9 Philly Fitness Classes With Names So Good You’ll Actually Want to Go

Body Cycle Studio

Body Cycle Studio

I spend an abnormally large part of my life looking at fitness studios’ schedules online. It is, after all, part of my job. And I’ve noticed that the classes that stand out to me, that I end up mentally sticky-noting with “MUST try,” are the ones that have funny or weird — but always different — names. A good name just does something for me that “45-Minute Spin” doesn’t, you know?

So that said, below you’ll find nine fitness classes around Philly that have great names. I’m guessing you’ll want to sign up for a few, too — because who can resist a fitness class with “Bey” — as in Queen Bey — in the name? No one. The answer is no one.  Read more »

The Checkup: Why You Cry When You’re Happy, Explained (Finally!) 

• A few years ago, my best friend got married in her parents’ living room and I videotaped the entire thing. But it wasn’t really worth videotaping, because all you can hear is loud, sobbing sounds … coming from me. I swear, they were happy sobs, but still, it is not cute. And for years, I have wondered: Why the heck couldn’t I control my tear ducts?!? So I am oh-so-grateful to have that episode explained to me by the lovely folks over at Science of Us. If you, too, are a happy cryer, click through to learn why. [Science of Us] Read more »

The Simple Crock Pot Trick That Knocks Out Weeks of Meals in 30 Minutes

If you dream of going home, collapsing on the couch and binge-watching The Real Housewives of Orange County on a weeknight (Hey, no shame in that game!), but instead almost always end up stuck in the kitchen whipping up dinner after work, get ready to praise the ground we walk on because this genius Crock Pot trick is about to turn your lazy weeknight dreams into a reality. Read more »

The Checkup: The Ultimate Bucket List of Must-Try Trader Joe’s Foods

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

• While I am totally a Whole Foods devotee, I will admit that Trader Joe’s has some pretty awesome store-brand products. (I’m looking at you, empty jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter.) The folks over at Refinery29 ranked the best Trader Joe’s products of all time and, because I doubt anyone will be buying all 43 of them in one shopping trip, I say you consider this your Trader Joe’s shopping bucket list and work your way through it over the next few months. [Refinery29] Read more »

20 Holiday Pie Recipes for Every Diet

A life without pie is no life at all — especially during the holidays. So, we’ve found 20 recipes to satisfy the pie-needs of everyone from Paleo-devotees to veggie-loving vegans. Read, bake (or don’t, in the case of the raw pies), and enjoy!

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The Top 10 Ways You’re Ruining Your Workouts, According to Philly Trainers 

What is the absolute worst workout habit? That is the question I asked 10 Philly trainers, and the answers I got back truly surprised me. Turns out, many of the trainers’ top picks have more to do with your mental attitude or things you do outside of the gym, like fueling your body, than they do with your actual, well, workout.

Saying “I can’t,” creating unrealistic goals — or creating no goals or routine at all — and using exercise as your sole form of therapy all made the list. And of course, a few form mistakes made it, too. Check out what these 10 Philly trainers say are the top ways you’re ruining your workout below. Read more »

Meet Tessa, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog 

tessa lead

Photo via the Monster Milers

Remember Tessa? If you need a reminder, she was the ridiculously cute pup we featured back in August, best known for sunning herself on the sidewalk. Well, she got adopted a little while ago, but she was recently returned when her new owners moved and couldn’t bring her with them. So, now she’s looking for her forever, forever home. Learn more about this run-loving gal below. Read more »

Tiny New South Kensington Yoga Studio Offers a Change of Pace for Philly Yogis

Paperbox Studio | Photo via Gabrielle Sigal

Paperbox Studio | Photo via Gabrielle Sigal

Just a few weeks ago, we told you guys about Grace & Glory Yoga’s new Fishtown location, and now we’ve learned of another yoga studio that’s opened north of Girard Avenue. This studio, called Paperbox Yoga Studio, is located at 1639 North Hancock Street in South Kensington, and unlike most yoga studios in Philly, which focus on flow-style classes, Paperbox is solely dedicated to Iyengar yoga. Read more »

The Science-Backed, No-Prescription-Needed Way to Reduce Pain



If the mental benefits of meditation (Adios, anxiety and depression!) haven’t been enough to get you on the “Breathe in, breathe out” bandwagon, this just might do the trick: A recent study, to be published in the Journal of Neuroscience, found that meditation significantly reduced participants’ levels of both emotional pain and physical pain, TIME reports. So listen up, everyone whose whole body is still killing them after this week’s BeWOW workout!
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How to Make Friends As an Adult (Without Feeling Like a Weirdo)

A friend and I regularly play a game, where I read a Tinder profile aloud and she has to decide whether to swipe right or left (so say “yes” or “no” to that person) based solely on the person’s condensed-into-90-ish-characters personality. It gives me a glimpse into the world of online dating — a land, having met my boyfriend before the age of Tinder, where I have never ventured — and makes online dating slightly more fun and less miserable for her. Slightly.

As anyone who has ever braved the new world that is Tinder knows, Tinder profiles can get weird. I won’t even get into the story about the one where the guy used, and I quote, “I’m really good at helping people pick out Halloween costumes,” as a pick-up line. But the weirdest Tinder profiles, in my opinion, aren’t the ones like that or the ones where the person aggressively lists off hobbies with periods in between — “Lifting. Gardening. Craft Beer. My Dog.” and so on; the weirdest Tinder profiles are the ones that say anything along the lines of “Just looking for friends.” Like, don’t you know you’re in the wrong place? Read more »

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