Larry Wilmore on Bill Cosby: “Did He Do It? Yes.”

Larry Wilmore is starting strong out of the blocks on his first week as host of the new Nightly Show. Last night, the second episode of the post-Daily Show program took on the allegations against Bill Cosby.

“We’re answering the question, ‘Did he do it?’ The answer will be yes,” said Wilmore at the opening of the show. “There’s a statute of limitations on the charges but there’s not a statute of limitations on my opinion. I’m telling you the motherfucker did it.”

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Airline Review: I Flew Frontier to Miami for 30 Bucks


It was good news for Philadelphia travelers when Frontier Airlines announced in September it was returning to the Philadelphia market after a two-year absence. Not only would fliers get low fares from the new airline, it could push down prices among the competition.

“It’s going to force the legacy carrier that dominates the Philadelphia market, U.S. Airways… it forces them to bring down fares on those particular routes,” TravelPulse founder Mark Murphy told Fox 29 last year. “We have been waiting in Philadelphia for this to happen.”

Frontier is a low-budget carrier that nickel and dimes you. Checking your bag costs money. Carrying on your suitcase costs money. (A small personal item, to be stored under the seat, is free.) Extra legroom costs money. Soda and other drinks cost money. The airline also does offer an option called Classic Plus that’s fully refundable and includes most standard features, but those tickets are more expensive.

Frontier began flying again to and from Philadelphia on December 20th. When it made the announcement it was returning to the area, the airline was offering $14.99 fares to and from Miami. I booked a quick jaunt to Miami. I’d fly down one night, then fly back the next. (Frontier isn’t always this cheap, a ticket to Miami costs about $325 round trip this week. Booking the same trip in February is around $225 round-trip.)

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Why 409 Is the Most Controversial Number in Pennsylvania

A banner in the parking lot tailgating outside Beaver Stadium before football game between Penn State and Temple in State College on Saturday., November 15, 2014.

A banner in the parking lot tailgating outside Beaver Stadium before football game between Penn State and Temple in State College on Saturday., November 15, 2014.

When Penn State had its vacated football wins restored as part of a deal the NCAA made with Pennsylvania officials, one number was immediately on the minds of Penn State football faithful: 409. That’s the number of times the Nittany Lions won under Joe Paterno, the most of any major college football coach.

Ever since Paterno was fired in November 2011, the number has become famous, even fetishized. Those who defend Paterno say he was made a scapegoat. Defenders usually mention his generosity to the university and his well-liked status among former players. And 409 has become shorthand for that. There’s a car in my neighborhood with 409 bumper stickers. There’s a restaurant in State College called 409 Pizza and Wings. People once held vigil at the spot where a Paterno statue once stood. Hundreds of people rallied in celebration when the wins were restored.

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Highs and Lows of The Bachelor, Week 3


The Bachelor is confusing. Going into last night’s episode, there were still 18 contestants on the show—too many to actually learn much about any of the women. How are we supposed to develop rooting interests if we only know three or four contestants? This show only gets good when we get down to a manageable number of people. For now, we plow through it.

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Lyft Planning to Launch in Philadelphia

Lyft, the ride-hailing service that is the chief competitor to Uber, is planning to launch in Philadelphia.

Billy Penn reported on a Craigslist ad asking for drivers as well as Lyft signage at City Coho, a co-working space at 2401 Walnut Street.

After several controversies surrounding Uber, The New York Times Nick Bilton wrote the company is a “moral alternative.” Lyft costs about the same as UberX, the lower-cost alternative to Uber Black.

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What They’re Saying About the Penn State Deal

Earlier today, the NCAA and the state of Pennsylvania reached a deal that restores all 112 wins vacated in the of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. The late Joe Paterno had 111 wins restored in the agreement, which once again makes him the all-time winningest coach in major college football history.

The Paterno family released a statement in the wake of the ruling. Here is a part of it:

Today is a great victory for everyone who has fought for the truth in the Sandusky tragedy. The repeal of the consent decree and the return of the wins to the University and Joe Paterno confirm that the NCAA and the Board of Trustees acted prematurely and irresponsibly in the unprecedented sanctions the NCAA imposed on the University, the players, coaches and the community.

This case should always have been about the pursuit of the truth, not the unjust vilification of the culture of a great institution and the scapegoating of coaches, players and administrators who were never given a chance to defend themselves.

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Deal Restores Penn State’s Vacated Football Wins

 (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Joe Paterno is once again the winningest coach in major college football history.

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal, the late Penn State coach had 111 wins vacated in 2012. But Pennsylvania officials and the NCAA reached a proposed settlement that will restore Paterno’s wins, bringing his record to 409-136-3 — and 24-12-1 in bowl games. (A 112th win, which was won under interim head coach Tom Bradley following Paterno’s firing in the wake of the scandal, was also restored.)

The deal was approved by the Penn State Board of Trustees this afternoon. Here is the NCAA announcement containing details of the settlement.

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Chris Christie Says He “Knew Nothing About” Jerry Jones Deal With Port Authority


The Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs last weekend, so we’re now officially done with stories about Jerry Jones and Chris Christie.

Ha ha, of course not! The story of the Cowboys owner and the team’s No. 1 fan will go on forever.

Here’s the latest: Christie says he “knew nothing about” a deal that gave a firm partially owned by Jones the contract to operate the observation deck at One World Trade Center.

“When Legends Hospitality got the contract [in March 2013], I knew nothing about it,” Christie said. “I didn’t know him. I had no relationship with him. Nor did I have any influence or knowledge of who was going to run the concessions at World Trade Center One, nor quite frankly, do I care. That was a New York issue. That’s a building in New York. I don’t deal with those issues.” The Port Authority awarded the contract to Legends Hospitality.

But, as David Sirota reports at the International Business Times, Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a joint press release praising the selection of Legends Hospitality to run the observation deck.

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Bill Cosby Accuser Seeking Criminal Charges

Model Chloe Goins is seeking criminal charges against Bill Cosby, alleging the comedian drugged and licked her “all over” in 2008 at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Goins, 24, was 18 at the time of the alleged assault. (She first made her accusations in an interview with the Daily Mail. )

Goins is the first accuser whose allegations may not fall outside the statute of limitations for criminal charges. Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, dating back decades. Philadelphia magazine’s Robert Huber wrote about Barbara Bowman’s accusations in 2006.

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Report: Lincoln Financial Field to Host Gold Cup Final

Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field will host the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final this year, according to a report from’s Jonathan Tannenwald. The Gold Cup is the biennial North American soccer championship. (CONCACAF stands for the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football, if you’re wondering.)

The Gold Cup Final will take place on July 26th, with the tournament’s third place game happening the day before at PPL Park in Chester, the home of the Union.

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