Monday Obsession: Ted Muehling’s Black Porcelain Objects


Objets d’art perfection. | Photo by Courtney Apple.

Well, somebody’s got a brand-new look: pint-size jewelry box Egan Day has unveiled a new and gorgeous website. And it’s just not an aesthetic rehab; the site is now—drumroll, please, and then freeze your credit cards in ice—shoppable.

While most people think of Egan Day as a jewelry store first, its collection of objets d’art are just as lust-worthy. Take, for instance, these pieces, most of which were designed by Ted Muehling. The assortment of gothic black bisque porcelain votives and sculptures and gold-splashed Biedermeier candlesticks are all appropriately moody accessories for the season. (That moth votive reminds me of Valentino’s butterfly-bedecked spring/summer 2015 couture collection. Egan Day owner Kate Egan promises the votive looks even more incredible when lit up.)

So how do I get them?

Market Report: 11 Budget Buys That Will Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive


  • Happy Monday! Here are 11 inexpensive (like, all under $115!) buys that make any outfit look like it cost a million bucks. [WhoWhatWear]
  • While I was a tad frightened by the packaging of Christian Louboutin’s new nail polish line, his latest addition is cool: a red polish with a pen-like applicator that lets you paint the underside of your nail in a nod to the famed red soles. It launches today. [InStyle]

Up next: Birkins that smell like pot.

Beer And Boots At Benjamin Lovell Tonight


Here’s a great way to kick off your weekend: beer, boots and a sale.

It goes down at Benjamin Lovell Shoes‘s Rittenhouse location (119 South 18th Street) and it starts right now. So close up shop and head over there. Hey, it’s a long weekend. Might as well kick it off early.

Here are the details: From 4pm to 7pm tonight, you’ll get free beer and 20 percent off all men’s shoes and boots. Sounds pretty good, right? We’ll see you there.


UNIQLO Opens In Willow Grove Mall Today


Shoppers clamor to get into Willow Grove Mall’s new UNIQLO store, left, and a look at the setup, right.

Just one week ago, UNIQLO opened its Rittenhouse doors with a flurry of activity that included runway shows, carnival games and a free Questlove performance. Today’s opening at the Willow Grove Park Mall (located on level three, near Nordstrom Rack) is decidedly less flashy—it is a mall, after all—but still worth checking out. Even sans Questlove.

Goodies continue all weekend.

Attention, Shoppers: Missoni Sale!


Nothing says ‘style’ like ridiculously chic bed linens.

Remember the time Target did that designer collaboration with Missoni and the world freaked out and basically shut down the Internet for a day? This is sort of like that, but on a much smaller scale, which means that you’ll actually be able to score the zig-zagged, slightly psychedelic goods before they sell out, and not have to watch things like a pair of $21.99 rain boots get scooped up and resold on eBay for $31,000.

Click for details.

Market Report: H&M Blasted For Jumpsuits Resembling Female Kurdish Military Uniforms

All About Oscars Style

  • H&M is in hot water after complaints that its latest olive green jumpsuit takes a bit too much inspiration from uniforms worn by Kurdish female soldiers fighting ISIS in the Middle East. [Daily Mail]
  • Can’t spring for a Birkin? Hermès just launched a special online store called La Maison des Carrés for scarves only. [Hermès]
  • Michelle Obama loves her Spanx. [The Hill]

More style news—including awesome vegan fashion—ahead.

10 Mesmerizing Halloween Makeup Video Tutorials


Makeup goes all Lichtenstein. | Screenshot via YouTube.

Confession: I find makeup tutorial videos extremely mesmerizing. On numerous occasions, I’ve fallen down a black hole watching YouTube videos of Madison, a five-year-old girl who makes the most adorable makeup videos ever. (If you ever need to cheer yourself up, watch this. Or this. Or, oh my god, THIS. Just scroll to the 7:20 mark and you will explode from all of the cuteness.)

But it’s not just tiny, precocious beauty gurus that delight me. Watching anyone transform themselves with makeup is fascinating, especially when they venture into the grotesque or fantastical. Don’t believe me? Watch these videos for your best Halloween makeup ever. (Warning: It’s a black hole and some are more than a little creepy.)

Click here for the crazy.

Menagerie Celebrates Its New Haverford Square Location


Menagerie has officially expanded into a second location in Haverford Square (the original location is in Wayne’s Eagle Village Shops). The boutique is nestled in a prime corner spot at 379 West Lancaster Avenue and will feature the same luxe, beachy-cool aesthetic as its sister store with, of course, tons of covetable accessories, including owner Kate Lawson’s own jewelry line.

Major sale news and trunk show alert ahead.

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