Corbett to Kane: Give Me All The Pornographic Emails You Have


It’s rare that a state’s governor asks the attorney general for her stash of porn, but that’s the current situation in Pennsylvania.

After AG Kathleen Kane allowed press members to see portions of pornographic emails sent using state email addresses on Thursday, Gov. Tom Corbett sent a letter to Kane asking her to release the entire trough of pornographic emails to him. “The governor wants all the facts,” his spokesman told the Inquirer.

Multiple top state officials received pornographic videos on their state email accounts, which Kane discovered while investigating how the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse investigation was handled. Corbett did not receive any emails and was not aware of the practice.

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Second Teen Charged With Murder In High School Girl’s Killing

arrest Philadelphia Police announced today they have arrested a second suspect in the killing of 15-year-old Aisha Abdur Rhaman on Tuesday. Rhaman, a student at Delaware Valley Charter High School, was hit by a stray bullet after students gathered for a fight near Einstein Medical Center.

Police arrested the alleged shooter, 19-year-old Darian Person, earlier this week. Today they picked up Quadir Gibson, 15, and charged him with criminal conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault and other offenses. He is being charged as an adult.

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Ex-Phillie Mitch Williams Suing MLB Network, Deadspin

Hey, what’s ol’ Mitchy-poo been up to? Oh, I see: He’s suing MLB Network and Deadspin stemming from a report Deadspin posted about Williams’ behavior at a youth tourney game this April.

Williams, the Daily News reports, is suing MLB Network for wrongful termination and defamation and Deadspin for defamation. After Deadspin posted its report — which included allegations of foul language by Williams and photos of him chest-to-chest with an ump at an under-10 tournament in New Jersey — Williams admitted being ejected from the game, but claimed it was the ump who was the problem.

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Flyers Fans Booed the Ice Guys Again Last Night

Another preseason Flyers game, another chance for Flyers fans to show displeasure with the team’s removal of the Ice Girls. Fans actually interrupted the referee announcing a penalty to jeer the fact that women in tiny shorts and tight tops no longer collected ice shavings during stoppages of play.

How long will this go on? Just the preseason? Will loud boos continue to embarrass Flyers fans all year? Will the Flyers eventually acquiesce and bring back the Ice Girls?

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Philadelphia City Councilman Wants to Outlaw Realistic-Looking Toy Guns

Toy Gun

Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has introduced legislation to ban toy guns. His bill, which he introduced at City Council on Thursday, comes after a man holding a toy gun was killed in an Ohio Walmart and a recent rally in Point Breeze that convinced a corner store to stop selling BB guns.

Johnson’s ban on toy guns would exempt ones that are “white, bright colored or entirely transparent,” according to the Inquirer, and would also allow historical replicas and props. Atlantic City recently passed a toy gun ban with similar exemptions. Johnson is also pushing legislation that would increase the penalty for selling a BB gun, which is already illegal in Philadelphia.

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The Phillies Will Finish In Last Place For the First Time Since 2000

By virtue of a last night’s 6-4 loss to the Miami Marlins, the Phillies sewed up last place in the National League East. It’s the first time the Phillies have finished in last place since 2000, Terry Francona’s last season as manager. That team lost 97 games and its best pitcher was Robert Person (Fan club: The Person People). So, things could be worse!

If you’d forgotten: Yes, these very same Phillies had the best record in baseball in 2010 and 2011. Not so very long ago!

If you want to feel better about the Phillies’ recent struggles, think how unprecedented this period of success was: The 13 consecutive seasons without a last-place finish is actually the third-longest stretch in team history! The Phillies avoided last place between 1974 and 1987 and between 1905 and 1918 — both 14-season stretches — and also avoided last place from their second season in 1884 to 1903 — an impressive 20-season mark.

Other than those stretches, Phillies’ history is pretty much entirely last place finishes. This season will be the 32nd last-place finish by the Phillies in 132 years of play. The Phillies have finished in dead last in 25 percent of seasons they’ve played.

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Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough


It seemed like a victory on Wednesday when the Pennsylvania Senate passed a medical marijuana bill. It passed the Senate by a wide margin, 43-7. But the truth is it doesn’t go far enough. Before it was passed, the bill was gutted by amendment — senators removed a host of conditions medical marijuana could have been used for.

“We don’t want to give off the impression that this is a whole victory,” Dana Ulrich, whose daughter has intractable epilepsy that medical marijuana could help, told The Patriot-News. “There are patients all over Pennsylvania who are still going to be ignored if this becomes law.”

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Philadelphia Cops Looking for Masked, Wigged Serial Bank Robber


Philadelphia police are hoping to help suburban cops catch a bank robber, and they don’t even know his age or race. That’s because the man — who cops say robbed a Wells Fargo branch in Chalfont, Bucks County, twice this year and attempted to rob another in Wells Fargo in Chestnut Hill in June — wears a mask and grey wig that prevents a positive identification.

The police report:

The subject apparently wore a full-face mask and gray wig, made to resemble an older white male; his actual race and age are unknown. He is approximately 6’ tall with a heavy build. He wore a long-sleeve green and white gingham-pattern shirt over a white v-neck t-shirt, dark-colored pants, sunglasses, and what looked like brown driving gloves.

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WATCH: Bill Cosby’s Bizarre Appearance on Colbert Report

Bill Cosby, who’s working on a new NBC sitcom and was recently the subject of a long profile in The New Yorker, appeared on The Colbert Report last night. And he did a very weird bit.

“Betsy Ross asked me if she wanted to — if she could do a flag,” Cosby says to open the interview. “And I said no. Betsy Ross did the flag because George Washington heard that I had turned her down.” He eventually gets Colbert to rip up his cards, and makes silly noises with his mouth. It’s a classic rambling Bill Cosby bit. The best part is probably how he refuses to let Colbert praise him as a comedy legend.

There’s an extended cut, too.

2 More Philadelphia School Principals Charged with Changing Test Answers

Two former Philadelphia school principals have been charged with changing students’ answers on standardized tests in order to boost scores. District Attorney Kathleen Kane announced the arrests of Barbara McCreery, 61, of Philadelphia, and Arthur “Larry” Melton, 70, of Cherry Hill Thursday afternoon.

McCreery, the former principal at Communications Technology High School, is accused of changing answers on Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests in 2010. Melton, the former principal at Edward W. Bok Technical High School, is charged with changing answers of a group that was “on the cusp.”

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