Kate Moss for Topshop is Coming to KOP This Month


How to dress like Kate Moss, in three very easy steps: 1. Be besties with pretty much every single designer on earth. 2. Travel the world and scour every amazing vintage shop you find. 3. Buy her eponymous clothing line for Topshop, which—and here’s the news—launches at the Nordstrom in KOP on Wednesday, April 30th.

Her spring/summer 2014 collection for Topshop is actually pretty impressive (unlike the vast amount of celeb lines—see: pretty much every clothing line mentioned here). Prices range from $90 (a paisley scarf) to $690 (a bias-cut satin maxi dress, that nods to this vintage Dior one she wore to the Met gala). Check out the bulk of the collection below (my favorite is the second piece), and be sure to get to Nordstrom early on the 30th: Customers who spend $150 or more in-store receive a limited-edition Kate Moss for Topshop tote bag, and the first 50 customers to make a purchase will score “extra swag” in their totes. (Can’t make it? The line will also be available at Nordstrom.com.)

Click here to see pieces from the collection.

BREAKING: Plage Tahiti is Closing at the End of June


Plage Tahiti. Photo via Yelp.

Plage Tahiti has long been regarded as Knit Wit‘s younger, trendier sister.  Today, owner Ann Gitter confirmed that the store, located at 128 South 17th Street, will close its doors on June 30th. “I’m totally excited about it,” Gitter told me over the phone. “It’s going to make my other store [Knit Wit] so much more fun.”

Gitter also noted that the closing has nothing to do with difficult landlords or rising rents. While she does admit that the layout of the store is tricky (and shoppers who’ve been to Plage can attest to this: The narrow layout and rather tight stairs to the second floor can be difficult to navigate), she says the main reason for closing is to boost the vibe of Knit Wit, which tends to cater to an older clientele with its high-end, higher priced selection.

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Market Report: 7 Tricks to Getting French-Girl Style

  • S-MarketReportLet this utterly chic French girl show you how to nail the perfect beauty look (think: less Kim Kardashian, more Charlotte Gainsbourg). [Glamour]
  • Both Kanye West and Pharrell are creating sneaker collections for Adidas. How much do you want to bet that Yeezus’s will involve fur and gold in some way? [InStyle]
  • Bobbi Brown—of the eponymous makeup empire—is now the editor-in-chief of Yahoo’s beauty site. (Did you know Yahoo has a beauty site?) [The Cut]

More fun ahead!

Market Report: How to Save Time in the Morning and Still Look Stylish

  • Market ReportWhen it comes to shaving time off your a.m. routine—while still looking stylish—no one’s a better role model than a morning traffic anchor. Her tip for outfit-choosing is smart, and you should steal it. [Huffington Post]
  • Curvy girls: This is your new shopping mecca. Eloquii, the Limited’s shortlived plus-size line, is back, and the story behind it is really inspiring. [Fashionista]
  • Here is every look from the new Kate Moss/Topshop collection. Kate! [Never Underdressed]

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Philly Fashion Startups: Former Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk Wants to Give You Money


Photo by Matthew Gilson. Image via Chicago Booth Magazine.

You know Glen Senk. Even if you don’t think you know Glen Senk, you know him. He’s the guy who helped launch Anthropologie—the guy responsible for turning that single Wayne prototype store, which at that time didn’t sell any of its cool antique props, into a lifestyle mega-brand. He was the CEO of Urban Outfitters from 2007 until 2012. (A note: Urban’s quarterly sales have been steadily sinking since his resignation. Coincidence?) And now he’s decided that instead of leading a company, he’s going to help get many of them off the ground. Yep, this means investing—to the tune of $350 million.

Say whaaaa?

This is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Jewelry

This is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Jewelry

Nine times out of ten, when I compliment someone on her wedding or engagement rings, I get this response: “Ugh, thanks, but it’s sooo dirty.” It’s like the jewelry version of “Oh, this old thing?” and it leads me to two questions:

1. Why the heck can’t we ever just take a compliment?

2. Why are we all walking around wearing filthy jewelry?

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A New Handmade-Gift Store is Opening in Old City

New Handmade Gift Store to Open in Old City

Coming soon: a handmade-gift and crafy-goods shop in Old City.

Even more retail news coming out of Old City: On May 2nd, Philadelphia Independents will open at 35 North 3rd Street. The gift store will feature only handmade items by local artists and artisans.

According to the press release, “Philadelphia has been well documented as a ‘city of makers’ entering into a renaissance of the handmade and upcycled. Philadelphia Independents is responding to this trend of customers seeking out locally sourced products and goods.”

But it’s not just another shop in the vein of Art Star/Nice Things Handmade/VIX. Not only will everything they sell be made by only local artists, but they’ll also host talks, demos and workshops. Hm. Sounds interesting. Let’s see what artists they’ll be carrying, shall we?

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Market Report: 9 Fashion Buys You Should Not Spend Money On

  • MR15They’re tempting, but so not worth it. Here’s what to avoid when you go shopping. [Refinery29]
  • Time to break out more stuff in the back of your closet: Coogi sweaters—you know, those so-ugly-they’re-almost-cool knits—are back. (Also, can you believe Notorious B.I.G. wore them?) [Huffington Post]
  • A contributor for The Cut (New York mag’s fashion blog) wrote an open letter to J.Crew asking for them to bring back an old swimsuit design. This is what happened. [The Cut]

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Philly Designer to Watch: Lobo Mau’s Latest Collection is Amazing

That’s me (on the left) with Nicole Haddad, just before I tried to walk out with her entire collection shoved in my purse. (Kidding, but only by a little bit.)

Tracking Nicole Haddad as she makes a name for herself as a fashion designer has been nothing short of inspiring. Her first collections, under the name Lobo Mau, abounded with wild colors and patterns; her current spring/summer collection is peppered with harem pants, graphic leggings and a few shiny gold metallics thrown in for good measure. Trendy, cute and super-stylish, yes. Sleek and classic—something you could wear to work—not quite (see: those gold biker shorts). Still, I liked the bulk of her collection (and so did everyone else in town—at last year’s Philly Mag Shops, Haddad sold out of nearly everything she brought!).

But in this past year, Haddad’s aesthetic has matured; her pieces have become less flash-in-the-pan and more sophisticated. I recently visited her showroom at Skai Blue in Midtown Village, where she gave me a sneak peek of her fall/winter 2014 collection (which will be hitting stores in August). In a nutshell: This girl’s got it.

Click here to see the collection.

Covet: The Work Outfit You Need This Spring

Covet: The Work Outfit You Need This Spring

Spring’s cropping up, which means it’s almost time to break out your maxi-dress/cardigan combo. Or your capri pants/blazer combo. And then wear them. Over and over and over again. Here’s a fresh way to spin your workweek look: Invest in a whoa-bold pencil skirt (this should hit below your knees), sharpen it with a cool take on the button-down—like this zip-up cropped top, which won’t even show a sliver of skin with a higher-waisted bottom—heels that deliver a splash of color, and a metal collar necklace (which you’ll wear over top of your buttoned-up collared shirt, not underneath). You won’t wish for casual Fridays ever again.

Click here for where to buy in Philly.

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