New Sweetgreen Doing A Pay-What-You-Like Benefit For Fair Food

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Farm-focused, DC-based salad bar and fro-yo chain Sweetgreen has opened the doors of their newest Philly outpost at 924 Walnut Street, and they’re introducing themselves to Center City by throwing a little party.

Tomorrow, Sweetgreen is offering pay-what-you-like pricing on their line of sandwiches, salads, and juices and all proceeds will benefit Fair Food, a non-profit focused on connecting Philadelphians to local foods.

Have some for lunch tomorrow from from 11:00 until 4:00.

Sweetgreen [Official]

About Last Night: Aldine Pop-Up At Cheu Noodle Bar


Last night the ramen-lovers at Cheu Noodle Bar had to satisfy their umami cravings with some lesser take out option, because the only menu on the table was George Sabatino‘s (executed along with Cheu’s Ben Puchowitz and paired with cocktails by George’s wife, Jennifer Sabatino) for a sold-out, one-night-only pop-up to showcase the kind of dishes we can expect to see at Aldine – the Sabatino’s first restaurant, set to open in early June in the former NoChe space. Guests filled every seat for each of four on-the-hour seatings, and the food reflected Team Sabatino’s earthy flavors and modern techniques, as well as a yearning for spring ingredients to arrive in Philly.

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Peddler Coffee Hits The Streets

peddlerThe first week of spring might have you dusting off your bicycle to ride to your favorite coffee shop for a cup, but by the time summer rolls around you might not even have to lock up your wheels. There’s a new super “nano scale” coffee roaster in town, and instead of taking the food truck route (or the brick-and-mortar one, for that matter) Peddler Coffee will introduce itself to Philly the only way that makes sense: via bicycle.

Peddler is the project of Zachary James Urbanski and Richard Kessler, and the two are taking an extremely DIY approach to their business. They’re roasting single origin coffees by hand, brewing with Yama cold brew towers, and they plan to serve their coffee with a hand pump from custom built bicycles (by the same folks who made Little Baby’s ice cream tricycle). For the moment, Urbanski (who has a degree in graphic design) is even screen-printing the black and gold label that appears on every single bag.

Check out Peddler on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and look for them along your favorite bike route.

All coffee coverage [f8b8z]

Some history on Peddler and the market where they got started [Food Junkets]

The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers’ Market This Weekend


We made it! On this, the still-pretty-chilly second day of the most welcome of springtimes ever to grace this fair city, at least we can breathe a sigh knowing that we’ll all soon be swimming in the lettuces, herbs and sweet peas of May. For the moment, however, we’re still in March and March and early April are the leanest times of the year for local agriculture because we’re running low on the storage crops (apples, root vegetables and squash) from last season, and even the early stuff for this year hasn’t had quiiiiite enough warmth or sunshine to be ready to go yet.

Nonetheless, a few early season greens, cultivated indoors or out with a little bit of shelter, are starting to appear. Here are a few to look out for:

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Coming Soon: Spread Bake Shop


Though too late to meet your hamantaschen needs for Purim this year, Spread Bake Shop (brought to you by the fine folks from Spread Bagelry) will open up very soon. The shop, in the former Brown Betty space on 20th street, will be baking on premises the kind of sweets that you may have had at home (or at your friends’ houses) while growing up. Expect scones, muffins, sticky buns, and “mom’s coffee cake” alongside babka and rugelach and a few favorites that are less commonplace in Philly. They’ve changed the configuration of the space, so expect a walk-up counter in a subway-tiles-and-exposed-bricked space. Though there won’t be seating, customers will be welcome to bring their sweets to the cafe tables over at the Bagelry, which is great news for those who like to balance the savory with the sweet.

And of course, we have some construction pictures for you. Check them out after the jump.

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Ian Knauer Chef Dinner At Wyebrook Farm

Ian Knauer

If you’ve watched any Saturday morning TV recently (not counting cartoons), you might have caught Ian Knauer’s show The Farm on WHYY. Knauer, who spent almost a decade as a cook in the test kitchen of a little magazine called Gourmet, has returned to his roots, cooking, filming, writing and teaching from his family’s farm in Chester County.

And now, he’s teaming up with neighbor Wyebrook Farm to host another of their wildly popular chef’s dinners on Saturday, April 12th. Fifty guests will enjoy a complimentary toast of Victory beer followed by a menu of Spring produce favorites and Wyebrook’s pasture-raised meats.

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmer’s Market This Weekend


Not gonna lie–it’s way easier to cook a locally-sourced, authentic meal for Saint Patrick’s Day around here than it is to cook for last week’s midwinter holiday, Mardi Gras. No, we don’t have local shrimp, crawfish or crab for gumbo, and okra is so far out of season it isn’t even funny, but St. Patrick’s Day? Here in Pennsylvania we’ve got pork and cabbage ON LOCK.  Also beer, and though you must stick to Jameson’s in the whiskey department for this year, Pottstown’s Manatawny Still Works will start distilling some of our own local brown spirits any day now. In the meantime, here are some suggestions for a Saint Patrick’s Day feast Philly-style.

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Happy Pi Day From Magpie


Even if you’re not into Dungeons & Dragons or L.A.R.P-ing, certain nerdy things are easy to love: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and, of course, pi–that beautiful little mathematical symbol: π. Especially when represented by pie with an e.

This Friday, March 14th, is Pi Day (get it? 3/14?), and in celebration of 3.14159-and-so-forth Magpie will be offering up slices of butterscotch bourbon, their signature pie, for only $3.14. It’s your chance to celebrate both the mathematical and things that are infinite–including your appetite. For pie.

Magpie [f8b8z]

The Gaslight, In Pictures

Gaslight14In a quick turnaround, Old City’s newest destination, The Gaslight, opened a few weeks ago in the old Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant space across the street from The Franklin Fountain. The menu–made up of ‘Chips & Dips’, ‘Apps & Snacks’, and ‘Big Plates’–is a chance for chef Jason Cichonski to play with ideas too casual for his other restaurant, Ela, and better suited to a bar than to fine dining.

From our first glimpse of their opening menu it seems that there are some good ones: garlic hummus, charred eggplant salsa, and three other dips are served with a selection of chips: pita, house-puffed rice crackers,  and tortilla (fried up from the wares of the San Roman tortilleria on 9th Street). Onion rings, coated in panko, maintain their crunch beautifully alongside charred long hot peppers and yuzu aioli. The foie gras and chicken liver mouse with raisiny red wine mostarda is sure to become a favorite if ordered with the pickle board – three generous cups of house made pickles, to cut its richness.

On the entree side, Scottish salmon with goat cheese polenta, sprouted lentil salad, and blood orange vinaigrette appears alongside pulled duck flatbread drizzled with hoisin and classics like spaghetti bolognese, short ribs, fried chicken and burgers. It’s refined pub food in a warm, airy space with ample bar seating and plenty of bottles to choose from and it might just be exactly what Old City needs.

And we, of course, have all the pictures…

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The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmer’s Market This Weekend

Photo by Mike Persico

Photo by Mike Persico

Between the Barleywine Bonanza, the Brewer’s Plate, the Craft Beer Express, and all your regularly scheduled imbibing, there’s going to be a lot of drinking happening in Philadelphia this weekend. And what’s the best thing to eat with beer? Burgers. And what’s the best burger around? A burger made from pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, or turkey. Thanks to the modern miracle of residential refrigeration, we’re able to enjoy any of the above raised locally and with care by the very same people who will price it out and wrap it up for you at your local market this weekend. Here are some suggestions for your next patty:

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