The Dirt: Easter Edition


It’s really happening, people. Rainy days, daffodils, and recipes aplenty to grace your table this holiday weekend. Whether or not you’re celebrating Easter, dyeing eggs is especially fun, and the farmer’s market is full of vegetables that you can use to make your own, all-natural egg dyes.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Have you ever noticed the thing that happens this time of year? All at once, chefs around town seem to be unable to tolerate another turnip or stand another second of squash. Suddenly, magically, favas, peas, and rhubarb start appearing on menus, even if they haven’t quite made it to the farmers’ markets yet. The idea of what spring vegetables are doesn’t quite match the local timeline, and though these spring lovelies have yet to make their debut there are, creeping in to market, sure signs of the changing season.

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First Look: Helm

Helm, the Old Kensington BYOB from chef-duo Kevin D’Egidio (recently at Stateside), and Michael Griffiths (former sous chef at Fork), is set to officially open tonight. For the past few evenings the pair have been cooking dishes from their first menu for friends and family, and based on our first tastes, these dishes are going to be an easy sell even to folks who aren’t related to them.

We’ve got the menu, a look at the interior and plenty of pictures, all after the jump.

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The First Ever Monger Games At DiBruno Bros


“Kraft. Terrible Kraft. A single slice of processed cheese product individually wrapped in plastic. Seven districts rebelled against the mass-produced, imitation yellow squares of government-mandated disgustingness. Grocer warred against grocer in an all-out battle for cheese supremacy until, from the ashes rose a new era. We swore as a company of mongers we would never forget the tragedy of yesterday’s cheese. And so it is decreed that every month, one young monger and one member of the Philadelphia food community will offer up their culinary delights to the fine people of this city in tribute, as a reminder of our delicious generosity. This is how we remember our craft. This is how we feed you darn good food”

Swathed in sequins and delivering this half-somber monologue, cheesemonger Leslie Uhl stole the show on Sunday as DiBruno Brother’s answer to Effie Trinket, mistress of ceremonies at the first ever Monger Games. Inspired by Suzanne Collins’ series of books-become-blockbusters, The Hunger Games, the event was filled, to the delight of fans (myself included) with clever references to the books.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Yesterday’s snow was, hopefully, winter’s last hurrah and today means blue skies and farmers setting up tables in the lingering slush. The first days of spring still look very much like winter, but like the crocuses beginning to appear, there are a few green signs that the season really is changing. Here are a few to add to your market basket.

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Meat Week: 5 New Offerings At La Divisa Meats


Back in January, the stand that formerly housed Border Springs Farm lamb changed hands, landing in those of the butcher who was already running it. When he took ownership, Nick Macri re-christened the shop La Divisa Meats.

His first move was to add some variety to the case, so in addition to Border Springs’ lamb, the shop now offers pork from Hamburg, PA-based Country Time Farm and grass and milk-fed veal from Birchrun Hills Farm in Chester Springs, PA. Why is this great news for Philly eaters? Because they needn’t plan a trip all the way to Kensington Quarters to access fresh cuts of local, pasture-raised meats butchered with care. Additionally, Macri’s culinary background means that, even though his dry-cured salumi won’t be ready for a bit, he’s bringing some serious interest to charcuterie and adding ready-to-cook options for those looking for convenience. Here are our picks for new meats to add to your grocery list next time you head to Reading Terminal.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmer’s Market This Weekend


Anybody see folks in shorts this week? Flip-flops? While it might not be so nice out yet as to warrant such fashion choices, that’s what a shred of warming weather does to us this time of year. It’s like we go crazy with relief at the confirmation that winter is finally beginning a retreat. Just as it’s not quite weather for short sleeves yet, you won’t see much change on the tables at the farmer’s market–except for a few delicate additions–but what can change this weekend is your outlook. Instead of suffering through another week of root vegetables, think of this as their last hurrah and a final few weeks to enjoy the warming foods of winter.

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Open Stove 35: When Mise En Scene Becomes Mise En Place


We could have given them liver and a nice glass of Chianti to see what dishes they’d come up with, but Adam Ratmoko and Sean Korcal had it made from the start.

The theme of the 35th edition of Open Stove at COOK was “Celebrate the Movies”, a nod to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Philadelphia Flower Show. And when I say “a nod” I mean a direct rip-off, in the most flattering way possible.

Honestly, can you blame us? The contenders for the evening basically wrote the theme themselves. On one side of the stove, Adam Ratmoko was assisted by Joe McConnell, both representing team Strangelove’s which shares a name with Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film. On the other side, Sean Korcal took lead, assisted by last month’s Open Stove contender, Geno Betz, both from Bardot Cafe, itself named for French film ingenue, Brigitte Bardot.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


After a doozy of a snow day and piles of slush still lingering, the weekend ahead–with projected high temperatures above freezing and a sunshine-heavy forecast–is going to feel downright balmy. Since we’re sure you’ve already binge-watched enough Netflix and eaten enough calories for the weekend before it has even begun, tomorrow should be an excellent day to stretch your legs and head down to the farmer’s market…

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