5 Myths About ISIS and Iraq


Thousands of Americans were killed and trillions expended in Iraq over the last 11 years. Tragically, all of this was in vain since the situation is at its worst since Saddam Hussein was wrongfully deposed.  And one would think America would have learned its lesson.

But after President Obama’s pronouncement that more troops are headed back to Iraq, it’s abundantly clear that America prefers self-immolation.

Most shocking is how cavalierly the war hawks want to ship Americans to the Middle East, seemingly fine with the inevitable fact that many will return in body bags — if they return at all.

In a last-ditch effort to inject common sense into the debate, here’s a look at the truths, and myths, regarding America’s involvement in Iraq:

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Surprising Winners and Losers in the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race So Far

Corbet photo, Jeff Fusco |  Wolf photo, AP/Chris Knight | Others, AP/Matt Slocum

Corbett photo, Jeff Fusco | Wolf photo, AP/Chris Knight | Others, AP/Matt Slocum

As things stand now, the race for Pennsylvania governor this fall should be extremely anti-climatic, a foregone conclusion as predictable as the 76ers missing the playoffs.

That said, several developments in the Democratic primary could significantly affect what will be a nationally watched U.S. senate election in 2016.

Here are the winners and losers so far:

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SEPTA Is a Bottomless Pit. And 6 More Reasons Corbett’s Transportation Bill is a GOP Disaster

Tom Corbett

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A hearty round of applause to Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled House and Senate! By granting GOP Governor Tom Corbett his most highly sought prize — the nation’s highest gas and diesel taxes — the legislature has ensured two things:

1) Tommy Boy will lose next year’s election by an even bigger margin, and

2) He is now likely to achieve the impossible: an approval rating in the single digits.

To be fair, the last one’s not all that hard, since he was already in the toilet at a historically low 17 percent approval.

About the only thing more monumental than the rear-ending Corbett just gave his citizens via the second-largest tax increase in state history is his “bi-partisan” legacy, as no one has done more for the Democratic Party.

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Have Americans Become Too Comfortable Receiving Government Assistance?

Jobs on a puzzle pieceThe great fish moved silently through the water, and into immortality. Without question, Jaws was a classic, filled with memorable lines. But the one that best reflected the attitude of the times was Quint’s blunt speech to the business owners.

“(Killing the shark) will bring back the tourists. That’ll put all your businesses on a paying basis. Now you gotta make up your minds. Do you wanna stay alive and ante up, or you wanna play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter?”

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Can We Stop Piling on Riley Cooper and Anthony Weiner?

Philadelphia Eagle Riley Cooper really stepped in it.

He uttered one of the most vile, racist, and derogatory slurs out there, one that not only hurts a particular ethnic group, but “…. dampens the aspirations of (its) people.”

And here’s the thing. I guarantee Cooper said this word many, many more times than just once.

No amount of sensitivity training will prevent him from saying it again. And that’s the way it should be, for he is not alone, as millions from New York to Dallas to yes, even Washington, utter this word around the kitchen table and even in public.
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Tom Corbett and GOP Fail Pennsylvania — Again

If you strike out two of every three times at bat, you’re a Hall of Famer. One out of four gives you a long career. But go 0 for the season and your contract won’t be renewed.

On that last point, welcome to the lives of Gov. Tom Corbett and the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania legislature.

Once again, the pols have recessed for the summer with zero success passing any major initiatives, keeping Pennsylvania stuck in the dark ages. So where does that leave us? Do we carry the torch of hope that lights the way to a better tomorrow? Do we still possess the faith that each successive generation will fare better than the one before it?


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What’s Worse? Boring Mayor Nutter or Tax-Happy Mayor Nutter?

I swore I was done. I promised I would never waste another column writing about how pathetic Philadelphia is. And how its complacent residents and businessmen get exactly what they deserve. Washing my hands of all things Philly, I pledged to never again comment on Michael Nutter, who is, without a doubt, America’s most clueless and excruciatingly boring mayor.

But I failed.

It is simply impossible not to rip into Tweedledee’s latest efforts to drive the final stake into the heart of a once-great city by trying to impose, yes, more taxes! But this isn’t a column about how astronomical taxes actually decrease revenue and further a city’s demise. Michael Nutter has never, nor will ever, understand that, so why bother?

It’s much more fun to look at Mayor’s “legacy” to date and marvel about how bad he really is. Read more »

A Farewell to Margaret Thatcher, Last From a Great Era

There is a fascinating book by Irving Stone entitled, They Also Ran, the story of men defeated for the presidency. Stone, an historian, also analyzes the races to determine if the voters chose wisely. It’s a fascinating concept, as readers are left pondering how history may have been altered had there been a different outcome—and how history would have changed had the winner not been victorious. Read more »

Not So Fast With Your Dreams of Cheap Wine, Philly

Tom Corbett and the Republican-controlled PA House are either very smart, or very dumb. As they push their liquor privatization bill through Harrisburg, they are either trying to pull a fast one on Pennsylvanians who expect better selection and lower prices (which they know cannot happen with this bill). Or they’re very dumb, and actually believe the bill they’re peddling will accomplish those things. Read more »

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