Philadelphia Cops Looking for Masked, Wigged Serial Bank Robber


Philadelphia police are hoping to help suburban cops catch a bank robber, and they don’t even know his age or race. That’s because the man — who cops say robbed a Wells Fargo branch in Chalfont, Bucks County, twice this year and attempted to rob another in Wells Fargo in Chestnut Hill in June — wears a mask and grey wig that prevents a positive identification.

The police report:

The subject apparently wore a full-face mask and gray wig, made to resemble an older white male; his actual race and age are unknown. He is approximately 6’ tall with a heavy build. He wore a long-sleeve green and white gingham-pattern shirt over a white v-neck t-shirt, dark-colored pants, sunglasses, and what looked like brown driving gloves.

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WATCH: Bill Cosby’s Bizarre Appearance on Colbert Report

Bill Cosby, who’s working on a new NBC sitcom and was recently the subject of a long profile in The New Yorker, appeared on The Colbert Report last night. And he did a very weird bit.

“Betsy Ross asked me if she wanted to — if she could do a flag,” Cosby says to open the interview. “And I said no. Betsy Ross did the flag because George Washington heard that I had turned her down.” He eventually gets Colbert to rip up his cards, and makes silly noises with his mouth. It’s a classic rambling Bill Cosby bit. The best part is probably how he refuses to let Colbert praise him as a comedy legend.

There’s an extended cut, too.

2 More Philadelphia School Principals Charged with Changing Test Answers

Two former Philadelphia school principals have been charged with changing students’ answers on standardized tests in order to boost scores. District Attorney Kathleen Kane announced the arrests of Barbara McCreery, 61, of Philadelphia, and Arthur “Larry” Melton, 70, of Cherry Hill Thursday afternoon.

McCreery, the former principal at Communications Technology High School, is accused of changing answers on Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests in 2010. Melton, the former principal at Edward W. Bok Technical High School, is charged with changing answers of a group that was “on the cusp.”

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2 Students at Bryn Mawr College Put Up a Confederate Flag

The campus at Bryn Mawr College isn’t exactly the type of place you’d expect to see students hanging the Confederate flag. But the women’s college has recently been embroiled in controversy after two students hung the stars and bars flag at a campus dorm, Radnor Hall, then taped out their own Mason-Dixon line in the hallway.

The flag was originally in a community area of the dorm, but then was moved to the students’ room, where it could be seen from outside. The school community received an email from dean Judy Balthazar earlier this month:

“Late last week, two students tacked a Confederate flag on the wall outside their dorm rooms and taped a ‘Mason Dixon line’ onto the carpet, both of which they removed when confronted by fellow students in leadership positions. We take pride in the fact that two institutions that lie at the core of our community — self-governance and the honor code — empowered our students to confront this issue. Nonetheless, this situation has sparked emotional reactions among many community members.”

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Pa. Governor’s Race: Wolf Keeps Big Lead Over Corbett in Latest Poll

Tom Wolf, the Democratic candidate for governor, continues to hold a huge lead over Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in the latest Franklin & Marshall poll. Wolf leads Corbett 49 percent to 31 percent among Pennsylvania’s registered voters and has a larger lead (54-34 percent) among self-reported likely voters.

About 1 in 5 voters are undecided.

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Cops Find Soiled Diapers of Suspect in Pa. State Trooper Killing

Suspect Eric Frein

Suspect Eric Frein

Police in Northeast Pennsylvania may be closing in on Eric Frein, the survivalist suspected in the shooting death of state trooper Bryon Dickson and the wounding of fellow trooper Alex Douglass. Police say they have found his soiled adult diapers, and have even spotted him several times.

“I almost think some of this is a game to him,” state police Lt. Col. George Bivens told The Morning Call. “Some of the sightings have occurred under circumstances where he kept himself far enough away that he knew it was very unlikely someone could get to him, but made himself visible, whether to a resident in the area or a law enforcement officer.”

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Revel Bidder: Auction Delay Makes It “Tainted”

An attorney for hopeful Revel bidder Glenn Straub, who has pledged $90 million to buy the shuttered Atlantic City casino, called the auction process “tainted” after it was delayed until Tuesday, September 30th.

“It just gives you a dirty feeling,” Straub told the Press of Atlantic City, “like you want to … take a shower.” Straub also told the paper he bidded on the property because he was bored. If Revel is not sold to Straub, he gets $3 million. Yes, really.

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Pennsylvania Defending Lawsuit by Blaming Woman for Her Own Rape

A 24-year-old was working at the Rockland state prison in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania prison as a typist when she was attacked and raped by an inmate. Omar Best was convicted of her rape. The victim has sued the state of Pennsylvania, which is defending the lawsuit by claiming that her actions “in whole or in part contributed” to her own rape.

Kathleen Kane’s office was flooded with calls yesterday after the Centre Daily Times initially reported the lawsuit response. The Attorney General’s office says Kane didn’t know about this response to the lawsuit when it was filed, even though her name is on it. Kane spokesman David Tyler talked to the Centre Daily, which explained, “Kane’s name is attached to hundreds of documents every week, most of which she did not author and might not have read.” (I guess “It’s my first day!” or “The dog ate my copy of the filing” sounded worse.)

“This initial filing should not necessarily be interpreted as meaning this defense will be pursued throughout the entire case,” Kane’s office said in a statement sent to media outlets. “Attorney General Kane is disappointed that she was not made aware of this matter prior to the filing, and was saddened to learn that the filing implied that the victim somehow contributed to this crime.”

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Philadelphia Judge Joseph C. Waters Jr. Pleads Guilty to Federal Corruption Charges


[UPDATE] According to an information (read the full document below) released by the U.S. Department of Justice, as expected, former municipal court judge Joseph C. Waters, who resigned his position yesterday, has pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and honest services wire fraud.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office issued the following release:

“Joseph C. Waters, Jr., 61, of Philadelphia, pleaded guilty today to using his judicial position to influence the outcome of two cases in the Philadelphia Municipal Court, announced United States Attorney Zane David Memeger. Waters, a former Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge, pleaded guilty to an information charging mail fraud and honest services wire fraud.

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