Be Well Workout of the Week: The Super-Killer Superset Workout 

This week, you are going to superset each body part. That means you’ll do one exercise, like a chest press, then immediately do another chest exercise, like a chest fly, with no rest between. Then, you’ll move on to the next muscle group.

While it looks like this workout has a lot — a lot, a lot — of exercises, working each body part separately will give the other muscle groups a chance to recover. So it’s not quite as hard as it looks. And, keeping with the theme of supersets, after you’ve made it through the circuit once, try to do it all over again. Good luck! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Opposite Exercises Attract 

Six pairs of exercises, done five times each: That’s your challenge this week. (And yes, it will be harder than it sounds.) Get ready to move quickly, completing each pair of exercises five times before moving on to the next set of exercises, all while keeping your form in tip-top shape.

Each pair of exercises consists of opposing moves that use different areas of strength. For example, some sets include upper-body and lower-body work while others include one exercise that involves the act of pushing and another that involves pulling, and so on. The idea is, since you’re working different areas with each exercise in a pair, you can give your all to both moves.

Okay, ready, set, go! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Get Ripped With a Physioball

We’re going to have a ball this week, people. A physioball (a.k.a. stability ball), that is. See what I did there? For this workout, you’re going to use a physioball for each exercise, so get ready to engage your core and challenge your balance while you attempt to make it through the entire circuit four times. Good luck!
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Be Well Workout of the Week: Conquer a 1-Mile Sprint



Today, you will sprint a mile. But wait, before you run away from this workout as fast as you can, note: You won’t have to sprint the entire mile all at once. We’re gonna break it down into four quarter-mile sprints to make it a little more manageable. So, you’ll do a circuit of exercises, run .25 miles as fast as you can, then repeat the entire circuit three  more times. And just like that, by the end of the workout, you’ve sprinted an entire mile. Not too terrible, right? Good luck! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: The Muscle-Burning Burpee Workout 

I hear you guys like burpees, so that’s what we shall do this week! (If I heard wrong, well, too bad.) For this workout, you have five rounds of five exercises, and — here’s where the real fun comes in — in between each exercise, you’ll do burpees. So for the first round of exercises, you have five burpees in between each exercise; for the second round, you have four; for the third round, you’ll do three burpees in between exercises; and, well, you get the idea. After the fifth round, when you’ve finished your last burpee, you are done.

Now, ready to get your burpee on? Leeeeet’s go! Read more »

Be Well Philly Workout of the Week: The 5 Exercise Workout

This workout consists of five exercises — that’s it. Easy, right? Weeeellll, maybe not. You’ll do 30 reps of each exercise, rest for two minutes, and then repeat the five exercises two more times — with 30 reps of each again — with a two-minute break in between rounds. See how fast you can complete the workout while maintaining good form. Then, try this workout again next week and see if you can beat your time.

Good luck!  Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Jump Your Way to Killer Legs 

Get ready to do some plyos and get your body off the ground, people! For this week’s workout, we’re jumping. You’re going to need a stable surface (at a safe height of your choosing) to jump onto, and a line on the ground to use as a marker. You’ll have a series of exercises to do, and then a short cardio burst of quick jumps in between sets. Good luck!
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Be Well Workout of the Week: Can You Run 30 Sprints in One Workout?



For your workout this week, let’s do some sprint intervals. You want to work hard during the sprints, and then take advantage of your recovery before you sprint again — you’re going to need it. Each sprint should be high-intensity, so whatever that means for you, go for it!

If you’re just starting out with this whole workout thing, your sprint can totally be a power walk. If you’re a serious runner, run those sprints as fast as you can! And when it comes to recovery, you can opt to do a light jog or walk. Good luck! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: The 25-15-10 Workout



For this week’s workout, you’re going to complete four rounds of exercises, each with three different moves. Once you complete the first group of exercises, move on the next. You’re going to go through the full circuit three times and once you complete your third round of tricep dips, you’re done! Not too bad, huh? Happy sweating, guys! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: The 5-Minute Countdown



For the workout this week, you will have five minutes to complete a circuit of exercises with weights. along with a bit of cardio. Once you’ve finished the circuit, whatever’s left of the five minutes will be your recovery before you do the circuit again. You’re going to aim to keep going through the circuit for 30 minutes, which should get you through six rounds. Good luck, folks!
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