Kelly Responds To Tra Thomas’ Racism Claim

Howard Smith / USA Today

Howard Smith / USA Today

PHOENIX — Earlier this offseason, former Eagles assistant coach Tra Thomas suggested that race might have had something to do with the decisions Chip Kelly was making within the organization.

“One of the things that you’re seeing right now, and these are the things that you have heard from the locker room from different players is that … they feel like there is a hint of racism,” Thomas said on FOX, via

“Yeah, you have seven assistant black coaches, but only one black coach is over the segment. The other guys are assistants to the assistant coaches. Duce Staley is the only guy that’s head over his segment who is gonna be in charge of his group. The other guys are just assistants to an assistant coach.”

Today, at the owners meetings, Kelly was asked about Thomas’ claims. Read more »

Lurie: Mortgaging the Future Can Make Sense

Eagles Draft 2015
Jeffrey Lurie. Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY

Jeffrey Lurie. Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY

PHOENIX, Ariz. — The question posed to Jeffrey Lurie concerned the power structure that he settled on earlier this offseason.

Was there risk in choosing a model where the head coach has complete control?

“The only model to me that correlates to having big success in the NFL is having a Hall of Fame, franchise quarterback,” Lurie said. “Then you can put any system around that player, and you can rationalize that structure.”

His comment was completely fair. Great quarterbacks oftentimes make mediocre coaches and general managers look extraordinary. And Lurie has been consistent in his belief that the Eagles need a franchise quarterback to finally bring home a Lombardi Trophy.

The question is: Who is that quarterback going to be? Read more »

Lurie On McCoy: Chip Wanted a One-Cut Runner

Jeffrey Lurie. Joe Camporeale / USA TODAY

Jeffrey Lurie. Joe Camporeale / USA TODAY

PHOENIX, Ariz. — When Chip Kelly explained the LeSean McCoy trade a couple weeks ago, he made it sound like the decision was primarily a financial one. The Eagles wanted to free up some cap space and rid themselves of McCoy’s contract.

But that theory met some resistance when the team later threw $23 million guaranteed at DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie addressed the media Tuesday afternoon and provided some clarity.

“We’ve been talking about the asset value of LeSean for a long time because he wasn’t the style of runner that Chip prefers, but a great player,” Lurie said. Read more »

‘Stunned’ Rex: McCoy Trade Took 30 Minutes

Rex Ryan. Brian Spurlock / USA Today

Rex Ryan. Brian Spurlock / USA Today

PHOENIX, Ariz. — On March 3, Buffalo Bills coaches, personnel people and owners were sitting in a room together going over their plans for the upcoming free agency period.

That’s when GM Doug Whaley’s phone rang.

“We’re sitting around making our plans for free agency, what our team looks like, what we want it to look like, and all of a sudden we get this call from Philadelphia,” said Bills coach Rex Ryan. “And I think that was when the trade started. Probably 30 minutes later, the trade was done.

“We never saw it [coming]. It was an opportunity, that’s it.” Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: How Teams Defend Chip

Chip Kelly (right). Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY

Chip Kelly (right). Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY

Phoenix, Ariz. — Today’s question comes from Josh, via Twitter:

We now have 33 games worth of material to answer the question: How do defenses defend Chip Kelly’s attack? Read more »

Eagles Notes: Kelly ‘a Fan’ Of Tim Tebow

Chip Kelly. Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today

Chip Kelly. Mark J. Rebilas / USA Today

Phoeniz, Ariz. — Chip Kelly got to the owners meetings in Arizona early this weekend to check out the NFL’s veteran combine.

Read more »

What They’re Saying: Remembering Concrete Charlie

Former Philadelphia Eagle and Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik sits on the sideline before the NFL game between the San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. The Chargers won 33-30. (AP Photo/Brian Garfinkel)

Former Philadelphia Eagle and Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik sits on the sideline before the NFL game between the San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. The Chargers won 33-30. (AP Photo/Brian Garfinkel)

There have been a lot of great items published remembering Chuck Bednarik, who passed away Saturday morning.

Here’s a roundup of some that are worth your time. If we missed any, feel free to post links in the comments. Read more »

Eagles Lose a Legend: Bednarik Dies At 89

Chuck Bednarik. David Boss/USA Today

Chuck Bednarik. David Boss/USA Today

The Eagles lost one of their all-time greats this morning, as Chuck Bednarik died at the age of 89 at an assisted living facility in Richland, Pa.

“With the passing of Chuck Bednarik, the Eagles and our fans have lost a legend,” said owner Jeffrey Lurie in a statement. “Philadelphia fans grow up expecting toughness, all-out effort and a workmanlike attitude from this team, and so much of that image has its roots in the way Chuck played the game. He was a Hall of Famer, a champion and an all-time Eagle. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this time.” Read more »

McCoy: ‘I Thought It Was a Panic Move’

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

In the days after the Eagles traded him, LeSean McCoy kept an eye on what his former team was doing to fill its hole at the running back spot.

After Frank Gore backed out of his deal, the Birds added both DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews to the mix. Chip Kelly said afterwards that the Eagles were able to essentially get two running backs for the price of one (McCoy). But looking at the numbers closely, that’s not really the case. Murray’s deal for the next three years is almost identical to the one McCoy had with the Eagles.

The only differences are Murray gets $18 million guaranteed, and none of McCoy’s contract was guaranteed. McCoy also had a higher cap number for 2015.

Appearing as a guest on The Rich Eisen Show, McCoy addressed the fact that Kelly was willing to pay for Murray, but not for him. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Did Chip Rush the Foles Trade?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers

Today’s question comes from reader Gavin, via e-mail:

My personal thoughts on the trade aside (I’m sure you can guess what they are), I don’t get the timing aspect of this. What was the rush to get this deal done? To my knowledge, there were no salary cap changes/implications/deadlines on the immediate horizon for either Nick Foles or Sam Bradford. I can’t grasp a logical reason as to why this deal had to be made now, and not closer to, or on draft day.

I think the question depends on how you look at Chip Kelly’s motivation to make the deal. If you think he wanted to unload Foles, then I agree with you. The timing was a little strange, especially when you consider what Kelly said afterwards. Read more »

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