Tickets On Sale Now For Philly Mash


The Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour is coming back to Philly again this summer–a week-long celebration of beer, food, music and more beer. It’s a big deal–one of those international traveling festivals that touches down in various cities, then moves on a few days later.

Tickets went on sale on Wednesday for the Philly Mash (happening August 25-28 at locations around town), and because I think they’re probably going to go pretty quickly once people see the schedule, we’re telling you about them now.

You can check out the current schedule for the Philly Mash after the jump.

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Breakfast of Champions: The Dutch Reviewed



The Dutch | Photo by Emily Teel

Breakfast is the last great, untouched frontier. Of all the meals available to us (lunch, dinner, supper, elevenses, fourthmeal, midnight snacks, etc.), breakfast is the most pure, the most un-fuck-with-able. No one in his right mind tries to innovate during breakfast. No one tries to dazzle you with technical wizard-powers or supply lines to long-lost fruits and vegetables. Breakfast is toast and jelly. Coffee. Pancakes. Eggs and bacon. Waffles in all their myriad glories. It is, occasionally, oatmeal. Complicated (but comforting) pastries. Half a grapefruit doused in Wild Turkey. Whatever.

I love congee and chilaquiles as much as anyone, but Americans own breakfast the way the French do dinner. We have stolen all the great ideas ever had about breakfast and made them our own. Americans are so good at breakfast that our canon doesn’t extend merely to regional variations, but to social, religious, economic and historic ones as well. The trucker’s breakfast is a thing. The yoga breakfast. The camp breakfast. The Lutheran pancake social or Continental or Southerner’s petit déjeuner. Breakfast knows no bounds save temporal. And brunch? Well, brunch doesn’t even have those rules to adhere to. Brunch laughs at the notion of rules.

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Butcher Bar Is Coming To Chestnut Street


If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan living around Rittenhouse Square, times are pretty good. You’ve got V Street and HipCityVeg, Bar BomBon, Govinda’s and Agno Grill. Options abound, and just about every restaurant that isn’t a straight-up temple to vegetables and the creative use of soy offers brilliant, well-considered vegetarian dishes all over their menus.

So you know what this neighborhood needs? A butcher shop.

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Early Bird Tickets Just Went On Sale For This Year’s Feastival

It is the best of both worlds: Food and the performing arts. This year's Philly Feastival is Thursday at FringeArts, and features dozens of the city's most esteemed restaurateurs, including Stephen Starr, Michael Solomonov, and Audrey Claire. You'll also be amazed by a variety of artists who perform throughout the venue. Thursday, September 17th, 7 pm, $300, FringeArts, 140 North Columbus Boulevard

So we have a date: Thursday, September 29

We have a location: The FringeArts complex at 140 North Columbus Boulevard, just like last year.

We have a list of all the participating restaurants: Bing Bing, Vernick, Zahav, Fork, Laurel, Wm. Mulherin’s Sons and about a zillion others (check out the full list after the jump).

Most important of all, we have an early-bird ticket discount happening right now (and through August 18) for this year’s Feastival event that’ll allow you to knock 25% off the ticket price and get you a year-long FringeArts membership good for 30% off all tickets for the 2016-17 season.

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Three Nights Of James Beard Preview Dinners At Marigold


On July 26, the team from Marigold Kitchen is headed to New York City to cook a dinner at the James Beard House–one of those nights that’s among the highlights of any chef’s career.

But in order to get ready for the big night, the team will also be cooking their way through the entire dinner for three nights in Philly, on July 19th through the 21st, as part of their Test Kitchen Series.

And yeah, we’ve got the menu

Aldine Makes Some Changes For Summer


George Sabatino‘s menu at Aldine has never been what one would call a stable document. Sure, there are things that you can count on being there (oysters, yogurt, something weird done with carrots and something awesome done with beets), but the kitchen changes things up regularly enough that its almost always a different experience every time you go.

And now, with summer in full swing (and following a week’s vacation for George and Jennifer Sabatino), Aldine is rolling out some pretty significant changes–in menu, in hours, and even in the way dinner is served.

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Two More Beer Gardens For You To Visit This Weekend


Seriously, I know that people like drinking outside and that, for years, we had to fight just to see one or two beer gardens open for the summer. But now it seems like these things are opening/popping up/changing location every weekend, and pretty soon we’re going to get to the point where there’s one on every block.

Not saying this is a bad thing, just… Man, how things have changed.

Anyway, there are two new beer gardens for you to explore this weekend. And the first one also comes with sushi.

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The Time Machine: Jansen Reviewed

A soaring plate at Jansen in Mount Airy | Photo by Emily Teel

A soaring plate at Jansen in Mount Airy | Photo by Emily Teel

My wife, Laura, hated Jansen as soon as she walked through the door.

To be fair, she actually hated it before she walked through the door. She’d looked at the menu online, with its photos of the dishes available—shellfish sauces, slouching ring-molded tartares with sprigs of thyme poking up like tiny trees, food stacked or clenched tight like fists amid the vast white space of plates doodled with sauce)—and asked why we were doing this.

“I’ve eaten enough country-club food in my life, Jay. Why would I want more?”

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Budino Pops Are Back

Barbuzzo- Budino Pops - HighRes - Credit Jason Varney

Remember last year when Marcey Turney and Val Safran offered frozen budino pops and the entire city went bonkers with a million Instagram photos and lines down the block? Yeah, well it’s that time again…

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