Man Robs Bank While Fox 29 Interviews Cops Nearby

A bearded man in a Phillies cap robbed the TD Bank at Fourth and Market this morning, police say. Amazingly, the robbery took place while Fox 29 was about to interview Philadelphia police chief inspector Joe Sullivan just a block away. Sullivan then went running after the suspect, and bike cops followed.

Sullivan was on air to be interviewed about the annual Irish Pub Tour de Shore. Fox 29’s headquarters are across the street from the TD Bank. Read more »

WATCH: Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Highway Down the Shore

A plane made an emergency landing on New Jersey’s Route 72 in Stafford Township over the weekend, according to the township police department. Fortunately for us, the township also released the traffic-cam footage of the landing. Amazingly, only one small injury was reported.

Stafford police say the single-engine plane was carrying students from Skydive East Coast, a skydiving school near Long Beach Island. The plane lost power, forcing the pilot to make a landing on the highway. Read more »

Home Invasions Reported in Mt. Airy, Northern Liberties


Philadelphia Police have released surveillance footage of a terrifying attempted home invasion in West Mt. Airy. They are looking for your help to locate the suspects.

On Tuesday, police say, a 32-year-old West Mt. Airy resident was inside his home on the 500 block of Burnham Road (off Lincoln Drive, near the Upsal train station) when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, a second man ran up and pointed a gun at him. Read more »

Larry Holmes to Perform in One-Man Show on Friday

Larry Holmes is doing a Don King impression, but he sounds more like The Count from Sesame Street. He’s on a stage at Chickie’s and Pete’s, promoting his one-man show. Holmes, the former heavyweight champ who won the first 48 fights of his career, will perform his one-man show this Friday at Harrah’s in Chester.

Holmes, known as the Easton Assassin (after his hometown), was doing a Don King impression to show off the kinds of stories he tells in his show. He was talking about coming out of retirement in 1988 to face Mike Tyson in Atlantic City. According to Holmes, it all started with a knock on the door late at night.

“At 9:30, 10 o’clock, somebody knocked on the door — boom, boom, boom,” he said. “I say to my wife, ‘You check it.” She says, ‘No, you check it.’ So I go to the door, and Don King’s there, with his hair sticking up like this. ‘Ha, ha, ha.’ I said, ‘What are you doing down here this time of night?’ He says, ‘I brought you a contract to fight Mike Tyson.’ I said, ‘Don, don’t you know I gave it up?’… he says, ‘The contract is for $3.1 million.’ I said, ‘Where do I sign?'” Read more »

Rare Big 5 Doubleheader Scheduled for Palestra This Season

The Palestra - Penn vs. Saint Joseph's

Penn and Saint Joseph’s before a January game at the Palestra in 2006. (Photo by John Shadle via Wikimedia Commons; used under a Creative Commons license)

The Palestra is always named among the best gyms in college basketball. The arena, built in 1927 and most recently renovated in 2000, used to be the biggest, best gym in the city. And so it hosted many double- and triple-headers involving teams from the Big 5, the city’s informal basketball association.

As college basketball became more of a television attraction, the doubleheaders became harder to schedule. The city’s round robin basketball games ended in 1991, but returned in 1999. Doubleheaders, though, have only been done sporadically since — teams understandably don’t want to give up a home game to play a neutral gym.

Fortunately, next season is one of those occasions. The Big 5 announced this morning that, on January 20th, four Big 5 teams will play in a a doubleheader. Penn will play Saint Joseph’s, while Temple will take on La Salle. The doubleheader is being held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Big 5. Read more »

Kicker Commits to Penn State With Inspirational Video

A kicker committed to Penn State University by releasing an inspirational video about himself. He will fit in well at Penn State (presuming he kicks well).

Quinn Nordin is the top-rated kicker in the nation in the class of 2016 according to, and received the most scholarship offers of any kicker entering college next year. Read more »

The Phillies Are on Pace to Lose 109 Games — and It Could Get Worse

Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Ben Revere is unable to catch a fly ball triple by Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Howie Kendrick in the first inning of a July 6th game at Dodger Stadium.

Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Ben Revere is unable to catch a fly ball triple by Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Howie Kendrick in the first inning of a July 6th game at Dodger Stadium.

The worst team in Phillies history is one no one alive in 2015 saw. Appropriately, that was the team’s first season, in 1883. The Phils, then known as the Quakers, went 17-81-1 — a winning percentage of just .215.

But older fans may remember the 1941 Phillies — if they haven’t put that bad team out of their minds. The ’41 Fightins may be the second-worst team in Phillies history. They went 43-111-1, a .279 winning percentage. The team’s best players were outfielder Danny Litwhiler (who hit .304 with 18 homers) and lefty first baseman Nick Etten (who hit .311 with 14 homers). Only one other regular had an above-average OPS, and the team ERA was 4.50.

The 2015 Phillies are better than the 1941 squad, and the 1883 Quakers, too. But baseball teams play more games now. And, despite a .333 winning percentage, this year’s Phillies squad could end up as the team with the most losses in franchise history. After last night’s shutout loss to the Dodgers, the Phillies are 39-59. They are on pace to lose 109 games. Read more »

Comcast Is Making Millions Off Minions

Minions and Comcast

Universal Pictures was not doing well when Comcast bought NBC.

“Not only are all studios grappling with declining DVD sales and shifting consumer habits in entertainment,” the Los Angeles Times wrote in 2009, “but Universal is also struggling to correct course from a prolonged box-office slump, runaway production costs and turmoil in the executive suites.”

How things have changed. In 2013, a week after Comcast reshuffled executives at the movie studio, Universal passed $2 billion in international box office receipts for the first time. We are halfway through 2015, and Universal has grossed more than $3.8 billion this year. The studio is destroying box office records.

Read more »

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