Pa. Man Has Been Mistaken For Eric Frein More Than 20 Times

James Tully, left. Eric Frein on the right.

James Tully, left. Eric Frein on the right.

Pity poor James Tully. The Monroe County man does not have a car and has to walk five miles to work. That’s enough of a hassle, except he keeps getting mistaken for Eric Frein, the man charged with killing Pennsylvania State Trooper Byron Dickson and wounding fellow trooper Alex Douglass last month.

Tully says most of his interactions with police — including being stopped seven times in one day — have ended fine, with police checking his identification and sending him on his way. But recently a man in camouflage jumped out of a car, sent Tully to the ground and pointed a rifle at his head. “I will break you right here,” Tully said the man asked. “What is your name?” After a state trooper came by to confirm his identify, Tully went to the ER with severely bruised ribs.

But a positive has come out of one man being mistaken for a suspected cop killer more than 20 times.

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Landlord: Jon Gosselin Abandoned a Kitten After I Evicted Him

AP-jon-gosselin-andy-kropa-invision-ap-400Recently, Jon Gosselin was evicted from his Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home after bouncing rent checks. The owners say he was reneging on the rent-to-own contract he signed with them last December.

Now, they’re talking even more. In an article tastefully titled “EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Hits Rock Bottom, Star magazine reports Gosselin not only left the house a dump after being evicted, but abandoned a tiny kitten there.

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Chris Christie Tired of Hearing About Minimum Wage


With the Pennsylvania governor’s race a complete snore — even the most optimistic Republican poll still gives Wolf a 7-point edge — we turn to New Jersey to see what’s up with Gov. Chris Christie.

When we last left him he was arguing with a retired cop on the “Ask the Governor” radio show. Yesterday, at a fundraiser in Washington, Christie said he was tired of hearing about the minimum wage.

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Good News, Sixers Fans: Draft Lottery Reform Voted Down

The NBA’s owners have voted down NBA draft lottery reform, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports. Reform would have punished teams like the Sixers that have and will spend several seasons at the bottom of the NBA in order to get multiple shots at top players.

Owners voted for the change, 17-13, but it needed 23 votes to pass.

It’s a shocking vote, as draft lottery reform was expected to pass easily, with only the Sixers and Thunder opposed. Just yesterday the Sixers had “given up” attempting to prevent lottery reform from passing.

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Committee of 70 Names New CEO


Election watchdog group the Committee of 70 has named David Thornburgh as its new CEO. He has been the Executive Director of the Fels Institute of Government at Penn for the past seven years.

“Thanks to David’s strong background in public policy and economic development, we are confident that he is the right person to lead Seventy into the future,” Committee of 70 board chairman Michael Carbone said in a statement.

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Bankruptcy Judge Calls Two People “Apes” in Courtroom

A U.S. Bankruptcy judge called two people “apes” in her courtroom, the Daily News’ Ronnie Polaneczky writes in her column today.

Polaneczky was at a status hearing where 15 defendants, along with city consumer advocate Lance Haver, could state their complaints in front of Jean FitzSimon, the judge who handled the bankruptcy of Autosource. When Autosource went bankrupt, lender Avangard repossessed some cars it had the titles to — even though the buyers were current on loans and these cars weren’t on a list of autos FitzSimon approved for repo.

FitzSimon said the hearing was so the people who have had their cars repossessed could meet Avangard’s attorney. As a federal bankruptcy judge, FitzSimon had no standing. But the people arriving at the hearing thought this was a chance to get their cars back. Whoops.

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Pa. Supreme Court Cancels Justice McCaffery’s State-Provided Internet, Takes His Computers

There’s a lot about the temporary removal of Justice Seamus McCaffery from the court that almost makes you want to send pornographic emails at work. He’s forbidden to work and he still gets paid? That’s the American dream! Can everyone get that deal just by sending pornographic emails?

But not everything’s great for McCaffery in this deal. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has canceled McCaffery’s state-provided Internet at his home and ordered him to turn in his state-issued computers. Not having computers or Internet in Northeast Philly basically means you live in the late ’80s.

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Another Guilty Plea in Main Line Drug Ring

main-line-drug-bust-mugshot-timothy-brooks-400x400Timothy Brooks, who prosecutors have charged as second in command in the Main Line drug ring, pleaded guilty Tuesday to five of the 13 counts against him. The other counts are expected to be dropped at sentencing.

Brooks, 19, say prosecutors, was one of the two ringleaders of the drug ring that sold marijuana and other drugs to students at Main Line high schools and colleges. Prosecutors say Neil K. Scott was more culpable in the scheme, but Brooks is the one who coined the phrase “Main Line takeover project.”

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WATCH: Mo’ne Davis Commercial Directed by Spike Lee

Tuesday night during Game 1 of the World Series, Chevrolet debuted a commercial featuring Philadelphia’s Mo’ne Davis, star of the Little League World Series and all-around general cool person who seems to be handling this burst of fame incredibly well. It’s heavy on Philly, including shots of Anderson Yards, Lazaros Pizza (I go there sometimes!) and the skyline. Oh, yeah, and it’s directed by Spike Lee.

I guess when Spike Lee was here to film a documentary on Davis, what he really meant was a commercial. It’s a shame this isn’t a spot for Nike; then we could’ve had a spot with Mo’ne Davis and Mars Blackmon.

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