Meet Yellowstone, This Week’s Adoptable Walking Puppy

Yellowstone | Courtesy of the Monster Milers

This week’s adoptable puppy is a social, playful girl just waiting to cuddle up with her new family. At only a few months old and seven pounds, the Monster Milers aren’t quite sure what this tiny pup’s running skills are like yet. But if her sweet, energetic personality is any indication, she’ll probably love taking strolls with you. Read more about this cutie below!

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10 YouTube Workouts You Can Do in Front of Your Air Conditioner

A few months ago, we were begging for this weather. But now it’s here and reality has set in. Who wants to leave their air-conditioned home to start sweating the second they step foot outside? No one. With the forecast calling for temps hovering around 95 degree days, an outdoor workout definitely isn’t in the cars. That’s where these handy YouTube workouts come in.

We’ve rounded up 10 workout videos that you can do at home — right in front of your AC. Plus, save for a set of dumbbells required for some (cans of beans work, too!), you don’t need any equipment to tackle these. Go get your not-too-sweaty sweat on!

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How I’m Learning (and Accepting) That It’s Okay to Skip a Gym Day

When I first picked up a regular workout routine, I reaped the physical and mental benefits of getting into shape. I reveled in the endorphins and the compliments people were giving me. But then, my newfound love for working out turned into something else, and I stopped nurturing my body with rest days. It turns out a lot of people get to this unhealthy point of working out. So, I talked to local fitness trainer and physical therapist Gina Mancuso of CoreFitness to get the scoop on why it’s not only okay to take rest days, but why it’s essential to a healthy fitness practice.

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Do Yoga (and Drink Beer) at Evil Genius Beer Company This Weekend

Evil Genius | Photo via Facebook

Remember the lineup of bar and brewery yoga classes complete with after-class drinks we told you about earlier this year? Well, lucky for you, the trend of getting your downward dog on in a place that primarily serves booze is still in full swing in Philly. Jake Panasevich is spreading his bar-yoga practice to another Fishtown beer spot, and you can get in on the action this Sunday, July 23rd.

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The Checkup: Where to Find Awesome Deals on Lululemon Leggings

• Did you know Lululemon has a “We Made Too Much” sale section on their website? Shopping it can save you a good chunk of change on everything from leggings to sports bras.(Excuse us while we bookmark that page.) Here, 13 other tips for saving money on your fitness addiction, from which day of the month to score your gym membership for the best price to how to use your ClassPass to get the most bang for your buck, and more. [PopSugar]

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