Meet Mike Whiter, Recipient of Philly’s First Marijuana Citation

As of this morning, Philadelphia is the largest city in the country to decriminalize marijuana. You’ll now receive a $100 fine for smoking in public […]


Which Philadelphia Colleges Will Survive?

Last spring, a week before commencement at Saint Joseph’s University, faculty in the business school voted 27 to one in favor of a resolution rebuffing […]

Be Well Philly

Confession: I Ditched Vegetarianism for a Pat’s Cheesesteak

Plate after plate of potato salad makes everyone uncomfortable. I know, because I’m pitied at cookouts. Thanksgivings are worse: touching the turkey like tainted goods, […]


Best of Philly Snapshot: Janet Monge, Best Museum Curator

You’ve caught Janet Monge at a rare moment when her purple reading glasses are down. They’re dangling from a lanyard right now, a telltale sign […]


Profile: Where in the World Is Sean Agnew?

He looked every bit the unassuming tourist, discreetly dressed in a blue oxford and sporting a brimming vacation beard. He was trying to explain to […]

G Philly

THE PLAYER: The NFL’s (Almost) First Out Player

It’s two months before Gaybowl XIII, when the seven-on-seven National Gay Flag Football League champion will be crowned in Phoenix, and the Philadelphia Revolution is […]


Paoli-Based DuckDuckGo Lets You Browse the Web Privately

Two years ago, a billboard appeared along a busy highway in San Francisco, advertising an obscure online company from Paoli, in Delaware County. A cartoonish […]