It’s Mischief Night (Which Is What We Call It Here)

When I was in eighth grade, the principal at St. Martha’s grade school came over the loudspeaker on October 30th. “Now, tonight is Mischief Night,” she said. “We want to urge all students to not commit any acts of vandalism tonight.”

Everyone in my class laughed. “It’s Mischief Night?” someone said. “I’d completely forgotten!”

Yes, the principal accidentally reminded us it was Mischief Night. I guess by eighth grade, no one I knew was throwing eggs at any houses the night before Halloween. And now I’m reminding you that it’s Mischief Night — but I have a reason.

You see, the term “Mischief Night” is a very Philadelphia thing.

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Nutter Slams City Council Over Rejection of PGW Sale in Inquirer Op-Ed

In an opinion piece published in the Inquirer today, Mayor Michael Nutter ripped City Council over its rejection of the deal to sell PGW to UIL Holdings Corporation, a gas company based in Connecticut.

It’s headlined, “Council, do your job on PGW.”

Nutter is particularly incensed that City Council did not even call for a hearing on the sale of PGW. (“What makes far less political sense was Council’s decision to never give the UIL deal a hearing,” our own Patrick Kerkstra wrote yesterday. “It just looks awful.”)

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Report: SEPTA, Union Making Progress on a Deal


Action News is reporting SEPTA and Transit Workers Union Local 234, the transit agency’s largest union, are making progress toward a deal. A source told Channel 6 the sides are “getting close.”

SEPTA’s union voted unanimously to authorize a strike on Sunday, and TWU President Willie Brown said Monday he wouldn’t make a decision on when to strike until late in the week.

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President Obama Will Be at Temple on Sunday

President Barack Obama will headline a campaign event for Tom Wolf on Sunday at Temple’s Liacouras Center. Sunday’s event is at 4 p.m. — so good on Wolf for making sure it does not conflict with Sunday’s 1 p.m. Eagles game. The election is next Tuesday.

Tickets to the Obama/Wolf rally at the Liacouras Center are free. They can be picked up at any one of Wolf’s district offices, including 1337 Castle Avenue in South Philly and 1212 Walnut Street downtown.

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“Band of Brothers” Heroes to Get Statues in Philadelphia

Edward “Babe” Heffron and William “Wild Bill” Guarnere — two World War II heroes from South Philly immortalized in the book and miniseries Band of Brothers — will be honored with bronze statues somewhere in the city.

Heffron’s statue will be near where he grew up, at the Herron Playground at 2nd and Reed streets in South Philly. It will be dedicated next year. Guarnere, who lost a leg in the Battle of the Bulge, will get a statue likely near the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Philadelphia Korean War Memorial in Center City. Family and friends of the two men raised the money for these statues separately.

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WATCH: Chris Christie to Heckler: ‘Sit Down and Shut Up’

It was just earlier this month when I complained there hadn’t been a great/embarrassing Chris Christie rant in a while. But then we got him saying he’s tired of talking about the minimum wage, and that the GOP needs to win this election so they’re in control for when people vote in 2016.

And now he’s told a constituent to sit down and shut up! He’s picking up the slack.

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ThinkFest Preview: Taney Dragons Coach Alex Rice on Uniting the City

Coach Alex Rice, left, with members of the team. (

Coach Alex Rice, left, with members of the Dragons. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

Philadelphians were enthralled by a baseball team this summer, but it wasn’t the Phillies. The Taney Dragons advanced all the way to the Little League World Series, with star pitcher Mo’ne Davis capturing the heart of the city — and the nation. (The team’s players reflected on their big moment in the latest issue of Philadelphia magazine.)

Next month at Philly Mag’s ThinkFest, Talk Radio 1210 host Chris Stigall will interview Dragons coach Alex Rice about how his team united the city and the lessons Philadelphians can learn from the sense of togetherness sparked by the team’s incredible run.

Join us on November 14th at Drexel’s LeBow College of Business for a day of the city’s smartest people sharing their biggest ideas. Read all of our ThinkFest 2014 previews here, and buy your tickets today.

Councilman Wants to Outlaw Selling Your Public Parking Space

Monkey Parking A Philadelphia City Councilman wants to outlaw a new app that allows you to sell your public parking space to the next driver. Councilman Bill Greenlee says MonkeyParking, already in service in other cities, should be against the law in Philadelphia.

Here’s how MonkeyParking works: You note your public parking space in the app. When you want to leave, your space goes to the highest bidder. If you’re driving and you need a space, instead of circling around the block a bunch of times, you tell MonkeyParking how much you’re willing to pay for a spot and the app directs you to a user nearby who’s about to leave their spot.

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