Meet a Health Hero: Wylie Belasik

» You can vote for Wylie here August 22nd through September 18th. 

Name: Wylie Belasik

Role: Founder of UliftU, a local nonprofit that uses CrossFit as a tool to empower unemployed, formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals to achieve wellness.

1. What motivates you to try and make Philadelphia a healthier place?
The fact that we know we can do it and you can legitimately save someone’s life. Health and wellness aren’t predetermined conditions, they are the result of our actions and the choices we make. My responsibility is to find ways to engage our community so that as many people as possible get access to knowledge around those choices. We know that when we move, we feel better, have less stress and make new social connections. There are no sidelines in health-care, we’re all connected and we have the tools — it’s time we fully used them.

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Meet the 2017 Health Hero Challenge Semifinalists!

Drumroll, please! We are very excited to introduce you to the 10 semifinalists for this year’s Health Hero Challenge, our sixth annual search for Philly’s Health Hero. Once August 22nd rolls around, we’ll be opening the contest up to reader voting here so that you — yes, you! — can select a winner.

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7 Delicious Lunch Salads Around Philly That Won’t Leave You Hangry

Warm Shrimp Salad at Parc | Photo by Claudia Gavin

There are few things as upsetting as spending $11 on a movie ticket only to realize 15 minutes into said movie that you would rather be color-coordinating your closet — or doing anything else, really — than watching the garbage that’s playing out on screen (cough, The Beguiled, cough). In the category of experiences that are equally as misery-inducing: Spending $11 on a lunch salad only to feel your stomach growl 45 minutes after scarfing it down. We have all been there.

That said, salads are a super-convenient way to cram a boatload of nutrition into your face on busy days — and they can be really delicious and satisfying. No, really! Below, seven drool-worthy lunch salads around Philly — one for every day of the week — that we can guarantee won’t leave you hangry and disappointed. Read up, then eat up!

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The Checkup: The Sneaky Way Your Breakfast May Be Making You Pack on Pounds

• If you just chowed down on a big bowl of cereal, sorry to be the bearer of bad news: New research published in Nature Communications shows that the preservative butylated hydroxytoluene, which can be found in some breakfast cereals, can screw with the satiety signals our guts send to our brains. And if those signals are messed up, we don’t realize when we’re full. Cue the second (and third) bowl of breakfast. [Men’s Health]

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How to Salvage Wilted Salad Greens Instead of Throwing Them Away

Two weekends ago, I went to yoga at Rebel in Chestnut Hill, and I couldn’t resist hitting up the weekend farmers’ market down the street afterward. As always, I got a bit overzealous, and found myself walking away a few minutes later with basically a grocery market-worthy produce section stuffed into my tote bag. I had many plans for what I was going to do with this just-purchased produce section — but then Monday came, and life got in the way of my plans to become Ina Garten. And come week’s end, I was left with a bunch of wilted greens which I’d bought way too many of. (Who can resist a beautiful bunch of rainbow chard? If you can, teach me your ways, please.)

So, if you’ve been finding yourself in the same boat week after week — that boat being “SO many farmers’ market greens, not a clue how to use them all!” — we feel you. And if you’re like me, you will continue buying WAY too many greens until the markets dry up in the hopes that this week will be the week you truly (finally!) embrace your Ina Garten-like ambitions. So below, four smart and easy ways to use wilted greens instead of throwing them away.

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The Epic Reason Philly Runners Will Be Gathering at City Hall This Saturday

It’s a big weekend for Philly runners, folks! There’s the Philly Mayor’s Cup going down throughout the day on Saturday, and then on Saturday afternoon, 15 ladies from Run 4 All Women’s Pennsylvania chapter will be embarking on their epic 115-mile run from Philly’s City Hall all the way to freakin’ Harrisburg. Yep: Harrisburg. Below, how you can join them. (Don’t worry: You don’t have to run the entire thing — the first leg is only four miles.)

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I Eliminated This From My Weekend (And I’m Never Going Back) 

You’re about to judge me, and that’s okay. Here’s why: Last weekend, I drove to Asbury Park to have a nice Sunday at the beach with some friends. I have a car phone charger, and — being the phone addict I am — I plugged my phone in before we even made it out of Fishtown. The problem: For whatever reason, my phone, despite being plugged in, wasn’t charging at all for the entire trip.

This messed with my head.

When we got to Asbury Park, I wasn’t thinking about running into delightfully splashy waves. No … I was thinking about how my phone battery was in the teens and, WTF am I going to do without Instagram at the beach all day? Is the beach even worth going to if you can’t post a basic AF story featuring some waves and a Turkish towel?! Honestly?! How will I know what my friends are doing during these five hours if my phone dies?! No, really, these were real thoughts running through my head.

Then, instead of heading straight for the beach, I dragged my fiancé to the Asbury Hotel (a truly lovely place, by the way), and made him and our friends who met us there sit inside with me as I charged my battery to the level I deemed sufficient. Which took kind of a long time because my phone is embarrassingly old and (see above) has trouble charging.

Cue the head shaking. But I’m willing to bet that, because it’s the 21st century, many of you out there are guilty of exhibiting similarly cringe-worthy behavior in the not-too-distant past. Am I right?

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