Educational Programming and Vegan Food at South Philly Barbacoa


South Philly Barbacoa has always been about more than just tacos. One of the most openly political restaurants in the city, owners Ben Miller and Christina Martinez have always used their food as a way to engage with the community and their community to try to affect change in the wider world.

So it’s really no surprise that they’ve begun using Monday nights as “teach-ins” at South Philly Barbacoa–bringing in a series of speakers for a program they’re calling “Justice and Agua Fresca”.

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Clarkville and Strangelove’s Are Celebrating the Snow Day in Style


Most of the city seems to be shut down by today’s little snowstorm. But if you’re like us, a snow day just means another excuse to hole up somewhere warm for some drinks and snacks while we wait to see what Mother Nature throws at us next.

The crews at Clarkville, Local 44 and Strangelove’s? They get that. Which is why they’ve laid on some specials for the day.

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Caviar Now Delivers In The Suburbs

CaviarPizzaSo in addition to all the other good things happening out in the ‘burbs lately (like this place in Wayne blowing my mind, Mistral opening a KOP location and, well, all of this), last week Caviar announced that it was going to start offering its delivery service in Conshohocken and King of Prussia, with all of the Main Line and many of the larger suburbs now covered.

This is undeniably good news. It’s also one less reason Center City hipsters have for making fun of the ‘burbs. So if you live out there, here’s how all of this might affect you.

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Marigold Kitchen’s Andrew Kochan Is Opening A Restaurant On Walnut Street

Marigold Spring Menu-4814

2121 Walnut Street (the former L’Image Studio) has been an address we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now–one of those that none of us here at Foobooz World HQ could believe has been vacant for as long as it has been. As a matter of fact, I was just in for lunch at Res Ipsa–which lives just down the street at 2218 Walnut–and as soon as I got back to the office, the first thing I wanted to talk about wasn’t the egg sandwich with herbed long hot spread (which was awesome, by the way), but the fact that 2121 Walnut was still dark.

Well, that was two weeks ago. And as of this weekend, we no longer have to wonder who’s going to open there. Because Andrew Kochan, chef-partner at Marigold Kitchen in West Philly, just signed a lease and is bringing a new restaurant to the neighborhood.

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One Night Only: D.C.’s Hottest Restaurant Comes To Philly

Photo via Starr Restaurants

Photo via Starr Restaurants

Quick Update: The original Instagram post had the wrong phone number. Now we’ve got the right one, plus a few more details about the meal.

We have no restaurant in Philly that’s like Rose’s Luxury. This three-year-old D.C. restaurant got tagged as the best new restaurant in America by Bon Apetit in 2014. Its chef, Aaron Silverman, does a Southern comfort food menu spiked with global influences (pork sausages with habanero and lychee, crispy squid with Yemeni hot sauce) and it is so good that people wait two, three, sometimes four hours to get a seat in the no-reservations dining room. Like, literally, wait in a line outside the front door in order to get a table.

But you wanna know some good news? Peter Serpico is doing a one-night-only collaboration dinner with Rose’s Luxury at Serpico, and you won’t have to do do anything except make a reservation.

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Free Lunch Alert: Verts Mediterranean Grill Is Opening Today


Philly’s fast casual scene is already crowded–particularly in and around Center City. But that isn’t stopping new operators from setting up shop and trying to find new ways to get tacos, burgers, noodle bowls salads or falafel into you. These days, though, simply opening isn’t enough. New concepts need to do a little something to try to win your love. Normally, that means free food.

And that’s just what the new Verts Mediterranean Grill is offering today.

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Jezabel’s Studio Bringing Mate, Cookies and Crafts to West Philly


Jezabel Careaga, owner of the Argentine restaurant Jezabel’s Cafe at 26th and Pine, has just picked up a second space in West Philly. Specifically, a tiny, 400 square foot space at 208 South 45th Street.

And this new place? It’s not going to be like the original Jezabel’s. While there is a kitchen, the space is too small to be run like a traditional restaurant. So instead, Careaga is going to turn it into something…else. Into a place for tea and cookies, crafts and demonstrations. She’s calling it Jezabel’s Studio and has plans to open it sometime in the next couple months.

Here’s what we know…

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Chaos Theory: At The Table Reviewed

Photography by Stuart Goldenberg

Photography by Stuart Goldenberg

We forget sometimes that every night at a restaurant is the worst night ever.

Not for us, the diners. Not most of the time, anyway. But for the cooks, the chef, the servers, every night is a constantly evolving disaster. Every day starts out perfect—tabula rasa, a clean slate. The tables are all laid. The book is full, with reservations from open to close. In the kitchen, the mise en place is set. The cooks have backups waiting in the cooler, and then backups for their backups.

But when the doors open, everything becomes triage. Table full of vegans, a dropped steak, oven won’t heat past 250 degrees, the sous-chef sneezed in the soup—every minute, it’s something. A chef’s primary job during service is containment—managing the chaos, mitigating the hundred things that can (and will) go wrong and making goddamned sure that no one in the dining room suspects a thing. Dressing up a catastrophe to look like the best night ever.

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