Tonight: Cocktails And Food Trucks In Manayunk (And Also Some Other Stuff)


Know what those are? Those are tater tots. Those are tater tots from The Tot Cart, which will be on the streets in Manayunk tonight for their recurring Thursday night street party, Stroll The Street.

Sure, there’ll be artists and crafters, antiques, sidewalk sales and blah blah blah. But if you’re here, you care about two things most of all: the fact that there will be food carts, and the fact that there will be $5 cocktails to sip while you stroll.

Yeah, we’ve got the list, right after the jump.

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Updates From Brick & Mortar

bam-brick-mortar-400Brick & Mortar is going all-in on being your new, favorite neighborhood bar. Over the past two days, they’ve announced multiple tweaks and additions to their concept (most of them starting, like, yesterday), so we’ve got a run-down of all the new stuff right here.

1) For starters, they’ve got a new happy hour program. It launched yesterday (see, I meant that literally) and is being pitched as the greatest happy hour in the universe. Or at least in the Loft District. It wasn’t clear.

Anyway, chef Brian Ricci is offering skewers (tandoor pork loin, grilled masala chicken thighs and hoisin hanger steak with lime) and “chef’s crostini (which I assume means fancy toasts) at $3 per. And all cheese, meat and vegetable boards for just $7. Additionally, Christina Rando is offering some deals from behind the bar. All house cocktails are $5. Draught beers are $4. Tap wines are $6. And they’ve got a pretty good list, too, so this is a deal.

Happy hour runs Monday to Friday, from 4pm-6pm.

What else is new at BAM?

T-swirl Crepe Hits Chinatown


Japanese crepes (like pretty much everything Japanese, and particularly most convenience foods that are Japanese) are a little bit weird. I mean sure, the idea of a crepe sounds excellent. And the idea of a fast-casual restaurant serving up hot, fresh crepes sounds even more awesome. But then you get to T-swirl (which opened just a few days ago in Chinatown and has already seen crowds big enough to scare away those not arriving precisely at 11am when it opens), and you look at the menu, and your very first thought is why are they putting boiled asparagus in my Thai chicken crepe? followed shortly by and why are there carrots in EVERYTHING?

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Looks Like Bud & Marilyn’s Has Its Neon Lit

B and M

The crew over at G Philly were obviously wandering around 13th Street recently, and they stumbled across the location at 13th and Locust which will shortly become Bud & Marilyn’s–the newest restaurant from Marcie Turney and Val Safran, who pretty much own that entire neighborhood.

The good news? They found the neon on the sign lit (as shown above), which is a sure sign that things are progressing and that they’ll be opening soon, right? I mean, they’ve been saying that they’ll be “opening soon” for a really long time now, but this has to mean that they’re close.

And actually, they are. As a matter of fact, I think we might even have something like an opening date.

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The Yachtsman Turns One Year Old Tonight


Today is The Yachtsman‘s official first birthday. So what better excuse do you need to get out and raise a couple rum-heavy tiki drinks?

What’s that you say? You want half-price cocktails (including the Best of Philly-winning Mai Tai)? Well, you can have that. From 6pm to 8pm all week long, the bar is letting their all their drinks go (with the exception of the Papa Doble and the Zombie Punch) for 50% off.

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Video: 6 Of The Best Hot Dogs In Philly


We’ve talked about this before–our picks for the best hot dogs in Philly and the places you should really get to while summer is still in full swing. And while today might not exactly feel like a tube-meat kind of day (what with the rain and everything), the good folks from FYI Philly thought you could do with a reminder about the kitchens who take their wieners seriously (you see what I did there?).

Check out the video after the jump. And since we’re sure that the sun will be out again sometime soon, maybe you can make some advance lunch plans for later in the week.

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First Look: The New Season At Volver

We’ve said a lot of things about Volver over the past two years. From excitement over its potential, to bewilderment over its policies and pricing, to amazement at our first experience with a full-on performance dinner, to more bewilderment as the menu resolutely refused to change over the course of many, many months even as the concept got tweaked to make it more approachable in the second “season”.

Along the way, Volver picked up the only 4-star review that Trey has ever handed out at Philly mag, warranted a special, extra digression online after the review went up, discussing the booze, the price, the stars and the fish with its own TED Talk, and then frightened us all deeply when it announced a summer vacation–a two month long summer vacation which, not for nothing, seemed extraordinary and odd. I mean, what restaurant just gets to close down for two months in the middle of summer? What is this, France?

The team promised that they’d be re-opening on September 2nd (with Bar Volver debuting early–this Wednesday, as a matter of fact), reinvigorated and with brand new menus. We were skeptical, but hopeful. Volver has had a weird, bumpy run. We have been both fervent supporters and aporetic assholes, loudly voicing our worries and complaints in public. But the place still served me (and several of my colleagues) some of the best plates we’ve had in years, and considering the professional mouths I associate with, that’s no small thing. So when they invited us down to the kitchen late last week to show us what they’ve been working on during their summer vacation, we wasted no time.

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Lancaster Avenue Night Market Is Tonight


Tonight is Night Market, folks. Returning once more to West Philly, the party will be descending on Lancaster Avenue for several hours of food trucks, beer and live music shared with tens of thousands of your closest friends. And while we have previously offered general advice for making the most out of your Night Market experiences, here’s some very specific intel on what’s going to be happening tonight.

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Good News That Looks Like Bad News: Cochon Becoming Square Pie

cochon-940Let’s start with the bad news: Cochon, Gene and Amy Giuffi’s porkerific Passyunk BYO, closed after eight years of service. Yes, that is very sad. Yes, the loss of another French restaurant is a blow. Yes, Cochon will be missed. Especially by dedicated pig addicts.

But there’s a silver lining to this cloud. The Insider is reporting that the Giuffi’s aren’t going to let the space stay dark. Because, you see, they have this other concept. A little place called Square Pie, which just happened to take home a Best Of Philly award this year. And Square Pie will be moving into the former Cochon space just as quickly as the Giuffis can manage it.

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