How Many Calories Are in Domino’s New Speciality Chicken Fried Chicken Pizzas?

Photo via Domino's/Facebook

Photo via Domino’s/Facebook

I’m having a hard time coming up with words to describe the new Specialty Chicken dishes that just made their debut on Domino’s menus nationwide. They’re, like, long, skinny logs of fried chicken pieces covered in sauce, cheese, veggies and meat. My instinct is to call them smothered fried chicken piles (Can you see why I’m not a product marketer? Gross.), but other people are referring to them as “pizza with a breaded chicken crust”—basically, all the makings of a pizza, except, instead of a traditional crust, the base for these dishes are pieces of fried chicken. In other words, they are smothered fried chicken piles. See?

Whatever you choose to call them, I thought it only fair, in the spirit of our many “How Many Calories Are In…” posts (for your reading pleasure: here, here, here and here) to check out the nutrition facts for the pizza-like Specialty Chicken dishes everybody’s buzzing about. They come in four flavors: Classic Hot Buffalo, Crispy Bacon & Tomato, Spicy Jalapeño-Pineapple and Sweet BBQ Bacon.

Here’s the nutritional breakdown, as well as ingredient lists:

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Sneak Peek: This Is What the 2014 Broad Street Run Race Shirt Looks Like

The 12th Street Gym just posted a photo of the 2014 Broad Street Run race shirt, which one of its employees received in the mail along with her race bib.

I have to say, I love, love, love this year’s design. The fonts are great, the illustration is great, and it keeps with the vintage feel of the throwback BSR shirts I told you about yesterday.

What do you think?

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Throwback 1980 Broad Street Run Race Shirt Now Available at Modell’s

broad streetDreams do come true, my friends. Remember a few weeks back when I shared what is absolutely, most definitely the best #ThrowbackThursday post of all time: a photo of the original Broad Street Run race shirt from 1980? Well. The Blue Cross Broad Street Run must have a pretty smart marketing/PR department, because they’ve just reissued the shirt, thanks to all the positive feedback from their #TBT, and are selling it through Modell’s Sporting Goods.

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Unite Fitness Is Giving Away 10 Weeks of Free Workouts

unite fitnessIf your workout routine has been feeling a bit blah lately, pay attention: Philly’s Unite Fitness training studio is running a contest right now to give away 10 weeks of free workouts to one lucky winner.

You’ll have access to one of Unite’s personal trainers for one private session a week, and you can take as many group workouts as you’d like, if you win. You can also choose to go through Unite’s three-phase nutrition program if your eating habits need a little rehab.  The contest is aimed at giving you a swift kick in the pants toward a healthier, happier you.

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Dietician: Jezebel’s Banana-Diet Girl Eats 250 Teaspoons of Sugar a Day



I wasn’t planning to talk about the crazy post on Jezebel last Friday about the Australian girl who says she eats 51 bananas a day and claims that her nearly entirely raw, banana-heavy diet has led to a 40-pound weight loss. But then no fewer than five different people sent me a link to that post, with questions ranging from “Whaaaaaa?” to “HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE?!” so I thought I’d weigh in.

Actually, I did better than that. I talked to Main Line Health dietician Judy Matusky, who works at Bryn Mawr and Paoli hospitals, about what such a diet might do to a person’s body. Our conversation was pure conjecture, of course—Matusky didn’t personally examine the aforementioned Banana Girl—but the outcomes are based on fact, on what consuming that many bananas would most likely do to a person’s body.

Here, seven scary things I learned from our conversation.

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