Summer Survival Guide: How to Sleep Without AC (And Not Hate Your Life)

Here we are, in Philadelphia, which is quite the historic city, in case you haven’t heard. It’s full of old, erm, we mean historical buildings and houses. Meaning: A lot of folks live in buildings, apartments and houses bereft of central air conditioning. If you’re of this camp, you know how miserable it can be. Sleeping soundly in the heat can be very difficult. You’ve probably got, like, 10 fans blowing on you at all times have gotten very accustomed to sleeping in the nude. But, despite your cooling efforts, you’re still hot … ALL THE TIME.

In an effort to make life more pleasant for you, we did some digging to find some tips and tricks to make sleeping in the blistering heat without air conditioning a little more manageable. Here, some cooling tricks and habits to try for the best air conditioning-less sleep possible.

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10 Summer Gym-Bag Essentials Philly Fitness Pros Can’t Live Without

All of a sudden, summer just kind of … happened. And perhaps — juuust perhaps — you’ve found yourself slightly unprepared: deodorant-less when it is MUCH needed, rocking a sweaty bun all-too frequently or  just generally at a loss for what you need in your gym bag to make it through your post-workout day — in one fully functioning piece.

In an effort to tackle this issue, we chatted with 10 Philly fitness pros and asked them to dish on the one gym bag essential they simply can’t live without in the summertime. From hair and skin products to on-the-go workout equipment, below you will be able to take a peek into how Philly’s top trainers stay on top of their game during summer. If you’re anything like us, you’ll copy them. Read more »

7 Philly Stores With Community Fitness Calendars Worth Bookmarking

Here in Philly, we’re pretty lucky — there’s almost always a great fitness event going on somewhere. And turns out, some of our very favorite stores and eateries host A LOT of ’em. Below, seven Philly stores that have sweet community fitness calendars filled with everything from runs to pop-up yoga to boot camps and more.

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The Weird Science-Backed Trick to Kill It During Hot Summer Workouts

Last Sunday, I ventured out for a run. Now, bear in mind that this was one of the first super-hot days we had, so I was all high on summer and excited to delve into a workout while enjoying the warm weather. (Another important note: I am, by no means, a running savant.) I got moving and the thoughts started to flow: Okay, this isn’t so bad — it’s nice, even; And then I kept going, Wow, sure is a hot one, eh?; Finally, OMG. My mouth is sooo dry. I’m not properly hydrated. I can’t do another hill! Naturally, I headed home to hydrate, completely drenched and oh-so hot. A similar experience ensued on my efforts the next day.

This made curious about how I will be able to make this work for three more months. Welp, good ol’ science and the New York Times have come along with a tactic that might help us all tolerate hot, hot, hot workouts a bit more easily this summer. Read more »

Love Exploring Philly’s Parks? Meet Your New Favorite Workout Group

If you’ve been looking for more ways to celebrate the walkability of Philly, off the beaten path of your normal errand routes, look no further: The Fairmount Park Conservancy has teamed up with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Philly Powered, and the Health Promotion Council to launch a free walking-group initiative dubbed We Walk PHL. And it kicks off next week, Tuesday, June 13th! Read more »

Dear Fitness Studios: You’re Doing Too Much

For some folks, the 60 or so minutes spent in a workout is the sole hour of the day that is completely theirs — free of technology and the distractions that seem to fill all the other hours of the day. But is it really? It seems to be a growing trend for studios to fit in as much technology as possible: Screens allllll up in your face, tracking and quantifying your every move, while huge speakers blast crazy-loud (and slightly aggressive) music meant to get you pumped up. Suddenly workout studios, maybe the one place where you could escape the tech-filled world, have become tech-filled themselves.

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STOP EVERYTHING: Sunset Hip-Hop Yoga on Bok’s Rooftop Starts Tonight!

Rooftop yoga with Katie Gould at Bok Bar | Photo by Abby Mayer

UPDATE 6/6/2016, 1:18 p.m.: Due to a rainy forecast, the start date for Bok’s rooftop hip-hop yoga series has been moved to next Tuesday, June 13th. You can sign up here.

ORIGINAL: WAAAHOOOO! It’s that time of year: Time to get your tree pose on — above the trees— on top of South Philly’s Bok building (1901 South 9th Street) for their summer rooftop yoga series. This summer, they’re hosting a pay-what-you-wish bi-monthly hip-hop yoga series, taught by a slew of instructors like Katie Gould, owner of KG Strong in the Bok building, Adriana Adelé of Three Queens Yoga — you might’ve caught her NamaSLAY workshop at this Saturday’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp — and more fabulous local yogis. Read more »

Pure Fare Is Rolling Out A New Summer Menu (And It Looks Delicious)

Pure Fare | Photo via Facebook 

This Thursday, June 1st, Pure Fare will start churning out a new summer menu featuring some pretty drool-worthy items. Think: a Vegan Watermelon “Poke” Bowl. YUM. You can check out the full list of new items below, but to give you an idea of what to expect, the new menu will feature a bunch of new grab-and-go salads, entrees, sandwiches and snacky “guiltless pleasures” (helloooo, carrot cake pudding with cashew cream frosting, yes please!).

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Philadelphia Farmers’ Market Guide 2017: 78 Farmers’ Markets in the Region

YUMMMMM. That’s what we have to say about spring and summer produce — juicy peaches, oh-so-fresh berries, crisp greens and crunchy vegetables. It’s an exciting thing to have access to so many fresh foods — inspiring, even, to open your fridge and see so many brightly colored foods at your disposal. To help you get your hands on as much fresh produce as possible this summer, we compiled a list of 79 local farmers’ markets in the Philadelphia, South Jersey and the ‘burbs. Read on to find your next produce-filled pit stop. Read more »

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