Death Of Fun: State Legislators Express “Grave Concern” Over Pop-Up Beer Gardens


Because they apparently didn’t have anything better to do with their time, four state legislators–John Taylor, R-Philadelphia, Paul Costa, D-Allegheny, and state Sens. Chuck McIlhinney, R-Bucks, and Jim Ferlo, D-Allegheny–sent a letter to the PLCB on Thursday expressing their “grave concern” over the loophole allowing a whole bunch of restaurants and bars to open temporary-but-kinda-sorta-permanent pop-up beer gardens around Philly.

Their problem with it? That these no-good scofflaws are circumventing the spirit of the law (though not, it should be HUGELY noted, the actual law itself) in a brazen attempt at bringing a little brightness (and booze) to the city at a time when, obviously, what we all want is for it to be more grim and draconian. Because mobs of adults drinking beer in the sun is obviously just the first step on a slippery slope which will inevitably end with happiness and a more vibrant, fun city. And who wants that?

But seriously, guys? Grave concerns? Save your “grave concerns” for issues that actually come with a little in-built weightiness. Like under-funded schools, gun violence, that pee smell in South Philly or murder cats. What you really mean to say here is that you have “petty, wheedling concerns” over the fact that a few clever business owners in town have figured a way to game the laws that legislators wrote in order to make a few bucks and bring some good times to the people of Philadelphia. That you (and maybe a few bar owners worried over the competition) have gotten your undies in a twist over a technicality being exploited by someone other than a lawyer or, you know, a politician.

But hey, you wanna play that game? With your letters to the PLCB and feigned anxiety over such worrisome rogue operations as the Philadelphia Horticultural Society beer garden or the Spruce Street Harbor Park? That’s just fine. Because over at, someone has already started a petition to oppose changes to the PLCB rules. Granted, they’ve only got about 400 signatures now, but we’re calling on every Foobooz reader to get on over there and sign their name so that we can show the politicians that, just this once, we’d like a loophole that benefits us–the drunken, sun-loving day-drinkers of the world–and not just the rich, the powerful and the connected.

Oh, and also? If you could do something about those murder cats? That would be nice, too.

Protect Philly’s Pop Up Beer Gardens []

DIY Down The Shore: So, What Are YOU Doing This Weekend?


All this week, we’ve been offering up recipes from some of the city’s best chefs and bartenders. We’ve been asking them what they like to eat and drink when they’re headed down the shore, and they’ve been telling us–and then we’ve been telling you.

The good news? We ended up with more chefs and bartenders wanting to participate than we originally planned for. So we’re going to keep the party going next week as well with more recipes, more suggestions, more strange concoctions of gin and lamb parts. But in the meantime, we though it might be handy for you to have a list of everything we’ve done so far. You know, just in case there’s something like a weekend coming up and just in case you might find yourself inspired…

DIY Down The Shore [f8b8z]

Tonight: Party With Pizza Brain, Little Baby’s And Art In The Age

pizzabrainartintheageIn case you haven’t already made plans for tonight, the weirdos nice young gentlemen from Pizza Brain, Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Art In The Age are getting together for a “Third Thursdee” event in which pizzas and ice cream will be made and consumed. The pizzas will be spiked with Art In The Age liquors. As will the ice cream. And everything will be wonderful–provided you’re super into things like ham-and-pineapple pizza with ROOT glaze, RHUBARB and strawberry tea ice cream, SNAP and lemonade punch and cocktails made with fresh mint and sage-flavored liquor.

It’ll all be going down tonight, from 6-9pm, at Pizza Brain on Frankford Avenue.

Pizza Brain [Official]

Little Baby’s Ice Cream [Official]

Art In The Age [Twitter]

Burger Monday At Taproom On 19th


Today is Monday. And Mondays at Taproom on 19th means Burger Monday, which means 1/2 off burgers from Elijah Milligan and his crew in the kitchen.

So that burger right up there? That lovely creature is half-price right now. And we are jealous of every single person who is currently running from their desks to go and score one of them for themselves.

Taproom On 19th [f8b8z]

Greatest Hits And What You Missed: Free Beer And Bacon, Pub Letters, Meals Of The Moment, Frozen Budino Pops, IBG Menu Preview


Lots of news this week, so let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Where We’re Eating: Sancho Pistola’s Though it’s a pretty good place to drink, too

Free Bacon Do we really need to say any more?

