60 Second Critic: Boot & Saddle


There are few things that get a young man like me as excited as loud rock-and-roll and fine booze—especially in combination. Fortunately, South Broad Street’s Boot & Saddle nails that exacta. Reopened after nearly 20 years of dormancy by the folks behind overnight success Union Transfer, B&S hosts live shows that are loud but also pristinely clear, an unusual quality in a rock club of this size. (Boot & Saddle holds 150 in the performance area, which is sectioned off from the always-crowded bar.) On the downside, there’s virtually no seating, which after a few of the strong cocktails or high-ABV beers might get a bit old. But in a town lacking well-equipped small music venues where you can see up-and-coming acts that aren’t all over the radio, Boot & Saddle is a godsend.

Grade: A-

The Millennial Revolution: We’d Rather Be Our Own Boss

Nick Vadala, 24

Nick Vadala, 24

The last time Alex Hillman quit a job, it was over a broken promise. At the time, he was a young Web developer for a Philly-based digital strategy company. Hillman wanted to expand his skill set into team leadership—an advancement opportunity that his superiors ultimately didn’t deliver. Road-blocked from the white-collar corporate highway so few seem to be able to merge onto these days, Hillman decided to go the independent route. That road, once less-traveled, is increasingly the primary exit ramp for millennials seeking career fulfillment.

“We’re tired of waiting for permission, so now we’re saying ‘Fuck it, we’re going to do it on our own,’” Hillman, 30, says of the millennial approach to work. His words hint at some sort of libertarian capitalist paradise. Lofty, yes, but this is the rallying cry of my generation’s workers: The jig is up. This year has offered as proof several high-profile class-action suits against Fox Searchlight, Hearst, Condé Nast and NBCUniversal, signifying the beginning of the end for the indentured servitude that is the unpaid internship. With that gatekeeping tradition on its way out (Condé Nast just nixed its internship program completely), millennials are instead turning increasingly to entrepreneurship.
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Ask A Millennial: What Do You Worry About the Most?

Ask a Millennial: What’s the Best/Worst Thing About Philly?

Ask a Millennial: Why Did You Choose Philly?

Let It Grow: 11 Burning Questions for New Jersey’s Jeff Langum, the Man Behind the World’s Best Beard


Jeff Langum officially has the best beard in the world, and all other beards cower in its presence. The 39-year-old Voorhees, New Jersey native took home the top prize at the World Beard & Moustache Championships in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, over the weekend — following a Nationals victory last week — counting himself among nine Americans this year who took home hardware in 23 categories.

Competition this year was stiff, with Langum going up against the beard world’s prizefighters in the Full Beard Natural Category—the most contentious of all styles at virtually every beard competition. Despite still being relatively new to competition, Langum took the gold, and with it the glory that comes with having the World’s Greatest Beard.

Following his win, I spoke with our hero about how he’s feeling as the champ, what his win means for the Philly area, and what’s next for the man with the best beard in all the land. Through all that, one thing is abundantly clear: this is only the beginning for Jeff Langum.

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No, the Cops Aren’t Banning Protesters From Facebook

Photo by Kenneth Lipp.

Photo by Kenneth Lipp.

It should come as no surprise that police departments monitor social media. After all, as a speaker revealed during a panel at last week’s International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, roughly 96 percent of law enforcement agencies utilize social media, and more than 86 percent for “investigative purposes.”

At least, that’s according to Kenneth Lipp, the Philadelphia-based investigative journalist at the center of what Chicago Police Department Lt. Steven Sesso calls a “headache.”

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Chris Goldstein Is the Federal Government’s Next Marijuana Martyr

Chris Goldstein's August citation. Photo by Chris Goldstein.

Chris Goldstein’s August citation. Photo by Chris Goldstein.

Philly NORML co-chair Chris Goldstein very well may be going to jail in the new year, and, to him, it’s all over an act of expression falling under the First Amendment. That is, if you consider smoking a joint at the Liberty Bell freedom of speech.

“I’m being prosecuted for an expressive act — smoking a joint,” he says. “But it’s not simply about the act of smoking, so at that point it becomes a First Amendment issue. There are better places to get high than Independence National Park.”

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Why Every Guy With a Beard Needs Beard Oil—Stat


Philadelphia, for better or worse, is a city of beards. So much so that we, in fact, have our own “Philly beard,” based on the Sunnah beard, a traditional Muslim men’s facial hair style. From regular dude to sports star, and even right up to the guy in charge, Philly guys aren’t scared to let their chin whiskers out—and, at least here, facial hair ain’t just for hipsters anymore. Beards are in. Read more »

Project Runway Gets Another Philly Winner


Philadelphia has conquered Project Runway once more, this time with 24-year-old Dom Streater of the Moore College of Art & Design taking the winner’s spot for the show’s 12th season. Philly’s last winning contestant was Jay McCarroll, who took the top prize back in the show’s first season.

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