Thousands of Philadelphians Could Have Online Affairs Exposed

Hackers have broken into the database of cheating website and are threatening to publicly release information about the site’s users — an act that could affect thousands of Philadelphians who have reportedly signed up for the site in recent years.

TribLive reports that as many as 600,000 Pennsylvanians could have information exposed; in Philadelphia, as many as 210,000 residents had reportedly used the site at one point, with 30,000 signing up in 2012 alone. Read more »

Stu Bykofsky’s Blog Suspended for Summer

Photos | Twitter

Photos | Twitter

A weekend blog post about immigration by Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky was removed from because it didn’t go through the correct editorial processes, editors at the newspaper said Monday.

Indeed, Bykofsky said Monday afternoon, his blog at is being “discontinued for the summer” as punishment for his failure to adhere to those processes. He will continue to write a column for the Daily News print edition.

“When you break the law, there are consequences,” said Bykofsky, who has been a columnist at the paper since 1987. Read more »

Former Ironworkers Boss Sentenced to 19 Years in Prison

Joseph Dougherty, the former Ironworkers boss convicted earlier this year of leading a union campaign of intimidation against non-unionized workplaces, was sentenced Monday to 19 years in prison.

NewsWorks reports Dougherty was also ordered to pay $558,000 in restitution.

Dougherty was convicted in January of racketeering conspiracy, using fire to commit a felony, and other charges. Of the 12 defendants in the racketeering case, Dougherty was the only one who did not plead guilty before trial. Read more »

Report: Archbishop Chaput Received Hate Mail Over Firing Gay Teacher

Archbishop Charles Chaput. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Archbishop Charles Chaput. Photo | Jeff Fusco

A friend and ally of Archbishop Charles Chaput reports that the leader of Philadelphia Catholics has received nasty hate mail for his support of a Catholic school that terminated a teacher for living in a gay relationship.

At National Review, a conservative magazine with deep Catholic ties, George Weigel wrote over the weekend that Chaput had received the following missive:

“One ‘correspondent’ advised the mild-mannered Capuchin archbishop (whom he described as a ‘CHILD MOLESTING SACK OF SH*T’) to ‘GO F**K YOURSELF,’ adding the eschatological note that he hoped Chaput would ‘ROT IN HELL.'” Read more »

Guilty Plea Possible in 2013 Salvation Army Collapse

The crane operator accused of causing the Salvation Amy collapse that killed six people and injured six others may plead this week.

“According to sources close to the case, crane operator Sean Benschop may enter a plea at a hearing Tuesday morning,” CBS 3 reports. “The 43-year-old faces multiple counts of Third Degree Murder, which carry a potential life sentence.” Read more »

Eli Kulp Plans to Open NYC Eatery in Fall

Eli Kulp, left, photographed by Gene Smirnov before the accident. The accident, right, shot by AP.

Eli Kulp, left, photographed by Gene Smirnov before the accident. The accident, right, shot by AP.

Eli Kulp, the chef in injured in the deadly Amtrak accident in Philadelphia, still plans to open a New York eatery this fall — even though the accident left him paralyzed.

“My dream was to come from the West Coast, learn how to cook in New York and to eventually have a restaurant in New York,” he told the New York Post. “That dream has come true. Obviously it’s coming to fruition in a different way than expected.” Read more »

Police Investigate Death of Drexel Grad

Jasmine Wright | Facebook

Jasmine Wright | Facebook

Police say a recent Drexel grad was beaten and possibly strangled to death in her West Philadelphia apartment.

Jasmine Wright, 27, was found dead Thursday afternoon at her apartment by the building’s property manager. She was a recent graduate of Drexel University’s School of Public Health. Read more »

Here’s What the SEPTA “Pope Pass” Will Look Like


UPDATE [7/20/2015]: The passes are on sale now. Here’s everything you need to know to get one.

ORIGINAL: We knew that SEPTA was going to issue a special “pope pass” for regional rail riders to get around town the weekend of the pope’s visit to Philadelphia in late September. Now we know what it will look like.

SEPTA provided the above mockup to Philly Mag — a design that meshes the Liberty Bell with a cross, above a “World Meeting of Families” logo against a silhouetted Center City skyline. Read more »

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