Ever Want ALL Of The Best Chefs In The City To Cook You Dinner? Then Check This Out…


Feastival is coming. You guys already know that, right? And the coming of Feastival also means the coming of Feastival’s crazy auction.

Why crazy? Because if you’ve got the scratch (and, no lie, we’re talking about a lot of scratch), you can have mobs of the best chefs in the city come to your house (or to COOK, or to the home of FringeArts board president Richard Vague) to cook dinner for you and nine of your closest friends. The catch? Bidding starts at $10,000.

See? Told you it wasn’t cheap. But still, check out these lineups…

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Cuba Libre Gets A New Chef (And TV Chef-testant)

cubalibrephillyJennifer Salhoff has been having a busy season. First, she did a run on FOX’s extraordinarily shouty Hell’s Kitchen where, presumably, she got called all sorts of names by Gordon Ramsay. Her season is set to debut on Wednesday, September 10, and when it does, it will be playing during an 8pm viewing party at Cuba Libre where Salhoff just took over as exec chef.

There’ll be $5 mojitos and sangria, plus a tasting of her “signature dish from the show”–duck breast spring rolls with wild mushrooms and spiced cranberry. Considering that one of the guilty pleasures of Hell’s Kitchen is the fact that the contestant pool is often liberally salted with “cooks” who can barely make a cup of tea without the fire department getting involved, that’s pretty impressive and bodes well for her chances. She’ll be on the floor during the showing, and will answer questions after.

It also appears that those duck breast spring rolls aren’t just a lucky one-off either. She’ll be working under chef-partner Guillermo Pernot, but Salhoff has already had a nice run. She was at the Hattery Stove & Still in Doylestown before coming to Cuba Libre, and did time at Restaurant Cerise in Bryn Mawr and at Fork as a pastry chef and bread maker.

Cuba Libre [official]

Greatest Hits And What You Missed: Stateside, Cheesesteaks, Eating Bugs, Bar Rescue and Donuts For David Lynch

And here we are again, with another week gone by. In case you were gone, trying to recapture one last hit of summer, here’s what you might’ve missed.

The Revisit: Stateside Checking in on the one-time best restaurant in Philly

Tale Of The Tape How do the cheesesteaks at Philip’s stack up?

Edible Bugs And Food Trucks Welcome to Greenfest

Behold The Pork Roll Egg Roll Because now this is totally a thing

Federal Donuts Creates David Lynch-Inspired Donuts Because David Lynch loves donuts and FedNuts loves David Lynch

Spotted: John Taffer Rescuing Bars To his credit, I can’t remember the last time we talked about Lickety Split on South Street. The system works!

And on that note, what bars would you like to see Taffer rescue?

Open Stove Recap Booze, lentils, booze and booze

Ben & Jerry’s Coming To Rittenhouse And people are very excited

Sneak Preview: COOK’s October Schedule


It’s that time again. Time for all you clever grubniks to get an early, sneak peek at what’s coming up at COOK in October.

I mean, beyond Open Stove, of course. We’ll be doing that again on the 1st and it’s shaping up to be a Sidecar vs. Kraftwork duel to the death. And after that there’s Thai tacos, Iranian street food, lambs and clams and craft beer and Italian small plates. It’s looking like a pretty good month, and since tickets will be going on sale on Tuesday at 2pm, this ought to give you a nice jump on the competition.

Check out the full schedule after the jump.

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Next Week: Brewers Unleashed Unleashes Itself On Philly


Ok, so it’s not often that we’d bother talking to you about an event being thrown by MillerCoors (the people who brought the world Mickey’s Ice and Miller Chill), but we’re making an exception for this one.

Brewers Unleashed is a thing that the company has been doing in Chicago for the last three years–a thing which essentially started as a company party but then blossomed into a full-scale public showcase of weird, one-off beers being brewed by small-time craft brewers within the MillerCoors family. Apparently, it’s a very popular event. Apparently, it sells out all the time.

And now, for one night only, it’s coming to Philly, as part of the Franklin Institute’s “Science After Hours” program. Which, you know, just kinda makes it even cooler.

Tap list and event details, right this way

New Liberty Distillery In Kensington Partners With Stephen Starr


So first things first, yes. There is a new distillery in Kensington, located in the Crane Arts complex. A whiskey distillery, most notably, and one that won’t just be pumping out bottles of moonshine.

Second things second, if you’re a serious liquor enthusiast (particularly a local liquor enthusiast), you’ll likely know the name of one of the guys behind this venture (which is called Liberty Distillery and is operating under the banner of the Millstone Spirits Group): Robert Cassell, ex of Philadelphia Distilling, who has apparently used his downtime since leaving to come up with the Cassell Distilling System–a custom-designed still set-up which, naturally, is the centerpiece of the new Liberty Distillery operation.

Liberty looks to be putting out its first barrel-aged spirits before the end of the year (apparently, all that whiskey is sleeping comfortably even now, just waiting and aging), but actually selling booze to the masses is not the only thing that Liberty (and Millstone) is up to.

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Construction Update From Palladino’s


Not much to look at, sure. But that (along with the tweet it was attached to) is proof that Luke Palladino’s foray into South Philly is actually coming along. Palladino’s will be opening in the former Colombo’s space at 1934 East Passyunk. They’re currently done with the framing and getting into the interior construction. And if that’s not enough to get you excited about an upcoming opening date, there’s also this…

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Happy Bourbon Heritage Month!


So weird that we’d have a whole month to celebrate a bunch of 16th century French and Spanish kings. I mean, Henry the IV? He was a good guy. Made a lot of work for portrait painters. Penned the Edict of Nantes granting rights to Calvinists. But a whole month?

Oh, wait. We’re talking about the drinking kind of bourbon? Well that’s WAY better. And the Twisted Tail (which certainly stocks a fair amount of drinky bourbon) is running all sorts of specials throughout September to celebrate.

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