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Knit Wit Teams Up With PMFP Designer Nicole Haddad For a ‘Sweat’ Event Tomorrow


Photo via Lobo Mau.

Remember Nicole Haddad, one of the designers in this year’s Philly Mag Fashion Project? Well, her line of comfy basics, called Lobo Mau, is taking off, cementing her status as a name to know in Philly.

Knit Wit has taken notice, and is hosting a Lobo Mau trunk show tomorrow. Fittingly, the party is called the ‘Sweat Event’—Haddad’s line is made from cozy sweatshirt materials, but in upgraded silhouettes (shawl-collared swing coats, toggled parkas).

Get the details here.

Market Report: Fashion Controversy—Would You Call a Size 10 “Plus Size”?


  • The latest fashion move to stir up controversy: Calvin Klein used a “plus-size” model in its latest ad campaign. What people are having trouble swallowing: She’s only a size 10. [The Cut]
  • Taylor Swift appeared on the cover of Wonderland magazine with dark eyebrows and an even darker spray tan. Weird skin color aside, this new—edgier—look is so good. [Wonderland]
  • Here’s an unexpected, but surprisingly amazing, place to shop for your winter coats: outdoor outfitter stores. Seriously, the pics prove it. [Vogue]

Up next: Fall/winter beauty inspirations from fall TV shows.

PHOTOS: Shoppist After Hours x NINObrand


A Q&A with designer Bela Shehu in her NINObrand atelier. (Thanks to Alex Kacala for the pic!)

Last week, I hosted our second Shoppist After Hours event at one of my fave spots in Philly: NINObrand‘s atelier just off of Rittenhouse Square. The space is minimal and modern—white, black, one splash of red in the form of a low-slung couch that sits by a rough-hewn wood table. The sparseness here is necessary: Anything more would take away from the subtle coolness of the clothing, all architectural folds and drapes that look so natural, you’d never guess the crazy skill and ultra-precise workmanship that lies behind them.

About 60 style-setters (and lots of shop owners!) gathered on Wednesday evening for a few hours of drinking (Spodee Wine was on hand to pour delicious cocktails!), mingling and shopping (check out the slideshow to see what I bought). NINObrand’s founder and designer, Bela Shehu, chatted about her inspirations, design philosophy, and just what she thinks about Philly style (she’s psyched about the singular style of the twentysomethings). It was inspiring all around. Check out the slideshow, and stay tuned for our next Shoppist After Hours event. (I can promise you this: It will be a good one.)

Click here for the pics.

Monday Obsession: The Most Covetable Bag We’ve Seen In a Long Time


Few things make me gasp out loud at my desk. They are, in no particular order:

  • discovering that a pair of wildly expensive shoes on sale for 75 percent off are still magically available in my size
  • news of a store closing (or a store opening)
  • news of a man purposely being eaten alive by an anaconda
  • truly beautiful things, like a couture dress made only for the runway, or, well, this bag.

Price and where to buy, here.

10 Philly Mag Editors Share Their Favorite Hand Creams


Last week, I posed this question on our in-office messaging system, Slack: “What’s your favorite hand cream?” I thought the ladies of the office would chime in instantly, and from the male editors, I’d get crickets. Shocker: The guys here are serious when it comes to hand cream. (Almost as serious as they are about their beard oil.)

Here are the best salves, ointments, butters, balms, lotions and creams, as recommended by Philly Mag’s discerning editors. And proof that real men use hand moisturizer.

Click for more.

Market Report: The 5 Best Types Of Boots To Wear With Skinny Jeans


  • Happy Monday! To start things off, we have an answer to fall’s most burning style dilemma: What kind of boots actually look good with skinny jeans? [WhoWhatWear]
  • A study revealed that the “party dress” is on its way out. Its replacement: Skinny jeans. [Refinery29]

Next up: A Hello Kitty Convention, style inspiration and the new handbag line we’re obsessing over.

How To (Finally) Figure Out Your Glove Size


The right way to buy winter’s most fun accessory. | Shutterstock.

A few years ago, I found my perfect pair of gloves: gold Nappa leather with tiny red suede ovals on the fingers, sort of like a built-in manicure. I needed them—only problem was, I wasn’t exactly sure of my size. I guesstimated (my hands are pretty small), and when the pair arrived, they were just a tad too tight. I kept them, of course, although I need to remove all of my rings before putting them on.

How this could’ve been avoided: this handy measuring tip from one of my favorite gift boutiques in the city, Scarlett Alley (241 Race Street). Just measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles, not counting the thumb. Got that number? 
Click for your size!

Market Report: 10 Weird Facts About Your Favorite Stores


  • Did you know Old Navy was named after a bar? And Sephora considers its employees cast members, and its stores a stage? Here are 10 weird facts about your fave stores. [Huffington Post]
  • Behold, the best skirts to wear on windy days, so you don’t have a Marilyn Monroe moment (it won’t look as sexy, trust me). [Refinery29]
  • Oooh, this is fun: What your kiss print says about you, according to a lipsologist (um, apparently those exist?). [Glamour]

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