Women With Mace, Bats Attack School Bus in Bizarre Northeast Philly Road Rage Incident

[UPDATE] NBC10 reports that police have questioned two women they’re calling persons of interest in Thursday’s bizarre attack. The women showed up to claim the vehicle police say was used in the incident.

The SUV, despite being a Suburban — not a Tahoe as first reported by police — is the one used in Thursday afternoon’s “bizarre” attack, according to police

Two women showed up at the impound lot Friday afternoon to claim the SUV. Police consider the women persons of interest and took them into custody for questioning.

[ORIGINAL] A student was injured on Thursday when police say a group of women attacked a bus with baseball bats and mace on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.

The incident happened at 3 p.m. near the Boulevard and Levick Street. Teenagers, 14 and 15 years old, were yelling at an SUV driving next to it on the Boulevard. The women sped up, pulled in front of the bus and blocked its path. Two women then got out of the bus and began hitting it with baseball bats. They also sprayed mace on the front of the bus.

Before leaving in their SUV and fleeing down Horrocks Street, cops say, the women broke the window behind the bus driver. A student hurt his wrists in the attack, but he is expected to be okay.

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Tom Corbett’s Campaign Photoshopped Him Next to a Black Woman


The above image is at the bottom of every page on Tom Corbett’s campaign website. But it turns out these smiling people were not all happy because they were meeting Tom Corbett: Some were happy because they were being paid to be in stock photographs.

Buzzfeed reported last night on the black woman directly next to Corbett, identifying her as a woman in the “Financial Advisor Talking To Senior Couple At Home” photo on Shutterstock (see below).

The Photoshopped black woman is what websites are leading with, generally, because it’s funny anD it makes a good contrast with some of Corbett’s quotes. And the Corbett campaign eventually ’fessed up, admitting the woman was Photoshopped into the footer image.

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Joe Biden’s Son Discharged From Navy For Cocaine Use

Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe, was discharged from the Navy earlier this year after failing a drug test for cocaine. Hunter Biden, a lawyer, was in a part-time position as an ensign in the Naval Reserves.

Biden actually came to the military incredibly late in life; he needed a waiver to be able to join the Navy because of his age (43) when he joined. He received a second waiver for an earlier drug-related incident; the Wall Street Journal reports these are relatively common. He was discharged in February of this year after his drug test came up positive.

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Behind the Flag: An Interview With Betsy Ross


I’m sewing for the first time, and it’s with Betsy Ross.

I’m helping Betsy stitch a final ring onto one of the bed curtains she’s been sewing. Or, rather, the linens Carol Spacht and two other women who portray the character at the Betsy Ross House have been sewing. Yes, the women who portray Betsy Ross at her eponymous house actually hand-sew — just like Betsy would have.

Most of the rooms at the Betsy Ross House used to be protected by plexiglass barriers. A few years ago they took down many of the barriers and made a room in Betsy Ross’s house into an actual workshop. For the last year, Spacht and two other women who portray Betsy Ross have been sewing the dressings for Betsy’s bed.

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23 Best Signs From the Philadelphia Teachers’ Protest


Thousands of teachers jammed Broad Street before a meeting of the School Reform Commission late Thursday afternoon, protesting the SRC’s unilateral cancellation of teachers’ contracts last week.

Speakers at the protest spent a few hours railing against the SRC, Bill Green, Gov. Tom Corbett, and SRC member Sylvia Simms — who students said told them they “belong in jail” at a movie screening Simms hosted Wednesday night. There were many signs supporting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf, Gov. Corbett’s opponent in next month’s election.

The speakers also had strong words for the counter-protesters hired by the Commonwealth Foundation, who were also demonstrating near the front of the School District building.

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Adorable Dog Joins Montgomery County DA’s Office


See the above doggy? He’s now a member of Montgomery County District Attorney’s office. Aww! Who’s a good law enforcement dog! Yes you are!

K9 Turks is a yellow labrador retriever who will serve as a courthouse “comfort dog” — helping to keep witnesses and crime victims calm.

“Crime is a traumatic event for victims,” Montco DA Risa Ferman said in a release. “As difficult as the incidents themselves can be, giving statements about what happened and navigating the criminal justice system forces a victim to re-live that trauma. A comfort dog can offer a soothing influence to make it easier for a victim to handle the stress of the court system.”

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McCaffery Sorry for Porn Emails, Rips Pa. Chief Justice


Castille (left) and McCaffery

In a statement released to reporters Thursday, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery apologized for sending hundreds of pornographic emails to employees of state government.

“I sincerely apologize for my lapse in judgment,” McCaffery wrote. “I erred and if I offended anyone, I am truly sorry.” Yes, he did the “if I offended anyone” thing, but directly apologized and said he erred. An actual apology!

McCaffery also took the time to take a more direct shot at Ron Castille, the chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Castille and McCaffery have been feuding for years.

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West Chester Woman Accused of Real Estate Ponzi Scheme

Federal authorities today charged a 43-year-old West Chester woman with an elaborate ponzi scheme to defraud real estate investors. United States Attorney Zane David Memeger said Marie Miksche Bontigao bilked lenders out of more than $2 million dollars.

According to the indictment, Bontigao set up the Tri-State Group franchise of EXIT Realty and solicited investments in real estate projects. Instead, authorities say, she used the money to operate her business and pay real estate expenses. She faces charges of wire and mail fraud.

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Students: School Reform Commission Member Told Us ‘You Belong in Jail’

Philadelphia School Reform Commission member Sylvia Simms lashed out at student protesters at a movie screening last night. As seen in the above video posted to YouTube by Waleed Shahid, students clapped and interrupted the screening with chants of “Philly is a union town” and “The SRC has got to go.”

The students — part of Philly Students Union, a student-led group advocating for better school conditions — disrupted a film screening hosted by Simms. Those students say Simms told them “y’all probably go to failing schools.” Al Dia reports she also said, “You belong in jail.”

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