Does World’s First Gay Fighting Video Game Go Too Far With LGBT Stereotypes?


Gay Fighter Supreme creators Melchor Cardenas and Michael Patrick (aka Handsome Woman Productions).

Remember the last season of Looking (R.I.P), when Patrick and Kevin created a video game with gay characters that was panned for perpetuating tired LGBT stereotypes? Well, looks like real life is imitating art, or vice versa, thanks to game creators Handsome Woman Productions.

For the gaymer in us all, the world’s first gay fighting game is finally here after years of development. Handsome Woman Productions‘s Gay Fighter Supreme features 10 LGBT fighters—from drag queen Carrie Cupcake and pole artist GoGo Gary to lesbian Sappho Ethridge and twink Timmy Spears—all competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion.

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DO THIS: Local Musician Produces Cabaret to Raise Funds for Parkinson’s

Gina Giachero |Photo by Diana Paisley

Gina Giachero | Photo by Diana Paisley

Gina Giachero fell in love with music at a very young age, later majoring in it at Nazareth Academy in Northeast Philadelphia. “I’m lucky, because I always knew what I wanted to do,” she tells me over a cup of coffee at B2 in South Philadelphia. A music educator from Folsom, Pennsylvania, she graduated from West Chester University in 2004. Earlier that same year, she received life-altering news that would change her family’s world forever.

On Valentine’s Day in 2004, Giachero’s older sister Jennifer Lardani was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at just 26 years old. “I remember sitting at my now-husband’s house and her telling me. It was really shocking,”Giachero says. “It was hard, because there wasn’t just a test you could take that says, ‘Oh you have Parkinson’s.’ It has to be a process of elimination. They found out it was early-onset. Jenn is the type of person who doesn’t like to bring attention to herself. She doesn’t want to be known as the person with Parkinson’s. She was very intimate about it and not outspoken.”

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10 Gay Things to Do on a Long Weekend in Los Angeles

I took a trip to L.A. recently. Before jetting off, I was overwhelmed trying to figure out the best ways to spend my three days in one of our biggest gay meccas. With the help of some local tour guides I cobbled together this list of 10 must-dos so you’ll know exactly what to do on your next long weekend to the city of movie stars and beach bods. From gay beaches to daddy-hunting to yummy bites, this list should have you covered.

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PHOTOS: Beach Party at Sand Blast Weekend in Atlantic City

This weekend, the gays took over Atlantic City with the annual circuit party Sand Blast. Attendance was high, primarily for the boys, with lots of muscle heads that hailed from all over the U.S. We were there for most of the weekend to catch all the action. Check out these snaps from the main event, a beach party on Saturday that brought out lots of hotties from near and far.

Street Style: What a Free People Designer Wears


Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Zoë

‘Hood: Washington Square West

Day Job: Designer for Free People

Where We Found Her: Enjoying the sunshine in Rittenhouse.

What She’s Wearing: Vintage top from Topshop; H&M leggings (“I’m a huge fan of leggings and probably have over 50 pairs of all colors and patterns”); Anthropologie necklace; Ash sandals; Free People cardigan (“It’s my go-to cardi because it goes over everything and screws up into a tiny little ball, perfect for carrying about and beating the freezing AC attacks when you go inside”).

Shopping Abroad: “I bought my bag at a stand in Florence when I went there for a yarn show. All over the city they have people selling accessories, clothes and leather goods in little stalls. They’re all in competition with each other so they get quite cheeky trying to charm you into buying from their stand, and then you get to do a bit of bargaining with them. It’s fun.”

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Street Style: How a Restaurant Manager Makes Man-Clogs Look Cool


Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Samuel Powell

‘Hood: Germantown

Day Job: Manager at Parc

Where We Found Him: On his way to fill in the host team about the amount of reservations for outside seating during a busy Sunday brunch.

What He’s Wearing: Zara sports coat and tie; Calvin Klein shirt; J.Crew slim-fit pants; Kenneth Cole belt; Armani watch; railroad nail bracelet from Giles & Brother; Dansko work shoes.

Where He Shops: “When I’m looking for a good pair of shoes, I hit Sansom Street between 16th and 15th, locally owned stores from guys who know footwear.”

My Beard: “It’s at three months and I shape it myself. Ungarische Bartwichse by Marke & Golddachs is the beard wax I use. [Editor’s Note: Salvador Dali also used it!] I go to a barber shop in Roxborough to do my hair. It’s called The Men’s Club. They are a couple of younger guys who can cut hair in a really classic way. I use Crew products to style my hair.”

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Rapid Fire Questions With Bianca Del Rio: America’s Next Drag Superstar On Her New Movie, Being Famous, and Her Favorite Philly Venue

hurricane bianca del rio

What has Bianca Del Rio been up to since being crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar? Besides touring the globe with the rest of her Drag Race counterparts, she and her cute-as-hell bestie Matt Kugelman are partnering up on a film entitled Hurricane Bianca. The sure-to-be-camp-classic tells the story of a queer man who takes revenge on a small town in the South after being fired for being gay. His revenge? Returning as Bianca, a bitchy queen, who, true to form, is ready to read that town to filth.

The film is in crowd-funding stage as we speak. We caught up with Del Rio and Kugelman recently for more details on the project. We also shot Bianca a series of rapid-fire questions, where she reveals all kinds of personal anecdotes, including her thoughts on Voyeur.

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Street Style: Moms, This is What Your Kids Want to Wear


Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Eva

‘Hood: Graduate Hospital

Day Job: Kindergarten student this fall.

Where We Found Her: On her way to a friend’s birthday party.

What She’s Wearing: Dress by Pretty Pretty Rebel, a Philadelphia-made childrenswear clothing brand inspired by rock and roll music. The designer, Leah Delfiner, was part of the 2014 graduating class of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s.

See where Mom shops for her here.

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