DIY Down the Shore: Better Than A G+T

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 2.00.40 PMFor the past couple weeks, we’ve been talking to a variety of Philly chefs and bartenders, asking them what they bring with them to eat and drink when they go down the shore. And now, for the next couple weeks, we’re going to be sharing with you their favorite recipes for snacks, cocktails and other delicious things so that you, too, can eat and drink like a pro.

In the words of Franklin Mortgage’s head bartender, Mike Treffehn, “In the dog days of summer, the G+T is king. And while I’ll never say no to a standard well gin and gun tonic, at home and at my bar I like to step it up a notch.” 

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Guide To the Jersey Shore Guides

Photo by Jason Varney

Diving Horse | Photo by Jason Varney

It’s Friday, the ocean is calling your name, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful both today and tomorrow. Leave work now. The Internet has spoken, and here’s all you’ll need to know about where and what to eat this weekend. Read more »

Adelene Opens At The Port-O-Call


You know that giant pink hotel straight out of the 60s and right on the boardwalk in Ocean City? It’s called the Port-O-Call Hotel, and it’s definitely a classic Ocean City landmark.

Well recently, the family-friendly hotel decided to upgrade their dated dining room into a restaurant fit for a good vacation.

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Jersey Gumbo Cook-Off & Music Festival


Have no Saturday plans at the shore this weekend? How about giving this a shot. The second annual Jersey Gumbo Cook-Off & Music Fest is happening this Saturday 6/21, from noon until 10 p.m., and if you like gumbo as much as I do, this is something you’ll definitely want to hit up.

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Burgeoning Restaurant Empire at the Shore


There’s a burgeoning restaurant empire down the shore right now called Bread+Butter Restaurant Group. You may know of a few of their restaurants: Stone Harbor’s Quahog’s Seafood Shack, the attached Taco Shop and The Red Store in Cape May. What you might not have known, though, is that they now have their very own farm, Fincas del Mar (which Google translates to “marine farms”). Once full harvest has been reached at the farm, each restaurant location will purvey roughly 75% of their produce from the farm for their set seasonal menus, with the exception of exotic or non-local produce.

And besides the fact that Quahog’s has basically become a Stone Harbor staple, and their Taco Shop is such a perfect little addition to it, it’s The Red Store news that gets me all giddy.

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2014 Savor Borgata Culinary Series


Believe it or not, Atlantic City has been host to one of the East Coast’s most diverse, inventive and unique dining experiences in the country—the Savor Borgata Culinary Series. From now to the end of July, the casino hotel and spa will throw ticketed events with our country’s biggest celebrity and Iron chefs.

You can go the Bobby Flay Kentucky Bourbon Dinner on June 23rd or be wowed by Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s Culinary Demonstration (it’s only $25).

Those are just some ideas, but click through to see the full schedule.

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