Where I’m Shopping: Fashion Forward, Philly’s Best Spot for Designer Resale


A case holds Jimmy Choos, Louboutins and all sorts of glitzy baubles.

There’s a certain thrill to buying luxury pieces at a designer’s flagship store, or from the hushed, marbled showrooms of places like Neimans, Saks or Barneys. It’s a dance of pomp and circumstance. Racks are sparse; rifling through them is done gingerly, to show your respect for the clothes and also to not piss off the saleswoman who probably already has an inkling that you aren’t going to drop $34,000 on that mink shirt. Wires, like vines, snake out from the most expensive garments and lock them to the rack. It’s all very civilized.

Shopping at Ayana Hamilton’s boutique is a different animal entirely, and for me, the thrill here is even better.

Chanel, Prada and Miu Miu ahead.

Market Report: 5 Eyeliner Mistakes You’re Making

  • MR13Raccoon eyes, begone! Did you know cat-eye beginners should use gel instead of liquid liner? And stop pulling on your eyes to get a straight line. Tilt your chin up instead and look down for an ultra-smooth swipe. Hey, the more you know. [Elle]
  • Have we all reached our Michael Kors saturation point? Analysts are beginning to worry that the Kors bubble has finally burst. This is not so great for Philly, as Kors is opening a store on Walnut Street. [CNBC]

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7 Hilarious Reviews of Blake Lively’s New Lifestyle Website ‘Preserve’


The PRESERVE homepage, a study in sepia, dramatic silhouettes and fonts straight outta Colonial Williamsburg.

At long last, Blake Lively’s new “lifestyle site” is here. It is called Preserve and it is one part Martha Stewart, one part Kinfolk, two parts painful earnestness, and five parts Instagram filter. Shoppist’s assistant editor Marina pointed out that the sun-kissed photo of a golden-haired Blake romantically penning the site’s “editor’s letter” looks a whole lot like this photo of Gossip Girl‘s Serena van der Woodsen studying for her SATs.
The resemblance is uncanny.

Market Report: 25 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

  • MR24It’s no secret that you can find some of the best beauty products in the aisles of a drugstore. Here are 25 of the best products — from drugstores all over the world. (Luckily, most can be found online!) [Refinery29]
  •  According to science, matching and color-coordinating isn’t stylish at all. [Fast Company]
  • Here’s the trailer for the unapproved Yves Saint Laurent biopic. (Warning: It’s in French, without subtitles.) I cannot understand more than 10 words, but I cannot WAIT to see it. [Fashionista]

More good stuff ahead.

Market Report: The 26 Best Aviators Ever Worn by Celebs


  • Happy Monday, Shoppists. Let’s ease into the week with this roundup of the 26 best moments in aviator history. Yep, ’90s Posh and Becks make the cut. [Style.com]
  • When no one was paying much attention, Coach went and got cool.  (Sad news: They fired a ton of people to get there.) [Into The Gloss]
  • A Beyoncé fashion exhibit is coming to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum tomorrow. [Rolling Stone]

How to wear a head scarf, coming right up.

Sale Alert: There’s a Blowout End-of-Season Sale at Shop Sixty Five


Shop the summer collections now. | Photo via Shop Sixty Five.

More end-of-season sale news: Suburban boutique Shop Sixty Five, with locations in Doylestown and Gladwyne, kicks off a blowout sale today. The labels they’ve discounted are sweet — Zadig & Voltaire, Elizabeth & James, Gary Graham — and the prices are even sweeter.

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