Psst: Athleta Has a Monthly Run Club (And It Involves Ridiculously Cute Dogs!)

I’m sure that we had you at ridiculously cute dogs, but still, we’ll elaborate: Athleta on Walnut Street has teamed up with local shelter dog-running group the Monster Milers — they’re the guys we team up with to bring you our adoptable running dog every week — to host a monthly run club featuring a lovable, adorable and adoptable dog at each run.  Read more »

Philly Dance Fitness Is Hosting a Three-Hour Dance Party Workout (Yes, Please!)

If you were planning on going dancing this Saturday night, we suggest you bump your plans up a few hours, because Philly Dance Fitness is hosting an afternoon of dance with a workshop dubbed a Taste of Philly Dance Fitness, and it’s essentially a three-hour dance party. And you know what beats a nighttime dance party? One that allows you to get your sweaty booty pop on AND get to bed by 9 p.m.

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My Top 5: Philly Fitness Instagrams for Instant Motivation

philly instagrams
Instagram, for me at least, is a never-ending scroll of photos featuring everything I love — baby animals, feminism, food, and beauty. It can also be a great source of inspiration for your health and wellness journey — if you follow the right accounts, that is.

So, how do you find the best fitness Instagrams to keep you motivated? Well, you don’t have to find them, actually, because we’ve done the work for you: We chatted with Philly fitness Instagram star Fabiana Ferrarini (@fabiana_ferrarini), a certified health coach, fitness instructor and founder of Fit With Fabi, who has a whopping 25,000 Instagram followers herself (!!), to see which Philly health and fitness Instagrams are at the top of her list to follow for daily motivation. You’ll find her top five picks below.  Read more »

Kickboxing Studio Hosting Hilarious (And Slightly Insane) Anti-Valentine’s Day Class

Valentine’s Day isn’t the most inclusive holiday that’s ever been thought up. But this year, the folks at ILoveKickboxing, which has seven Philly-area studios, is hosting a worldwide Anti-Valentine’s Day kickboxing event on February 13th that just about anyone who has an ex they regret could easily join in on. You’re instructed to bring a photo of said ex, whether that’s an ex-boyfriend, ex-bad habit, ex-boss, ex-illness or ex-BFF. Can you see where this is going? Read more »

10 Breadless Sandwich Recipes You’ll Actually Want to Make (No, Really!)

breadless sandwiches lead
Fact: Breadless sandwiches are all over Pinterest — and some of them are actually completely drool-worthy! (Trust us: We were surprised, too.) From sandwiches stuffed between everything from sweet potato waffles (!!) to cauliflower crust, these 10 recipes are proof that you can enjoy a hearty sandwich, sans bread, while upping the nutrient-packed veggies involved. Plus, these recipes will challenge you to get your creativity on in the kitchen (because anyone can stuff turkey between two slices of bread, can’t they?). Look out, Food Network! Read more »

20 Delicious (And Healthy!) Valentine’s Day Recipes That Are Sure to Impress Your Date

Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds much more enticing to spend Valentine’s Day at home, in your own little love nest, than out at an unbearably loud and busy restaurant or bar where babies are crying, couples are either making out or fighting and your server is too slammed to give you the attention you want. Or, maybe you just forgot to make a reservation (since daily to-do lists are out).

Either way, we’ve got you covered with 20 delicious and healthy Valentine’s Day recipes from breakfast (served in bed, preferably) all the way to dessert. Note: If you haven’t already invested in a heart-shaped cookie cutter, do so immediately to make this year — and all future years — much more festive (and easy). Cheers to love and health! Read more »

Confessions of a Vegan: 8 Questions I’m Really (Really!) Tired of Being Asked

So in my time as a vegan (a little over two years now), I think I must have been asked just about every question in the book. And, as my fellow herbivores know, answering these plant-eating questions is somewhat of an art form. You want to be understanding and informative, but not condescending. But for some reason, people really like to come at vegans — so it can be hard to remain patient and kind.

Here, you’ll find some of the questions I’ve been asked most frequently — and honestly am just tired of answering — about my dietary choices, complete with answers.  Read more »

Escape the Cold: 7 Super-Sweaty Hot Yoga Classes to Warm Up In Around Philly

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken, or has seen his shadow or whatever. Either way, the fuzzy little guy predicts that there will be six more weeks of winter. Which means we have a good bit of cold weather left and that calls for some serious preventative measures against the cabin fever a drawn-out winter brings. Hot yoga is just what the doctor ordered to focus your angsty winter energy and get you moving.

Here, you will find a list of seven hot yoga classes around Philly — one to fit just about every type of yogi out there, whether you’re watching your purse strings, need a class to fit into your early-bird schedule or want some high-intensity interval training with your mat time. If you’re new to the hot yoga game, keep a few things in mind: You’ll want to show up to the studio a little early to get adjusted to the heat, bring a towel (or two), a yoga mat and a good bit of water — you’re going to sweat more than you ever thought possible. Happy sweating, people!

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