Will Penn State Keep Player Names on Football Jerseys?

Under the late, lamented Joe Paterno, the players for Penn State football never had their names on the back of their jerseys. JoePa was old-school and believed in team victories more than individual recognition.

His successor, Bill O’Brien, altered that tradition — a way to recognize players who stuck with the program through the depths of NCAA sanctions.

Now James Franklin has arrived. Which tradition is he choosing? The Patriot-News reports:

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Butkovitz: Philly Schools Should Open Up Long-Hidden Works of Art

City Controller Alan Butkovitz just issued a press release calling on the Philadelphia School District to stop bogarting all its great art.

He said more than 200 pieces of art, with a total value of $4 million, have been concealed in a storage facility for the last decade. The schools should partner with the city’s art institutions to display those works to the public, Butkovitz said.

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In Interview, Kathleen Kane Defends Her Work

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

A couple of months removed from intense criticism over A) her choice to abandon a sting operation that had caught several Philly Democrats taking money and B) her perhaps overeager efforts to connect Tom Corbett to the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State, Attorney General Kathleen Kane appears ready to be in the spotlight again.

She granted an interview this week to Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV. Mostly it was a light interrogation about the challenges of being a woman in a job that had until now been reserved for men, and how she has responded to the intense criticism she’s faced this year.

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Pa. Bill Would Decriminalize Transporting Booze Across State Lines

Arthur Goldman may get a bit of redemption after all.

You remember Goldman: He’s the Chester County attorney who was accused of bootlegging after he had rare fine wines shipped to his home from out of state — in violation of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board rules — and selling some bottles to friends. Authorities say the nearly 2,500 bottles of wine seized from Goldman will be destroyed, per state law.

Now there’s a move afoot in the Pennsylvania House to decriminalize the importation of liquor and spirits from across state lines.

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Michael Nutter’s Beautiful, Empty Words About Ferguson


OK, we’ve probably beat up on the Philadelphia Police Department enough for one summer. We’ve suffered through a new scandal, retreaded an old scandal, questioned the connection between this department and the tragic events of Ferguson, Mo., and seen the rise of a new movement to increase the department’s accountability to the public.

Most of this was necessary.

But before we we leave the summer — hopefully for a future filled with mutual respect between police and citizens, the highest ethical standards for each, and the end of “no snitch” culture — let’s consider one last thing: The words of Mayor Michael Nutter.

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Montco Man Starts Write-In Campaign for Governor

Well, maybe this will liven up a humdrum election campaign.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports a Montgomery County man named Dave Naples is running a write-in campaign for governor — taking on the large bank accounts and established organizations behind Gov. Tom Corbett and Democrat Tom Wolf with … the power of Facebook. The problem? His Facebook page had only 44 “likes” as of this morning.

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