The Trials of Tony Luke

It’s Monday afternoon, and Tony Luke Jr. drifts just above the surface of the moon. A woman speaks into his earpiece. “Anxiety is constant fear. […]


Jailhouse Islam – The Radicals Among Us

ONE MORNING THIS past May, three men sat in a Jeep outside a Port Richmond bank and put on new identities. To Western eyes, two […]


Gaming the System

In 2002, Rendell had won election by making sweeping promises — namely, to reduce taxes and bring business to the state. But he quickly discovered […]


The Betrayal

Prisoner advocate Jim McCloskey couldn’t stop the execution of convicted murderer Roger Coleman. But he kept trying to prove Coleman’s innocence — and the result […]


Nightmare on Greenleaf Circle

The first sign of life at 30 Greenleaf Circle came early, on that particular day last summer, when a man stepped out the front door […]


The Passion of T. O.

Sure, a lot of people hate Terrell Owens. They say he’s full of himself, self-aggrandized, strutting around the football field like he’s walking on water. […]


The End of the Lie

Man has sifted truth and lies, it seems, as long as we’ve spoken to each other. Eve ate the snake’s apple, and we haven’t gotten […]


The Jock and the Madman

Red Colt fascinated Adam Bruckner from the moment they first met. Bruckner handed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Why, thank you, Adam,” Red […]


Feature: Abner Comes Home

In a landscape of simple white farmhouses, this one stood apart. Simple, yes. White, yes. Farmhouse. But the flashy snowmobile out front hinted at something […]


The Aftermath

When five Amish schoolgirls were murdered in October, the picture that emerged of their isolated community showed us everything except how they really feel. A […]