Best Philadelphia Music: 15 Albums You Need To Hear Now


Not many BIG POP STARS call Philadelphia home these days. The most popular artists currently representing the city are arguably Meek Mill and Jill Scott. We still love The Roots, and we will always consider them a local group despite our better judgment, but are they really? The jury is out and it might stay out forever.

But one cool thing about music these days is that you do not need BIG POP STARS to have a good time. There were many great albums released by talented bands and rappers and recording artists from Philadelphia this year. Most of them may have dwelled just below the radar, but that was fine with us. Here are 15 such local albums we suggest you listen to if you haven’t already.

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Here’s What’s Wrong With Made in America

The biggest problem with Budweiser’s Made In America Festival is that it does not make Philadelphia one of its main characters—the city barely even has a supporting role. Sure, for the past two years it has taken place on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and the stage on the Museum of Art’s steps is called the (gulp) “Rocky Stage,” but it is possible for festival-goers to attend Made In America without ever experiencing Philadelphia.

This year, there was even a “Skate Park Stage” which was placed close to the recently opened Paine’s Park, but that did not even acknowledge its existence. And, while one of the vendors was selling roast pork sandwiches, a five minute walk would have allowed people to eat one of the best sandwiches in the world: The roast pork at DiNic’s, in Reading Terminal.
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