Freeh Report Reactions: Penn State Will Pay

Inside a ballroom in Center City’s Westin Hotel at Liberty Place yesterday morning, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sara Ganim, 24, stood up to ask former FBI director Louis Freeh a question at his press conference.

Why, she wanted to know, did Freeh reach a different conclusion in how ousted Penn State president Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno handled Jerry Sandusky than the state attorney general’s office, then led by now Gov. Tom Corbett? Freeh declined comment. Read more »

Freeh Report Condemns Joe Paterno, Penn State

Former FBI head Louis Freeh released his long-awaited report on his investigation of Penn State’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal this morning in Center City—answering who knew what and when. Reporters circled the lobby of the Westin Hotel at Liberty Place. ESPN played on a plasma television: “The Freeh Report finds failure by Joe Paterno, others in Jerry Sandusky scandal.”

Who knew? Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, ousted Penn State President Graham Spanier, former athletic director Tim Curley, and university vice president Gary Schultz. What’d they know? A lot. And according to Freeh, they went to great lengths to protect themselves and the university from the consequences of bad publicity. Read more »

Fear Makes Men Cover for Child Predators

Waiting for Monsignor William Lynn’s hearing to start yesterday morning, I felt like I was back in Monday morning chapel at prep school: It was too early and too hot, and I couldn’t follow a damn thing.

There was also a nun. She comforted Lynn’s friends and family, rubbing backs, offering prayers. They showed up to see if Lynn would be let out of jail and put on house arrest while he awaits sentencing. Lynn is the highest-ranking church official to be found guilty of endangering children for his role in covering up Catholic priests’ sexual abuse of children. Read more »

The Night Jerry Sandusky Was Found Guilty, 45 Times

Shortly after 9 p.m., she sits, without expression, in the courtroom. This is, after all, the woman who witnessed nearly the entire investigation of Jerry Sandusky. For Pennsylvania’s state attorney general, Linda Kelly, credibility is on the line.

“We have to continue to shine a bright light in those dark, dark places where the Jerry Sanduskys of the world live,” she’d later tell reporters on the courthouse steps. But first, she waited, barely moving except to open a gum wrapper from her black leather handbag. Read more »

If I Were on the Sandusky Jury

At about 6:30 p.m. last night, Jerry Sandusky’s lead prosecutor sat in the back row of the Centre County courthouse. Laughing and chatting, he wore his signature black sunglasses indoors. And then he thumbed through a smart phone and bolted with his team into a courthouse meeting room.

News had broken that Sandusky’s adopted son Matt was accusing Sandusky of abusing him. And then another report surfaced that a second alleged victim had stepped forward. Read more »

Sandusky Attorney Reads Words of Mother Teresa

At the end of his closing argument, Joe McGettigan, the lead prosecutor in the Jerry Sandusky case, walked inches behind Sandusky and looked at the jury. Sitting, Sandusky turned his swivel chair and looked up. “You know he did this,” McGettigan told the jury. “He knows he did this. Now give [the alleged victims] their justice. And give him the justice he deserves.” Read more »

Mike McQueary’s Sandusky Story Questioned Again in Court

In a back room of the Centre County courthouse, behind a half-open door, Jerry Sandusky paced, one hand in his suit pocket, the other holding a cell phone to his ear. Sandusky’s defense had just rested their case. Judge John Cleland adjourned court.

Whoever Sandusky was on the phone with, the call lasted less than a minute. Then, slouching, Sandusky returned to his attorneys. But first he shuffled past the prosecution, his suit brushing against their suits. “Excuse me,” he muttered. Read more »

Dottie Sandusky Stumbles When Asked Why Mike McQueary Would Lie

Sporting a cool-mint-green sweater and matching shirt, Dottie Sandusky—nicknamed “The Sarge” by her six adopted kids for being strict—clutched her handbag as she took the witness stand yesterday.

She smiled. She apologetically sighed when she couldn’t recall dates. She winked at her friends from across the courtroom. She leaned forward, stuck her neck out and scrunched her eyebrows when the lead prosecutor in her husband’s trial, Joe McGettigan, asked her questions. Read more »

Will Graham Spanier and Jerry Sandusky Talk?

She didn’t want to ask. But while doing her son’s laundry, she noticed his underwear were missing, replaced by pairs Jerry Sandusky had bought for him.

“I don’t know what specifically happened,” she said. She lifted her hands, pressing her pink nail-polished fingers just below her eyes to stop the tears. “I just can imagine what happened.” Her son testified Thursday that Sandusky sodomized him in Sandusky’s basement. He never told his mother the specifics. He didn’t have to. Read more »

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