Gosnell Finally Signs Off on “Pill Mill” Plea Deal

The lawyer for Kermit Gosnell, who’s already serving a life sentence for the deaths of three babies born alive in his abortion clinic, says his client over the weekend accepted the terms of a plea deal on federal drug-distribution charges. Gosnell returns to court — where he has twice surprised prosecutors by balking at previous agreements — on July 9th. [MyFoxPhilly]

Boy Missing in Pennypack Creek Presumed Dead

The search for 13-year-old Brandon Boyle, who has been missing since jumping into Pennypack Creek near Winchester Avenue and the Boulevard yesterday afternoon, resumed this morning as a recovery effort. Brandon, who was playing in the creek with his brother Anthony and two friends, apparently misjudged the strength of the current and was swept over a waterfall into a churning whirlpool. [6ABC]

Philadelphia Man on Trial for Lacing Baby’s Milk With Heroin

Orlando Rosado, 45, is currently on trial for putting heroin and methadone into his infant son’s bottle during a 3 a.m. feeding in May 2012. A friend, Giovanni Nieves, testified today that Rosado, whom Nieves says he took to a methadone clinic each day for treatment, was also still using at the time of the incident. Rosado, who’s facing charges of third-degree murder and drug delivery causing death, claims it was an accident. [Fox News/AP]

Three Major Local Lottery Wins Still Unclaimed

Apparently only people who are already multimillionaires are winning the lottery in the Philadelphia region this year. How else to explain a $131.5 million Powerball ticket sold in Point Breeze; a $30 million Mega Millions sold in Atlantic County, New Jersey; and a three-way $50 million Powerball sold in Rehoboth Beach over the past few months not having been cashed in yet? Check the pockets in your other tux and get back to us. [Philly.com]

Walking Dead Fan Goes All Shane on His Girlfriend

All right, this didn’t happen in Philly, but we’re telling you because this is exactly what’s going to go down everywhere when the zombie apocalypse starts: A 26-year-old gun enthusiast who just knows it was a military mishap that unleashed the virus but couldn’t make his girlfriend of four years see that blindingly obvious fact decided she had become a fatal liability to their group and stepped up to eliminate the threat from within by allegedly plugging her once in the back with a .22. Fortunately, when she didn’t turn, he went all Rick and took her to the ER. [NBC Philadelphia]

Shoeless Jeff the Boot-Getter Has a Pa. Arrest Record

Jeffrey Hillman, the not-quite-homeless recipient of the most scrutinized bit of charity since Jesus whipped up a bunch of sardine sandwiches, turns out to have a string of arrests in New York (forgery, possession of stolen property, grand larceny, public lewdness) and Allentown (assault) spanning more than a decade. But despite preferring to hide his new boots and continue panhandling barefoot in Times Square, he’s apparently not crazy enough to be committed. [New York Post]

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