Vote for Best of Philly: What’s Your Favorite Italian Restaurant?

Best New Italian restaurant 2016 winner: A Mano/Facebook

Best New Italian restaurant 2016 winner: A Mano/Facebook

When it comes to Italian restaurants in this city, we have an embarrassment of riches. From the old-school red gravy houses of South Philly to the authentic, modern, and trendsetting eateries dotted throughout the region, Philadelphia has become a destination-city for pasta-twirlers ‘round the world.

Every year, we pluck one restaurant from the crowd and designate it the city’s best for our annual Best of Philly issue. This year, however, we’re leaving it up to you.

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UberEATS Now Delivers on the Main Line

Photo provided by UberEATS

Photo provided by UberEATS

In just a few months, UberEATS quickly shot to the top of Philly’s online delivery app heap, providing restaurants and diners with a faster (and oftentimes cheaper) way to enjoy our dining scape’s bounties without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Starting today, Main Liners can enjoy the same sort of luxury.

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Eat This Now: Baked-to-Order Madeleines at Hungry Pigeon

Photo by Scott Charles Schroeder III

Photo by Scott Charles Schroeder III

Look for the nipple. That’s the secret to a great madeleine — the nipple, or téton as the French would say. It’s the bump on the backside of the shell-shaped dessert native to the town of Commercy in the Lorraine region; the bigger the nipple, the fluffier the cake.

Hungry Pigeon’s madeleines? Well, you’ll see.

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DanDan Bringing Szechuan-Taiwanese Fire to the Main Line


Courtesy of DanDan

The Rittenhouse DanDan was an instant success. In just two years, owners Kevin and Catherina “Cat” Huang grew their first restaurant into the neighborhood’s premier spot for solid noodles and dumplings, giving 9-to-5ers and the happy hour hordes something to sweat about without having to leave the comfy confines of Center City.

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East Passyunk’s Townsend Landed a Hot-Shot New Sommelier

Gordana Kostovski is a big deal in the Philly wine community. The Macedonian Master-certified sommelier was awarded two of Wine Spectator’s Awards of Excellence, including a Best of Award of Excellence. And for close to three years, she’s remained the driving force behind Volvér’s wine program — easily one of the most consistent (and consistently great) aspects of the restaurant and bar. Last year, she was credited in the Wall Street Journal for inspiring a major New York wine purveyor to bring his business to Pennsylvania, despite the state’s restrictive conditions. To say the least, she’s been a major player in helping shape this city’s burgeoning wine scene.

Yesterday, at Philly Cooks, when I found her in front of Townsend’s table and not Volvér’s, I thought nothing of it — she’s married to Townsend’s chef-owner Tod Wentz. But lo and behold, she actually works there, too.

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One of North Philly’s Best Korean Restaurants is Expanding to Center City


As Philadelphians, we should consider ourselves lucky to have our own thriving Koreatown — many U.S. cities don’t have the pleasure. We have Olney, a small enclave in North Philly home to some of the city’s — and country’s — finest Korean restaurants, bars, and karaoke. And last year, Philly Mag declared Seorabol, the neighborhood’s powerhouse restaurant specializing in everything from Korean barbecue to sushi, best-in-city.

This summer, Seorabol will open a second location in Center City.

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News of Joey Baldino’s Filippo Palizzi Club Literally Broke the Internet


On Monday, we let you in on a little secret: Zeppoli’s Joey Baldino is making his return to the Philadelphia dining scene in a rather unorthodox fashion.

You see, Baldino is the third-generation owner and president of Filippo Palizzi Club, a 30-seat private Italian social club tucked away inside a South Philly row home near 12th and Reed Streets. Instead of keeping its club members to close friends and family (the way it’s worked for the past 98 years), he’s opted to, instead, turn it into a members-only restaurant, open to the anybody willing to pony up the measly, one-time $20 membership fee.

And everyone wanted a piece of the action, so much so that, yesterday, PayPal had to temporarily shut down the membership servicing site.

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Old City’s New Brunch Encourages Bad Behavior (Not Really)

Generally speaking, Old City’s seen its fair share of misbehavior over the years, usually when the bars let out. Not so much during brunch, though.

And last week, Wister, the charming BYOB by ex-Lacroix morning sous Benjamin Moore, test-ran its new “Bad Behavior” brunch menu. What’s that mean, exactly? Moore said that he wanted to “get people drinking a bit to keep it lively!” So, to the Wister crew, “bad behavior” just means drinking more than you ought to, and — if nothing else — brunch is a perfectly acceptable time to do just that.

And here’s how they’ll help you along.

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Kanella’s Konstantinos Pitsillides Cooks the Classics Every Tuesday

Maybe he’s bored, or maybe he’s just good ol’ Konstantinos Pitsillides keeping it wacky, but the fiery Cypriot behind some of the city’s best Greek-Cypriot kitchens (Kanella, Kanella Grill) is launching a Tuesday night dinner series, called Chef Cooks Classic Tuesday, where he features a seemingly old-school menu item on special paired with a 3 oz wine accompaniment of the bar’s choosing (included into the price of the entree). Apparently, it’s a passion project.

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Iron Hill Brewery Will Debut its First Center City Location Next Spring

Iron Hill 940:540

In its 20 years, Iron Hill Brewery has built itself an empire, an empire that’s virtually cornered the Philly suburb brewpub market. Twelve locations exist between Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and come spring 2018, a 13th will be added to the line-up, but it won’t be in a suburb.

Number 13 will be 8,450 square feet of brewpub inside the upcoming East Market project, smack-dab in Center City (1150 Market Street), serving as the company’s first-ever urban location.

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