What’s Your Walk Down the Aisle Song?



Certain wedding songs take careful planning – your first dance, dances with parents – but why is it that reception songs seem to get all the thoughtfulness?

Yesterday CNN posted a story about wedding march songs that got us thinking about all the alternatives to “Here Comes the Bride.” And the options are limitless, really! Couples interviewed in their story mentioned everything from a Phantom of the Opera tune to “La Mer”  by Nine Inch Nails.

I remember a gorgeous outdoor ceremony where the bride came down the aisle to the Hawaiian-y rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. It was whimsical, upbeat and perfectly set the tone of the day.

So tell us, have you given much thought to your walk down the aisle song?

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Now on the Internet: Cardboard Cutout Wedding Guests


(via Redditor amhaggerty)

Dear Brides,

If your invites aren’t already in the mail, would you do us one little favor? Add this alternative to your RSVP card, “Respectfully declines, but will send life-size cardboard likeness in my place.”

Say what?! The Huffington Post has made us nearly pee our pants with this hilarious roundup of photos of cardboard cutout stand-ins for guests who couldn’t make it.

Heck, why not take it a step further and replace all the nonessential folks with cardboard. Just think of all the money you’ll save in food and drinks!

Cardboard cutout guests – cute or silly? Tell us in the comments.

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Survey Says Ladies Fantasize About Marrying Ryan Gosling, Surprising No One

It wasn't over! It still isn't over!

“It wasn’t over! It still isn’t over!”

Favorite scene from “The Notebook” – go.

Got it? Mine is when the rain-drenched Noah grabs Allie and tells her “It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over!” before passionately planting one on her in the pouring rain after years apart. Ahhh, chick flick romance!

Mercifully, today I’ve learned I’m not alone in my love of this sappy movie or Ryan Gosling’s role. When David’s Bridal surveyed newly engaged and married women about which movie character they’d love to say “I do’s” with, a whopping 40 percent picked the handsome Noah. Thank you, Nicholas Sparks, for turning us all to mush. 

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Giving a Wedding Vendor a Bad Review? Just Don’t Get Sued

PW-LawsuitIn this week’s bridal PSA, how to avoid a defamation lawsuit!

Brides, beware: If you signed a contract with a wedding vendor only to later find out they were awful, unprofessional or didn’t deliver – think twice before you take to the internet to type that scathing review.

The Huffington Post has a terrifying story about brides who were threatened with big-time lawsuits for doing exactly that before reading the fine print on their contracts.

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Survey: Most Brides Not Totally Thrilled With Their Proposals



Well here’s a stat that took us by surprise: 53 percent of brides wish – eek – that they were proposed to differently, that is according to David’s Bridal’s 8th annual “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey of newly engaged and married women.

Then again, maybe it isn’t all that surprising considering the bar we’ve set for those actually doing the proposing. (See: flash mobs, ambush weddings and the like.) And at least that 53 percent still said yes!

Take note, knee-takers – the top areas for improvement, according to respondents:

    • 22 percent would change the location
    • 20 percent wished the proposal speech were different
    • 14 percent would change something about their engagement ring
    • 14 percent would have preferred that different people were present for their proposal
    • 10 percent wanted to alter the date of the engagement
    • 3 percent would change something other than the above

So what do we think about all this, Philly brides? Spill the dirt: Did you love love your proposal? Have a friend who had a not-so-perfect one? Tell us in the comments. 

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Put a Ring On It: Today is National Proposal Day


Now here’s a made-up holiday we can get behind.

Apparently, today is not only the first day of spring, it’s also National Proposal Day. And while the day may elicit actual proposals, the point is more to inspire the putting-a-ring-on-it conversation by encouraging couples to “raise the subject of marriage proposals in a light-hearted and non-threatening manner” and “get a glimpse of how the person you love might feel about a marriage proposal,” says ProposalDay.com.

Proposal Day creator John Michael O’Loughlin came up with the holiday because he was frustrated by his cousin’s boyfriend who hadn’t yet popped the question after years of dating. O’Loughlin also names his most eligible bachelor and bachelorette each Proposal Day. This year’s picks? Prince Harry and Taylor Swift, with runners up Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Stone. Good choices, indeed.

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Pronovias Gowns Now Available at Elizabeth Johns in Ardmore

Courtesy of Pronovias.

Courtesy of Pronovias.

Good news, ladies: Ardmore salon Elizabeth Johns has officially added another big name to its bridal lineup – Pronovias!

Better news: To kick off the new collection, the Ardmore location will be hosting a Pronovias trunk show this weekend with 10 percent off Pronovias, San Patrick, Pronovias Atelier and Elie Saab gowns.

Even better news: Beginning in April, the salon will also carry the 2015 Pronovias “Crystal Collection,” which features designs like “tailored ball gowns with crystal bodices to heavily beaded chiffon body-hugging silhouettes.” Bring on the bling!

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Give Your Photographer This List of Awesome Dress Shots

Don't forget the walk away shot! (Shutterstock)

Don’t forget the “walk away” shot! (Shutterstock)

Sure, savvy brides-to-be probably have seen the “hanger shot” – that staple wedding photo of your dress hanging gracefully in a doorway or over a window or in front of the closet. But, how about the “veil lift” or the “fussing bridesmaids” or any of these 23 great dress shots that FabSugar rounded up?

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