4 Philly Mag Staffers Reveal Their Major Hair Transformations (Plus Where They Got Them!)


Our fearless four. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

Lately, I’ve noticed something around the halls here at Philly Mag. Staffers — lots of them — made some huge hair changes over the summer. Women with long, long hair suddenly went short, and most did it with little to no fanfare: one day, shoulder- or waist-grazing locks; the next, bobs, lobs and bangs. Four staffers, though, stand out for the biggest, boldest changes this season, and (spoiler) each of them look fantastic. Check out their before-and-afters below, find out where they went, and get inspired to change up your ‘do for fall. After all, as one newly shorn staffer said, “It’s just hair!”  Read more »

An Ode to the Valentino Dress I Will Always Love But Never Own


At least once a week, I send my colleague Carrie a link to some very expensive clothing item or accessory over Slack, our intra-office messaging system, with a brief but friendly note: “I would kill you for this.”

She does the same, but usually her message is: “Can I have this, please?” To which I respond, simply, “No.” Because the things we love — the things that actually shoot a stab of longing through our hearts, one I swear is almost painful — are different-stratosphere expensive. Take, for instance, this Valentino dress from spring/summer 2015. Glorious, no? I am drawn to it, I think, because it’s an elegant, grown-up spin on the bohemian maxi dress. It’s not quite as Cinderella-like as, say, this one, which is why I fancy it a more practical purchase. It’s something I’d wear to a nighttime wedding. Or maybe a ball!

But I’ve long given up on this dress — even forgotten about it (self-preservation!) — because it probably costs around $10,000. (While I can’t find an exact price, I assume it’s more expensive than this version, which runs $7,990.) And then an odd string of morning web skimming led me to Nasty Gal, which led me to thisRead more »

Here Is One More Reason I Hate Those Hervé Léger Bandage Dresses


No, no, no and no. | Shutterstock.com Everett Collection.

It’s no secret that I reserve a special place in the blackest part of my heart (where I stow away hatred for things like olives, cilantro and John Mayer) for Hervé Léger bandage dresses. It doesn’t matter how fantastic the body is beneath those seatbelt-like strips of fabric, how beautiful the wearer, how the dress is styled. I think even Kate Middleton, of the shiny princess hair, classic beauty and smart-looking wrap dresses, would look like an over-tanned, cheesy Real Housewife in one of these dresses. And she’s a duchess.

Now, finally, I feel vindicated in my hatred, as it’s come out that the (now former) UK director of Hervé Léger, Patrick Couderc, would actually prefer that many of the women who wear the second-skin dresses, well, don’t. In a recent interview, Couderc told the Daily Mail that the following women should not wear bandage dresses:  Read more »

A Guide to All the Stores Coming to Philly This Fall


Skirt, Rikumo and Bloomingdale’s. | Images via Skirt, Jauhien Sasnou and Shutterstock.

If August has felt a bit sleepy, it’s because the city is ramping up for what’s looking to be a jam-packed fall. There’s the Pope in September. The Eagles season opener on September 14th.  And the Dalai Lama in October. But the buzz isn’t limited to major visitors and football. Our city’s retail scene is also shaking up this fall, thanks to a flock of new stores coming to town. Here’s a handy preview of the shops you’ll soon see in Philly, and when to expect them. Consider it the city’s new class of taste-makers.  Read more »

Psst: Shoppist Is Looking for Interns!


Why sip your morning coffee in your dorm room when you can sip it at Shoppist? | Shutterstock.

Attention, Philly college students: We’re looking for smart, motivated, style-obsessed interns for the fall semester. Here’s the deal: You’ll be working with the lifestyle team to research, pitch, fact-check and write online content for Shoppist, and you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our editorial staff (we’re pretty great). Oh, and sometimes you’ll have to go shopping and try out new beauty treatments. (Sigh.)

Interested? Keep reading.  Read more »

A Day in the Life of Spruce Street Harbor Park Mastermind David Fierabend

Chances are, you’ve spent some quality summer hours at Spruce Street Harbor Park (and if you haven’t, well, go). It’s tough not to be impressed by the atmosphere there — the food trucks and hammocks, sure, but also the plantings, perfectly weathered decor and general aesthetic of the place. That’s all thanks to green thumb David Fierabend, the owner of Groundswell Design Group and star landscape architect. So who better to dish on inspiration? We got Fierabend to share his favorite haunts in the city, how he gets inspired, and just how many plants are in the park (15,000)!


These are a few of Fierabend’s favorite things. | Photography by Courtney Apple.

Read more »

Awesome Retail News: Shop Sixty Five Is Opening in Center City in September


Shop Sixty Five’s soon-to-open Center City location. | Photo via Google Maps.

The latest boutique to make the move to the city? Shop Sixty Five, which currently has two suburban locations (one in Doylestown and a newer outpost in Gladwyne). Owner Linda Bidlo confirmed in an email that she’s closing her Main Line location for Rittenhouse digs.

The boutique is slated to open at 1921 Walnut Street on September 1st. (You might remember this spot as the former location of Atelier Rittenhouse, which closed its doors last month.) Add it to your shopping roster, along with neighboring newbie Skirt, which is opening its third location at 212 South 17th Street in September. Welcome to the neighborhood, guys!

Get a First Look at the New CoverGirl x Star Wars Makeup Line

Confession: I sometimes get Star Wars and Star Trek confused. I know: Worst. American. Ever. But I do know this: Princess Leia is Star Wars, and it’s her style we all covet. (Those braids! That bra top!) Which is why it (sort of?) makes sense that CoverGirl is releasing a makeup collection with the franchise.

The collection is divided up into “Dark Side” and “Light Side” items, which I won’t even try to understand, but maybe you will. Mascara tubes have famous quotes from the movies on them, including “Immune to the light.” Okay.

The limited-edition line of lipsticks, nail polishes and mascara launches September 4th, and you can get an exclusive preview over at Allure. I will say that the nude and vampy dark purple lipsticks look fantastic. So, mark your calendars and live long and prosper.

10 Best Kids’ Clothing and Toy Stores in Philly


Momo’s Tree House in Old City. | Photo by Courtney Apple.

We get it: Shopping for babies and kids can be tough. You want something nice but not too expensive, comfy but not sloppy, cute but not overly trendy, and so on. And while scoring fantastic deals on Carter’s at Babies”R”Us is key, it’s also great to find local hidden gems (especially when doting grandparents are in town).

Our discerning editors — some moms, others just baby-shower veterans — rounded up the 10 best local stores and sites for everything you’d ever need for your little ones. Know of something we missed? Leave it in the comments!  Read more »

10 Most Stylish Gym Bags That’ll Motivate You to Actually, You Know, Go to the Gym


I follow lots of very pretty people on Instagram. Which means that at any point during my day, I might scroll past a short clip of, say, Victoria’s Secret Angel/ridiculous physical specimen Romee Strijd doing leg lifts, as I did yesterday morning. While I watched this — over and over again, promising myself that I would never skip a gym day again, which I did that very night — I convinced myself that only part of the allure was her actual insanely amazing baby-giraffe body. The other part had to be her matchy outfit. You see, I firmly believe that great-looking workout gear can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself and more motivated to work out. (Hey, science agrees!)

So why not start here? A stylish gym bag is a great first purchase. My tip: Pack it the night before, bring it to work and leave it in a visible place. That way, you’ll be much more motivated to actually go on that post-work run. And if you don’t? Hey, there’s always tomorrow, and most of the options above also double as great overnight bags.  Click here for shopping info!

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