Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Avance Is Closed, Perfect Beer For The Walking Dead Premier, Philly’s Best Nachos, Whetstone, Eat Like A Supermodel

Walking Dead Season 4

The return of the Walking Dead is the big news around Foobooz HQ this weekend–that and the return of Dock Street Walker to go with it. But some food stuff happened this week, too–including the closure of a little-known place called Avance. So just in case you’ve spent the past week locked in your zombie-proof bunker, here’s what you might’ve missed.

Dock Street Walker Returns Perfect for drinking with Sunday night’s premier

Avance Is Closed Is this the end for 1523 Walnut?

The Modern History Of 1523 Walnut Street A timeline of high hopes and bad news

An Updated Opening Date For Whetstone And some menu intel, too

How Israel Got Huge A Philadelphia-born food trend

What Are The Best Nachos In Philly? Add your .02 to the conversation

Want To Learn To Be A Distiller? Talk to a distiller

Hawthorne’s Is Returning Bigger, better, warmer and offering more than ever before

Sakara Coming To Philly Now you can eat like a Victoria’s Secret model every day

Eat The World Philadelphia’s international food scene, in depth


Imagine A World Without Yelp…


“Have a column in yr mag from readers with good + bad experiences in restaurants…”

For all of you out there who think that life would be better without Yelp, here’s what happens.

Sakara Coming To Philly: Now You Can Eat Like A Victoria’s Secret Model


Have you heard of Sakara? If you’re a frequent reader of this blog–so full of pig heads, pork products, tacos, nachos and beer–then probably not.

But still, maybe you’re one of those healthy people who comes here to read about 40-course dinners and french fry taste-tests as a kind of guilty pleasure while resolutely sticking to your daily regimen of wheat berry salads and kale enemas. If so, you probably have heard of Sakara and, as such, will be just over-the-moon excited when I tell you that the super-celebrity healthy and organic meal delivery service beloved by Victoria’s Secret models (and Gwyneth Paltrow and Lena Dunham), once available only to those enlightened souls in New York and Boston, is now getting ready to launch in Philadelphia (and Washington D.C.) starting on October 13.

And it’s not just offering cups of ice, Marlboro Lights and cocaine, either. No, it delivers actual food of the sort eaten by actual supermodels.

That is, if you consider hemp a food.

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ChesCo Wing Fest: Because You Know You Love Chicken Wings

chickenwingsSo we’re already having you people fight it out in the comments section over who has the best nachos in town (which, we hope, will someday soon translate into a canonical listing of ALL the best nachos that Philly has to offer). But for those of you who are perhaps a bit less interested in a bunch of stuff on chips but do care very deeply about the proper frying of a great chicken wing, may we offer this: The 1st Annual ChesCo Wing Fest, happening on October 19 from 1pm-6pm at 13 different restaurants scattered around the county.

So how can one possibly judge the best wings at 13 different restaurants? With hard work, my good man. And an iron stomach.

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Want To Learn How To Be A Distiller? Talk To A Distiller


Cooper River Distillers is the first legal distillery in New Jersey since prohibition. They have their distillery up and running and have been producing their first spirit–Petty Island Rum–since April of 2014.

Yes, that basically means they’ve got six months behind them. And in this area, in this day and age, that kinda makes them experts. Which is maybe why the first time the Cooper River crew held an Aspiring Distillers Workshop, it completely filled up with folks who wanted to learn how to turn corn into delicious, delicious alcohol (without killing themselves in the process).

Matter of fact, it was SO popular, that Cooper River is now planning on doing a second workshop. It’s currently scheduled for November 22nd, but the reason we’re giving you so much notice is because there are only 15 seats available and they’re likely to go fast. You can get more details (and reserve your spot) by emailing Ben Donia at

How Israel Got Huge

Lunch rush at Dizengoff | Photo by Michael Persico

Lunch rush at Dizengoff | Photo by Michael Persico

You’ve got to understand something about Israeli cuisine right from the start: It’s not something that existed in the American consciousness a few years ago.

Really, it’s not something that exists there now. Not in most places. You’ll find a few spots in and around New York where Israeli dishes get to shine. And there have always been delis where you could get your brisket and your matzo ball soup, but that’s more about Jewish cuisine than it is Israeli. Like the thing about thumbs and fingers, all Israeli restaurants are Jewish but not all Jewish restaurants are Israeli.

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Sneak Preview: COOK’s November Schedule


So here we are again. Time to get out the calendar and make plans for the next month at COOK. And just for you Foobooz fans, we’re letting you take a look at the schedule early (it goes live tomorrow at 2pm) so you can decide now on what classes you want to fight for during tomorrow’s rush to register.

Coming over to visit us for November’s Foobooz Open Stove night is always a good idea (the last one was just a wonderful drunky, brunchy mess in the best possible way), but there’s plenty of other stuff happening in November, too.

So without further ado…

Show me the schedule

Lights Out For Headhouse Crab & Oyster Co.


Not sure if this is going to come as a surprise to anyone, but it looks like Headhouse Crab & Oyster Co. is just about ready to pack it in.

The Insider is reporting that David Ralic (who opened this spot at 117 South Street as a steakhouse called Ralic’s On South, but then quickly changed course after opening, re-branding it as a seafood joint and bringing in Mike Stollenwerk to oversee the kitchen) is saying that Headhouse Crab & Oyster will be going dark some time in the next couple weeks.

The good news? All the liquor and beer behind the bar is being discounted 50% until everything is gone.

Headhouse Crab & Oyster Co. To Close [Insider]

And Finally, A Look Inside Aldine


Okay, so it’s still not much. But considering how long we’ve all been waiting for AldineGeorge Sabatino‘s much-delayed, often sidetracked follow-up to the award-winning work he did at Stateside–something is better than nothing.

Sabatino posted this snap of the Aldine dining room, with all the tables and chairs in place, to his Instagram feed yesterday. Tables and chairs are a good sign. That means all the major renovation work has been done. All the big equipment is in place. And, in related news, the Foobooz Mobile Party Unit ran in to George’s wife Jennifer on the street last week while we were skulking around the neighborhood looking for been and octopus, and she said that the actual, official, no-bullshit opening of Aldine was “Close,” so, you know… There’s that, too.

Aldine [f8b8z]

Kelly Ripa Gets A Birthday Cake Made Entirely Of Tastykakes

tastykakebirthdaykakeSo first, it was a Federal Donuts wedding cake made entirely of donuts. And that was pretty awesome.

But now (like as of this morning), there’s also a birthday cake made entirely out of Tastykakes–and as proof we have the photo right over there and video of it being delivered on air to the set of Live With Michael And Kelly to celebrate South Jersey native Kelly Ripa‘s 44th birthday.

Video is after the jump. And Kelly is VERY excited about all those Jelly Krimpets.

Show me the video

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