Inquirer Celebrates Comcast’s Birthday

November 13 will mark the day that, 50 years ago, a humble, homegrown Ralph Roberts purchased a TV subscription system in small-town Mississippi for $250,000 and began a commercial journey that culminated with an eerily monolithic skyscraper in Philadelphia and lots and lots of tax breaks.

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Typhoon Haiyan Kills 10,000

United States Marines were sent to a post-disaster Philippines as the scope of Typhoon Haiyan’s destruction widened, with estimates of the storm killing 10,000  Filipinos and decimating the housing stock in central parts of the country.

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Man Uses Internet for First Time

The smartest show on the radio right now is WNYC’s On the Media, and OTM’s smart people have launched a smart podcast called TLDR. The show—or at least, their blog—earned my affection when producer PJ Vogt introduced me to the seemingly universally loathed 40 Days of Dating in a sharply witted post on the superficial passion project of those two annoying but still hot Manhattanites. It also introduced me to the charm of TLDR: It’s short, but not reductive; analytical without feeling parasitic of other’s reporting.

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Council Resolution Introduced to Promote “A People’s History of the United States” in High Schools

A Peoples History of the United StatesIt’s easy to dismiss Council resolutions as meaningless, mostly riskless displays of showmanship, and most of the time they are. But the rationale behind the resolution introduced by Councilpersons Jim Kenney and Jannie Blackwell last week recommending that Howard Zinn’s populist reading of history, A People’s History of the United States, be required reading for history students in the city’s high schools, is hard to dispute.

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Man Acquitted of Threatening to Bomb Liberty Bell

The 42-year-old Portuguese man who was arrested in January for allegedly threatening to park officials that he was going to blow up the Liberty Bell was acquitted by a Court of Common Pleas judge yesterday.

The judge, Diana Anhalt, believed Carlos Balsas’s story that he had explained to park officials when they tried to search his back that he had a “bunch of exclusives,” not explosives.

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