Why Eating Gluten Free Has Become One Big, Fat Joke

Do you eat gluten free? I do, and I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me when people like Miley or Gwyneth advocate for a gluten-free diet as a way to drop a few pounds. I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit that I cringe every time I come across an article mocking a diet that’s had massive, wonderful repercussions for my health and the health of many other gluten-sensitive and celiac suffers.

I wish I could just ignore these things, but it’s exactly this kind of bad publicity that’s made me realize something: Somewhere, somehow, our diet—the gluten-free diet—has become one big, fat joke.

Whether it’s Pat Sajak thinking he’s cute by reassuring everyone that Wheel of Fortune is gluten free or bottled water companies jumping on the GF bandwagon by marking their products with a gluten-free label (it’s water, people!), everyone can plainly see that gluten-free diets is a funny joke. Problem is, I’m not laughing.

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