All The Best Stuff: The Not-So-Serious Beer Geek’s Guide To Beer Week’s Final Weekend


Ok, everyone, this is it. We’re in the home stretch now. Philly Beer Week 2015 is almost over, and for those of you out there who are still upright and ambulatory, you’re going to need something fun to do this weekend. And we have just the thing for you.

Whether you’re into Pinewood Derby cars, brunch, hot dogs or hermit crab races, there’s an event out there that’ll be perfect. So check out our last big list of all the strange, delicious, amusing or just plain eff’d up Beer Week happenings after the jump, won’t you?

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All The Best Stuff: Your Philly Beer Week Guide For Thursday, June 4

philly beer week pbw 400Thursday is the new Friday, right guys?

Okay, whatever. Even if I’m wrong, Thursday might just as well be Friday during Beer Week. Pretty much every day should just be Friday, but especially Thursday. And, you know, Friday.

Events? We have events for you. Three great ones–one for the food nerds, one for the beer geeks and one for people who just like murder mystery dinners (no, really).

Check out our three best picks for the night after the jump.

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All The Best Stuff: Your Philly Beer Week Guide For Wednesday, June 3

philly beer week pbw 400Welcome to Wednesday, drinkers. Time to coddle those livers, set a reasonable pace, and make sure there’s still a little bit of sprint left in you for the final leg of Beer Week this weekend.

As we’ve been doing all week, we’re here to help you navigate the enormous, alcoholic labyrinth that is Beer Week by picking three excellent events to focus on–one featuring great beer, one featuring great food (and beer) and one that’s just, you know, weird (and has beer).

For tonight, we’ve got a backyard BBQ, a whole lot of oysters, and a good reason to go to prison.

Check out our picks after the jump.

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All The Best Stuff: Your Philly Beer Week Guide For Tuesday, June 2

philly beer week pbw 400
Odds are good you already missed the weirdest Beer Week event of the day–the Oxbow and Mike Fava lunch at Jose Pistola’s which was attended by two live owls–but have no fear. We combed through the entire schedule and picked three events happening tonight that are totally worth your attention.

There’s one for the beer lovers, one for the chef-stalkers and one for those of you who just love drag queens and glitter. And beer. But also glitter.

So check out our picks after the jump, won’t you? We would never steer you wrong.

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All The Best Stuff: Your Philly Beer Week Guide For Monday, June 1

philly beer week pbw 400Okay everyone, deep breath.

We’ve all made it through the first weekend of Philly Beer Week, but things are far from over. For you happy few who live life with no governor (or fear of hangovers or liver damage), just keep right on doing what you’re doing–bouncing around from event to event like sharks who have to keep drinking to survive. But for those of you out there looking to pace yourselves just a little, we’ve put together a list of the three coolest events happening tonight–one for the food nerds who love beer, too, one for the beer nerds who care about nothing else, and one for folks who just love seeing robots fight.

Check out the events after the jump.

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Philly Beer Week: Food And Beer Events This Weekend With Beer (And Food)


This is it. Philly Beer Week is upon us. And while we’re sure you’re making your plans in a completely rational and responsible manner, we’d just like to remind you that food is not the enemy. It’s what your body needs in order to remain in the upright position generally deemed most effective for drinking more beer.

There are a ton (literally hundreds) of beer-focused food events happening over the next week, but in order to get you through the all-important first couple nights (and mornings) of Beer Week, we’ve picked out the best ones happening tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. There’s everything from street dumplings and breakfast cereal to full-on lobster dinners and tasting menus highlighted here, so pick the level of classiness with which you are most comfortable, make your reservations (where required), then go forth and have a blast.

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