only allow 250 members at a time, and because there weren’t 250 conscientious objectors helping Lower Forge’s cause, there’s room left for future brewery friends to join.

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The Vault Opens This Weekend at Valley Forge Casino

vault logoOpening Halloween weekend, The Vault below-ground bar and music venue adds another new entertainment amenity to the updated Valley Forge Casino Hotel. Bands of all genres will perform in what used to be a country-rock bar, and managers have totally revamped the food and drink menu.

The marketing team is calling it a speakeasy, with black-and-white movies showing and cocktails and light fare reflecting the Prohibition era. HOWEVER. Nothing about the rough-hewn wooden walls, the artfully presented hummus platter or the Smasher muddled drinks says speakeasy. Which doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a fun bar. It’s just not the kind of place you want to don your best flapper dress.

What it does offer is a lot of space, a stage, a dance floor, two bars, 40 bar stools and 60 seats, a VIP area, canned craft beers and tasty modern bites. Particularly notable are the bacon wrapped goat cheese dates, which you order, along with all of the other food, at a side counter. The VIP area has table service.

The Vault will open Fridays 8 pm to 2 am (except the 3rd Friday of the month – 10 pm to 2 am) and Saturdays 8 pm to 2 am. A DJ spins on Fridays and local bands play on Saturdays. Eventually there may be live comedy, burlesque and male revue. Expect to pay a $10 cover on Saturdays after 10 pm.

The Vault [Valley Forge Casino]

First Look: LP Steak at Valley Forge Casino

Lp Steak | Photo by Nick Valinote

Lp Steak | Photo by Nick Valinote

Chances are you haven’t been to LP Steak, what with it opening less than three weeks ago and well, you know, being in the suburbs and all. But should you find yourself out at Valley Forge Casino Resort for a concert, a festival, or maybe just to gamble, you’ll want to try Luke Palladino’s new place, which is worthy of a trip by itself.

Casino execs reached out to Palladino, of Luke Palladino Seasonal Italian Cooking and Palladino’s on Passyunk, fame after deciding to dramatically refresh their drinking and dining options and to start with closing the casino-owned steak house that occupied the same space.

Palladino has wrapped the 238-seat space in mirrors and tasteful reds and blacks and added sex appeal with deep red leather banquettes. A round bar is set off from the dining room by the same type of half wall that sections off several cozy dining areas while still allowing patrons to see and be seen.

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Tonight: Should The Government Keep Its Hands Off Our Lunch?


This week, the national media reported that presidential candidate Jeb Bush is spitting mad that the National Institutes of Health has awarded $2 million in grants to develop a video game that aims to show parents how to effectively get their kids to eat (and like!) healthy foods. He calls it a waste of scarce resources. The game’s developer has angered political conservatives for years, receiving threats and hate mail and sparking pending federal legislation that would prevent the government from funding games that teach “food parenting practices.”

What does this have to do with Philadelphia? Well, everything, if you consider that the National Constitution Center is coincidentally hosting a panel tonight at 6:30 pm called “Should the Government Regulate What We Eat?” It’s part of the center’s new feature exhibition, “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam? The Government’s Effect on the American Diet.” And while this week’s partisan controversy deals more with funding than regulation, the issue is a) sure to come up tonight; and b) part of a broader conversation that has people like Sarah Palin mocking Michelle Obama for her anti-childhood obesity initiatives and bringing sugar cookies to a Bucks County school fundraiser immediately after calling Pennsylvania a “nanny state run amok” for proposing to limit the sugary treats served at public school holiday parties.

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