About Last Night: Relish Butter And Hot Dog Jus


You know what would make any 28-day dry aged New York strip steak even better? Hot dogs. At least that was the working theory last night, at the 26th Foobooz Open Stove Night at COOK. The battle went down between up-and-comers Geno Betz of Stateside, assisted by Blaise Sideris, and Alex Busch of Brauhaus Schmitz, assisted by Dan Britt.

So let’s see how it all shook out, shall we?

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The 806 Experiment: A Collaborative Business Model For Peddler Coffee and Koliyan


Fresh on the heels of the news that one Philly food collaboration is changing gears, another one is just gearing up. In a little storefront at 806 South 6th Street, where East Passyunk hits Catharine, Peddler Coffee and Koliyan Cambodian Desserts have opened up shop. Though early rumors labeled the space a coffee shop, and though there is frequently cold brew and coffee beans available for sale (through online pre-order), the space is resolutely more collaborative than that.

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In Pictures: The Fermentation Dinner Series At High Street


Sometimes when we say “friends and family” we mean “a group of people to whom we are related and/or acquainted and with whom we will be expected to make polite conversation.” Other times we mean actual friends and family. You know who yours are. Actual friends/family have actually seen us at our actual worst. Our worst haircuts, our worst fashion decisions, and the worst culminations of our worst decision making.

I’m not sure which of the two High Street on Market is aiming for with their weekly Tuesday night “friends and family” dinner series, but I will say that the food at this 9:30pm evening meal is far better than that at most family functions, and the price just can’t be beat.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


This is a good news / bad news, freaky kind of week for farmer’s markets.

Here’s the bad news: These soggy, humid days are going to wreak moldy, mush-town havoc on those strawberries you were just beginning to enjoy. The good news is that all the leafy things are loving them. Bonus? The murk is supposed to clear just in time for market days this weekend. Here are a few favorites to which you can look forward…

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


As always, new items are appearing at farmer’s markets, but this week new markets themselves are cropping up, too. Check out The Food Trust’s newest market in front of the YMCA at 18th and Christian next Wednesday from 3 til 7.

This weekend you can expect to see a shift towards summer. Supplies of seedlings will begin to die down, so if you haven’t gotten a tomato plant or two into the ground the time is now! Expect supplies of spring favorites like asparagus and rhubarb to be dwindling this week, giving way to the following summer favorites…

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Consider this your public advisory announcement: we have now entered the point in the year where we can scarcely keep up with the new produce items popping up every week. You’re just going to have to go to market and see for yourself. But still, it’s not like we’re not looking out for you. So here are some of the highlights for the week ahead…

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New Friends & Family Tuesday Dinner Series At High Street On Market Featuring Marisa McLellan


You don’t have to be in the restaurant industry to appreciate what chef Eli Kulp and his team are doing on “Friends & Family” Tuesdays over at High Street on Market. Kulp is transforming what is normally a quiet evening for restaurants through collaboration with local farms and bloggers in a series of dinners that are as informative as they are delicious.

The format started with a series of cheese dinners featuring local cheesemakers  curated by blogger Tenaya Darlington, alias Madame Fromage. Next up was fermentation blogger Amanda Feifer, from Phickle, and a series of dinners (one of which   is left, by the way, on June 17th) focusing on fermentation as a means of transforming and preserving foods in cuisines from Eastern Europe and Russia, East Asia and South Asia.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This (Holiday) Weekend


Chuck Berry and Katy Perry weren’t wrong. California does plenty of things just fine. Citrus? Yep. Avocados? Sure. Olive oil? Yeah. That, too. But there are certain foods that just don’t travel the way that bottles and thick-skinned fruits do. This week, Philadelphians can celebrate the arrival of one particular fruit that California might hold the monopoly on–but the flavor of which, when grown locally, makes “the golden state” seem a little bit tarnished…

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