Brian Sims Accuses Rep. Mark Cohen of “Arguing with Plants” [Updated]

Update: Mark Cohen has responded himself, in the comments below. Read the lengthy rebuttal yourself, but here’s a flavor.

One of the things I have come to accept is that people (with minor limitations) have basically a constitutional right to lie about elected officials. The simple facts are that, in this session of the House, I have a nearly 100% attendance record on the House floor and in the State Government Committee, that I have sponsored more bills and resolutions than any other House member, that I pushed through the House with its Republican majority the broadest Buy American government purchasing legislation in Pennsylvania history, and that I played a key role in the passage of the largest transportation funding bill in decades, which gave SEPTA over $300,000,000.


Rep. Brian Sims has angered fellow Dems in Harrisburg by backing Jared Solomon, who is challenging longtime Northeast Philly state representative Mark Cohen. (Here’s one challenger he’s not crazy about.) In a Facebook comment underneath his announcement that he was hosting a fundraiser for Solomon, he essentially accused Cohen of having dementia.

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Justice Department Accuses PA Prisons of Misusing Solitary Confinement

As New York state reforms its solitary confinement practices, a Department of Justice report slams the conditions of solitary in Pennsylvania prisons. Too many inmates are being put there (nationwide, prisons tend to do this for disciplinary reasons, not because of the severity of the crimes committed), and too many in solitary exhibit signs of untreated mental illness.

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Princeton Meningitis Vaccine May Be Backfiring

After getting an FDA-unapproved meningitis vaccine (like the rest of the meningitis-stricken campus) one 18-year-old Princeton student fell down with a very strange illness called rhabdomyolysis, which the Princetonian describes as “an acute breakdown of muscle tissue that causes muscle fiber and protein to be transferred into the bloodstream, risking severe kidney damage.”

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“Rich Girl” Was About A Guy

A TMZ paparazzo caught up with John Oates (has that ever been typed before?) in Nashville of all places, and asked him who “Rich Girl” was about. Oates, as Hall&Oatesophiles know, told him it was actually about a guy. Not because Hall and Oates are gay. Because Daryl knew this guy who was the son of this now-deceased pancake tycoon who was the ex-boyfriend of one of Daryl’s girlfriends, who ended up being the subject of “Sara Smile.”

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