Did Georges Perrier Bring That Ladder, Too?


In keeping with our pretty-much-unbroken streak of posting about Kevin Sbraga every day (no, seriously), we present you with this. A nice little peek into some recipe testing with Georges Perrier happening at Juniper Commons. According to Sbraga’s Twitter, this is all about “Making sauces with the master.”

Kevin Sbraga [Twitter]

More Of The Best Soups In Center City: Readers Edition


A few days ago, we posted a list of some of the best soups in Center City–a perfect little thing for a gray, cold day. But almost as soon as it went up, readers started commenting with places that we’d forgotten. And since the first post was never meant to be anything like a canonical list, we’ve decided to expand it here with reader suggestions–plus a couple of extra places that we just love.

So first, I finally got the chance to stop by the new(ish) Hippot Shabu Shabu, which opened a couple months back in Chinatown. I have two things to say about it right off the bat…

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Because Lo Spiedo Isn’t Just For Meat Lovers…


The guys at Lo Spiedo? They know their way around some meats, no doubt. But as good as that spit-roasted pork shoulder or whole chicken is, the honest-to-jeebus best thing I had there the first time I stopped in? A salad of shaved pumpkin and goat cheese with pumpkin seed vinaigrette. It wasn’t just a great salad, but a surprising one–something I never would’ve normally considered in a restaurant built around a rotisserie made for roasting delicious animals.

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Cheezbooz: Even More Cheese News For People Who Love Cheese

cheezboozAs if the last cheese event wasn’t enough, here we come with two more, happening on December 15th and 16th.

First off, there’s a cheese pop-up happening at High Street on Market on Monday, December 15. Starting at 5:30, authors and cheese experts Max McCalman and Tenaya Darlington will be signing books, curating side-by-side cheese tastings and offering a cheese master class for those who are seriously into their curds.

Then, on Tuesday, December 16, at a.bar, there’ll be a cheese happy hour, also featuring McCalman, this time with wine expert Mariel Wega by his side.

Details for both events are after the jump.

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Garces Is Opening Bookbinder’s On New Year’s Eve


Well, the bar, anyway. The “Olde Bar” at the Old Original Bookbinder’s in Old City, which has had a makeover and raw bar added to its original, olde-timey woodwork. You catching a theme here? Yeah. Garces and company are looking to capitalize on the storied address and nostalgic memories that people have of Bookbinder’s, but they’re amping up the food and drink side to bring it (a little) more in line with modern tastes.

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Sneak Preview: COOK’s January Schedule


Tickets for COOK’s January classes will be going on sale on Wednesday at 2pm. And do you know what that means? It means you can still get yours in plenty of time to give them as surprise Christmas presents. Because, seriously? Who wouldn’t love to spend a night at a Foobooz Open Stove competition, drinking shots and getting stuffed full of weird things made with Doritos and SPAM, prepared under stress by some of the most talented chefs in the city?

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit quieter, there are also classes being offered by the likes of Josh Lawler and Townsend Wentz, but I can guarantee that neither of them are going to be cooking with SPAM…

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The Gastronaut: Hey Santa …

Illustration by Kagan McLeod

Illustration by Kagan McLeod

Dear Santa,

First things first, I have to thank you for being so good to Philadelphia since the last time I wrote you. I asked for a lot of things on behalf of the city last year — outdoor drinking and BYOs and soup and more delivery options — and you came through in spades.

This year, my requests for Philly are a little bit darker. Rather than asking for things we need, I’m asking for things to go away. This is mostly because we’ve had such a good year already, and because our neighborhoods are so full of amazing restaurants and chefs doing the best work of their careers. Hard as it might be to say, what Philly is due for is a cull. To keep the scene healthy. And Santa, sometimes hard choices need to be made.

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