Be Well Workout of the Week: The Cardio-Strength Challenge

This workout will challenge not only your strength, but also your cardio. Why challenge both at the same time? Well, because pairing strength and cardio is an excellent way to challenge your overall fitness and train different systems of your body.

The idea is to work hard during each round — you’ll do four total — then really use the one minute in between rounds to recover. So, as you go through these moves, work hard and work fast, transitioning quickly from one exercise to another and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. And note: The only equipment you need for this workout is a set of dumbbells, so you can do it just about anywhere. Now, ready, set, sweat!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Tone Up With Heavy Weights and Low Reps 

This workout is going to focus on using heavy weights to work your muscles in just a few reps. You’ll start by doing 10 reps of each exercise listed below. Then, you’ll work your way down in reps, eventually just doing two reps of each exercise.

As you go through the rounds and the reps decrease, continue to increase the amount of weight you use so that the last rep of each set is very challenging. The focus of this type of workout is power with each rep, rather than endurance, so make each rep count! Happy sweating!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Shred Your Entire Body With One Dumbbell

This workout will challenge your entire body using only one free weight. Pretty cool, right? And you don’t even need very much space to bust this workout out, so you’re officially running out of excuses not to do it.

So, your instructions: All you need to do is complete 12 reps of the six exercises listed below for a total of five rounds. So grab a weight that is challenging for all of the exercises and get sweating, folks!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Sculpt Your Upper Body in 8 Moves

This workout is going to target your upper body in just eight moves. To complete the workout you are going to work with four pairs of exercises, doing each pair for the assigned number of reps five times through before moving on to the next pair.

And to all you speed demons out there: This workout is not cardio-based, so make sure you focus on using good form and the appropriate weight so that each set is a challenge, rather than powering through it as fast as you can.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The 1-Minute Challenge 

You can do anything for one minute, right? Here’s your chance to prove it. For this workout, you’re going to tackle each of the 10 exercises below for one full minute with the goal of getting through the circuit a total of three times.

And whenever you feel like you can’t make it, just remember: It’s only for one measly minute. Happy sweating!
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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Muscle-Burning 12-Rep Challenge

This workout starts out deceptively easy with only two reps of each exercise — but have no fear: As the workout goes on, the reps increase by two each round until, during the last round, you finish with 12 reps of every exercise on the list.

You are going to need a set of weights for the plank rows, the lunges and single-leg dead lifts. Complete the forward, side and back lunges and the single leg dead lifts all on the right side first before moving on to do the whole sequence on the left.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Get Killer Legs With Lateral Moves

For this week’s workout, we’re switching it up and focusing on lateral movement. We are all so used to moving forward and backward throughout the day, so this is a good chance to change it up and challenge your muscles to do something they aren’t quite as used to doing.

You’ll start with a set of two lateral exercises, then complete a circuit of exercises. Then, you’ll move back to the lateral exercises, adding a lateral exercise each round for a total of four rounds. Ready, set, sweat! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: The 32-Minute Hilly Treadmill Challenge 

This workout will only take you 32 minutes (after you warm up, of course) and is even better to do with a partner. (Yay for buddy workouts!) Here’s how it’s going to work: You’re going to bounce back and forth between running hills on a treadmill (or on a steep outdoor hill, if you can find one!) and doing a set of exercises. So first, you’ll spend two minutes on the treadmill, sprinting up the hill — just crank the incline on the treadmill up as high as it will go — for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, grab onto the treadmill and jump your feet to either side to rest for 30 seconds before you jump back on one more time for 30 seconds. And please, be careful! After that second hill, rest for another 30 seconds. Use this second recovery to get off the treadmill and get ready for the exercises.

Once you’re off the treadmill, you’ll get on a mat and do four exercises for 30 seconds each. The goal is to with this workout is to get through 32 minutes, so ideally, you’ll make it through the circuit eight times. And note: In order to get the most out of this workout, you’re going to want to set yourself up ahead of time so you can quickly and easily jump on and off the treadmill. If you’re doing this one with a buddy, have one person do the hills while the other person does the exercises for efficiency’s sake. Read more »

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