Philadelphia Gay Sex Diaries: I Have to Shave What?!

Like most gay men, I discovered the real truth about myself the first time I had sex with another guy. Consider it this way: Imagine […]


Power Brokers: Inside the Lives (and Homes) of Philly’s Million-Dollar Real Estate Agents

Jules is … betwixt. A word about Jules: He’s rich. You have to be to get a showing at the Ayer, the 1929 luxury condo […]

The Best Food on the Wildwood Boardwalk | Illustration by Melissa McFeeters

Jersey Shore Food Guide: The Best Food on the Wildwood Boardwalk

Not all boardwalk fry shacks are created equal — we should know; we tried them all. Spare yourself the trouble: Commit this food-lover’s guide to the […]

The Best Food on the Ocean City Boardwalk | Illustration by Melissa McFeeters

Jersey Shore Food Guide: The Best Food on the Ocean City Boardwalk

It’s easy to get sidetracked on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey: There are delicious smells wafting from every which way on every single […]


Garrett Getlin Snider Is Not Your Average Teenager

Garrett Getlin Snider is fretting. This really isn’t so unusual, as it turns out. Garrett Getlin Snider frets a lot. About his twin sisters, “16 […]


Would You Wait Eight Years to Join the Lombard Swim Club?

“Just act like you belong and we’ll be fine.” I’m trying to remember the last time I did something like this. I think it was […]


David Devan and the Future of Opera in Philadelphia

“Toi toi toi!” It’s the opera equivalent of “break a leg,” and David Devan is saying it to everyone in sight as he darts around […]


Joan Shepp and the Rebirth of Chestnut Street

It’s a steamy evening on Chestnut Street, and not just because of the humidity. It’s the press opening for Joan Shepp’s new boutique, and the […]


The Best Jersey Shore Boardwalks for 2014

Wildwood Keep in mind it’s a carnival town. Its Boardwalk is sprawling, loud, tacky, a little bawdy and a little seedy. And, if you go […]


Jersey Shore 2014: The Shore, Your Way

Going to the Shore is a ritual that almost all Philadelphians share. Together, we feel that rush each summer to get on the road, to […]


The Pillsbury Bake-Off:
Ladies (and One Male Flight Attendant)… Start Your Ovens

KRISTEN ABBOTT IS KEEPING HER EYE ON THE PRIZE— in her case, a plastic cafeteria tray laden with Boston Cream French Toast, a table d’hôte […]


Hall & Oates Appreciation Day: “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid”

To celebrate Hall & Oates’ election to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Philly Mag writers are sharing their memories and thoughts about the […]


Where We’re Eating: Austrian Village

German food ain’t exactly sexy (when’s the last time someone said to you, “I’m craving German”?), but Austrian Village on the outskirts of Northeast Philly […]


I Dined With Royalty: My Dinner With Grace Kelly’s Family at the Michener Museum

If you are a magazine editor, as I am, you tend to get invited to lots of stuff. It’s a cool perk of the job. […]


Can USA250 Make Philly the Star of America’s 250th Birthday?

I was 13 years old in 1976—not exactly a budding patriot, but a good enough student of American history by that point to understand that […]