Meet Tufts, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Tufts | Photo courtesy the Monster Milers

This week’s adoptable running dog, Tufts, is just the guy to get you motivated for a run. His energy is contagious and his sweet disposition will undoubtedly steal your heart. Not to mention, he has the fuzziest, most kissable head ever — just look at it! Read on to find out how Tufts can become your fur-ever (sorry, couldn’t stop myself) running buddy.

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Get Spooked: 10 Philly-Area Halloween Runs to Have on Your Radar

It’s that time, friends: Halloween time! This year, instead of vegging out on the couch with mounds of Halloween candy and Hocus Pocus, strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement with these 10 Halloween-themed runs going down around Philly. Some have spooky locations, others have fun after parties and costume contests and, surely, all of them have a ton of Halloween spirit.

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Weekend Plans: Do SoulCycle to Support Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

Photo courtesy SoulCycle

Alright, everyone, it’s time, once again, to sweat it out for hurricane relief: SoulCycle Ardmore is hosting a Hurricane Maria relief ride this Saturday, the 14th. All proceeds from the ride will be going directly to the Puerto Rico Real-Times Relief Fund, which helps folks in Puerto Rico in need of immediate and long-term care due to Hurricane Maria’s devastation. Read: You can feel perfectly good about shelling out $30 for your workout.

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The Checkup: This Time-Tracking Trick Will Make You Way More Productive

• Okay so this strategy is going to sound a little micro-manage-y, but stick with me friends: Way back when, Ben Franklin would plan out, virtually, every minute of his day. He created designated times for work, eating and even recreation, creating a timeline of sorts, giving every moment purpose, resulting in high productivity (see: inventions). Here, one woman reports on picking up ol’ Benny’s timekeeping habits and how it supercharged her productivity. She went from being a last-minute Louise to having free time to cook and even workout. Why? Because a timeline means accountability — planning every moment of the day made her feel liable to complete every task. [The Cut]

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10 Groupon Deals Philly Fitness Lovers Need to Know About Now

First Rides at North Wales CycleBar studio | Photo Credit: HughE Dillon

I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly don’t utilize Groupon enough (okay, ever), but that’s all about to change — the deals are pretty unbeatable. Admittedly, it can be a little tedious to navigate through all of Groupon’s deals (first world problems, am I right?), so to make it easier for you, our beloved readers, we gathered up 10 local deals on fitness classes (think: CycleBar, CorePower Yoga, SWEAT Fitness and more) and food (hey, MOM’s Organic Market), that will help you get your sweat on and refuel without breaking the bank. Happy sweating!

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The Checkup: How to Navigate the Always-Growing Yogurt Aisle

• Back in the day, choosing a yogurt was simple — Dannon or Yoplait? Then Greek yogurt hit the scene and we were all excited about this healthier yogurt option. But then, all these other yogurt variations started popping up and Which one is healthiest? Which one tastes the best? Which one is best for my gut’s microbiome? were just a few of our yogurt-related anxiety-ridden thoughts. This rundown of what the difference is between many of the new tubs lining the shelves — from Bulgarian to French to Australian — should help you avoid some of that mid-aisle panic. [Washington Post]

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Do This: $10 Workouts With CHARGE (for a Good Cause!)

Charge Performance and Wellness | Photo courtesy Charles Scogna

Let’s take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather while we can, people! To help us get moving, Bella Vista’s CHARGE Performance and Wellness is hosting a series of $10 (!!) workouts this month, dubbed Charge Your Community, benefitting Back on My Feet Philadelphia, a local non-profit that uses running as a tool to bring people out of homelessness. So, you’ll be getting fit for a good cause — doesn’t get much better than that, right?

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The Salad Mistake You’re Probably Making

Let’s be honest: How many sad-desk lunch salads have you eaten dry, as in no salad dressing, because you were told that it’s healthier? Well, good news: Those sad salads can be a thing of the past thanks to new research showing soybean oil, a common ingredient in commercial salad dressings, actually plays a big role in helping you to get the most nutrients out of your bowl of veggies.

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8 Fall-Flavored Water Infusion Recipes: 8 Recipes to Help You Drink More Water

It’s fall, y’all. Which means fall foliage-lined hikes! And breezy bike rides! And pumpkin spice everything! But one of the downsides of this cooler weather is that it becomes easy to forget to drink your daily ounces of H2O (which you can figure out the number for here) when, you know, you aren’t constantly dripping with sweat. But the fact of the matter is, we need to keep drinking water, even when we’d prefer a PSL: it helps keep us focused, it aids with weight loss, if you toss some lemons in it, it’s great for your skin. Oh, and, staying hydrated is essential to keeping your body functioning at tip-top speed.

So, to help you keep drinking water, even when you don’t feel like it (or if you just flat-out hate drinking it), we gathered up these eight fall-flavored water infusion recipes that give you a taste of the season — cinnamon! Citrus! Apple! —  without all the sugar that comes with a pumpkin spice latte. Plus, these infusions are all super simple to make — you just throw the ingredients into your water bottle (warning: There may be some chopping involved) and then voila: you have tasty, hydrating water to chug all day long. Pro tip: Assemble your infusions before you go to bed so they have all night to get all sorts of flavorful. You can thank us later. (Oh, and investing in a cute water bottle for these cooler months might not be a bad idea either.)

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