If You Loved Running Over the Ben Franklin Bridge, You’ll Love This Race

Cooper Norcoss Run the Bridge | Photo via Facebook

Cooper Norcoss Run the Bridge | Photo via Facebook

I heard from a lot of people this weekend who were absolutely tickled pink after running — or walking, or biking — across the car-free Ben Franklin Bridge, which was shut down to motor traffic while Pope Francis was in town. “What a once in a lifetime opportunity!” they said to me.

Er, no, actually it’s not. There’s a very awesome race every year that shuts down the Ben Franklin Bridge, and — guess what! — it’s coming up in November.  Read more »

Running Q: Do You Really Need to Jog in Place When You’re Stuck at a Light?

Whenever I come to a red light during a run — which happens a lot, as city runs go — I stop dead in my tracks and wait. And I have to admit that whenever I see another runner jogging in place at a red light, I laugh a little bit in my head. Har har! Look at that silly guy, bobbing up and down with nowhere to go. That can’t possibly be doing anything for him … 

Er, right? I realized last week, as this exact thought ran through my head for the zillionth time, that I had no idea if it was beneficial or not to jog in place when you’re stuck at a light. Sure, it seems silly, but maybe I’m just a jerk and there really is something to it.  Read more »

Pope in Philly: Our Favorite Instagrams from the PopeRide

pope ride lead

Yup, it happened — and seemingly without a hitch. This morning, hundreds of cyclists gathered at 30th Street Station for the PopeRide, a group bike ride through streets mostly closed to cars in anticipation of Pope Francis’s visit to Philadelphia this weekend. Carefree cyclists rode all around the so-called traffic box, enjoying the sites and sounds of a motor-traffic-free city. Imagine …

Well, you don’t have to. Here’s what it looked like this morning as the PopeRiders took to the streets.  Read more »

7 Places to Run Outside of the Pope Zone This Weekend

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge | Photo via Flickr

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge | Photo via Flickr

The bad news: Pope Francis’s visit to Philly this weekend may screw up some of your running plans. The good news: There are plenty of other places to run in the area that are well out of dodge, as far as the Pope goes. With help from Alon Abramson, leader of West Philly Runners and the mastermind behind the super helpful website, Run Philly, we found seven solid bets for glorious outdoor runs that’ll let you escape from the Pope frenzy.  Read more »

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