Philly PD Wants to Expand Camera Registration Program

Front door camera

Several years ago, the Philadelphia police department began a program that would expand the use of private surveillance cameras for use in solving crimes. Called SafeCam, it allowed businesses and residents to register their cameras with police. Cops could then request a copy of videos captured with cameras if a crime took place in the area.

Businesses can even get a small tax break for installing cameras and registering them with the city. So far, 4,300 cameras have been registered with SafeCam.

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3 Men Wanted for Bungled Center City Robbery

Philadelphia Police are on the lookout for three men who they say attempted to rob a parking attendant at the parking lot at 1900 Commerce Street in Center City at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Cops say the three suspects, one of whom was armed with a black handgun, approached a parking lot attendant after exiting the Penn Center House co-op at 19th and JFK. They demanded money and a cell phone from the 56-year-old parking lot attendant, who refused and ducked inside the parking booth.

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Businesses Complain About Dîner en Blanc; Organizers Respond


Photo | HughE Dillon

This year’s Philadelphia edition of Dîner en Blanc was held last Thursday on South Broad Street. This caused consternation among business owners.

In addition to the fact that it shut down a stretch of South Broad after 7 p.m. on Thursday evening, Dîner en Blanc’s location, as per tradition, was kept secret until just before the event. The manager of Ruth’s Chris Steak House told NBC 10 the restaurant found out at 6:15 p.m. “We scrambled around to figure out valet parking,” Burnie Gaeta said, “to notify guests that there is going to be a backlog.” The city says officials reached out to local businesses 90 days in advance.

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Beer Company Makes Broad Street Line Free on September 7th

Photo | Ben Schumin.

Photo | Ben Schumin.

Miller Lite announced it will be sponsoring free rides on SEPTA for the Eagles’ home opener for the second straight year. Yes, you get to ride the Broad Street Line for free on Sunday, September 7th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. because a beer company wants to sell more beer to people going to the Eagles game. Hooray!

Pretty much any reason that leads to SEPTA being free for a large portion of a day is good. The promotion, in addition to attempting to sell more Miller Lite, is also a way to discourage drunk driving. If you can get to the Broad Street Line, it is infinitely easier to take that to the stadium instead of driving. If you’re not tailgating, take it to the sports complex! Take it to Xfinity Live!

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Report: Philadelphia Drivers Among the Worst in the U.S.

Allstate’s annual America’s Best Drivers Report is out, and Philadelphia doesn’t fare so well. Among the 200 cities Allstate ranks for safe driving, Philadelphia finished 192nd. In the report, Philadelphia ranks lowest of any city with more than 700,000 people.

To be fair, there are a few comparable East Coast cities with worse drivers than Philly: Boston ranks 199th (Worcester, Mass., is last), while Washington D.C. is 198th and Baltimore is 195th. Take that, other reasonably sized nearby cities! (Philly also beat some smaller cities: Glendale, Calif.; Alexandria, Virginia; Springfield, Mass.; and Providence.) Los Angeles ranked 188th, Pittsburgh 187th and New York City 155th.

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Judge: Girard College Can’t Close Its High School

A judge ruled Monday that Girard College can’t close its high school and must remain a boarding school. The surprise ruling is a blow to the leaders of the school, who wished to eliminate boarding and the high school in order to improve Girard College’s finances.

The Inquirer reports the ruling “shocked and dismayed the Board of Directors of City Trusts,” which oversees Girard. When the board requested the ability to end student boarding and shutter the high school, it said Girard would be forced to close within 25 years if the request were denied.

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Taney Dragons Fall at Little League World Series


The Taney Dragons were eliminated from the Little League World Series in a 6-5 loss to Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West team Thursday night. Taney, the only Philadelphia team to ever qualify for the LLWS, had the tying run on third in the bottom of the final inning but came up just short.

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Del. Peeping Tom Sketch Looks Like Drake, Many Others

mugshot Police in New Castle County, Delaware, are looking into reports of a peeping Tom. Cops say a neighbor saw a man walking in a woman’s backyard in Eastburn Acres (near Stanton).

The witness says he was in his early 20s and about 6-foot-4. She had seen him looking into the woman’s windows before. Last night, they released a sketch.

In order to bring more attention to the police sketch of this man, and get an easy post on an August Thursday afternoon, I decided to ask my followers who it looks like. It’s amazing the breadth of the answers I received! My favorite answer was: Drake! He’s on tour, so it’s not him, but I see the resemblance. It’s amazing how many different people — who don’t really look alike — this sketch looks like!

Check out a bunch of guesses as to who this guy looks like:

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Pilots Warned About Design of Jet in Lewis Katz Crash

Gulfstream has warned pilots about a safety device that does not work as expected on its Gulfstream IV jets. The jet’s design is supposed to prevent pilots from engaging engines for takeoff power if wing and tail control panels are locked. But according to the letter obtained by Bloomberg News, that can be thwarted in some situations.

A Gulfstream IV was carrying Inquirer co-owner Lewis Katz and six others crashed earlier this year, killing everyone on board. The NSTB says pilot error may have contributed to the crash.

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