This Local Web Developer Proposed to Her Boyfriend with the Sweetest Speech Ever (Video)

We may not know a ton about the tech scene here in Philly, but we do know a good proposal when we see one—and this, dear friends, is a goodie. Very rarely do we see a lady propose to her boyfriend, but that’s exactly what local web developer Savanna Carr did when she popped the question to video game developer Will Stallwood last week. (They were at Fishtown’s El Bar celebrating Philadelphia Weekly‘s Hipster Hunks and Hipster Honeys feature, which they were both included in.) And it’s awesome.

To say her pre-proposal speech was emotional and heartfelt and adorable is an understatement—it may bring you to tears, that’s how sweet it is. Behold:

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PHOTOS: 25 Festive Ideas for a Valentine’s Day-Inspired Color Palette



There are two (polar opposite) schools of thought when it comes to getting engaged or tying the knot on Valentine’s Day: Some people think it’s super sweet and romantic—it’s the day of love, after all—while others turn up their noses and declare it the ultimate cliché.

Regardless of where you stand on the topic, there’s no denying that the colors of Valentine’s Day (all the lovely shades of red and pink) work really well for a wedding, no matter the time of year.

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Please Enjoy This Video of a Maid of Honor Rapping Her Speech to the Tune of “Ice Ice Baby”

There’s nothing like a wedding-toast-turned-epic-performance to get you through a cloudy Thursday morning—and thanks to Rachel Winterbottom (amazing last name, right?), that’s exactly what we have for you today. Instead of giving a traditional Maid of Honor speech at her sister’s wedding, she put together a pretty epic rap to the tune of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

You’ll want to pop some headphones in so you can turn this up nice and loud:

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Mark Your Calendar for This Year’s ‘Love is in the Air’ Bridal Show with Uncommon Events & Starr Events

How’d you like to spend a Thursday evening with us, sipping champagne, chatting about wedding planning and mingling with a few of our closest industry pals? Because that’s our plan for February 25th, from 6-8:30pm—we’ll be setting up shop (and handing out mags!) alongside a ton of awesome wedding vendors at the Horticulture Center for the annual Love is in the Air bridal show hosted by Uncommon Events and Starr Events.

It’s sure to be a fun-filled night, but before we get into the nitty gritty details, here’s a quick peek at last year’s event, courtesy of CinemaCake:

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Stay Here: 25 Amazing Hotels That Are Opening this Year

Who can resist this view at the Four Seasons Resort Lana'i?

Who can resist this view at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai?

When it comes to honeymoon inspiration, it’s our goal here at PW to flood your brain with the best stuff we can find: hotels you’ll want to move in to, far-off countries you’ve never thought of, even gorgeous bathtubs that are worth trekking around the world for. There are so many factors that go into your decision, but it’s that first part, the please-don’t-make-me-leave kind of hotels, that we think makes all the difference when choosing where you’ll spend your first days as husband and wife.

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This Local Artist is Creating the Most Beautiful Paper Flowers We’ve Ever Seen

That's one gorgeous bouquet.

Tina can mix real greenery into her paper bouquets, too. All photos by Lauren Gibson Photography.

We don’t throw around the word “obsessed” all too often here on the blog, but every once in a while we find a product/service/person that is totally worthy—that’s the case with our newest discovery, Dear Paperie. It took PW editor Carrie and I all of two minutes yesterday to officially declare Dear Paperie—a custom paper floristry based here in Philly—our latest obsession, and we just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

See that stunning arrangement pictured above? That’s the work of Dear Paperie’s Tina Libby, a local artist who began crafting paper bouquets and flower crowns back in October. “I’ve always made little replications from scrap paper, just for myself, but decided, almost on a whim, to create a ‘bouquet bar’ for an event and the response was incredible,” she tells us. Crafted from Italian crepe paper that she hand dyes and paints, the flowers are remarkably lifelike, and she’ll even add real greenery into the mix to pull the whole arrangement together. (We’d venture to guess that if you walked down the aisle with that baby in your hands, your guests wouldn’t have a clue that those aren’t real flowers.)

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Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: Don’t Leave Your Wedding Ring Where Your Baby Can Eat It

We’ve heard many cautionary tales of wedding rings gone missing—so many, in fact, that we dedicated the entire back page of our most recent issue to a few particularly entertaining ones—but this story definitely ranks among the strangest we’ve come across so far: A woman’s missing wedding band was found in her 14-month-old baby’s x-ray!

Yep, that’s right, the baby swallowed the ring—supposedly the couple wasn’t surprised since they’ve found the ring in the child’s mouth before. Luckily the ring found its way back out again, but I think it’s safe to say these people have learned their lesson and will no longer be leaving their precious jewels out in the open for their baby to snack on.

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Some of our other Friendly Wedding PSAs:

Please Do Not Propose On a Dock With Slats Big Enough For the Ring to Fall Through

If a Guest Doesn’t Get You a Gift, They Did Not Attend Your Wedding for Free 

It Is Not Necessary to List the Reasons Why Some People Aren’t Invited to Your Wedding On Your Facebook Page

If You’re Taking Wedding Photos Near the Water, Please Be More Careful 

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Philadelphia Bridal Shows: The Phoenixville Foundry, The Radisson Hotel Philadelphia NE/Trevose & Harry’s Savoy Ballroom



WHO: The Phoenixville Foundry 

WHAT: 7th Annual Chester County Bridal Showcase

WHEN: Sunday, January 31, 11am-3pm

WHERE: 2 North Main Street, Phoenixville

WHY: If you’re considering the Phoenixville Foundry as a potential wedding venue, this is your chance to see the entire place set up with tasting stations, table settings, entertainment and more. You’ll also get to meet the teams from J. Scott Catering, Campli PhotographyParty Rental Ltd. and Sommerfield Designs Flowers.

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