Photo Recap: Last Night’s VERY Sweaty Rooftop #BWPUnderground Event

Photo by Theresa Regan

Yesterday was two things that can make for a pretty miserable time: It was Monday (insert eye roll here) AND the temperatures were in the 90s (hi, frizzy hair and pit stains). BUT it was still a great day for us and we have Be Well Philly Underground to thank for that. Yesterday evening, we held our last Be Well Philly Underground event of the season (don’t worry — we’ll be back in September!) on the rooftop at Stratus Lounge. And despite the heat and any case of the Mondays we might’ve had, it was a really good time.

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The Checkup: New Study Links This Guilty-Pleasure Food With Increased Risk of Death 

• Womp, womp: A new eight-year study links chowing down on fried potatoes — we’re talkin’ fries, home fries, tater tots, and so on — twice or more a week with a significantly increased risk of death. Before you swear off fries for life, though, it’s important to note that it’s just a link; it doesn’t prove cause and effect, meaning there’s still more research to be done. Still, though, maybe try baked french fries for your next BBQ? [Men’s Health]

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We Created the Ultimate Taylor Swift Workout Playlist So You Don’t Have To

Guys, Taylor Swift (who happens to have been born in Reading, by the way) made a return to music-streaming services this weekend (she left ‘em — and our workout playlists, sadly — in 2014). To celebrate her return, we spent way more time than any full-grown adult ever should putting together the ultimate Taylor Swift workout playlist, so you don’t have to embarrass yourself doing so. You can stream it (and follow it forever, if you so please — we won’t judge) below.

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Beware: Some Employers Are Now Combining Job Interviews With Exercise

When I work out, my face turns the hue of overripe watermelon meat. Like, so alarmingly pink that when I run into someone I know after a sweat session, I don’t say “Oh, hi!” I say things like, “I just got out of a workout — that’s why my face looks like a tomato that’s about to go bad!” and “I’m not about to pass out. Yes, yes, I’m sure.”

For this reason, the mere thought of a potential employer asking me to work out with them during a job interview makes me want to breathe into a brown paper bag. But, per a piece published in the Wall Street Journal on June 2nd, apparently, that’s just what some potential employers are doing: combining job interviews with exercise sessions. NOOOOOOOOO.

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Perfect Timing: There’s a Free Popsicle Workout in Philly This Week 

It’s hot out there. Like all-I-want-to-do-is-lay-in-front-of-an-air-conditioner-while-watching-Orange-Is-the-New-Black hot. So we get: Mustering up the motivation to hit your workouts and sweat more than you already are while just living your life might be a bit tough. But one thing that will get you movin’? The promise of a free post-workout popsicle — and the folks at Lululemon Walnut Street are offering you just that this Thursday. Say it with us: Yes, please!

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The Checkup: Pee Is NOT the Answer to a Jellyfish Sting — This Is

• If you’ve ever suffered through the humiliating experience of being peed on at the beach, I’m so sorry — that really wasn’t necessary, new research published in the journal Toxins shows. Apparently, pee, a folk remedy for jellyfish stings, at best doesn’t work to ease the pain of a sting and at worst makes things worse. Vinegar, it turns out, is a much more effective — and appropriate — answer to the problem. So throw some in your beach bag. [Science of Us]

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The Checkup: Why This Counterintuitive Weight-Loss Tip Works 

• When you’re trying to lose weight, your goal with your workouts might be just that: To lose weight. But trainer Tony Gentilcore makes a good point: Replacing your thoughts of weight loss (seriously, forget it!) with another purpose for exercising — a goal separate from the simple aesthetics-focused goal of weight loss — like finally being able to do a pull-up, could be the key to actually reaching your weight-loss goals in the end. [Women’s Health]

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The Checkup: Why Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessing Over Sourdough Bread 

• A new study pitted sourdough bread, often touted as a lower-glycemic and therefore healthier option, against white bread and found — dun, dun, dun — that the whole “sourdough is a low-glycemic option” might not be as clear-cut as we previously thought. In fact, for some in the study, consuming sourdough bread actually made their blood sugar shoot up more than plain ol’ white bread did. Gasp! [The Atlantic]

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