Skirt’s One-Week Exchange Program Pays You To Bring Back Your Clothes

Image via Skirt

Image via Skirt

If you own, well, basically anything from Skirt, this news is important. The Bryn Mawr boutique just announced a generous exchange program that runs this week only. From today through Saturday, January 24th, shoppers can bring in any item they’ve bought at Skirt (seriously, it can be from several days or several years go). Items can be gently worn or tagless. In return, shoppers can receive up to $150 in store credit. Then, all items exchanged will be donated to Our Closet. Not bad, right?

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Market Report: The 10 Bra Styles You Should Own

All About Oscars Style

  • Surprisingly, a bra can make or break an outfit (visible straps, anyone?). Cover all your bases with this breakdown of the 10 bra styles every woman should own. [Refinery29]
  • File this helpful information away: this is how you remove foundation stains from your shirt. The remedy will surprise you. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Girls got their pick of lavender, silver, and mint hair this year. I guess it’s no surprise guys are starting to dye their beards pastel hues. [InStyle]

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Skeem’s Expanded Spring Collection Is Going To Be Amazing


Skeem, the brand behind our go-to hostess gifts, is at it again. This time, they’ve shared exciting news: an expanded spring collection, and oh-my-goodness, is it good. The release will include three new styles of their retro-inspired matches, ink pot candles in white tea and thyme, currant mangosteen, citrus and olive, and grapefruit zest scents, field jar candles in hibiscus water and mahogany myrrh scents, a black currant perfume, and 3 new styles of the half pint candles. See? It’s a lot of whimsical goodness to take in.

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Market Report: 9 Beauty Products to Sooth Chapped, Red Skin

  • Freezing temps and raging winds don’t do your skin any favors. Help remedy red, chapped skin with the help of these 9 beauty products. [Vogue]
  • Let’s file this under “important things to know”: How to look effortlessly undone without looking sloppy. [WhoWhatWear]
  • The Punch, a sketch team at New York’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade, hilariously explains what happens when the beauty industry runs out of makeup names. [Bustle]

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Market Report: The Best Winter Accessories For Under $200

These are the Best Black Tights Ever

  • Bundle up in these under-$200 super-chic winter accessories. Function, meet fashion. [The Zoe Report]
  • Confirmed: Banana Republic is showing at New York Fashion Week this year. We bet this has something to do with Marissa Webb at the helm. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Check out these 13 reader-approved tinted lip balms, winter’s beauty MVP. [Into The Gloss]

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Eaves, Geisha House and Atelier Rittenhouse: The Local Sales You Should Be Shopping

Images via Eaves, The Geisha House and Atelier.

Images via Eaves, The Geisha House and Atelier.

If you missed out on the immediate post-holiday sales, you’re in luck because the sales are just starting at local retailers, Eaves, Atelier Rittenhouse and The Geisha House. The boutiques are serving up major discounts on much-loved brands for a short time. Here, all the sale info you need to know (like who’s marking down Isabel Marant and Rag & Bone).

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The Edit: 10 Watches For Every Budget

Thanks to statement-making additions like quirky, throwback clock faces and mixed metals, watches have gradually earned the rights to valuable wrist real estate. You can style ‘em amidst a bracelet stack (like the Tory Burch pictured above) or don a menswear-inspired standard and wear it on its own. Now, peruse these picks—there’s an option for every budget—to zero in on a worthy watch—ahem, or two. (We don’t judge.)

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Market Report: 7 Tips For Replacing Your Favorite Discontinued Beauty Products

  • Check out these 7 tips for replacing your favorite discontinued beauty products (like checking outlets and blog sales). [Bustle]
  • Here’s the latest in things-you-can-buy news: a glitter bomb to be mailed to your worst enemies. [Gizmodo]
  • This unexpected denim cuffing technique will save you so many visits to the tailor. [Refinery29]



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FLOWCHART: How To Clean Out Your Closet Like a Pro

Image via Vogue

Learn the true definition of ‘need.’ | Image via Vogue

In case you’ve found that your New Year’s resolution to stay super-organized has gone a little off course, or, well, never really got off the ground, this is the flowchart for you. We stumbled across this hilariously accurate tool for paring down your closet on The author writes, “It addresses all the excuses you can make for yourself while attempting to edit your wardrobe.” And, oh boy, have we made excuses in the name of rescuing articles of clothing. (You just can’t make the same argument for a Spice Girls tee as you would for a Rolling Stones one.)

The flowchart also asks pertinent closet-purging questions like “Can you remember the last time you wore it?”, “Would you rather look at it or wear it?” and “Does it fit you?” The answers to which should help you choose whether an item should be donated, stored for a season or put back in your closet. Just think of all the coveted space you’ll free up.

Flowchart ahead!

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