Art Deco Downashore: Margate Stunner on a Beach Block with Pool


Rounded decks and deco, arched windows are not your standard Jersey Shore fare. But this contemporary home – just four properties back from the beach – is not your standard vacation house. Standard vacation houses generally don’t come with quite so many upgrades.

The five-bedroom home features more windows than we can count, coupled with vaulted ceilings and an open floorplan, resulting in a wash of sunshine throughout the first floor. There are four full baths and one powder room, meaning most of the guest rooms are en-suite. The kitchen has a granite island and dual ovens plus built-in cabinets. The bedroom at the very top of the house features nearly floor-to-ceiling arched windows on several walls as well as an en-suite bathroom with dual sinks.

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Look Into the Puppies’ Eyes: You Will Buy This Dentist’s House

Listing photos usually focus on views and landscaping and professional staging. Not this Collegeville home. Here the owners go straight for the literal puppy-dog eyes. Please buy this house, they say. Look at that lush lawn out backThere is even a stream. We like to chase squirrels there.

The home hardly needs the hard sell. Built in 1962 by “Dentist Dr. Larson,” the home has been fully renovated. Since 2003! The kitchen especially boasts gourmet upgrades: cherry cabinets, Viking and Bosch appliances and a breakfast nook with built-in benches. So comfythey say. Very warm. The main level also features three bedrooms and two full baths.

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Adventures in Home Buying: Here Is the House That We Own


We’d spent months traipsing through strangers’ houses. We’d navigated enough of East Falls to count off the cozy street names by memory (some day, someone will explain to me how a true Fallser is meant to pronounce “Vaux”). In aggregate we’d probably spent entire days with our mortgage advisor. But even with a settlement date in sight — even after the appraisal was worked out — it hardly felt real.

Our closing was scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m. The night before — mindful of having only two weeks between settlement and move to do things like clean, paint and furniture shop — we found ourselves at a suburban Home Depot, standing in front of a wall of interior paint samples. In a sea of technicolor options, we were united on French Silver and Caribe. Still, as the sales associate was having the colors mixed and we were choosing paint rollers, it did not feel real.

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Stunning Parc Rittenhouse 3BR With Massive Terrace


Private terraces cantilevered from the high-rises surrounding Rittenhouse Square are basically de rigueur. They generally come attached to lavishly finished condos and afford you space enough for a few chairs and a side table on which to set your La Colombe and your Vanity Fair.

Then there is this terrace at Parc Rittenhouse. Its square footage — a staggering 1,500 — could easily be mistaken for an average home’s livable space. Indeed, it’s only a few hundred square feet smaller than the indoor space for this unit.

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A Lesson on Gemütlichkeit in Haddon Heights

When words fail us, German usually comes in handy. In this case, it has a word for the rush of feelings that overcomes us when we browse through the listing photos for this very quaint four-bedroom home in Haddon Heights: Gemütlichkeit.

Absent an adequate English translation, the word roughly equates to a sense of coziness and calm. It usually refers to home design, but you may also be familiar with the excellent toasting anthem, Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit, which basically means “a toast to your well-being” and has been repeated at Oktoberfests near and far forever.

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Mary Sheridan’s Lambertville Home and Saloon For Sale


Let’s go back in time for a moment. To 1988. Mary Sheridan is the matriarch of sleepy Lambertville, New Jersey. She has been working as a Democrat in city politics since she was hired as city clerk in 1937. And our own beloved Inga Saffron is but a staff writer at the Inquirer. State investigators are sorting through a financial quagmire in the city’s books and Saffron is detailing the discovery that Sheridan has been running the city as something of an anachronistic autocrat. This March 13, 1988 delight sums up the situation in Lambertville:

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Light-Filled New Construction in East Falls

Realtors often use “bright” and “light-filled” as code words for “well, at least this home has windows.” In this case, the descriptors are perfect. Not only are the wide windows plentiful but skylights on the third floor stream light through the atrium to almost every other room in the home. Plus, it boasts the holy trinity of outdoor spaces which also allow for plenty of Vitamin D exposure. Read more »

Mod 1970s Estate in Reading with Indoor Pool and Solarium


The exterior listing photos might make this property look like a private, wintry retreat. But inside, it is closer to the wood-paneled, 70s utopia Dharma Initiative. Built in 1978, the rambling estate has room for plenty of beds, includes its own greenhouse, a huge-walk-in closet and an indoor pool. The home even has two backup generators. And since the estate is situated on 41 acres of preserved land, you really don’t need much more to feel like you’re on your very own episode of Lost.

While many parts of the home still look like they have not been refinished in a few decades, the kitchen has been recently updated to include Corian countertops, a Subzero refrigerator and imported elm cabinetry. The two-floor master suite takes up an entire private wing and has also been recently added to the home. It includes a bath with Jacuzzi tub and two oversized walk-in closets. The ground level of the home features an in-law suite with a full bath.

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Public Auction for Old Galeria Frozen Beauty Antique Shop

Galeria Frozen Beauty was known for its collection of Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces since it opened in Queen Village in 2000. Regulars also knew it as a reliable source for Chinese and Japanese art and Cuban Vanguardia paintings and as the exclusive representative for the noted Art Deco artist Gustave Kaitz’s estate. The three-story building has been announced for public auction at $800,000.

The first floor has served primarily as the antique shop’s showroom. The listing recommends buyers use the second floor as an office and turn the third floor into a bedroom/living room combo. Interestingly, it’s unclear whether there is a kitchen on site. The basement is currently being used for storage. Note the tiled staircase that thoughtfully matches the exterior wall. The listing makes no mention of the roof but photos suggest that someone has been hanging out up there and keeping warm.

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Remarkable Erwinna Estate Once Owned by Famed Humorist S.J. Perelman


It is hard to pick out a single remarkable detail from this home. In addition to the stunning 83-acre lot and the solarium with a living wall of ivy, the estate was once owned by noted humorist and writer, S.J. Perelman. Sidney Joseph Perelman, of course, was the co-writer for Marx Brothers screenplays including Monkey Business and Horse Feathers. He also co-wrote Around the World in Eighty Days, for which he earned an Oscar. His surrealist writing in The New Yorker made him a household name in the 1930s and 1940s.

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