Study: Your Husband’s Job is a Major Factor in How Likely You Are to Get Divorced

If you couldn’t already tell, this happens to be the week of interesting marriage-related studiesearlier we filled you in on the latest advice for maintaining a steamy sex life and why some guests decide to buy off-registry wedding gifts, and now we’re discussing how your hubby’s employment status can influence your likelihood of divorce.

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PINTEREST: 50 Pretty Ideas to Inspire Your Emerald, Ivory & Gold Wedding

How is it almost August already? It’s hard to believe that summer is steadily nearing its endthough with the scorching temps we’ve been experiencing lately, we’re ready to welcome fall with open arms.

Before we bid the warm weather adieu though, we thought we’d highlight a color palette that’s just about perfect for the transition from late-summer to early-fall: emerald, ivory and gold.

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Science Says This is the Reason Why Wedding Guests Buy Off-Registry Gifts

We talk a lot here on the blog about the process of shopping for your wedding registry and the importance of choosing items that are true to your personalities and lifestyle. It’s a bit of a painstaking task, for sure, but it’s worth it when at the end of the day you’re left with items you’ll really make use of (as opposed to those that’ll gather dust for years to come).

That is until someone decides to shop off-registry: Despite all the time and effort you put in to selecting the perfect items for your wedding wish list, there will always be a few guests who decide, for better or worse, to choose their own giftand now we finally have a scientific reason as to why this happens.

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5 Favorite Things with BVTLive! Founder & Jellyroll Band Leader Kurt Titchenell


Kurt Titchenell

Ever since he first picked up a trombone at the age of 15, music has been a way of life for Kurt Titchenell. In 1980, as a student at West Chester University, he founded the now award-winning (and highly sought after) wedding band Jellyroll, and has since created an empire of talented musicians with BVTLive! (formerly known as Brandywine Valley Talent).

“We originally performed at concerts and nightclubs with a great deal of success, but when I started planning my own wedding, I saw that there was an opportunity, so Jellyroll began performing at weddings too,” he tells us. “After Jellyroll’s schedule filled up, we started a couple other bands; I then quit my day job and started Brandywine Valley Talent, as I was inspired by helping make our clients’ dreams come true at their weddings, while helping so many of my fellow musicians obtain great work.”

We caught up with Titchenell to talk about his favorite no-fail wedding songs, the best concert he’s ever been to and what it’s like to perform at the White House. Here’s what he had to say:

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Believe It or Not: 51 Percent of Couples Love Their In-Laws

At some point in the history of weddings and marriage, the concept of in-laws took on a negative connotation. Blame it on movies that dramatize family relationships or the fact that uniting two families is bound to come with a few legitimate challenges, but we’ve been made to believe that it’s rare for a person to have a good relationship with their in-laws—and that’s simply not the case.

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WATCH: Usher is the Latest Celeb to Get Coaxed Into Performing at a Wedding

Just the other week we shared with you a video of Bon Jovi getting pulled up on stageat a wedding he was attending as a guestto (a bit reluctantly, it seemed) perform his hit song “Livin’ on a Prayer.” It may have been a tad bit uncomfortable for him but he was a good sport about it, and it made for quite an exciting memory for that bride and groom.

Well, over the weekend Usher found himself in a similar situation: During the wedding reception for Miami Heat CEO Nick Arison and his wife Jenna, the singer was coaxed into joining American Idol season six alum Brandon Rogers for an impromptu rendition of “Yeah!”

We’ll be waiting to see which unsuspecting celeb wedding guest will be the next one to put on a performance!

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Here’s the New Going Rate for a One-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Latta Latta

You’ve probably heard the age-old adage that guys should expect to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring. It’s not a concrete rule—more of a point of reference for those who are unsure what an appropriate price range is—and we often find that what to spend on an engagement ring (obviously an extremely personal decision) comes down to more many factors than simply salary versus cost. 

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Come See the Casual All-Black Outfit Kristen Bell Wore to Her 2013 Wedding

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard tied the knot back in October 2013, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we first caught a glimpse of what the adorable couple wore to their courthouse “I do’s.”

In an interview with CBS’s Sunday Morning, the actress recounts their low-key Big Day at a Beverly Hills courthousewhich included her perfectly casual outfit of simple black pants, a black top and a pretty statement necklace. And we have to say, we’re loving her so-casual look! Take a peek:

What do you think of her nontraditional bridal ensemble?

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