Hey, Wanna Go Get Drunk In The Cemetery?

WestLaurelHillSure, it’s still a little bit early for Halloween, but for those of you who just can’t turn down a chance to go have drinks with the dead, there’s this: the West Laurel Hill Cemetery’s Beer Barons to Homebrewers tour and tasting.

Originally set for an earlier date, it has now been rescheduled for this Sunday from 1-3 pm, and tickets are still available. So what are you going to be doing there, out amid the tombstones?

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This Weekend: Barbecue In Atlantic City


If you love barbecue but feel you’ve got to leave the area to get the super legit stuff — you know, the meat that gets cooked outside for days by a true medal-winning pro who slogs over some serious equipment and would sooner kill his mama than divulge his rub recipe – here’s some good news.

First, you’re wrong. There’s some good ‘cue in this town if you know where to look.

Second, if you’re still not buying it, this weekend all you have to do is drive down the expressway to AC to find what you’re looking for.

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The Wine Beneath My Wings


The Garden State Wine Growers Association is switching things up for its annual Cape May Wine Festival this year by holding it at the Naval Aviation Station-Wildwood Museum. For the first time this Saturday and Sunday (from noon to 5 pm), 19 of the state’s wineries will be pouring their wares among vintage private and decommissioned military aircraft in Hangar #1 at the Cape May airport.

So what we’re saying is, good for airplane nerds and for wine drinkers. A double win.

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Time To Make The Cider

CiderKegandBarrelSo you want to keep your homebrewing cred up to date, right? You’ve perfected your quadruple-hopped IPA recipe and your pumpkin stout won silver at last year’s club competition. What do you do now?

If you’re keeping up with trends, you know what the answer is: cider.

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Lobster, Chocolate and Fish Stories In Cape May

CapeMayChocolateThe event programmers at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities in Cape May have got it going on. While other non-profit organizations struggle to create themes for their one big annual fundraiser (or repeat the same public activities all the time), these folks are constantly coming up with unique programming. Coming up in early October: an exploratory lesson on local seafood and fishing history on October 3 and a chocolate-tasting tour through a series of historic lodgings on Oct. 10.

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Coffee, Rum And Art–Tonight At The Barnes Foundation

LaColombeRumMany of Dr. Alfred Barnes’ commissioned artists, as famous as they are now, marched to the beat of their own drum at the time they lived and painted. So it’s somewhat fitting that The Barnes Foundation is partnering with La Colombe tonight to showcase Different Drum–the coffee roaster’s own rum at an event at the Barnes Foundation.

Rum cocktails at an art gallery? What could possibly go wrong…

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Yards: Smoke ‘Em If Yous Got ‘Em Event This Sunday


Yards Brewing started its Smoke ‘Em if Yous Got ‘Em seven years ago, before the BBQ craze really hit Philly hard. But the annual event (which sells out every year) keeps getting stronger, and this year, 30 beers from around the country will join all sorts of smoked and BBQ’ed meats for a day-long jamboree this Sunday afternoon at the Yards brewery on Delaware Avenue.

Bluegrass, backYARDS (or in Yards’ case, front YARDS) and BBQ–what’s not to love? Tickets for the event will run you $55 and you can get yours (while supplies last) at the link below.

Smoke Em If Yous Got Em [Yards]

The Atlantic City Seafood Festival Is Next Weekend

ACSeafoodFestMy brother and I grew up in Annapolis and spent a lot of time on the water. We knew how to pick crabs before we could read and loved gulping the salty, buttery clam broth that was leftover in the bucket into which we dipped steamers to clean them before popping them into our mouths. We even developed a taste for raw oysters – my brother earlier than I. But there’s one thing our parents never exposed us to for some reason, and that was raw clams.

So it was with great gusto that my brother plunged into a plate of them at the Atlantic City Seafood Festival a few years ago – a marvelous spread of tents and live music and fresh shellfish and cups of ceviche and New Jersey beer and wine, all practically glimmering at Bader Field on a gorgeous September Saturday. As we walked around that day, eating, drinking, giving a presentation on the history of New Jersey beer and congratulating producer Jon Henderson, the mastermind behind such spectacles as the AC Beer & Music Fest, on another job well done, my brother kept raving about those clams. It was true, I agreed, they were plump and firm and nicely balanced between briny and sweet.

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Here’s Your Chance To Be Part Of Forgotten Boardwalk’s 2015-2016 Refuge Society

forgottenboardwalkAs we inch closer to the first anniversary of Cherry Hill’s Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing in Cherry Hill in October, owner Jamie Queli has a message for you: come get your (revamped) 2015-2016 Refuge Society membership.

Forgotten Boardwalk’s Refuge Society became recognizable last year through the old-fashioned ornamental keys she delivered to 1,000 inaugural (mostly unpaid) members who received perks like members-only parties, early openings to big events, etc… But throughout the year, Queli realized that a club of 1,000 prevented the perks from being, well, intimate enough. So this time around she’s dramatically scaling back to 150 members and charging them an annual fee of $100.

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