The List: Meals Of The Moment Here are some of the best plates in town, right this minute

Pub Letters The best way to spend a Tuesday night we’ve heard of yet

The Gastronaut: Arts and Crafts What’s worse than an artist in the kitchen?

First Look: Independence Beer Garden’s Menu Plus some updates on the opening

Frozen Budino Pops Are Back Line up now

First Look: PS&Co Gluten-free photos, right this way

Free Beer As if the free bacon wasn’t enough

What We’re Drooling Over: Rooster Soup Co. Menu Mmm…noodles

Foobooz Down The Shore Everything you need to know when you’re headed to the beach

Reminder: PREIT’s South Jersey Restaurant Week Starts This Weekend


In what they’re calling the “First Ever South Jersey Restaurant Week,” the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (which owns and/or manages the Cherry Hill Mall, Moorestown Mall and Voorhees Town Center, among other properties) will be showcasing the best restaurants in South Jersey…which happen to be located in either the Cherry Hill Mall, Moorestown Mall or Voorhees Town Center.

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New Menu (And Hours) For A.Bar


At noon on July 17, Ellen Yin and chef Eli Kulp (the dynamic duo who took over both and a couple months back) are going to be debuting a new menu at to celebrate the Rittenhouse bar’s first anniversary. Here’s what they have to say about the change-up.

“Chef Kulp’s menu will expand upon’s already diverse fresh-shucked oyster program, and adds a globally-inspired selection of crudos, shareable snacks, more substantial salads and sandwiches [as well as] a few select whole fish. In addition,’s hours of operation will be extended, serving [the] new menu all day long, Monday through Saturday, from noon until 10 p.m, with the raw bar offerings available until 11 p.m.”

So what does Kulp have in store for this new menu? He gave us a few clues…

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Sneak Preview: August At COOK


It’s that time again–August classes are about to open up for sale at COOK and we’re here with your sneak preview.

Here’s the thing, though. Because of some last-minute tinkering with the schedule, it wasn’t finalized until about an hour ago. And everything is going up for sale at 2pm TODAY. So if you’re of a mind to get in on some of this month’s Spike Mendelsohn and Michael Solomonov action, you’re going to have to make your mind up quick.

So without further ado, here’s what you’re looking at for August at COOK.

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Open Now: Six Points Bakery In Bala Cynwyd

SixPointsBakeryA little while back, we gave you an update on what was happening with David Magerman’s kosher empire on the Main Line. There was a casual sister-restaurant to Citron & Rose (to be called The Dairy), a commissary kitchen and, as a kind of bridging project between the commissary (already open) and The Dairy (which has been delayed), a bakery and cafe called Six Points Bakery.

The good news is, the bakery opened today–right on schedule. They’re offering peach-bourbon turnovers, rosemary-olive scones, fresh-baked bagels, challah and other breads, pastries and turnovers. All of this will be overseen by executive pastry chef George Fritzsche, and the cafe will also be serving tea and  coffee from Philly’s One Village Coffee for those who want to stick around a while.

Six Points Bakery will be running a long schedule–open from 6am to 6pm, Sunday through Thursday.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested, The Dairy is now looking at an opening date in “late 2014.”

Six Points Bakery [f8b8z]

Pub Letters: The Best Way To Spend A Tuesday We’ve Heard Of All Summer

PUBLETTERI love this idea.

Doobies, in conjunction with Trophy Bikes and Casa Papel, is holding an event on Tuesdays in July called Pub Letters, and it is the simplest thing you can imagine. You sit at the bar. You drink a fine craft beer. And you write a letter–an actual letter, with a pen, on paper. The kind meant for going in the mailbox.

I love it because organizer Michael McGettigan (of Trophy) believes that “A decent letter should take about as long [to write] as two good drinks.” I believe that, too. I love it because he’s sick of seeing people sitting at the bar with their faces down over their cell phones. I am, too. I love it because writing letters is one of those things that has fallen out of style of late and writing in bars in general is one of those things that people (who aren’t me) just don’t do anymore.

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