5 Easy 5-Minute Practices to Start Every Day Better

In our society, we’ve been conditioned to seek quick fixes for our bodies and other aspects of life, like our mental state and diet. But here’s the question: Can there really be such a thing as a “quick fix”? I’m here to give you an encouraging Yes! In some cases, at least. If you devote just five minutes every day to developing a healthy mind and body, then actual change can occur. However, there is one condition to making healthy change stick, and that’s consistency. When repeated daily, these five simple practices will become ritual in your routine, establishing themselves as personal practices for greater wellbeing. 

Your morning routine is your opportunity to set the framework for your entire day. The morning is a magical time to set intentions and initiate motivation and inspiration — your body is refreshed, your mind is ready and you can start your day in charge as opposed to the letting the day be in charge of you. So, I suggest working some (or all, if you’re feeling ambitious!) of these five-minute strategies into your morning routine. (However, if you simply aren’t a morning person and doing some of these in other parts of the day works better for you, then go for it!)

But first, before we move on, I encourage you to examine what it is you are actually seeking as far as health and wellness goes. Go deeper than appearance and desire for a certain figure. As we age, what is it really that we’re seeking? I bet we can all agree that it’s to feel good … to feel our best every day. But you, specifically, may desire more mental clarity. Or to live with passion or purpose. Maybe you want to be more patient as a parent or partner. I’m sure your list goes on. Okay, now that the wheels are turning on that, below, five simple five-minute practices that will send you on a path to developing a healthier and happier mind, body and spirit, whatever your goal. 

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