The Checkup: Are You Better Off Drinking a Juice or a Smoothie?

Selection of colorful smoothies, rustic wood background, copy space

Selection of colorful smoothies, rustic wood background, copy space

• I feel like I’ve said this a billion times only to have the weather gods turn their backs on me, but here goes: It’s FINALLY warm outside. This means juice bars are probably in your near future, so here’s a question: Is it better to reach for a smoothie or a juice? A dietitian weighs in. [Health] Read more »

9 Philly Instagrammers Every Fitness Lover Should Be Following

fitness instagrams
It has been quite some (two whole years, actually!) since we gave you guys a handy cheat sheet of the best Philly fitness Instagrammers on our radar, so here it goes: Nine Philly Instagram accounts that every fitness-obsessed Philadelphian should be following, from yogis to runners to Friends of the Wissahickon (because it’s always good to know when there’s a bear roaming your favorite running trail, right?).

Check ’em out below! And psst: Next time you’re thinking of skipping your workout for a Netflix marathon, just refer back to this post. Seeing trainer Fabiana Ferrarini’s abs is sure to slap the lazy right out of you.  Read more »

The Checkup: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Skipping Breakfast

• If you’ve been shamed by your mother and your significant other and your barista for skipping the most important meal of the day (who is hungry before the sun rises?!) for years now, rejoice while reading this argument from pediatrics professor Aaron E. Carroll, who says, really, “breakfast has no mystical powers.” So if you’re never hungry, don’t worry too much about skipping it. [The New York Times] Read more »

New No-Frills, Budget-Conscious Produce Shop Coming to Fishtown 

Photos via Instagram | @riverwardsproduce

Photos via Instagram | @riverwardsproduce

A few weeks back, I was reading a piece on Grub Street about what customers can expect from Whole Foods’ cheaper new spinoff store, 365, geared toward millennials. In it, they pointed out that produce at 365 won’t be sold out of the faux-rustic barrels you usually find at Whole Foods, but rather, produce will be sold “straight out of the boxes and crates in which it is delivered” in order to keep overhead costs lower and prices down. And while we don’t know when we’ll be getting a 365 here in Philly, what I can tell you is that a produce shop with a similar philosophy of setting aside the frills to keep the prices of fruits and veggies lower for customers will be setting up shop in Fishtown this summer. We’ll take it! Read more »

The Checkup: The Nutrition Label Change Everyone Is Talking About

• The Internet has been chattering away about the FDA’s new changes to nutrition labels since Friday, with most of the talk revolving around the addition of an “added sugar” line. Some (hi, First Lady Michelle Obama) see it as a win, while others (looking at you, sugar industry) see it as an upset. (We’re in the former camp, because anything that means less ingredient deciphering — and therefore more time for sample eating — in the grocery store aisles is a win, right?) [The New York Times] Read more »

Meet Bob Barker, This Week’s Adoptable Power-Walking Dog 

bob barker lead

Meet Bob Barker, your new favorite walking buddy.

This week, instead of an adoptable running dog, we’ve got an adoptable walking dog for you all to “awwww” at — and maybe go scoop up from PAWS 2nd Street adoption center in Old City! (Because despite what us Be Wellers might think, not everyone in the world is absolutely obsessed with running.) Learn more about Bob Barker, an energetic, super social guy, below. Read more »

#NightShiftPHL Details: Everything You Need to Know About the Next Free Run for Night Owls 

#NightShiftPHL | Photo via Facebook

#NightShiftPHL | Photo via Facebook

If you thought you were going to spend Sunday night sitting around in an Aztec Clay Mask mask while eating a serving of the giant quinoa salad you made for the week and watching “Lemonade” for the trillionth time (can you tell this is how I spent last Sunday night?), think again: The lovely organizers of #NightShiftPHL — the free occasional pop-up night runs for the night owls amongst us put on by Jon Lyons of Run215 and Suzanne Allaire of the November Project — just let us know the next #NightShiftPHL will be going down this coming Sunday night. Read more »

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