12 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented in Philly



You know Philly is a city of firsts, right? First capital of the United States, first department store, first taxi service, first national convention (in 1856) of the Republican Party. (The Evening Bulletin noted, “Our hotels are crowded to the highest flight with politicians of many shades.”) But we’re also a mother of invention. Here are 12 life-altering creations that got their start right here. Read more »

DNC Will House Student Interns at Temple This Summer!

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

If you’re young, hot and wonky, Temple’s main campus will be the place to be this July. The university has announced that Morgan Hall, the swanky new dorm at Broad and Cecil B. Moore (it has, among other amenities, a 30,000-square-foot landscaped courtyard, flat-screen TVs and killer views of the city), will be home to 200 student interns attending the Democratic National Convention. Read more »

Temple Prof Wrongly Charged With Spying Warns: “It Can Happen to You”


Temple and DOJ photos, Shutterstock.

Got your tinfoil hat tied on tightly? The Chronicle of Higher Education has published an in-depth look (paywall) at the fiasco that had the federal government leveling charges of selling state secrets against the head of Temple University’s physics department, Xi Xiaoxing. You may recall that government agents seized the professor from his home at gunpoint last May: Read more »

11 Things You Might Not Know About: Philly’s Public Squares

They’re some of the most revered spaces in the city — the five open public squares William Penn laid out in the 1680s to keep the green in his “greene Countrie Towne.” Today we hoverboard inside them, crave homes adjacent to them, let our kids clamber over their statues and fountains. Here, some facts you might not know about Rittenhouse, Logan, Washington, Franklin and Penn squares, courtesy of James McClelland and Lynn Miller’s new book City in a Park. Read more »

How Millennials Are Ruining the Workforce

Illustration by Jason Raish

Illustration by Jason Raish

As a boomer, I have a special interest in millennials. It’s the same sort of interest I have in car wrecks: I don’t want to see what’s going on, but I can’t look away. Take, for instance, the cover story that Time magazine had a few months back about how millennials are raising their children. I didn’t read the article. I couldn’t, because the very first paragraph stopped me cold. Here it is, reproduced in full:

On a playground in San Francisco, 4-year-old Astral Defiance Hayes takes a stick and writes his name in the sand. His twin brother Defy Aster Hayes whizzes around their father.

The fact is, I don’t need to know anything more about how millennials are parenting than that two of them thought it was a great idea to name their twin boys Astral Defiance and Defy Aster.

I mean: Who does that? Read more »

Three Philly-Area Pups Will Compete in Puppy Bowl XII

From left: Rottweiler Leah; Lab Marley; Kevin

From left: rottweiler Leah from Center City’s Morris Animal Refuge; lab Marley from Souderton’s Salfid Rescue, Inc.; schnauzer Kevin from Marlton’s New Life Animal Refuge.

If Super Bowl Sunday finds you curling up with dog treats instead of chips and dip, chances are your idea of the Big Game is Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. This year’s production, the 12th, will feature contestants from three local animal shelters: Center City’s Morris Animal Refuge, Marlton’s New Life Animal Rescue, and Salfid Rescue, Inc., in Souderton. Prepare to lose your heart: Read more »

Montco Woman Charged in Applebee’s Macing

The Pottstown Applebee's | Google Street View

The Pottstown Applebee’s | Google Street View

A Gilbertsville woman who inadvertently discharged a can of mace she was carrying in her purse inside an Applebee’s restaurant in Upper Pottsgrove has been charged with disorderly conduct for the incident last Sunday night. Twenty patrons of the place began coughing and choking after the mace went off, and the restaurant was evacuated. Read more »

How Clemson’s Football Coach Used Creed to Inspire His Players


In case you missed it in the New Year’s Eve madness, the Wall Street Journal last week published an article about Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney’s habit of having his team break down film the day before its games. Nothing new in that. But Swinney isn’t screening footage of Clemson’s opponents. He’s showing his team the latest Hollywood flicks. And since his team is undefeated and ranked number one in the nation, his method must be working. Clemson plays Alabama in Monday’s national championship game. Read more »

The 17 Best Things That Happened This Year, Ranked

From left: Tyler Matakevich (Chris Szagola, AP), Bobby Hill (courtesy of the Hill family), Mo'ne Davis at the ESPY Awards (Chris Pizzello, Invision, AP), Jim Kenney on election night (Jeff Fusco), Kid Hazo's poop emoji (Streets Department)

From left: Tyler Matakevich (Chris Szagola, AP), Bobby Hill (courtesy of the Hill family), Mo’ne Davis at the ESPY Awards (Chris Pizzello, Invision, AP), Jim Kenney on election night (Jeff Fusco), Kid Hazo’s poop emoji (Streets Department)

17. Kathleen Kane proved that people waste a lot of time trading really stupid emails at work. Of course, she also screwed up the Commonwealth’s entire justice system, but yeah, those emails. Ick.

16. Climate change robbed us of a white Christmas. Of course, it also gave us almost nine inches of white stuff one day last March.

15. The Phillies traded Jonathan Papelbon. Not even the team’s worst record in baseball could save him once he grabbed his crotch. We’re classy around here. Read more »

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