Rooftop Yoga at South Philly’s Bok Technical School Kicks Off This Weekend

bok3The outdoor-yoga fun just keeps on coming, folks. In addition to the new outdoor yoga series kicking off tonight in Kahn Park, there’s another new al fresco series debuting this weekend.

Beginning this Sunday, August 23rd — and running each Sunday through September 13th — you can get your yoga on atop the soon-to-be-transformed Bok Technical School with instructor Katie Gould. Stunning city views and a killer soundtrack are guaranteed. Read more »

PopeRide to Make Best Use Ever of Closed City Streets During Pope Visit


Photo by Jeff Fusco

When local cyclist Alexandria Schneider heard that the Pope was coming to town, she didn’t freak out about the influx of visitors, potential traffic, road and business closures, and general sense of, um, cluster like the rest of us did. She saw an opportunity.

“When was the last time the streets were closed for something other than a natural disaster?” she says. “I’m looking to make the best of a bad situation.”   Read more »

Tackle the Philly Stair Climb Challenge with CoreFitness

Philly stairs_Lemon Hill

The steps near Boathouse Row | Photo by Gina Mancuso

Last month, you guys went bonkers over our post detailing the best places to do stair workouts in the Philly area. We actually got the lowdown from CoreFitness’s Gina Mancuso, and she had the genius idea to turn the post into a real live workout series. And so we give you: the CoreFitness Stair Climb Challenge SeriesRead more »

VIDEO: Take a 112-Mile Paddle Down the Schuylkill River in 3 Minutes

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Well, friends, it’s been 10 months since we posted the Philly Fitness Bucket List, our handpicked compendium of the 25 things every local fitness enthusiast needs to do at least once. So it’s time for a status check: How many items have you managed to check off? (You can go ahead and tell us in the comments.)

While we’re certainly smitten with all 25 to-dos, we’re particularly jazzed today about #17, the Schuylkill River Sojourn. See, the just-posted video, below, documents the seven-day, 112-mile kayaking journey from Schuylkill Haven to Boathouse Row in a speedy three-minute reel. And the kayak-mounted camera aaallllmost makes you feel like you were there.  Read more »

“It Took Me Two Years to Get Pregnant”


Oh, hi Internet! It’s good to see you again. It’s been a few months since I’ve been around these parts, and it feels good — really good, actually — to be back.

For the three of you who noticed my absence, I have a really good excuse, I swear. His name is Noah, and he’s the cute little guy smiling at you at the top of this post. See, um, I had a baby. Back in May. Without telling you. Sorry about that.  Read more »

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