NoSavesies: Here’s Why Saving Your Parking Spot Is a Bunch of BS

nosavies-parking-in-snowWalking down my block this morning, I saw something beautiful. About half a dozen vacant parking spots, framed by piles of half-melted, salt-stained, tire-mushed brown-yellow-gray snow — not a crappy patio chair, dinged-up trashcan or stolen construction cone in sight.

La vita è bella!

While it’s impossible to say whether or not this phenomenon had any connection with the #NoSavesies campaign the Philadelphia Police Department rolled out on Twitter earlier this month, I’ve got to say that the sight warmed my usually spite-filled urbanite heart. City residents have been bitching and bickering about parking since the advent of the automobile — picture two Model T drivers engaging in a Queensbury Rules row over the last spot in front of the millinery shop — and inclement weather manages to bring out the worst in us.

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Jack Ryan: Rebooted


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Philadelphia showtimes

Armed with an unflappable understanding of justice and a haircut you can set your watch to, Jack Ryan was already a movie hero the second the late Tom Clancy committed him to paper. Given its easy appeal, the successful Clancy-inspired film franchise, inactive since 2002′s The Sum of All Fears, has been overdue for a reup. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit takes very few risks with the patriot and the formula, but its action serves as an ass-kicking reprieve from all that awards-season indigestion.

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2014 Movie Preview: The 12 Films You’ll Watch This Year

Divvy up your 2014 theater visits with this movie-a-month guide, starting with computer love and running straight through to a nouveau hard knock life.


Release Date: January 10th

The most remarkable aspect of Spike Jonze‘s most-talked-about movie is its core of unremarkability. Yes, there’s a clinical mystery to the vaguely futuristic Los Angeles setting, and his cast, led by Joaquin Phoenix as a dejected writer of pre-fab love letters, cuts a fanciful view of the creative class. But the accuracy with which Jonze nails the spirit of new romance is so eerie that it’s easy to forget he’s chronicling a relationship between a man and a charismatic operating system (Scarlett Johansson). Those who look at Her as a commentary on our relationship with technology are missing the point. It’s a movie about humans, and a daring, touching one at that.

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Anchorman 2: Is It Possible to Have Too Much Ron Burgundy?


He’s reading local news in North Dakota. He’s interviewing Peyton Manning. He’s selling trucks. He’s sitting on a journalism panel at a (now slightly less) prestigious college. He’s…hosting a Canadian curling competition?! Dear God, Ron Burgundy is everywhere. I need to get some air. Wonder what the weather’s like outside…

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is a Three-Hour “Screw You” to the Source Material


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Philadelphia showtimes.

Superior to An Unexpected Journey in every conceivable way, the second installment in Peter Jackson’s fresher J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy addresses close to every complaint laid out about last year’s Hobbit kickoff. It’s not monotonous, needlessly rhetorical or extended at the sole behest of technical demands. But it’s worth noting just how the director, long an honorary citizen of Middle Earth, accomplished such positive results: by crafting a nearly three-hour “screw you” to the source material.

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Out of the Furnace, and 7 Great Thrown Fight Scenes in Movies


Out of the Furnace Philadelphia showtimes

With his first film since 2009′s crazy-good Crazy Heart, director Scott Cooper drags us deep into yinz country for a brother’s-keeper ballad so American it might as well be knotted in a stars-and-bars bandanna. Shot on location in Braddock, Pennsylvania, whose real-life iconoclast mayor has earned national headlines, Out of the Furnace is objectively a series of blue-collar criminal cliches, but the cast is a little too sharp to let that structure sabotage the entire operation.

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Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t the Only Reason to See Catching Fire


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Philadelphia showtimes.

It’s not all about Jennifer Lawrence. OK, it pretty much is. As talented as she is eminently lovable (that’s kind of a talent too, right?), the Oscar winner is the face that launched a thousand she’s-just-like-us proclamations, a shockingly sincere starlet in a field characterized by uncomfortable staring and needy thespian bullshit. She’s a bit of a Hollywood unicorn, an actor whom everyone feels comfortable admiring without having to file any paperwork with the National Bureau of Celeb-Crush Caveats.

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