How Will the Real Stephen Colbert Play on The Late Show?

Dear Stephen (May I call you Stephen?), Yesterday’s sudden announcement that you’re leaving The Colbert Report to replace David Letterman on The Late Show left me reeling. […]


Why You Need to Be Watching “Looking”

For those who think of gay men as sexually-obsessed predators, the premiere of HBO’s “Looking” does little to disabuse that notion. In the very first […]


Girls Season 3: Is Hannah Growing Up?

I’m worried about Hannah. I count on the lead character of Girls to be cuckoo like Cocoa Puffs, in an arrested-adolescent, navel-gazing, borderline-endearing sort of way. […]


MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Needs to Stop Apologizing

If love means never having to say you’re sorry, no wonder MSNBC is single. It’s the sorriest network on the planet. Latest to join MSNBC’s […]


The Day We Ate Arnold the Pig

It’s not every day that a family of Jews hosts a pig roast, but that is exactly what my sister did at her suburban Washington […]


Santa’s Not Brown. Neither Are His Reindeer.

When Fox News’ Megyn Kelly insisted last week that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ were both white dudes, it got me to thinking. Was Our […]


Is Your Husband Gay?

Here’s a cheery thought for the holidays: American women would rather have a cheating, alcoholic, depressed, heterosexual husband than a gay one. Discuss. This gem […]


Philly Needs an All-Chanukah Radio Station

What does Philadelphia radio have against the Jews? For years, we Christ Killers have been subjected to non-stop Christmas music, beginning before Thanksgiving and continuing […]


Thanksgiving with the Cheney Family!

Thanksgiving dinner chez Cheney could be an awkward affair this year. Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughters are in a nasty public feud over same-sex […]


Alec Baldwin Should Be Fired

Alec Baldwin is a cocksucking fag hater. For anyone who thinks I just accused Baldwin of being a “cocksucking fag hater,” shame on you. I […]


Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

I’m sick of “sorry.” A colossal string of clusterfucks over the past week triggered a litany of public apologies. As luck would have it, the […]


Media Screws Up LAX Shooting Story! No One Surprised!

Another day. Another tragedy. Another media fuckup. Less than an hour into breaking coverage of Friday’s shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, several reputable media […]


We Interrupt This Program to Announce That — Yawn — Shepard Smith Is Gay

Is Fox News anchor Shepard Smith gay? Who cares? In an unmistakable sign that we’ve evolved into a true post-gay culture, Gawker’s so-called outing of […]

Inquirer Building, 400 N. Broad Street

Inquirer Cockfight! How Old, Out-of-Touch Men Ruined a Newspaper

The tragic kabuki dance being played out by the owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer shares a dubious distinction with the Inky staff – all the […]

Eagles Helmet

Rename the Redskins? Why Don’t We Rename the Eagles?

All this noise about the Washington Redskins’ name makes me want to feather up and hit the warpath. The latest politically correct paleface to join […]