GOP Flier Links Wolf With Gosnell

Newsworks reports that the Pennsylvania GOP is sending out a flier linking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf to murderous “House of Horrors” abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Wolf, the flier says, wants “to turn back the clock to the days when abortionists like Gosnell were able to commit atrocities without oversight.” Wolf has condemned the ad.
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Five Great Philly Artifacts in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Mo'ne Davis will donate to the National Baseball Hall of Fame the jersey she wore in pitching a shutout at the Little League World Series.

Mo’ne Davis will donate to the National Baseball Hall of Fame the jersey she wore in pitching a shutout at the Little League World Series.

Mo’ne Davis appears at the National Baseball Hall of Fame today to donate they jersey she wore when she pitched a shutout at the Little League World Series — making history as one of the few girls to compete in the tournament. The hall will preserve her jersey in “perpetuity” — giving Davis a bit of baseball immortality while she’s still an adolescent.

We gave the National Baseball Hall of Fame a call and asked what other significant Philly-related items will be joined by Davis’s jersey. Matt Kelly compiled the text; Milo Stewart Jr. took the photos:

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Ed Rendell Is Using Bedbugs to Fight Brooklyn’s DNC Bid

Well, we owe Ed Rendell an apology.

When Rendell went public earlier this month with his opinion that Brooklyn had the advantage over Philly to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention, we teasingly suggested he was aiming to be mayor of New York someday. Turns out Rendell was doing classic Rendell — singling out the biggest bully in the schoolyard for the takedown.

And it’s kind of awesome. The New York Post reports Rendell has been sending DNC committee members negative articles about New York:
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10 Reasons Comcast Says It Deserves Merger Approval


It’s serious for Comcast now.

On Tuesday night, the company filed a 324-page report with the Federal Communications Commission, responding to critics — often in combative tone and words, over issues ranging from economics to politics to customer service — and stating why its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable should be allowed to proceed. You can read the entire filing below. Here, in no particular order, are 10 reasons Comcast says the merger should be approved — each indented section is a quote from Comcast’s FCC filing.:

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Hall of Fame to Honor Mo’ne Davis


We thought Mo’ne Davis and the Taney Dragons — Philly’s representatives at the Little League World Series — had been feted just about every way possible: The parade, the Tonight Show appearance, and everything else. But it turns out there is one superlative honor left.

The jersey Davis wore during her LLWS-opening shutout pitching performance is going into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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