Tips for Including Your Groom in the Wedding Planning

Groom With Best Man And Groomsmen At Wedding

While every so often we come across a groom-to-be who’s eager to take part in the whole wedding planning process, many men are perfectly happy to just show up on the Big Day and let the bride do the rest. Though your fiancé may not express interest in flower arrangements and table settings, that doesn’t mean he can’t—or shouldn’t—participate in the planning. After all, the wedding is about both of you.

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Beyond the Wedding Party: Incorporating Family and Friends into Your Day

Bride With Grandmother At Wedding Reception

Oftentimes it’s during the initial phase of planning that the bride and groom will decide who among their friends and relatives will proudly stand next to them as members of their wedding party. While these roles are among the most covetable, this is not always the best place to involve every single person that holds significant meaning in your life. Beyond the obvious bridesmaids and groomsmen, there are plenty of other creative ways to incorporate a grandparent, sorority sister, cousin, or other special guest who deserves a little extra recognition.

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Navigating the Guest List: Who Will Make the Cut?

Deciding who will receive an invite to the most important day of your life can be one of the more challenging tasks that come with planning your wedding. From distant relatives you rarely see to coworkers and your parents’ friends, it can be quite overwhelming to sort out who will make the cut—especially when feelings are involved. However, by keeping in mind the size of your reception site and your budget, it is possible to solidify your guest list while keeping the peace.

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How to Keep Your Love Alive Throughout the Stress of Wedding Planning

Ask anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge as to what it takes to plan a wedding and they’ll surely tell you that it’s one of life’s more stressful processes. From designing invitations to the final dress fitting and everything in between, planning the Big Day can often take a toll on the bride-to-be—not to mention the strain it may cause on the couple’s relationship.

Though planning can be overwhelming, it’s important to not lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place. The person who will be waiting at the end of the aisle needs your attention too, and to guarantee that he’ll be there when you make it to the alter requires some effort in the romance department.

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You’re Engaged! …Where Do You Go From Here?

He finally popped the question and you’re over the moon with excitement.

The day you’ve been dreaming about is really going to happen and you couldn’t be happier.  Once you stop staring at that gorgeous ring, you jump online and scour the Internet for ideas. Pinterest board, check, wedding blog, check, information overload, check.  All of your friends and family are thrilled for you – and eager to share their opinion as to what you should and shouldn’t do as you plan your wedding.  Now your head is spinning – oh dear!

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