Reaction: “Why I’m Proud to Be a Lululemon Ambassador”

Unite Fitness's Jesse Frank

Unite Fitness’s Jesse Frank

Note from editor Emily Leaman: Earlier this month, we ran a piece by Diana Vitarelli, owner of Philly’s Dhyana Yoga studios, explaining why she opted out of the Lululemon Ambassador program. The piece made the rounds, far and wide, online, and I heard from lots of readers, yogis and other studio owners about why they agreed or disagreed with Diana’s position. One such person in the latter camp is Jesse Frank, co-owner of Center City’s Unite Fitness studio, who has been a happy Lulu ambassador since 2012. Below, his take on the ambassador drama, reprinted from his blog post “Lululemon Ambassadors, Unite!” with permission from Unite Fitness. The views and opinions are the author’s own.


I pride myself on generally staying out of other peoples business, gossip, and private conversations.

But last week, when my co-worker forwarded a recent blog-post from “one-disgruntled-former-ambassador”, I knew it was time to sit down and write a letter in response to show my support and appreciation to the Lululemon Ambassador program.

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