The Next Jay-Z Might Be Singing on Philly’s Sidewalks

The Made in America concert went down this past weekend, and was by all accounts a rousing success. It’s great that Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) was able to put together something that cool in Philly. And it’s even more remarkable when you remember that Jay-Z began his music career as a street hustler, selling tapes out of his trunk, and that Roc-a-Fella Records was started by Carter and two friends because nobody would sign Carter to a record deal. Read more »

Top 5 Most Spectacular Falls From Grace by Philly Athletes

It looks like Terrell Owens has reached the end of the road, as he was released by the Seahawks a couple of days ago. He is and will forever be a lightning rod in Philadelphia. His explosive, record-setting 2004 season made him a hero in Philadelphia, and a Super Bowl performance that season made him an instant legend. And then … the bottom dropped out. There was the holdout, the dissing of McNabb, the sit-ups in the driveway, the press conference in the lawn. It went from the ridiculous to the sublime, and less than a year after one of the most inspiring Super Bowl performances in history, he was no longer a part of the team and was a pariah in Philadelphia. Never has there been a more spectacular fall from grace in this city’s sports history. Read more »

How Philly Comedians Handle Hecklers

Last week, comedian Daniel Tosh’s handling of a heckler started a firestorm online. His remarks were out of line, but a lot of people seemed to miss the fact that heckling a standup comic during a show is equivalent to yelling at actors during a stage play. It is an interruption of a performance, and people who heckle need to be prepared for severe blowback. Probably not to the level that Tosh came back with, but blowback nonetheless. Read more »

The Most Honest Person in Philadelphia

“One time I got so drunk, I was hosting a show and I threw a tray of glasses, and got kicked out of the bar,” Philadelphia comedian Juliet Hope Wayne says, flatly and honestly. “Another time, I grabbed a microphone and said I thought the judges were c-bags, except I said the real word, because I didn’t think they gave my friend a good score.” Wayne’s not looking for laughs or for pity. She is simply doing in our interview the same thing she does every time she steps on stage. She’s telling the truth. Read more »

VIDEO: Sexuality Expert Talks Fifty Shades of Grey

Timaree Schmit recently earned her PhD in human sexuality from Widener University, runs a sexuality website (, as well as a podcast about sex. I own a basement. So what better duo to discuss the most tantalizing subject on earth? This week we discuss why Fifty Shades of Grey does such a bad job of representing the BDSM culture, and why Magic Mike is so popular. (Music provided by Nicky Nick aka Tungsten9.) Read more »

I Beat Bedbugs in Philly

They are vile, blood-sucking parasites, proof that the Lord of the Underworld indeed exists. They are bedbugs, and Philadelphia is full of them; it was recently reported that we took New York’s title of bedbug capital of the country—not exactly a title worth bragging about. For those of you who have bedbugs, I know how miserable you are. I’ve been there. Three years ago, we had them, and they almost drove my wife and I off the edge. Read more »

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