9 Rules for Introducing Your New Love to Your Kids

Fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce. The average length of a first marriage is eight years, with the average age of those who are getting married landing at 30, prime child bearing years. One would think that second or third marriages would show better stats, as men and women would learn from their mistakes. But that’s NOT true. Sixty percent of second marriages and 73 percent of third marriages will end in divorce. And so a challenge for many couples embarking on getting remarried is how to successfully meld each of their children into the mix.

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Spring Cleaning Your Love Life

As we get ready for the warmer months by cleaning out our closets, and happily discarding those horrid cargo pants, we need to also use the same critical eye when assessing our relationships. Staying with the same person can be your go-to move because it’s scary to look for someone new. What if you’re alone for a while or you never fall in love again? Is it worth staying in a rut?

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Ways to Secure That Second Date

Dear Monica, I am finding that after the first date, I tend to not be hearing back from the guys that ask me out. Why is it so hard to get second dates?

—J. P., Chestnut Hill

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How to Find True Love in 2013

Dear Monica, What are realistic resolution ideas can you offer for us single ladies to break bad dating patterns and find the one in 2013? —J.N., Chestnut Hill Read more »

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