13 Diners You’ll Find in Philly

Illustration by Jessi Falcone

The Winos | Illustration by Jessi Falcone

We here at Foobooz certainly enjoy Philadelphia’s food scene but that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally roll our eyes at some of the other dining room’s tables. Here is our list of the thirteen kinds of diners you’ll find in Philadelphia. Who do you recognize, what behavior are you guilty of?   

Compiled by Isabelle Gallicchio, Ela Torres and Alex Tewfik

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Philly-Themed Cocktails from Local Comedians

The Philly Flyer2 oz. Bluecoat Gin, 1/3 oz. Luxardo maraschino liqueur, 1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice, 1/4 oz. creme de cassis.  Tweet

Comedians Chip Chantry and Jim Grammond posted the following list of Philly-themed cocktails to Facebook. We’re re-publishing it here with their permission. And if you notice that either Chantry or Grammond are performing around town, do yourself the favor of seeing them live.


Philadelphia in the summertime is loaded with great bars, restaurants, and pop-up gardens where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy a good drink. These watering holes will often name a drink or two after a notable person, place or thing from this city’s rich history.

In the spirt of themed-spirits, Chip Chantry and Jim Grammond have taken the initiative to create some Philadelphia-themed cocktails and specialty drinks that bars across town should adopt. Immediately. Enjoy.

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Sushi School is Back in Session At Pod

No, your sushi won't look this good.

No, your sushi won’t look this good.

By Isabelle Gallicchio and Ella Torres

Last year Stephen Starr’s West Philly pan asian restaurant, Pod, launched an in-house Sushi School, taught by head sushi chef, Tomoyuki Takasu. After a successful first summer session, Pod decided to bring back the popular class this year. Sushi school provides hungry students the opportunity to learn how to prepare and roll their own sushi under the watchful and helpful eye of chef Taka. It’s also very popular with the first date crowd, in case you need some inspiration.

And because we kept hearing unceasing praise for Pod’s class, we decided to check it out ourselves. So last week, Foobooz went back to school…

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A Letter to Trey Popp


Steve Wildy has weighed in on Facebook with an open letter to Trey regarding the wine pricing at Petruce et al. The letter makes some very good points. We have re-posted the letter in its entirety below. It is lengthy and illuminating. Please take the time to read it. 

Note: Comments are off on this post so the discussion can continue in one place, on the State of the Markup post.

I  recently received wind of online comments made by Jason Malumed, a wine distributor, in response to Philly Mag food writer Trey Popp’s review of Petruce et al. These comments elicited a response from the critic called “A Second Look At Petruce et al: The State of the Markup.” (You should read it) Malumed’s comments sought to point out many factual inaccuracies and outright untruths. Unfortunately, Popp’s second look doesn’t apologize to Petruce co-owner and wine director Tim Kweeder for misquoting his average markups as 3x instead of 2.6x as much as it takes the opportunity to further rail against restaurant wine pricing in general.

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Another Winner In New Jersey


According to Craig Laban, if the Farm & Fisherman Tavern & Market can get the pricing under control–and if chef-owner Josh Lawler can find a balance between his farm-to-table impulses and being able to provide the kind of food people want to eat for the amount of money they want to pay–then South Jersey might just have another winner on its hands.

The Tavern is moved by the same go-local hands-on spirit, obvious from the shelves of Collingswood-roasted coffee, multihued eggs, and fridge cases of house-made sausages and terrines in the market. But the end goal of the Tavern involves a bigger challenge: to break down its whole animals, devotion to seasonality, and dedication to scratch cooking at a neighborhood-friendly price point that might actually pry someone away from their frozen Happy Hour BahamaRitas at the mall.

Two Bells — Very Good

Farm And Fisherman Tavern & Market Review [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Farm And Fisherman Tavern & Market [f8b8z]

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