Market Report: Eek! You Are Doing a Smoky Eye All Wrong


  • Beauty PSA: Stop following the smoky eye tutorials on YouTube. Everyone’s eye shape is different, so what looks great on one person can look like a raccoon-eyed mess on you. Here’s how to use an eyeshadow quad to get the most out of your peepers. [Into The Gloss]
  • Traveling for Thanksgiving? Steal the style of these 10 girls who have their travel-style game on. (Number 9 is my fave.) [PopSugar]
  • J.Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons wore this to Solange Knowles’s wedding. It is by far the best outfit anyone has ever worn to a wedding in the history of time. [WhoWhatWear]

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65 Best Black Friday Sales in Philly and the ’Burbs

illo girl with shopping bags

Let’s do this. |Shutterstock.

After another whirlwind year, we’ve arrived once again at peak shopping season — and we’re here to guide you through it. We’ve rounded up over 40 of the best sales, promotions, free gifts, secret codes, shopping parties and more (oh, and we sprinkled in where you’ll also get free booze). But what’s better: For 99 percent of them, you don’t even have to step foot into a mall, so you can avoid rabid crowds and support our coolest local shops. Happy shopping — and saving. Let’s do this.
Well, what are you waiting for?

Beauty Secrets From a Philly Prison (Really!)


Female inmates create “fakeup.” | Orange Is The New Black.

An interesting story popped up over on Refinery29 the other day. It was a piece that originally appeared on The Marshall Project, a newly launched nonprofit news site that focuses on the American criminal justice system, and it detailed the crazily resourceful ways female inmates create makeup products (or “fakeup”) behind bars.

According to The Marshall Project, federal jails offer products like liquid eyeliner, bronzer and lip gloss (who knew prisons were like mini Sephoras?), but most state and county prisons only dole out things like mascara and eyeliner. So women get crafty, melting down Jolly Ranchers to use as hair gel, crushing up colored pencils for eye shadow and even mixing coffee and face cream for foundation.

More tricks ahead.

Do We Really Need a “Normal” Barbie Doll With Acne, Scars, Cellulite and Tattoos?


Barbie’s latest accessories: acne and stretch marks. | Photos via Lammily.

Like millions of kids, I played with Barbies a lot. I sewed teensy clothes for them and spent hours dressing them (perhaps foreshadowing my future career?). I washed Barbie’s plastic hair in the tub which turned it into a syrupy mess and led to very scary doll haircuts, arranged her ant-sized shoes in color order (definitely foreshadowing my future OCD tendencies), decorated her Dream House, made her kiss Ken and scoffed at her little sister Skipper, whom everyone knows is a poor man’s Barbie.

And, like million of kids, I also developed a severe eating disorder which, 20 years later, still prickles at my thoughts on a daily basis. Dozens of psychiatrists, dieticians and therapists probed for the source of my eating disorder. It was my upbringing! My perfectionism! My genetics! My mother!

In any case, Barbie never came up in conversation.

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Market Report: 24-Hour Breast Implants Let You Try a Boob Job On For Size


  • The padded bra is officially a relic. Now you can get a saline injection that temporarily gives you a fuller chest (one doc calls them “vacation boobs”); breasts deflate in about 24 hours as your body absorbs the saline. [Shape]
  • And now washing your face with plain old tap water isn’t good enough. People are swearing off the sink and only washing up with micellar water—a special blend of oil and water. Are they on to something? [Total Beauty]

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Buy Right Now: Lafayette Kanard’s Hand-Painted Limited-Edition Tees At Joan Shepp


(Left) Kustoms By L.K. tees at Joan Shepp; (right) how to wear it.

I’m not a t-shirt person—at all. I feel like standard tees are boxy and unflattering (I’ve never met a t-shirt sleeve I haven’t hated).  The only way I will wear a t-shirt: If it’s impossibly paper-thin and very, very slouchy (really more of a tunic than a shirt), or if it’s one of Lafayette Kanard‘s hand-painted designs.

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Behold, The Most Stylish Rain Boots Ever Made


Meet the new generation of rain gear. | Photos via Hunter.

I have a pair of Hunter rain boots that I pull out every time it rains. They are over-the-knee, sand-colored Wellies, with a chunky heel and laces that criss-cross up the entire front of the boot. These boots are kick-ass, puddle-stomping, I-fear-neither-rain-nor-sleet-nor-apocalypse boots, and I love them. (So, too, does everyone else: Men, women and children have complimented these boots; I believe animals and newborns would, too, if they could talk.)

As I received yet another compliment on the boots this morning—this time by a friendly, non-creepy man on my train, who always has his nose in a newspaper and is certainly not the least bit interested in fashion—I decided I’d spread the love and tell you where you can get your own pair of Kick-Ass Puddle Stompers. Sadly, though, they are not available any longer … but these are, and I think they might be ever cooler.

Buy them here.

Monday Obsession: Stellapop Sweaters, the Coolest Knits in Philly


The best knits to invest in now. | Photos via Vagabond.

Mary Clark has been a fixture on the knitting scene (yes, there is a knitting scene) for some time. Vagabond devotees know this; the Old City boutique, which she co-founded, sells luxe yarns and other knitting supplies. These shoppers also know to be on the lookout for Stellapop, Clark’s line of handmade sweaters that have garnered a cult following. And we’re not the only ones: Her cozy pieces have made their way onto the sales floors—both real and virtual—of major retailers like Barney’s, Steven Alan and Anthropologie.

How much?

Market Report: 30 Things in Your Closet That You Need to Throw Out Right Now


  • Want to have a perfectly curated, organized closet filled with only the things you truly love? It is possible—you just have to toss these 30 things first. Closet heaven will soon be yours! [Refinery29]
  • Beyoncé wore this $350 dress to sister Solange’s weekend wedding. Here’s where you can get it. [WhoWhatWear]
  • And Solange wore a jumpsuit! (And then a caped dress.) Werk. [Vogue]


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