Retail News: Coach on Walnut Street Has Closed


The former Coach location. | Photo via Google.

Well, this is odd: The Coach location on Walnut Street has closed. I spoke with store manager Nicole this morning, who informed me that the store’s last day was Saturday. The staff is currently moving out inventory. I have a call out to the corporate press office for details. This closure comes on the heels of the brand’s seemingly last-ditch efforts at rebranding (think: less logo-mania, more classic, cool luxury).

The next store to close?

The Ultimate Spring Style Shopping Guide


Fringe, ’70s and denim. | Photos courtesy of Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors.

Each new season brings with it a whirl of new trends, textures, silhouettes and patterns. (Farewell, pajama dressing! Hello, power suits! So long, cut-outs! Welcome back, sheer panels! Bye, kitten heels!  Bring on … platforms?)

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SkyMall Is Closing: 10 Bizarre Items You Will Never Be Able to Buy On an Airplane Again


Your days to buy men’s compression shirts like these are numbered. | Photo via SkyMall.

In very sad retail news, SkyMall filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. This means that your days of settling back in the warm embrace of an American Airlines chair and flipping through the SkyMall catalog are over. But what will become of all the massage chairs and life-size medieval knight statues? Before your days of ordering such things are gone forever, here are some of the best items the in-flight mall has to offer. Enjoy.

King Tut’s throne awaits!

What to Wear to the Philly Auto Show Black Tie Tailgate (Hint: Please Not What You Wore To Hair O’ The Dog)


Sheer + sparkles + tendrils = Ice skaters gone wild. | Shutterstock.

The season of formal events is upon us: the Oscars, the SAG Awards, the Academy Ball, the Lemon Ball, the Marian Anderson Awards … the Hair O’ the Dog. Earlier this week, I clicked through HughE Dillon’s slideshow of photos from the latter event, which is also known as Philly’s ‘adult prom,’ and, well, see for yourself.

In HughE’s words:

“Often described as an adult prom, the glamorous event attracts guests who really dress in their gala best, from black tie to gowns, cocktail dresses to your best dark suit.”

Hm. While I’m not so sure about the ‘glamorous,’ I do think ‘adult prom’ is an apt title. I’ve recently chaperoned a few proms (my husband is a high school teacher) and most of the dresses the high-school girls wear bear a lot of similarity to the ones trotted out at Hair O’ the Dog. They are tight, shiny, sometimes sheer, with strategic cutouts, a bit of ruching, maybe a slit or two, and always, always paired with a fake tan and at least one tendril.

While the women themselves were gorgeous, some of the dresses seemed dated, overwrought, too much of everything—too much boobage, or upper-thigh-age, or too age-inappropriate, or like something that just skated off the rink at the 2014 National Ice Dancing Competition, or maybe Dancing With The Stars.

Let’s find a new look!

Weird Things You Can Buy Online: A $1,150 Kale Necklace


Trendy vegetables.

Kale is a divisive leafy vegetable. Our very own health and fitness editor, Emily Leaman—who subsists on GOOP-ish levels of nutritious stuff—admitted that she hated it over on Be Well Philly, an admission that’s akin to a fashion editor proclaiming she hates Céline.

What’s probably also divisive: this fancypants ‘kale’ necklace. It’s by Khai Khai, a New York-based line from Haim Medine (yep, same Medine as Leandra; he’s the Man Repeller’s brother).

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Why Are Women So Furious About the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection?


A preview of the collection for Target. | Photo via Target.

No other designer collaboration has sparked as much vitriol as the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection. The announcement was initially met with glee. Yay! Lilly! The bluebloods come down to earth! Red plastic Target would turn into a porcelain teapot of floral shifts! Lilly—God rest her soul—would surely be cheering in her grave at the thought of her clothing—a happy accident, really, the outcome of a fruit juice stand venture (to camouflage fruit stains, she fashioned simple dresses out of colorful floral-print cotton)—now being made available to the masses! Think about it: Instead of going to stuffy debutante balls, she rode donkeys. She’d want everyone to wear her clothes.

Not so fast. These people were misinformed. Lilly, a Palm Beach socialite, they said, would not be happy. In fact, she’d be “turning over in her grave!” Refinery29 rounded up 39 reactions from these furious Lilly die-hards, many of them sounding like classist, bratty sorority mean-girls.

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Sale of the Season: Joan Shepp’s Infamous Basement Sale Starts Tomorrow


Joan Shepp.

If local sales are like football games, then this one’s the Superbowl: Joan Shepp‘s annual “blowout” basement sale. It kicks off (get it? Sorry) tomorrow, and we chatted with manager Ellen Shepp to get the low-down.

First things first: Plan a morning coffee meeting. You’ll want to get there in the morning to snag the best stuff. The sale lasts through Saturday, January 24th, and during the sale, store traffic is steady each day. (We can attest to this.) So for true bargain-hunters, the early bird really does get the Demueleeester.

As for the deals, all men’s and women’s fall and winter collections are on sale. Most items are 60 to 70 percent off, and spring 2014 archives are 70 to 85 percent off. (Basically free!)

But let’s talk specifics.

Receipt: How Much Money PR Queen Nicole Cashman Spends in One Week


Welcome to Receipt, our voyeuristic look into the weekly spending habits of Philadelphians. First up, Nicole Cashman, founder and owner of public relations firm Cashman & Associates—and new mom! We asked her to track every single thing she bought for one week, and here’s how it all tallied up. (So. Many. Baby. Accessories.)

See the list—and final number—here.

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