Costco Just Rolled Out Two New Grocery Delivery Services

Sometimes, as I sit on my couch, Facetiming my BFF and her baby from their couch in Montreal, while chowing down on a sushi spread ordered through GrubHub, I worry that I may soon — totally unintentionally — find that I’ve become a shut-in who leads people to reference Grey Gardens. Because, really, with all the delivery options out there (sushi, wine, information, smiles from my friend’s baby through technology), there’s not much reason to leave the house.

Here to add to my fears: After the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods led to us all being able to order our fancy-shmancy Whole Foods groceries through Amazon, Costco, the third largest grocery retailer in the country, has rolled out two new delivery services, USA Today reports.

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Meet Villanova, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Villanova | Photo courtesy the Monster Milers

This week’s adoptable running dog has had it rough: She was found underweight in an abandoned apartment. But she doesn’t let it get her down — despite some recent downtrodden times, she’s sweet as can be. Case in point: She carries her favorite stuffed toys with her everywhere — even on runs! Learn more about her below.

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The Problem With This Trendy Type of Workout, According to New Research

High-intensity interval training workouts have received high praise over the past few years — because isn’t the ideal workout one that requires just a little bit of time AND promises anti-aging perks? Well, er, no, actually. New research, published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, sheds light on a pretty big flaw of HIIT workouts: They aren’t really all that pleasant for most people. And if a workout isn’t enjoyable, what are the chances you’re going to subject yourself to it on a regular basis?

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Here’s How Much Prices at Whole Foods Have Actually Dropped

Whole Foods | Photo by Adjua Fisher

I’ll admit: I totally wrote a fantasy grocery list the minute I heard Whole Foods would be slashing its prices after joining forces with Amazon. But now, over a month after the Amazon purchase, how much have Whole Foods’ prices really dropped? Well, not much, says a new analysis by research firm Gordon Haskett. Womp, womp.

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Why the Size of Your Breakfast Matters, According to New Research

There are a couple of questions that cross my mind nearly every day. The first is: I wonder if Kanye West and Jay Z have made up (c’mon, guys — you love each other) and if North West and Blue Ivy have FINALLY had that much-talked-about playdate (and gotten a chance to discuss the absurdity of their names)? The second is: Do I really need to eat breakfast?

The answer to the second question, perhaps (er, definitely) the more important question, might be even more elusive than the answer to the first. Mostly because it seems the answer to the breakfast debate is always changing. Here to weigh in, a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which found, as TIME reports, that folks who skipped breakfast or ate small breakfasts were more likely to have plaque buildup in their arteries. Why does this matter? Well, because that buildup puts those who shun breakfast or eat a measly breakfast at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

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Amber Rose Stars in PSA to Fight Tampon Tax, Gains Back Some of Our Affection

Sometimes, South Philly native Amber Rose does stuff that make us want to stop claiming her. For instance, saying that people where she’s from (we repeat: South Philly) “aren’t traditionally attractive people,” which she said on the radio back in July.

Insert face to palm.

But then she does all sorts of stuff that keeps the soft spot for her in our heart from closing off for good, like combatting rape culture with her annual SlutWalk, explaining what a period is to her four-year-old son, and, most recently, starring in a PSA to fight the tampon tax. See the PSA below.  

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The Checkup: SoulCycle Just Unveiled a New (Bike-Free!) Fitness Concept

• We waited patiently for SoulCycle to finally (finally!) open up in our neck of the woods, and now it seems they’ve given us something new to pine for: SoulAnnex. The company just debuted a new — bike-free — fitness-studio concept in NYC. Now, we’ll just be over here hoping they have plans to bring the concept to Philly. [Well + Good]

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New South Jersey Gym Aims to Eliminate This Common Problem for Gym Newbies

Evolve Fitness | Photo credit: Larry Irwin of Jumping Stone Productions

Fact: At some point in our lives, we’ve all been that person at the gym who has no idea what the heck they’re doing. “People go to the gym and get hurt, and that’s why they leave. There’s no one there to show them how to squat or tell them that they’re not ready to squat yet,” says Mo Orlando, co-owner of Audubon’s Evolve Fitness, which has its grand opening this Sunday, October 1st. The fitness center, named for its goal — to help member’s evolve at the gym — is hoping to change that pattern.

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Meet Lehigh, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Lehigh | Photo courtesy the Monster Milers

This week’s adoptable running pup is a happy-go-lucky pup and an enthusiastic running pal who is currently biding her time at Street Trails Animal Rescue in Northern Liberties. Learn more about her below.

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