Chris Christie Is Father of the Year reports:Gov. Chris Christie often uses his interactions as the father of four children as speech-fodder in his public appearances. Now, the Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council has recognized the governor’s prowess as a parent by naming him Father of the Year, along with shoe designer Vince Camuto. Other honorees may still be named. The governor often peppers his public speeches with anecdotes about his children, who rang in age from 10 to 20, and they, along with his wife, Mary Pat, have been a public part of his five years in the state’s highest elected office.”

Tavern Games Turn Out Not to Be a Windfall

When Gov. Tom Corbett signed a bill last year allowing taverns to host small games of chance, the expectation was that the project might provide $100 million to state coffers its first fiscal year. Nope. CBS Philly reports that just seven bars have received gaming licenses, and just 15 more are currently applying.

The reason? Probably because a violation of gaming law could result in the loss of a liquor licence, under the current law.

“If you have a small mistake on a small games of chance license, which is a small dollar thing, that could go after their liquor license as well,” State Sen. Jake Corman said. “And I think that scares these folks.”

Prep School Drug Ring Busted in Montco

This story just moved into the lead for our favorite of 2015.

CBS Philly:

Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pa. say they’ve taken down an intricate drug distribution network that targeted students at high schools and colleges throughout the Main Line and was being run by two graduates of a prestigious private school.

Prosecutors say the criminal enterprise was known as the “Main Line Takeover Project,” and they say the ringleaders had eyes on becoming the major marijuana distributors in the area.

They’ve been popped-collared!

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Study: Paid Sick Leave Days Don’t Hurt Biz

Remember the bill — vetoed twice by Mayor Nutter — that wouldn’ve required the city’s small employers to let their worker take paid sick leave? Well similar laws have been adopted elsewhere, and now we’re getting the first official studies on how they’ve turned out.

Answer: Not bad.

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Jogger Pulls Ailing Boater from Schuylkill

A jogger pulled an ailing boater out of the Schuylkill this morning. 6ABC reports: “Authorities tell Action News the victim was in a boat with another man when he suffered a seizure and ended up in the water.A jogger passing through the area saw what had happened and helped pull the man to safety.” The boater was hospitalized; no word on his injuries.

Comcast Today: Will Wifi-Based Phone Service Work?

The Wall Street Journal today examines Comcast’s plan to build a phone system using millions of wifi hotspots as the spine of its network:

Because Comcast already has the wires and authorizations in place, it costs little to add new hot spots. And a gigabyte of wireline data costs less than one-seventh the price of a gigabyte of wireless data.

So cable could potentially undercut traditional carriers. Priced at a 25% discount to current wireless offerings, cable providers could still make margins of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of 31%, according to New Street Research. It estimates cable firms could get 20% of their subscriber base onto wireless within five years

Bigger obstacles may include getting handset makers to agree to make devices with the necessary specifications for a Wi-Fi-based network and Comcast’s own appetite for going head-to-head with incumbents including Verizon and AT&T.

The government is skeptical of such service, the paper says, worried that Sprint and T-Mobile might be unduly undermined by it.

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