Meet Keeva, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog



This week marks a big one in our Adoptable Running Dog series. It’s the first week we’re showcasing a dog from the brand-spanking-new Monster Milers rescue. That’s right—the animal-shelter running group now has it’s own adoption and fostering program. How cool is that? Keeva is the group’s first rescue, so let’s do the Monster Milers a favor and take her off their hands, okay?

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Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Throwback to 1994


If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be shocked when you realize that the music below is 20 years old. Twenty years! How has it possibly been that long?!

The good news is, 1994 was a good year for music. It was the year of Green Day (Dookie!), Ace of Base, Notorious B.I.G, Beck (“I’m a loser baby…”), Weezer, TLC and more. So jam out to these throwback tunes during your workout this weekend. And go ahead—sing ‘em at the top of your lungs.

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Meet a Health Hero: Dr. Ignacio Valencia

ignacio valencia

Dr. Ignacio Valencia

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Name: Dr. Ignacio Valencia

Occupation: Neurologist at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, associate professor of pediatrics at Drexel University College of Medicine, and medical committee member and volunteer at the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania’s Camp Achieve

Who or what motivates you to be healthy?
My children and my patients. I want to be there for them as long as I can.

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Meet a Health Hero: David Wurtzel

David Wurtzel

David Wurtzel | Photo by Avi Loren Fox

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Name: David Wurtzel

Occupation: Founder and executive director of The First Twenty and volunteer firefighter at Narberth Fire Company

Who or what motivates you to be healthy?
Family and firefighting. I owe it to my family past and present to be healthy for them, and for all their love and support. Plus, respect for my fellow firefighters and wanting to not let them down on the job.

Describe a health or fitness related turning point in your life.
The First Twenty is a nonprofit dedicated to the unmet health needs of the American firefighter. We authored the nation’s first-ever national fitness and wellness program for firefighters. So when we received our first email from a firefighter in Alabama thanking us for helping him to lose over 20 pounds, that was huge. It was then that I realized the impact of what we are doing.

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Meet a Health Hero: Katie Monroe

katie monroe

Katie Monroe | Photo by Andrea Mules

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Name: Katie Monroe

Occupation: Founder of Women Bike PHL at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Who or what motivates you to be healthy?
I was lucky to grow up in a family that valued health and wellness. I got used to healthy food and regular physical activity—especially biking and hiking outdoors. I definitely have my parents to thank for that. It’s such a gift for that to be my “normal.”

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