Retro Week: Olde Bar Is Starting Brunch This Weekend

The Olde Bar at Bookbinders | Photo by Grace Dickinson

The Olde Bar at Bookbinders | Photo by Grace Dickinson

UPDATE: It looks like the new cocktail list (referenced below) is being pushed back a week or so while the crew tinkers with them. Look for them starting next weekend–or sometime thereabout.

What with its storied history, snapper soup and gin-heavy cocktail list, Olde Bar has already earned itself a place in our Retro Week coverage. But we just found out that they’re going to be launching a brunch program this weekend (and have put out a new spring cocktail list), so we just had to bring the place back into the conversation again.

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Sneak Preview: June Classes At Cook


It’s kinda short notice this month, but tickets for June classes at COOK are going to be released today at 2pm, so if you’re looking to hang out for a night with Jason Cichonski, Luke Palladino, George Sabatino, the crew from Marigold or, you know, us on one of our now-legendary Open Stove Nights, you’re gonna have to be quick.

As always, we’re here to help you out. The full schedule of classes is below. So make your plans, pick your days, and be on the COOK website at 2pm today to get your tickets.

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Tonight: Drinking Outside At La Peg

la-peg-beer-garden-400It looks like we’ve got another beautiful, sunny weekend coming up. And what’s the best way to spend a beautiful, sunny weekend? Not drinking inside some dingy ol’ bar, that’s for sure. Drinking inside in the summer is for grumpy old jerks and admitted misanthropes (like me), but all the beautiful people know to take it outside when the sun is shining.

And now, with the official opening of La Peg’s beer garden happening tonight, you have one more place to go, be beautiful, and drink your beer in the open air like God and the founding fathers intended.

La Peg is celebrating this official opening with some live music and stuff, too (also, apparently, enjoyed by people who are not me). Here’s their run-down of the night’s events: “The La Peg Beer Garden opens with Red40 and the Last Groovement‘s ode to the nineties: a decade of Monica Lewinsky, overalls, and some of the best damn grooves ever! Featuring special guest Martha Graham Cracker.”

So yeah. Overalls, former White House interns, beer, grooves–all things that the outside people love. And if you’re looking for more places to get drunk in the great outdoors, don’t forget our Guide To All The Best Beer Gardens In Philly, which we put together just for you.

Philadelphia’s Seasonal Beer Gardens [f8b8z]
La Peg [f8b8z]

This Weekend: William Street Common Is Opening Their Patio


We first told you about William Street Common (the indoor beer garden in University City from Avram Hornik) back when it opened–toward the beginning of the year and well outside traditional beer garden season. We talked about it again when it’s tipping policy (and flat 20% service charge on all orders) made MSNBC.

But now the seasons have changed and the weather has officially warmed up (I heard my first person complaining about the heat a few days ago), so William Street has some announcements to make.

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Le Cirque Chef Alumni Dinner At Nectar


The chefs we have working in this city come to their gigs with some pretty amazing resumes. There are cooks who’ve worked with Thomas Keller and Mario Batali, at places like Blue Hill and Gilt in Manhattan. Our best guys (and girls) have done tours through many of the finest kitchens in America and, on Thursday, May 14, the crew who once worked together at NYC’s legendary Le Cirque are coming to Philly–more specifically, to Patrick Feury’s Nectar in Berwyn–for a one-night-only reunion dinner as part of the Mid-Atlantic Wine + Food Festival.

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Jazz, Red Meat and Bourbon In Exton


Three things you should know right from the start about Vickers.

1) If you’re a jazz fan living in the ‘burbs, tonight is the last night of Vickers Jazz Wednesdays series. 2) They’re celebrating the end of Jazz Wednesdays with some food and drink specials but, more importantly, the plain old happy hour here runs from 4:30-6:30pm and the show starts at 5pm. 3) The plain old happy hour offers some great deals for those of you either in Exton (where Vickers is located) or willing to make the drive. And by “great” I mean “getting fed and a little tipsy for less than the cost of a couple cocktails in Center City.”

What was that you said about happy hour deals?

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