“Blackboard Beer Specials” From Victory

The brewpub at the Victory Brewing Co. in Parkesburg | All photographs by Bradley Maule

The brewpub at the Victory Brewing Co. in Parkesburg | Bradley Maule

Noticing how much patrons like the one-off blackboard specials at their brewpubs, Victory co-owners Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet are trying something new this year: blackboard beer specials.

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Jobs For New Jersey Restaurant Workers

RET_005If you’re someone looking for a hospitality job in NJ (which may be you, laid-off Atlantic City casino entertainers) you now have an easier way to match up with potential employers. The state’s restaurant association has teamed up with the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Talent Network of New Jersey to create a free web portal where association members simply enter details of a position they’re looking to fill and everyone who’s signed up for the talent network (again, free) receives an email alert. Professional talent and workforce development trainers receive the emails, too.

Considering the state of New Jersey’s economy, where hospitality ranks as the top private employment industry, this first-time partnership may be long overdue. Despite all the layoffs in Atlantic City’s service sector, New Jersey employers say they have a hard time filling jobs.

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Celebrating HAN-ukkah with Han Chiang, Bell’s and Terrapin


We’re going to venture a guess here and assume that Chinese dynamo restaurateur Han Chiang is NOT a Jew (in the words of the immortal Adam Sandler). But he’s clearly versed enough in the ways of Christmastime cooking to know the stereotype of the Jew on Christmas: Chinese food and a movie. Well this year, he’s actually preparing a feast for Hanukkah and throwing in some Christmas craft beer for fun.

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We Know Where One Of Next Year’s PHS Pop-Up Gardens Is Going To Be

PHS Pop-Up Garden | Photo via Facebook

PHS Pop-Up Garden | Photo via Facebook

Don’t freak out, but the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society may not serve beer at next year’s PHS pop-up (beer) garden. According to spokesperson Alan Jaffe, the society is looking for a site in the Callowhill district to showcase and bring art to the future Philadelphia Rail Park along the Reading Viaduct. Because the PHS got a Pew grant this year to “blend art, history and agriculture” near the park, the objective or layout for this particular temporary installation may not jive with a beer garden.

“My guess is there will be some kind of refreshments,” is all Jaffe can say about it right now.

But don’t despair.

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A Hoppy Holiday Bazaar At Flying Fish This Wekend


For the first time in New Jersey (and maybe anywhere), a craft beer-themed craft bazaar (called the Hoppy Holiday Bazaar) will let you shop for locally hand-made products that all pertain to beer! During regular public hours (noon-4 p.m.) on Sunday, December 6 at Flying Fish Brewery, vendor tables will fill the tasting room so that you can simultaneously taste beer and make haste with gifts for the beer lovers in your life.

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Jim Kenney Cooks Cajun

Jim Kenney

As mayor-elect of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney has a lot to do. Figure out how to fix the schools, solve crime and send all of the PPA agents on permanent vacation (we wish). Well, tomorrow, Saturday, December 4, the man who’s about to take over the most powerful seat in the city is taking a break from all of that boring stuff to focus on something more, shall we say, savory.

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Brewer’s Plate Tickets Are Now On Sale


You can’t call yourself a beer geek in this town unless you’ve checked certain events off your list. Opening Tap is one of them. The Philly Beer Scene awards is another. And perhaps the single most important annual Philadelphia beer event is Brewer’s Plate.

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American Sardine Bar Is Celebrating Its 4th Anniversary

American Sardine Bar - Vintage Sign

Remember way back when (say, five years ago) when long-time residents of Point Breeze tried to stop real estate developer John Longacre from turning the former Wander Inn into a craft beer bar? Their fears of gentrification delayed the opening of American Sardine Bar by at least a year.

But open it did, and fans of Longacre’s landmark South Philly Tap Room a few blocks away now had another place to drink high-end beer from cans and curb their munchies with fried PB&J sandwiches. Things haven’t gotten much easier for Longacre–what with community members trying to shut down his Point Breeze Beer Garden this summer–but at least the Sardine Bar still stands, four years after opening.

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