Who Wants to Buy Danny Bonaduce’s Stuff?

Do you need a new bed? Are you in the market for a decorative wheel from Ethan Allen or a Pilates Power Gym? Would you like to purchase all of the aforementioned items second-hand and at a discount rate because a former child star/reality television pseudo celebrity is leaving Philly for the Left Coast? Then head on over to Craigslist and make an offer on some of Danny Bonaduce’s stuff. Also, keep an eye out next week for Jan Brady’s garage sale. [A.V. Club]

Occupy Philly Wants Banks to Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

A  movement started by a concerned woman in Los Angeles has protesters across the country—and all over the internet—organizing a massive demonstration by pledging to withdraw funds from back accounts on November 5th. Add this to the latest wave of protests and civil stand-offs carried out by consumers unhappy with the wealth distribution in America. The Scoop may not be participating in the protest, but he is relieved that people are ditching their Visa check cards instead of blowing up a house of Parliament. [Philadelphia Weekly]

Constitution Center Schedules Bruce Springsteen Exhibit

For two years, “From Asbury Park to the Promised Land”—a Bruce Springsteen exhibit—was on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Tomorrow, the Constitution Center is set to announce that it has booked the Boss’ exhibit for the upcoming spring. The Scoop will be anxious for the thaw so he can walk the streets of Philadelphia and check out all the Springsteen garb. [CourierPostOnline]

Vandals Tag Governor’s Mansion

Last night someone tagged Governor Corbett’s residence in Harrisburg. The tag reads, “WOLF PAC.” Underneath the tag the vandals spray-painted the inequality, “freedom>government.” Authorities are reviewing surveillance footage to try to narrow in on suspects. [CBS 3]

Master Plan for the Central Delaware Finalized

The much ballyhooed projection for the Central Delaware River Waterfront has finally been completed and members of the DRWC will unveil their vision in its entirety during a presentation Friday afternoon at their offices on Columbus Boulevard. Lots of lofty ideas, but outdoor cafes, another ice rink and a 10 acre park have the Scoop pulling for the folks at the DRWC. [City Paper]

Dr. J’s Trophy Case Fire Sale

In case you hadn’t noticed the people camped out at City Hall for the past few weeks, some people are experiencing some economic hardship in today’s murky market. Even those people who are fortunate enough to have had substantial wealth (read: the 1 %) can struggle when times get tough. Such is the case for Sixers great Julius Erving. Dr. J is in the midst of a lawsuit and has had to resort to a trophy case fire sale. Among the items up for bid is his 1983 NBA Championship ring earned as a member of the Philadelphia Sixers. [Yahoo!]

Eric Lindros and Legion of Doom to Play in Alumni Gam

There’s a whole lot of fanfare that goes into the NHL’s Winter Classic—to be held at Philly’s Citizens Bank Park this holiday season. Part of the hoopla is an alumni game that will see former Flyers don their black and orange sweaters one more time in an outdoor game in South Philly. Today, on a talk radio show in Toronto, Eric Lindros confirmed that he will definitely be suiting up to play in the game. There’s also speculation that Mikael Renberg and John LeClair will join him to make the Legion of Doom reunion complete. [The 700 Level]

New Victim From Florida Comes Forward in Dungeon Case

Victim in Dungeon Case Comes Forward in Florida. A mother is alleging that Linda Ann Weston held her daughter captive—torturing and sexually abusing her—after the girl ran away from home. The victim’s parents say that when their daughter escaped she was only 98 pounds and covered in cigarette burns. [6 ABC]

Philly Live! Project Details. New details suggest that in addition to an anchoring sports bar, Comcast-Spectacor’s Philly Live! project will bring six other bars and restaurants and a 20,000-square-foot outdoor event space to South Philly. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

Strip Club Manager Changes Story of Vince Young Scuffle. Accusations have been tweaked in a lawsuit against Vince Young over an altercation at a Dallas strip club nearly a year and a half ago. A manager at the club is now alleging that Young punched him when he wouldn’t sell the quarterback $8,000 in one-dollar bills. [Deadspin]

Obama Billboard in Chester Stirs Controversy. According to a billboard in Chester, President Obama’s team is endorsing Mayor Wendell Butler in November’s election. The problem is that Butler is a Republican, and Obama and company have never hinted toward endorsing him. Obama’s team has sent a cease-and-desist letter. [6 ABC]

500 Area Bridges Need Attention. Pennsylvania’s Auditor General pointed to two reports that indicate Philadelphia’s bridges are in need of some serious TLC. One of the reports showed that Philly has the third-worst percentage of deficient bridges in the country. [CBS 3]

Penn’s “The Line” Nets Diminishing Returns. Interest in a 50-year-old tradition—students camping out at the Palestra the night before Quakers basketball tickets go on sale—seems to be waning with the team’s relevance. [Deadspin]

Hurricane Irene Cost Borgata $10 Million

The Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City was forced to shut down for three days in late August to withstand the winds and rains that Hurricane Irene brought to the East Coast. Now, the total loss in revenue has been tallied to $10 million. So, that’s what—like one weekend’s take for Don Johnson? [6 ABC]

Device Gives Woman Her Hearing Back

New BAHA (bone-anchored hearing aid) technology has helped doctors at Jefferson Hospital to restore a local woman’s hearing. The doctors say that with technology like this, deafness and hearing loss can become a thing of the past. [CBS 3]

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