No More Confederate Flag at Geno’s


Geno's Steaks

Photo | Jeff Fusco

A Confederate flag sticker on a motorcycle displayed at Geno’s Steaks was removed after a customer took his complaint public Monday.

Phil Dahl complained this week to about the sticker — on a neon-orange motorcycle built for the shop’s late founder, Joey Vento, displayed across the street from from the steak shop. His complaint came after the Charleston massacre renewed national debate over the flag’s symbolism.

“I’ve walked passed this monstrosity for four years now, and I just can’t believe no one has said anything about it,” Dahl told the website. “Maybe that says something about our own perceptions and blind spots to these sorts of things.”

Geno Vento, Joey’s son and current owner of the shop, on Monday had the sticker scraped from the motorcycle’s battery cover, and the motorcycle rotated 180 degrees.

Geno Vento told “The offending image has been removed from the public view.” Read more »

Newspaper Guild Plans Thursday Rally

The Newspaper Guild has already printed picket signs in case of a possible strike.

The Newspaper Guild has already printed picket signs in case of a possible strike.

Negotiations between Philadelphia Media Network and the Newspaper Guild are apparently going down to the wire.

The two sides reportedly for 11 hours with a federal mediator on Monday, but left appearing little closer to a deal. The current contract between the two sides expires this weekend, and the guild — which includes the journalists of the Inquirer, Daily News, and, as well as members of the advertising, circulation and finance departments — could choose to strike at that time.

Before then, however, workers plan a lunchtime rally on Thursday outside PMN’s Market Street offices, with city and national labor leaders on hand to show their support. Read more »

State May Expand Smoking Ban to All Clubs and Bars



There are still places in Pennsylvania where you can light up a cigarette publicly — but it appears even those few places are about to go away.

The Pennsylvania House is considering a bill that would eliminate most exemptions from the 2008 state law that banned most public smoking. NewsWorks says the new ban would extend to all bars, hotels, and private clubs. There appears to be little opposition to the bill. Read more »

Nutter Heads Back to Vatican


Mayor Nutter meets Pope Francis during an earlier visit to the Vatican.


Mayor Nutter is leading a trip to the Vatican this week as officials on both sides continue their planning for Pope Francis‘s September visit to Philadelphia.
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A Miracle in Charleston

When the arguments about guns and race subside after last week’s Charleston massacre — and, inevitably, they will — there is one moment from the whole ugly affair that I expect to remember for a long, long time.

That moment came after the alleged shooter, Dylann Roof, had been captured and brought before a judge to hear the charges and have bail set. In a moment unlike any I’ve experienced in court, the judge then allowed family members of the victims to speak to Roof.

And what happened was kind of extraordinary. Read more »

We Want Answers: New SRC Chair Marjorie Neff

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

The School District of Philadelphia has been beset in recent years by both financial and academic challenges. It seems to me you have the most difficult job in town.
Definitely the most difficult volunteer position in town.

Why did you volunteer?
You know, there are times when I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” But I also believe that just because something’s hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, if you think it’s right.

The perception is that you ascended to the SRC chair in part because you voted against the charter expansion.
That might’ve been the perception, but that was not the reality. The Governor asked me to do this. We didn’t talk about charter schools before or after as part of his decision-making process. Read more »

What They’re Saying About Ralph Roberts

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Here is what they’re saying about the death of Ralph Roberts, the founder of Comcast:

Forbes: “Ralph was a remarkable man who touched the lives of so many people,” the Roberts family said in a statement. “He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather and perhaps most importantly, a kind and humble human being. He will always be remembered for his generosity, integrity, honesty, kindness and respect for everyone around him. He was an inspiration to us all and we will miss him greatly.”

AP: “He remade the cable industry. When he started, it was a bunch of mom and pop businesses. He’s shown that you can take that idea and transition it to a worldwide media business,” said Terry Bienstock, a former general counsel at Comcast who met Roberts in the early 1980s. “The NBC thing will be his legacy.”

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Clock Ticking on Newspaper Deal

The Newspaper Guild has already printed picket signs in case of a possible strike.

The Newspaper Guild has already printed picket signs in case of a possible strike.

Monday could be a make-or-break day in negotiations between Philadelphia Media Network — which owns the Inquirer, Daily News, and — and the Newspaper Guild.

The guild’s leaders said in a Thursday night memo to members, that the two sides will meet that day with a federal mediator — and that the mediator “has asked the Company to be prepared to stay as long as necessary on Monday to reach a deal.”

The current contract between the two sides expires the following Saturday. Guild members have already approved strike preparations. Read more »

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