Here’s What You’ll Be Eating (And Drinking) When Morgan’s Pier Opens This Week

Philly knows it's close to summer when Morgan's Pier re-opens for the season, and this Thursday, you can get a little taste of the warm weather and sun to come as the outdoor beer garden welcomes back guests. This year, Chef Nick Elmi, from TV's Top Chef, will be at the helm, creating memorable snacks and meals that you'll be able to enjoy throughout the venue. Opens Thursday, April 30th, various times, Morgan's Pier, 220 North Columbus Boulevard.

We already announced who would be cooking for you when Morgan’s Pier opens for the season this Thursday (April 21). But you know what else we can tell you? What you’re going to be eating (and drinking) when things light up for the season at Morgan’s Pier.

We’ve got Jim Burke‘s full food and brunch menus, plus the lineup of beers and cocktails all right here.

Happy spring everyone.

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Now We Don’t Use The Word Hero Often Around Here…

Photo by Allison Lewis.

Photo by Allison Lewis.

Over at the news desk, they’re telling the tale today of Eric Wagner, veteran sous chef at Standard Tap in NoLibs, who took to the streets to defend the peace and quiet of his customers’ Sunday brunch this past weekend–doing battle against an evil car alarm with the best weapon at his disposal.

Post-It Notes. Lots and lots of Post-It Notes.

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Some Big Changes At Whetstone

Photo courtesy Vanessa Beahn

Photo courtesy Vanessa Beahn

I really liked Jeremy Nolen‘s Whetstone when I checked it out a few months ago. It was one of the places that shaped the way I review neighborhood restaurants, and became a point of comparison for a lot of them that came after.

And now, with the new season, Whetstone is going through some changes. They’ve got a new menu, a new cocktail program, and a new (though very recognizable) face behind the bar.

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Restaurant List Announced For Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival

wine food fest 940

So here we go, folks. With the warming temperatures come an explosion of beer, wine and food festivals in Philly. But one of the biggest and best ones out there for serious wine nerds (or just those who like a good bottle now and then) is the Philadelphia Wine & Food Festival.

It’s happening May 3 at Lincoln Financial Field, and as of right now, there are still tickets available. There will be 650 wines from all over the world available for sampling, food from some of the best restaurants in the city, an on-site Fine Wine & Good Spirits store so you can actually just go buy the stuff you like without having to carry a notebook around with you to every table. It’s a good time. And as of this morning, we have the full list of all the restaurants that will be participating this year.

Check it out below.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Hey, guys! Guess what’s for dinner?

Birdsong, sunshine and flowers blooming? Get ready for the Disney version of Spring, because here it comes. Rittenhouse is back up to its full complement with more than 20 vendors at tomorrow’s market, the University Square Market is back up and running every Wednesday, Chestnut Hill returns to regular summer hours in just two weeks, and Headhouse opens in time for strawberry season on May first. For now, think of this as your springtime speed round, all the best of the moment and where to find them before they fade.

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Shuck Fest 2016 Is Coming

2016 shuck fest 400What was once a simple shucking contest and excuse to suck down a couple dozen oysters on a spring afternoon has, this year, become a full-bore indoor oyster carnival with this year’s Shuck Fest at Oyster House.

Scheduled for this Sunday, from noon to 4pm, Oyster House will host everything from the traditional shucking competition to oyster tutorials, oyster tastings with local growers, wine and beer pairings, shell crafts and games for the kids, photo booths and more.

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Video: Spring Restaurant Openings


For those of you out there too lazy to read our list of the best spring restaurant openings in the current issue of Philadelphia magazine (or who have forgotten that we have an up-to-date list of just about EVERY opening, closing and rumored restaurant project in the city right over here), we have a perfect solution.

Me and the crew from FYI Philly recently sat down to talk about all the new and upcoming stuff, and some of it (the non-sweary, non-digressive parts) made it onto last week’s show. We’ve got the video now, which includes a walkthrough of Double Knot, and conversations with both Susanna Foo (SuGa) and David Jansen (Jansen).

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High-Gloss Rustic: A Mano Reviewed

A Mano | Photo by Emily Teel

A Mano | Photo by Emily Teel

In the back, chef Michael Millon is dancing.

Not dancing-dancing (because that would be weird), but that’s what it looks like. He and his crew, the other white jackets working the line at Townsend Wentz’s new BYO, A Mano, turn and weave around each other, reaching and ducking as the floor staff crowds up against the short pass, waiting on plate after plate after plate. It’s formal, this ballet. It only looks like a disaster happening and then re-happening every second, a series of near-misses and almost-collisions. It’s a culinary galliard—chaotic but measured. Practiced. Natural. In reality, it’s just another day at the office.

And at A Mano, it’s loud in the dining room. I’m seated about halfway down the banquette that runs the length of the far wall, so there’s no way I would’ve heard them if they were talking anyway, but I’m watching pretty closely (staring, really), and I don’t even see them speak. Don’t see lips moving or heads turning except in the simplest, most terse nods and single syllables.

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Sneak Preview: Here’s What You’ll Be Eating And Drinking At This Year’s “Flavors Of The Avenue”


Okay, so here’s the deal: Flavors Of The Avenue–the big East Passyunk food festival that more or less kicks off the food festival season in Philly–is happening on Sunday, April 24, from noon to 4pm. VIP tickets are already sold out, but there are a handful of general admission tickets still available for those who are fast enough to grab them. They’ll run you $50, but essentially give you run of the food tent and bars (which, just so you know, will be pouring Troegs and Victory beers, mixing Sailor Jerry cocktails, margaritas, and pouring wine), letting you stuff yourself until you can’t hold any more and generally behaving like the shameless glutton you really are. Which, obviously, is a very good thing because I’d pretty much be out of a job if gluttony weren’t still the most awesome of sins.

Anyway, $50 might seem like a lot of coin for a street festival, but check it out. We now have the full list of all the food that’s going to be under the tent during Flavors. Plus, there’s also a second list of cocktail and drink specials that will be happening all weekend leading up to the event.

If this list doesn’t convince you to pull those fat pants out of the closet then nothing will.

Check it out…

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