Retail Report: A Guide to All the Store Openings In the Philly Area This Fall


For many people, fall is just as much of a fresh start as January 1st. This is especially true for the retailers, who clamor to get new shops up and running in time for the holiday shopping frenzy. For Philly, which is poised to make some giant leaps in terms of its retail landscape, this means a happy onslaught of store openings. Fifteen, to be exact (if you count Uniqlo’s trio of soon-to-open area stores). Here is what’s on the horizon for the fall—who’s coming, what they’ll be selling, where they’re opening and when you can get in. Trust me: It’s enough to soften the blow of summer’s ever-encroaching end.

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Psst: NINObrand Is Having a Secret Sample Sale This Week


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If you’re not already familiar with Bela Shehu’s Philly-based clothing line, NINObrand, head here right now to get acquainted with her spare, modern, androgynous collection. In love? Better act fast. This week, from Thursday to Saturday, the studio is having a private, by-appointment-only sample sale, during which you can start (or broaden) your collection of Shehu’s artful pieces.

Here’s how.

Market Report: How to Clean Out Your Closet Like a Vogue Editor

  • MR13Do you purge your closet too frequently or not enough? (For me, it’s the former, and I’ve definitely donated things that I now regret.) Here’s how four Vogue editors keep their closets in tip-top shape—and the mistakes they’ve made along the way. [Vogue]
  •  This just made my entire day: a bunch of kids weighing in on fall’s fashion ads. One of the best quotes: “It looks like their feet fell off. They’re like, “Oh no, our feet are gone and somebody stole our candy and our gold!” [The Fashion Spot]
  • Here’s a handy rundown of the five boot styles you should totally invest in now, if you haven’t already. [WhoWhatWear]

The most amazing brow chart is straight ahead.

Fashion Conundrums: Are You Too Old For That Hemline?


The great length debate.

Last week, I went to a wedding. One of the guests was a politician, there with his wife who looked to be in her mid- to late-forties. Halfway through the ceremony, a friend leaned over and whispered to me:

“He won’t ever be president. Look at his wife. She doesn’t have that First Lady look.”

I rolled my eyes, because talking politics — or anything remotely political — with this particular friend is sort of like running a marathon: You begin not knowing why you ever started, you’re dazed, confused and hating life halfway through, and deliriously exhausted at the end. But I stole a peek at the woman a few pews up, and had to agree: It wasn’t a good look.

Let’s get this out of the way: Unless you’re a celebrity, I don’t really care what you wear. If it makes you feel great, go for it. Still, there are certain sartorial offenses that drive me crazy, and they generally fall into the Too Tight/Too Short category. This was the latter. The woman’s body was incredible; her arms had the Gwyneth Paltrow Ripple, that subtle cut in the arm just beneath the shoulder. (Side note: GOOP got it by doing bizarro dance moves like this.) The non-First Lady also had a flat stomach and Jessica Simpson’s new legs. And she was showing it all off in the world’s shortest dress.

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Watch What Went Down at Shoppist After Hours Last Week!

Last Thursday, we kicked off our new Shoppist After Hours series, a semi-secret, underground shopping event that will pop up every so often at Philly’s best boutiques. We started off celebrating the guys at Ps & Qs on South Street. They dished out huge sales on new merch, Hennessy was there pouring its latest limited-edition collaboration with Shepard Fairey, and style whisperer Sabir Peele talked men’s trends for fall (Hawaiian prints, the “shacket,” backpacks and joggers).

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Market Report: 6 Old-Lady Style Tricks to Steal (Really!)


  • Happy Monday, Shoppists! Let’s kick things off with six awesome style tricks that you need to steal from grandmom. Here’s proof that a jogging suit can look awesome on the under-70 set, too. [Refinery29]
  • Kelly Osborne is launching her first fashion line with HSN. It’s called Stories … By Kelly Osborne (ellipsis for added drama, I suppose?), and it launches on September 25th. Let’s take a look at it now, shall we? [WWD]

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Beauty Report: J.Crew is Launching Its First Fragrances on Monday


J.Crew’s first fragrances come in gorgeous packaging.

In what appears to be J.Crew’s quest to take over the world (or at the very least our entire closet and makeup drawer), the brand is now dipping its toes into the perfume arena. On Monday, J.Crew is launching its first fragrances, created in collaboration with perfumer Arquiste and inspired by a gallery show by Peggy Guggenheim.

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Here’s Where to Get Awesome Organic Beauty Treatments in Philly


Say spa-aah—organically.

When you’re at a spa or salon, the last things you want to think about are scary chemicals. But you should: The gals over at Be Well Philly uncovered a study about harmful chemicals that are found in everything from antibacterial products to, get this, toothpaste. When you think about the lotions, serums, sprays and oils slathered on your body during a pampering sesh and the possibility that any or all of these might contain tons of bad-for-you chemicals, well, that’s enough to make anyone leap out of the pedi chair.
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Market Report: How to Cut Your Own Bangs

  • MR22Happy Friday! In case you get an itch to trim your bangs yourself this weekend (we’ve all been there), please read this first. And don’t even THINK about using regular scissors. [A Beautiful Mess]
  • North West has made her modeling debut. At one year old. In Chanel. [StyleList]
  • Lucky, the magazine about shopping, is breaking away from Condé Nast and joining with e-commerce company BeachMint. What’s in it for you: more online shopping. [TechCrunch]

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