The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Along with more Autumnal splendor, this Sunday evening is anticipated to bring our coldest temperatures yet, with maybe even the possibility of a hard freeze. Whether or not things unfold that way, it’s a fair assumption that this weekend will mean a hard stop to certain lingering summer flavors like tomatoes and peppers. The good news is that there’s plenty of good stuff to replace them on market tables. Here’s what you need to know for this weekend’s slightly more bundled-up trip to the farmer’s market.

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DiBruno Bros. Is Having A Cheese Crawl This Weekend

The cheese counter at the new Di Bruno Bros.

Some cheese to go with your cheese at Di Bruno Bros.

Hold on to your Swiss cheese hats and lace up your limburger shoes, because this Saturday, October 17th, DiBruno Brothers will host their second ever Cheese Crawl at their five area stores. The event, which debuted last December as a sort of scavenger hunt, was wildly popular, so they’ve further upped the ante for this, the second, adding a more focused progression that leads to a street festival at the end.

UPDATE: DiBruno is selling tickets for this year’s event in order to keep a handle on the crowds. They’ll run you $20. Get yours here.

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Roughwood Seed Collection Dinner At Kensington Quarters


For farmers, fall means fermenting the last of the tomatoes, shelling the too-big-to-eat green beans, and the drying of the chile peppers to harvest seeds for next summer’s crops. One of Pennsylvania’s horticultural treasures is a collection of seeds begun in 1932 that represents more than 4,000 heirloom food plants. And this Thursday, October 15th, you have a chance to taste some of these special plants at Kensington Quarters.

Oh, and also? We’ve got the menu.

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First Look: South


Despite having an extremely un-Googlable name (you try typing “south restaurant Philadelphia” into the search field and let me know how it goes), South–the latest offering from restauranteurs Robert and Benjamin Bynum and chef Paul Martin has opened on North Broad Street. The Bynum brothers, previously involved with jazz venues Warmdaddy’s and Zanzibar Blue, as well as Chestnut Hill’s Paris Bistro and the recently shuttered Heirloom, are sticking to what they know with this one: homey food and live music.

Photos and menu details, right this way…

The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


The trees are starting to turn, and even with warmer temperatures lingering it’s finally starting to look like Autumn out there. Two Harvest Festivals, one at Reading Terminal Market and another at Awbury Arboretum, plus the Rittenhouse Arts and Crafts Fair means that you should have no shortage of opportunities this weekend to spend time outside and even enjoy some pumpkin and apple-themed festivities. If all else fails? A quick stop for a heavy dose of fall ingredients at city farmer’s markets will see you through.

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Pizza Is (Finally) On The Menu At Petruce et al


Back in 2013, back when Justin and Jonathan Petruce had just signed a lease for their Walnut Street restaurant, the p-word (one that isn’t their last name) got thrown around a lot.

“So the place is going to have a wood-fired oven?”


“And Jonathan Petruce staged at a pizzeria in Naples?”


“So there’s gonna be pizza at Petruce, right?”

“Well, no…”

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Taking A Second Look At Imli


Imli Indian Kitchen, the Indian restaurant by Arshad Chughtai and Adam Stone that replaced Ulivo, has already taken a few blows. First, a one bell review and disappointment from Craig LaBan for not measuring up to his hopes for authentic South Indian flavors. Then, over at the soon-to-be-dearly-departed City Paper, Adam Erace called Imli “good enough, occasionally great,” and recommended it as a place to take the kids or the in-laws.

But still, for all the lukewarm reviews and platitudes, Imli might be killing it where it counts. Four and five star reviews pepper the restaurant’s Yelp page, and Yelpers, for what it’s worth, are praising the restaurant for delicious flavors, great value, and friendly, accommodating service. In fact, Imli’s rating is better than either Ekta’s or Tiffin’s, and they’re tied with IndeBlue and with Old City’s Tandoor. So of course, before we weighed in on either side of the fray, we paid our own visit to have a look.

More photos right this way…

The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

Back Camera

Now that Pope Francis has made his visit and moved on, the farmer’s markets are back on track for the weekend ahead. A week off means that more summer fruits and vegetables have made their departures, autumn has officially arrived, and, along with this rain, the season for baking, braising, and roasting has officially begun.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens…

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