Vote Like a Pro

Game theory in the voting booth. |

Game theory in the voting booth. |

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from a Citified insider.) 

So you’re a progressive reformer, and you want to see change on City Council. You’re active on social media, and you frequent news and commentary sites like this one. And you’re interested in the citywide Council at-large races, because they’re the real policy seats, the ones that should be filled by folks with big, bold ideas for our city’s future.

Then you look at all the at-large candidates, and you feel overwhelmed. A few names are familiar, but the rest… not so much. So you find out who the progressive groups are endorsing, ask your political-junkie friends, and if you live in a progressive ward, see who the ward endorsed. Eventually you decide on a full slate of five, because five good voices on Council would be better than just one or two. Right?

Wrong. It might seem reasonable and responsible to vote for the five best candidates, but it’s totally misguided. If you want your favorite challengers to stand any real chance of getting into Council, do something simpler:

Don’t vote for an at-large incumbent. Not a single one. No, not even that one you really like. Read more »