Meet Bingo and Butter, This Week’s Adoptable Walking Dogs 

Bingo and Butter.

Butter (left) and Bingo (right).

This week, we’ve got not one, but TWO adoptable pups for you guys to stare at with hearts in your eyes. These two, Bingo and Butter, come as a pair, and if you’re lacking in motivation to get off the couch and get moving — especially when it feels like a freakin’ sauna outside — these two walking lovers may give you just the extra push you need (in the form of sad puppy eyes) to lace up your sneaks and head out for a walk. Learn more about them below. Read more »

Beer Garden Yoga: Parks on Tap Hosting Pay-What-You-Wish Yoga All Summer

Parks on Tap | Photo via Facebook

Parks on Tap | Photo via Facebook

Calling all yogis! We have the perfect Saturday plans for you for the rest of the summer (you’re welcome). We just learned that the folks over Rittenhouse’s Maha Yoga are hosting pay-what-you-wish yoga classes every Saturday at Parks on Tap, the floating beer garden that’s popping up at Philly parks all summer long.


It’s Official: Philly Is Getting a Car-Free Open Streets Event This Fall

The car-free Ben Franklin Bridge during Pope Francis's visit | Photo by Adjua Fisher

The car-free Ben Franklin Bridge during Pope Francis’s visit | Photo by Adjua Fisher

We’ve been dreaming about getting another shot at running, jumping and biking across car-free streets like we did during Pope Francis’s visit last September for nearly a year now. And this morning, Open Streets PHL, the nonprofit that’s been pushing for a car-free open streets event — where city streets go car-free for a chunk of time, allowing residents to roam free — since last September, sent out an email announcing the big news that Philly will be getting its very first official open streets event this September. Say it with me, people: Eeeeeeeeeee! Read more »

Stripp’d Juice Hosting Bizarrely Awesome Kanye-Themed Dinner 

Stripp'd Juice | Photo via Instagram

Stripp’d Juice | Photo via Instagram

Old City’s Stripp’d Juice is getting in on the dinner game with the first of many themed dinners, owner Khoran Horn tells us. The first themed dinner on the list? A Kanye West-themed dinner, complete with ALL Kanye-inspired menu items, Kanye music, and Kanye “ambiance.” Weird? Yes. Amazing? Also yes.
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Lithe Method’s Lauren Boggi Just Launched a Virtual Workout Studio 

Lauren Boggi | Photo via Instagram.

Lauren Boggi | Photo via Instagram.

If you aren’t one of the 15,000 people following Lauren Boggi, the brain behind the fitness obsession that is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting (CCS for short) and Philly-based fitness studio Lithe Method, on Instagram, you should be. Because if you were, you’d know that yesterday, she launched Lauren Boggi Active, a virtual workout platform that makes it possible to get your CCS on without ever leaving your living room. Insert the praise-hands emoji here.

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Video: Baby Imitates Rocky II Training Montage

Rocky Balboa seems to be quite the inspiration today: Earlier today, we posted a video of Steve Krause, a man with a rare disability who trained for months to climb the Rocky Steps. And now, there’s this baby, delightfully nicknamed Baby Balboa, who has managed to create the cutest workout inspiration ever with a very impressive imitation of the training montage from Rocky II. Naturally, the video, originally posted on Facebook by the baby’s father, has gone viral. Check it out below.  Read more »

The Checkup: How to Make Every Single Workout More Effective

• There is nothing worse than hitting the gym after a long day and walking out feeling like you didn’t accomplish all that much and probably would’ve been better of just hitting the couch for a Netflix marathon. But never again: Here, 12 simple ways to make any workout more effective — from sipping a cup of joe beforehand to using visualization techniques — so you never feel like you’ve wasted your gym time again. [Self] Read more »

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