POLL: Dudes in Philly Wear Makeup Now. Would You?

Philly Men Wearing Makeup is on the Rise

Facial hair isn’t the only thing that have Philly men turning to the cosmetics aisle. There’s a new school of image-conscious guys out there who go bespoke, have serious opinions on beard oil, and aren’t afraid to wear a little bit of mascara. We saw it coming: Last fall, fashion and beauty industry moguls like Marc Jacobs  and Tom Ford dropped male grooming lines that featured everything from lip balm to bronzer and concealer. (Yes, bronzer.) For ages, women have had the upper hand when it comes to fixing their “flaws” with makeup. Love it or hate it, we’ve at least got the option to wear a bit of concealer when we have a zit, or a smidge of blush when we’re looking pallid. Guys, though, they’re on their own. Well, until now.

Think your man doesn’t wear concealer? Think again.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is Looking for Its Next Big Star

philly flower show green room host

To generate some much-needed buzz this year, the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society‘s (PHS) Philadelphia Flower Show is creating a Green Room, an interactive social media hub where guests can access all the buzz at this year’s show. To keep it interesting, however, PHS is holding auditions for a vibrant on-camera personality who can “interview Flower Show VIPs, interact with visitors and share behind-the-scenes stories with on-site and at-home audiences.”

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5 Reasons to Skip the Whole “Choose Your Wedding Colors” Thing



This week, we read a post on Jezebel entitled “Choosing Your Wedding Colors Is the Gateway Drug to Insanity,” which denounced picking wedding colors as a one-way trip to crazy. And while we don’t really agree with that—brides choosing a color palette for their weddings isn’t anything new, and for a lot of people, it’s just the common-sense way to put together a lot of pieces to the party puzzle—they did have something right: Having set colors for your wedding is not always necessary.

It’s 2013, and traditions are changing. So, if you’re more of an out-of-the-box kind of bride, we’ve got five reasons why skipping the whole color-choosing scenario can actually be really great. Behold:

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15 Dandy Get-Ups From Saturday’s Tweed Ride

Dawn Petty and John A. Petty II from West Philly

Dawn Petty and John A. Petty II from West Philly | Photo Layla Jones

If you were downtown on Saturday, chances are you may have seen an unusual group of cyclists.

Philadelphia’s sixth annual Tweed Ride took place over the weekend and about 100 participants suited up in vintage looks straight from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.

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ThinkFest Snapshot: Josh Kopelman

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should not miss ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia. 

Josh KopelmanWho better to hear from about the current state and trajectory of the emerging Philly tech scene than from serial entrepreneur Josh Kopelman? Kopelman was the brain behind successful start-ups like Half.com, TurnTide and, most recently, First Round Capital.

While an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, Kopelman founded his first business, Infonautics Corporation.

Three start-ups later, First Round Capital, a Philadelphia-based venture capital firm, is among the first to invest in the Startup PHL Seed Fund, a system intended to help provide innovative Philadelphia startups with investment capital.

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ThinkFest Snapshot: Ali Velshi

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should not miss ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia. 

Ali Velshi, former CNN chief correspondent, recently joined Al Jazeera America where he hosts Real Money with Ali Velshi. Since 2001, Velshi, a Bryn Mawr resident, was a prominent anchor on CNN where he hosted shows such as The Money Gang, Your Money and Business Unusual.

Velshi will bring his well-honed journalistic skills to ThinkFest as he sits down with famed screenwriter, film director, producer and Philadelphia native, M. Night Shyamalan.

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ThinkFest Snapshot: Kathleen Kane

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should not miss ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia. 

Kathleen KanePennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane began her  career right here in Philly at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law.

Called Tom Corbett’s worst nightmare, Kane has a well-earned reputation for being a confident, won’t-back-down member of the state government. Her controversial decision not to defend Pennsylvania’s gay-marriage ban in court has led to threats of impeachment from none other than Daryl Metcalfe.

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The List: 6 Terrifying Consequences of the Government Shutdown


1. Insufficient FDA inspections: The government shutdown has been tied to the increase in the “continuing” salmonella outbreak that has now hospitalized nearly 300 people and spread across 18 states. Due to the forced furlough of about 60% of its staff, the FDA is unable to perform routine inspections necessary to prevent food-borne illness. This has prompted one website to make a list of the top 10 foods to not eat during the government shutdown.
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The List: 5 Cool Park(ing) Day Parks in Center City

Have you ever considered how much potential urban park space is gobbled up to accomodate parking? PARK(ing) Day, an annual event that transforms parking spaces around the world into mini-urban parks, asks us to reconsider how we allot that precious real estate. The event, which Philly very much took part in, seeks to “inspire you to participate in the civic processes that permanently alter the urban landscape.”

Here are five of Philadelphia’s coolest temporary landscapes.
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