This Car-Loving Couple Married in Philly’s Only Auto Museum — And Rode in on a Triumph Convertible

Photos by Birds of a Feather Photography

Growing up, Lauren Scola and her father bonded over a shared love of antique cars. So when it came time to wed Steve Wittmer this past April, South Philly’s Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, home to over 65 historically significant cars including Alfa Romeos, Bugattis, Aston Martins and more, was the logical venue choice. Take a look at the first wedding ever to be held in the space in the photos below by Birds of Feather Photography. If you love cars, this is definitely the Philadelphia wedding venue for you.  Read more »

Experience One of Philly’s Most Unique Wedding Venues at this Please Touch Museum Open House

Image courtesy Brûlée Catering

We know, we know — it can be really tough to narrow down your wedding venue search, especially when Philadelphia is filled with so many great ones. The best way to decide if a venue is right for you is to visit it in person, which is why we’re so pumped for the Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall Open House happening next Wednesday, September 27. If you’re intrigued by the idea of infusing your wedding with the whimsy of childhood, this venue is definitely a must-visit. Where else in the city, let alone the country, can you pose for portraits inside Alice in Wonderland inspired rooms and on a working indoor carousel?  Read more »

A PA Bride Sorted Her Bridesmaids into Harry Potter Houses and It’s Pretty Adorable

Photographs by Ein Photography

Meet Christine JeeHae Lim and Kenneth Sang-Jee Lee. They got married this past July 1st at Tyler Arboretum in Media, Pennsylvania. Ordinarily, we’d run you through their love story and photos from their wedding, but their day (coordinated by Polka Dot Events and photographed by Ein Photography) is full of so many interesting and unique details that we’re going to call them out one by one.  Read more »

Philly’s Top Boutique Wedding Vendors Are Throwing a Stylish Mid-Day Soirée This Sunday

Left: Trousseau Style’s Lauren Hartman and L. Priori’s Lauren Priori. Right: Florals by Brave Floral at last year’s Fall in Love Event. Photos by Maria Mack Photography.

As wonderful as wedding expos are, they can sometimes feel a tad overwhelming. So many vendors at so many rows of tables — how do you pick who to talk to?

That’s why we’re always pumped to hear about a wedding event where the vendor grouping has been curated ahead of time. If you’re looking to outfit your big day locally, and you want to do it with Pinterest-worthy style, look know further than L. Priori Jewelry’s annual Fall in Love event, happening this Sunday at the L. Priori showroom at 16th and Walnut.  Read more »

Too Funny: This Media Bride Wore a T-Rex Costume For Her First Look

Wedding stress is a real thing. After months of dealing with budget, difficult family members, and more logistics involving table linens than you ever will again in your life, how do you break the ice on the big day and start off on a light-hearted foot?

If you’re Jessica Albert, you surprise your groom, Mark Grassi, by donning a T-Rex costume for your first look. And on this Monday morning, we here at PW are grateful Stacy Salter Moore and JPG Photography were on hand to capture the hilarious event in the photos below.  Read more »

Score! T.J. Maxx Just Launched an Awesome Wedding Shop

Who doesn’t love the thrill of finding a great bargain at T.J. Maxx? Now, who else hasn’t wished that thrill could be applied to weddings, an arena where goods can sometimes feel more marked up than usual?

Well, here’s some good news for your wedding budget: T.J. Maxx has officially launched an online wedding vertical, and they’re applying their signature uber-discounts to everything from wedding dresses to wedding-day jewelry and accessories.  Read more »

After Nine Years Together, This Groom’s Proposal Included Their Daughter in the Sweetest Way

Mutual friends introduced Heather Rhoads and Timothy Lehman after Timothy saw a picture of her and requested a meeting. Sparks didn’t exactly fly at first — “I did not like him,” says Heather, while Timothy thought she was cute but wasn’t sure it would lead to anything — but they found more common ground over dinner at a steakhouse.  Read more »

This Fishtown Engagement Shoot Begins at Home, But Ends Somewhere Magical

Mikey Ticzon and Brandon Ryan’s love story begins where many do: with mutual friends from college. Mikey’s roommate was dating Brandon’s best friend, and Brandon came to DC for a visit. The night they met, Mikey was supposed to go out dancing with another group of friends, but his roommate convinced him to at least join their group for dessert. Frozen yogurt turned into a movie and late night diner food. Mikey never made it to his original plans, but the next morning he saw a Facebook message from Brandon. Brandon told Mikey he was cute and had “a killer smile.” Mikey responded with his phone number.  Read more »

How One Philly Couple Pulled off a Surprise Wedding at a Coffee Shop

Photos by Kelly Giarrocco

Think a big wedding with months of pre-planning might not be for you? Chloe Terres and Jimmy Bereolos felt the same way. After getting engaged in May, they originally planned to marry in the spring of 2018. Instead, with the help of Clover Event Co., they turned their July engagement party at Fishtown’s La Colombe coffee shop into a surprise wedding. See photos from the day by Kelly Giarrocco and find out how they pulled it all off below.  Read more »

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